What is Yours Will Not Go Past You!

Updated: June 17, 2018

I remember the first time I heard this statement 30 years ago, and, (as a newly minted magical thinking new ager) I took it to mean that I would “easily and effortlessly” manifest what I want. After all, if I desire something should I not be able to manifest it?

“What is truly yours will not be withheld from you”, and “If you can imagine it you can create it”, became two statements that have challenged me over the years to dive deep and find the courage to face what I didn’t want to face.

The fact is that life will not always give me exactly what I want in the form I insist upon, and that chasing anything to make it so will not yield the fruits of either statement no matter how much I try to manipulate it.

If something eludes you, chasing it will only lead to heartache, or boredom.

My key chain has one of those teeny laser lights you can beam on the floor in front of your cat to get her to chase it. My puppy loved it at first. Jumping on it, not knowing where this magical red dot came from, sure that she would eventually catch it and make it hers, she endured the constant teasing with gusto.

Now she looks at it, snorts and walks away and looks for a more stable chewy, one that has more stability and flavor. She quickly figured out that the bright red dot meant she would not win.

I really think sometimes life feels like that when you’re in the deliberate conscious manifesting mode. Chasing after the bright red dot …have you ever done that, or felt like it? So sure that “ THIS is THE THING, or he is THE ONE etc.” only to find yourself running around going nowhere?

Red flags, the symbolic human version of the bright red dot, do the same thing. They are warnings that something is amiss, that the door you’re knocking on isn’t meant to open for you. They are beautiful tricksters for the obsessive goal chasers but they also serve a purpose beyond saying “not for you.”

Not always portending that something is “bad” or harmful, often times they are a signal for course correction especially when you’re in a transition or consciously desiring a change in your life. Red flags are also invitations to make a new choice, shift your focus and find the courage to do something different.

The red flags say you must change in order to continue on the journey, look deep and ask the hard questions “Am I willing to become the person that lives this life I think I want? Will I make the sacrifice? Can I be accountable and responsible to steward this forward with the greatest integrity? Do I believe in myself enough? Am I worthy? Am I chasing something without knowing the consequences?

When you want to make a change, create something new for yourself, you have to become the person that can step into that change. That takes work.

What is “yours” is determined by how clear you are, and only then will the universe reflect that accurately in divine timing in the form not wholly determined by you but yes you have to participate in that too.

Wishy washy you = wishy washy results.

The right use of imagination, knowing how you want to serve, allowing inspiration to flow through you to help guide your next step and then seeing the reflection of what is “yours” in its integrity.

What we co-create is determined by how much of us is in alignment with that which we desire. Every time you uplevel your life, you need to change and become the person willing to go to any lengths to meet that new version of you. You cannot take your old self with you.

This is why we need to be brave to either surrender the dream altogether knowing deep down we’re not willing to do the things we need to in order to be that person who has that life, or do what it takes to move beyond the old familiar internal obstacles that keep us chasing that bright red dot.

So yes “ what is yours will not go past you” is true but more complex than we think.

And, “Rejection is God’s protection” is another good one that reminds us that something better will take its place, or in a deeper way, a way to reflect about what needs to change in order to become the person that can have that, live that, go there, surrender to, love fully, be present to, create etc. It’s also a reminder that we live in a Conscious Universe within which we are unique and are invited daily to live awake, inspired and authentic.

So .. if you desire a better life the question I pose this week is do you know what you need to shift in order to become the person who lives that life? If you don’t have the answer intellectually choose an oracle card to help you reflect.

This is what my oracle cards are for – deep spirited self honesty and personal mastery .. way showers to your most authentic free and powerful self… the modern mystical way.

You coming?

We are in this together.

Love you always and forever…

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  • Brenda

    Thank you, I had a reading with you before OS started last year on a Facebook live, and you told me I was an empath, and I emotionally ate, all of which I knew yet didn’t quite get it.
    After 14 months of meditating, oracle school, my daily anchor and seeing a naturopath 2 weeks ago I can say I’ve walked into my new path.
    It has overall taken four years to get here with hard work and persistent, and understanding the way we our world and the universe works has been an amazing journey I am still taking this path and learning each day.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart 💓

  • Teresa Cahill

    What is your will not go past you I believe that is so true.In Ireland we say “What is for you won’t pass you by” same statement A favourite quote of my Dad RIP.

