Emotional Contagion – What Energy Are You Spreading?!

Updated: July 1, 2018

I’ve been immersed in a lot of reading lately looking for new ways to compassionately work with the more difficult energies that are causing our most recent chaotic astro weather. I’m excited to share some great solutions this week for staying conscious and connected. But first, let’s talk about the energies that can be challenging.

In case you’re not aware of the celestial weather report, here it is in brief (and hopefully some comic relief).

ln the sky we have a dance between the Moon, Saturn and Mars kind of like 3 people trying to dance together while listening to very different music. We have last week’s full Strawberry moon calling us to find a new solution to past issues, looking for new gentler steps (that won’t be so hard on our knees and hips!), while dancing with the frustrating challenges of the Mars retrograde which in turn is asking us to slow down our reactivity and avoid giving into the desire for random high kicks in the middle of a chacha when you will likely kick your reluctant partner in the head, with the need for more self- discipline around our triggers as the Saturn square may bring up old unresolved issues with authority. What? You want me to dance by your rules? Ah no. You want me to waltz, I am gonna line dance to heavy metal music while screaming at whoever is in charge.

So there.

I’m sure you either know someone like this or have succumbed yourself (temporarily of course!)

Everyone is feeling this and you can see it everywhere especially where groups gather. Choose your subject as you can apply this anywhere right now, as this is also an important galvanizing energy that needs to be directed in a way that helps evolve and bring one closer to positive and healing solutions rather than create more dissension. That will be everyone’s challenge and no we can’t stay in bed for a month with the covers over our heads. Compassion, forgiveness, and kindness are the three most important energies to foster now with commitment and awareness, even if you think Mars has a better idea. It’s written in the stars that for the next few weeks mars is going to need plenty of cold showers before leaving the house.

It’s one of the reasons I believe in working with the protocols I have learned over the years like emotional freedom technique, sincerely working with the Ho’oponopono prayer, taking salt baths, taking breaks from social media, and choosing how much time to allot to it since it can be so distracting.  Staying informed is important but so is being mindful of adding spiritual, mental and emotional nourishment to the menu.

I spent an entire day reading author and science researcher Dawson Church’s latest gem that addresses all of this and is so needed now called Mind to Matter. In it, he deftly explains how the mind creates material reality and describes the issue of emotional contagion which in a negative destructive way can move through a group like a brushfire. Much like mob psychology becomes a potentially devastating thought virus it’s easy to lose your own sense of identity, values, and direction when sucked into this kind of vortex. Yet, while this darker story of emotional contagion is true, the opposite is true too.

If you are willing to find a different and practical solution to help you not only work with the energies and find a new compassionate solution then Mind to Matter is the book to read. Dawson created a technique that blends EFT (emotional freedom technique, or tapping) with meditation called Eco meditation and you can go to his website and learn it right away. All the research he and other scientists have gathered points to massive changes possible in the outer world when you can bring yourself into heart coherence with the planet and each other. It’s like harnessing Hope and Love then spreading it just by feeling it consciously in a 20-minute meditation. Regardless of what appears to be on our current evolutionary social screens, we can project these feelings out as easily as the nasty regressive feelings we have. It’s a miraculous feeling and my new go-to daily practice. And, it is contagious!! Everything is energy and anything really is possible when you commit to working with energy in a positive way.

So as this is what the moon is inviting and the best way to slow down to work with Mars and Saturn I’m going to invite you to try it for the next week. Go learn eco meditation on www.ecomeditation.com!

Each day is a new beginning and for 24 hours only you can commit to the energy you play with. Stay in the solution and have a sense of humor regardless of how many mistakes you make now. No one is exempt from this cycle but life is short. You decide how you want to live it.

I want hope, love, creativity, gratitude, forgiveness, and fun to be my emotional contagion!  You?


Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe




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  • Jennifer

    I guess I don’t really know much about astrology, other than that I am a Gemini, but after the week I had last week, I’m convinced there’s something to this whole Mars retrograde stuff. I sure could have used one of those HUG buttons! I went in optimistic and tried to stay mindful throughout the entire week, but it really did feel like I was kicking my dance partners in the head left and right, no matter what I did. It was a productive week, but a turbulent one.

    Any chance that the Mystical Shaman deck could be used more often in the weekly readings? It is the only oracle deck that I’m really drawn toward. I own that deck and the app for WOTO, but I just can’t seem to get into the WOTO deck for some reason. Those two are the only oracle decks that I own, and I absolutely LOVE the Mystical Shaman deck and would love to see it featured more.

    I’m also interested in the numbers on the cards. The cards are numbered, presumably for a reason, yet the numbers don’t really get much mention (if any) in the readings, and there isn’t any meaning attributed to them in the book that came with my cards. Why is that?

    Hugs to you and to everyone in the forthcoming week. Thanks!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes I was just saying to Marc I’d like to do more with Mystical Shaman. The numbers were chosen for the cards alphabetically so believe it or not we did not use any numerology method in this particular deck. I have however in my other decks but as soon as you see alphabetical .. you will know there was no conscious intention.

    • Anonymous

      Why all cards not are in to my behavior concordance, that is from the heaven? All is possible!
      With peace,and love !

  • Kory Wood

    Hey Colette,
    Wanna hear something funny? I did what you suggested we do after listening to your weekly energy forecast video and picked one card from your Oracle of the Wisdom deck on your site and after asking what today’s energy is for my highest good (something to the effect), the card that came up was “Mending” in the upright position. You had used picking the Mending card as your example in your video. I thought that was amazing that I got the card you used as an example just moments before.

    Also, I did a 3 card reading directly after to gain further clarity on your weekly reading for my personal weekly energy reading and the last card that came up was “Loyal Heart” in the upright position. Just like yours for the week.

    Pretty amazing stuff!

  • Helen T Muir

    I went to your website and chose my three cards. The first was Treasure Island, second was Loyal Heart and the third was A Leg Up in protection. Wow! I have constantly been reminded to be kind, compassionate and generous in my daily life, and this has confirmed that. Also consistently being given the message that I need to accept help when it is offered. And the same two cards as you pulled out are such a wondrous confirmation. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Brenda

    Thank you Colette
    My card today the 2nd of July was Happy Happy #26 and I have great clarity that it runs in well with your reading for everyone.
    Things have upset me but I’m ok it incredible xxx

  • Lisa

    Colette .. of course your blog is great !! .. when i got to the line which included the words ‘sincerely working with the Ho’oponopono prayer’ .. you had me there .. ecomeditation.com .. i am going to find that today ! .. blessings and big love to you xox .. Lisa

  • Trudy

    I love the idea of emotional contagion, so true!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like I have been on the verge of a Hot Mess! My head going one way and my heart going another. I don’t want to be around anyone, but I want to be there for everyone. I want to eat healthy, but I want chocolate covered almonds. I want to be outside and grounded with Mother Nature but I want to lay on the couch and watch Life Time Movies. Can’t wait for this to Pass.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ya .. a hug and a small bowl of ice cream and maybe 4 almonds? lolol its hard for everyone right now. Food is always calling me lately.

  • Dorien

    Thank you Colette, always inspiring your blogs and weekly oracle card readings.
    With love for everyone. Dorien
    So important to be in a community within like minded people all over the world.
    I live in Europe. ( the Netherlands )

  • Claudia Carla

    Dear Colette,

    You’ve done it again. The message and guidance I needed right when I needed it and was ready to hear it.

    I am so grateful you exist. While there are others out there sharing this message, your unique way speaks to me.

    Your combination of humour and warmth and your willingness to translate the world some people consider way “out there” to those who need an map and to know the why and how is really helpful.

    I relate to you in so many ways and that makes me feel “accompanied” in a world where parts of myself are not always shareable.

    I will be incorporating the eco meditation into my practice.

    I noticed that a documentary called “Jane” (Jane Goodall) is currently on a google play. I feel compelled to whatch it today. Did you know she has a wonderful program called Roots and Shoots?