  • Anonymous

    thank you! blessings …. <3

  • Renee Sugar

    Why? is always the key question I ask of myself. Motivation? Is this desire in concert with the highest good for all concerned.I have always marveled at the timing of meeting a certain person, at a particular time and how their presence shifted something that could not have taken place before, as I would not have been ready to welcome him/her into my life. Usually only in hindsight can I understand what unfolded as a result of the connection. A brief example when I attended the Energy Psychology Conference 2007 having discovered by chance a flyer for the event on my way out the door of a local health food store. Stepping into that doorway was like visiting a foreign country where I didn’t know the language. So much terminology I was unfamiliar with, but I was very intrigued, and fascinated with what I was hearing. At that time in my career I lived in a three dimensional reality in the field of interior decorating. All very focused on what was right in front of your eyes!!! The information I was learning about was challenging my world view; and was offering a perspective that made much sense from a scientific background. So what gradually began to take place; was that as I continued to explore, read, participate in energy healing seminars I was integrating information and beginning to understand what originally was quite perplexing, and not always credible. My beliefs were being reshaped, I was opening to a different field of potential, and possibilities. The pace was slower, as there was so much to understand, but the growth although incremental had a momentum that was the catalyst for healing, and becoming a part of a much larger story/vision than I could have foreseen. I wasn’t in control of an outcome, but could understand the wisdom, integrity of a higher perspective that could know if something that I desired was in the best interest of the whole. It has really changed my motivation when I do pursue a goal that is not unfolding in the way I had imagined it. For a creative soul this is confusing as co-creation is a partnership, and collaborative process. I must be flexible and willing to allow other ideas room to be tested, and explored before the next step can be known. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle where there is place for each piece of the bigger picture makes sense. Without each one and the place it fills in the larger story; it would remain a pile of fragments that make no sense at all. I could not have become the inquisitive, engaged, curious-minded person that I am had I not made a decision to attend this conference. It was confusing, and took some time and much reading to develop this new interest; but it has been life-transforming in more ways than I could imagine. Having only seen in 3-D, color, pattern and texture,; my world has expanded and now includes many interesting people whose work I have/am studying.
    “ I am a part of everything I have met” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Suffice it to say that I have and continue to learn so much from your work and perspective. Forever grateful for the mystery of how this world works, and if NO is the answer, then something, someone better is on the way in Divine appropriate timing according to a higher perspective, and wisdom

  • Bradley

    Hi Colette. I know this comment will be moderated, so I will speak my truth. I’m not really chasing anything or anyone anymore. There are wonderful things happening in my personal life. I’m finding “gifts” from the Universe everywhere. I feel so connected to my family right now and almost everyone is nice to me wherever I go. As far as “Mr Right”, there are a lot of great guys out here. I would Love to share my story with someone from Hayhouse. You would be my first choice. But no one will talk to me. Maybe my Instagram should come down, because I think people misunderstand. We’ll see. Love and gratitude always and forever<3

  • Lisa

    Thank you Colette .. this saying ‘what is for you won’t go past you’, it is one of the things you have taught me so well .. i thank you for being a BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL LIGHT and for teaching me so much about living a life in service .. much love Lisa xox

  • Beth

    Thank you <3

  • Hannah Sko

    This article with the global reading and personal reading was very magical this week to help me stay true to myself and stay with a tribe like me and who I inspire to be like more.
    Even yesterday and last week was leading to this point. Yesterday my mom was telling me to let go of career planning and see what comes up. She was right, three years ago to this time of year I let go chancing the right man and then a month later we started dating and now we are getting married end of this summer. He was a friend of a friend I never considered dating until I was willing to let go what I thought I wanted and just be myself, letting what is right for me be naturally attracted to me.

    Thank you Colette xo
    My personal cards were By The Book, Message In a Bottle and Imagine.

  • Jackie

    Love what you see and say about how we are all one with the universe. Why do some people like me always stuck in a rut even though I can vision and know what i want. It gets so frustrating.

  • kb

    What a awesome blog writing! UR Rocking your wisdom! Thank you for that. I liked the video too. Peace be with you!

  • Autumn

    I had just finished meditating and praying about the question of why the one thing I want most in life – a relationship – is withheld from me when so many other wonderful things have been gifted to me? I am so grateful for all of the gifts, but have been unsure whether to resign myself to the idea that a relationship is not meant for me.

    I’ve wondered before if I needed to change something about myself, but haven’t known what – so much self-exploration! So I headed to the oracle cards. From Wisdon of the Oracle I pulled ‘Milk and Honey’…confused, I turned to your Enchanted Map deck and pulled ‘Movement.’ I don’t know what to think! Thoughts??

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      its a sign to keep moving and focus on what you do have.. its obvious you haven’t met that person yet.. but nothing says never. I met my husband 16 years ago when I was 44. My friend met the love of her life at 62! Keep going and love your life… love has a funny way of showing up just when you least expect it.

  • Anonymous

    My reading was 36-Come to the Edge, #8-The Tribe and Milk & Honey in protection. Scary how close this come to matching your prescriptive reading of today. And very much where I am at, at this time in my life. Not sure how to change.

  • Donna

    Makes me emotional…. Thank you for this today. 💖

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this blog. This is something I really struggle with. Last summer I did everything I needed to in order to manifest the man of my dreams. I have a clear picture of who I am and what I want and need in a life-partner, and I even wrote out a list of all of the qualities I was looking for in a man and burned the list to send the ashes out into the universe. I walked away and patiently allowed the universe to do its thing. Lo and behold, about 3 months later I met a man who I originally had no intention of ever being more than a friend with. We started spending time together, and I unexpectedly started developing deep feelings for him and was falling in love. He was amazing and everything I had hoped I would find! I thought we had developed a special connection, and my faith in the universe had never been stronger. However, just when thing were at their best, he started pushing me away not wanting to spend time as much time with me anymore, then told me he didn’t have those kind of feelings for me, and now he won’t even return my messages. After he cut me out of his life, I came across a rough draft of the list I had made before I burned it, and it turned out that out of literally dozens of items ranging from values and goals to life experiences and physical traits, there were maybe two or three things on the list where he didn’t match. I had no expectations of finding someone that ticked every single box as I know there is no such thing as a 100% match and there are always things we need to compromise on, but I was amazed the universe found me someone so close to what I asked for!

    I just don’t understand why the universe would give someone such a wonderful gift then take it away like that. I only recently found you, so perhaps you have already covered it, but I hope to find one of your blogs to help explain why the universe manifests precisely what we ask for only to take it away before allowing it to fully develop. I know all of the cliches about when a door closes another opens, or the universe brings you want you need instead of what you want, or the universe has something better in store that will come along, but if there is someone better coming or if this guy isn’t what I need, I don’t know why the universe even bothered bringing him into my life for only a few short months. Why get my hopes up and make me believe my dreams were finally coming true, only to take him away and break my heart again? It just seems unnecessarily cruel and pointless and I am finding it really hard to maintain a positive attitude about the universe at this point.

    I know there is always supposed to be something to take away from everything the universe does, but I don’t understand the lesson this time. If the lesson was to learn how to deal with loss, to be more patient, to become a stronger person, to communicate better, to be more appreciative of my partner and not take things for granted, to really spend time evaluating what I want and need in life and what is most important to me in a partner, or to love myself, as are the usual lessons with losing a love, I have already learned those lessons with the end of my marriage to the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I already went through the pain and loss, and have spent the last 5 years working on myself, developing from what the universe taught me from that experience. I am stronger, more independent, so much healthier in mind and body than I was, I am more spiritual, kind, and am a much better person than I ever was, and have never felt more ready and open to love someone as I do right now. I learned that I do not ‘need’ a man in my life to be whole, but now I appreciate the idea of having someone to share my life with and I ‘want’ one. You say, “What is yours will not go past you,” so I get that he obviously wasn’t mine. However, unlike my ex with whom I at least had many wonderful years of feeling loved before losing him and don’t regret having known, this man just fluttered in and out of my life without any apparent purpose beyond causing me more sadness and to lose faith in the universe wanting me to be happy. I wish the universe had never brought him to me in the first place just so I could watch him go past me.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I know it hurts. But these things happen. The universe is a partner to us and we will have experiences that we get caught up in that serve in the end to help us look at ourselves. Nothing makes sense when we are in pain. One day after you have met the right person you will look back on this and realize it was never what you thought. Sending you a big hug.

  • Rani

    Last week’s dynamic was interesting for me. I came to a fork in the road as I had to make a decision whether to complete a project, or to abandon the journey! Somehow I managed to act (yang), complete the project in advance of the deadline, despite some glitches all went ahead! Result? Milk and honey, blessings and gratitude! Plus I did not have to skimp on my equestrian pursuits either! My personal cards were about following my hunches, trusting in abundance and receiving help with getting to where I needed to be this week! Guess what? Everything I needed to complete my project turned up, people were super helpful, and my favourite horse nurtured me – just like the giraffe in the card! Wonderful new experiences and opportunities arose and I really enjoyed the week!

  • Barbra

    Thank you! Perfect timing!

  • Lorraine smith

    Wow this is amazing. Im in the process of selling my house and moving. Waiting for my property to sell in order to take the next step. I posted this saying last week and am totally trusting that Divine timing and guidance is at work for me and my family. Thank you for this beautiful and timely reminder…..whats for me wont go past me …ox

  • Paulette

    Wow, really powerful, as always, thank you Collete! I´m definitively choosing a card for that question.

  • Jill

    Wow! This blog post was so impactful! I needed to grab a pen and paper and instantly started writing thoughts down! Thank you Colette!!

  • Sindi

    I like you a lot Colette Baron-Reid!

  • Anonymous

    Colette, thank you, thank you, ! I am so amazed at your knowledge . For years and years I have read cards secretly because I had no one to relate to …..most of my friends and family thought it was….?….? Anyway, I now believe in oracles, angels with alll my heart and I am not interested in others opinions. There is so much more to learn. I haven’t bought your cards yet because I can’t decide which deck I need.
    Any suggestions

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      try them out first for free on my website and see what resonates! Wisdom of Avalon is what I consider my super beginner deck

  • Virginia

    Colette, thank you, thank you, ! I am so amazed at your knowledge . For years and years I have read cards secretly because I had no one to relate to …..most of my friends and family thought it was….?….? Anyway, I now believe in oracles, angels with alll my heart and I am not interested in others opinions. There is so much more to learn. I haven’t bought your cards yet because I can’t decide which deck I need.
    Any suggestions

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette…you are an inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    I needed this today Thank you

  • Regina

    I love your posts, they always provide wisdom but sometimes there’s that one that speaks right to you, if you know what I mean. This post has so much wisdom and awareness. I’m saving this one because it represents something I’ve learned and want to stay awakened to so that I don’t repeat experiences that I no longer need to attract into my life. Instead, to allow what I truly desire in my heart to come to pass for me … and not go past me.
    Thank you for your always lovely messages, Colette.

  • Kirsty

    Colette, once again I thank you, with your reading and my favorite deck, ‘Wisdom of Avalon” I have got some freaky, accurate answers to my questions. Full of gratitude as always, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Kandy

    This is right on track for me! I am nearing the finish line of one of my missions and am at the very beginning of another, so this reading is right on track! And the soul mates card is just amazing! I have met people whom my Angels have orchestrated into my life, and being awake, it is amazing to see these connections come together as part of what I agreed to for two of my missions!

    And you are right, what is yours will not pass you by. You may need to shift your thinking and look at it in new ways when you hit a roadblock, but if it is yours, you can never lose it. Loss is an illusion. If it seems “lost,” shift your perspective and ask yourself, “What about this that didn’t work, do I need to learn from?” My Angels guide me with the use of your cards! Sometimes, I do a card pull, and BAM! Within minutes, something happens that is exactly in line with the one or more of the cards! How cool is that?

    Thank you, Colette, for always being here for all of us! Love and light!💖💖

  • Debra june, NY

    All I could say is “amazing, amazing, amazing…” my card reading was AMAZING!

    Much gratitude and appreciation.

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette and All
    Beautiful, thank you. As usual, perfect timing.
    Thank you for doing this reading and blog for us and for all the ways you share your knowledge and wisdom.
    Much love.

  • Maria

    I’m finding this blog a bit late but I’m appreciating stumbling upon it. What I struggle with is letting go, I just don’t understand the physical act of doing this. Also, I’ve made a really big change recently and it was not easy at all and last year was not easy at all either. And I keep getting messages that right now I should use this time to build key skills of resilience. But I’m just tired. I’m tired of being resilient and I’m really tired of feeling like I don’t even recognize or like myself at the moment. I feel like the person I’ve become and some of the actions I took where just not me at all. Yet, I do want the change. It feels awful actually, wanting the change but not enjoying the outcome of it. And I must be honest I’m unsure how to align with the universe on this one because it feels like I headed the warning and took the step and then just found myself in a worst situation and with a version of me that I don’t like.

  • Veroshka

    A beautifully written article. Thank you for sharing Colette. It is amazing when inspirational articles and people are sent on your path just when you think you are forsaken by all that is good and precious even though it was shared some time ago. I am in a very difficult spot yet again in my life. Not sure that I truly like the message, however know it to be so true. Not at all sure where my life is going to go from here, but believe with all my heart that what is meant for me will not pass me by. I need to learn to accept and trust again that all is happening for me and not to me; that it is for the highest good of all. I don’t necessarily have to like it, but know in my heart and soul that it will most definately be a load less painful if I do. 😁 Thank you again 😘

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