    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh wow she does? I want to watch it I love her work .. although I always sob like a baby when I read anything or watch anything about her lolol

  • Nancy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏻 Your Passion is so contagious . I Love the Eco Meditation. I am so very grateful ♥️ To be in this co creative process.

  • Shelley Seguin

    Dear Colette
    Thank you, thank you Thank you.
    I have Dawson Church’s book on order and feel that it will be an important read. I so appreciate your speaking out about the fact that *There Is Another Way* to deal with this chaotic, erratic and divisive energy.
    I believe that it is in this chord in which we can choose to sing. This is the harmonious and coherent chord of love, kindness, and deep, consistent forgiveness which raises us above the muck . I sincerely believe that this is the way to go and I’m certainly not saying that I am constant in singing in tune, but it is to this consistency that I aspire, intend and recommit to, daily.
    .I just so appreciate that you and our other Wisdom teachers, Truth Speakers, Wayshowers remain committed and strong in carrying this knowledge, sharing this knowledge consistently so that I may become a stronger chorist , singing in tune.
    Reading this today fills me with hope for the future and reinforces my role in being the change I wish to see.
    Many blessings to you💞💞💞
    let’s all stay cool, calm and carry on.
    Love you SO much Colette.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh Shelley back at you!!! Its easy to be calm when things on the outside are hunky dory but the true test is the daily choice and no matter what crap gets thrown our way compassion and kindness still must lead.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much, my day has been awful mainly because of my reaction to situations. Your video and the reason why this is happening have helped so much.

  • Lindsey

    Thanks Colette- I picked 3 cards to work with yours for the week- Here and Now- No Place like Home and Truth be Told. I am allowing my authentic self to be seen and heard this week with my healing business.💕

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      and that is all you can do as it is revealed to you , you show it to the world! Just remember you’ve got Spirit as your co-pilot xoxo

  • Carol

    Thank very much Colette!! Love your work💗

  • stuart

    oh yes…love you whole bunch..Colette

  • Irene

    Doing my inner work. Only trigger is the ocean dumplings, fires in the forests, children in Tornillo camps.
    I go to your website everyday to pick. I forget to preface with…for my highest good but I have been asked to surrender. As a psychologist, I don’t really know what this is, as I do inner work when needed.
    Somethings have not panned out so I am letting these things🙌. Really pushing out the 🚪. My I have researched my global warming plans thoroughly for years..not from ego because I plan scientists will get most 💳 but as a small source of income.

  • Laura Walters

    OMG – your blog post cracked me up! I literally dislocated my knee last week. So I was glad to hear smoother sailing is ahead! LOL

  • Connie Petty

    I truly love the person you are Collette & I’m so happy to have found you. I love your weekly readings & I love the Wisdom of the Oracle cards which I have purchased. I hope one day to participate in your cruise or your gatherings & actually meet you. 😄😘💝

  • Dragica

    I can actually leave a comment? Without being on FB? I must be dreaming.
    I enjoyed your description of the cosmic dance. Saturn and Mars as my husband and me, and I can’t figure out who the Lune-y is. Mars was very mean with the dancing talent when I was born. That is why I have time to read Dawson’s book when I am not dancing around beetroots and tomatoes in my garden, which I do well.
    Love you

  • Niki Hefetz Lezer

    Brilliant!!! Thank you

  • Vicky Vestal

    Yeppers, Mars retrograde, ‘super’ moon shtuff…got me on a roller coaster. Nothing but tears today. LOTS of past crap and I’ll be glad when the complete release of it is over!! Strengthening my intentions and letting go of what is NOT mine to carry. Guilt and worry ARE the opposite of Love afterall.

    I was more drawn to the Goddess cards today …can’t wait to get them!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      there are so many wonderful goddess decks out there already .. mine will be one among many check them out and see what resonates. Mine will be out next February !!

  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you Colette for the book suggestion by Dawson Church. Thankfully a day does not go by when I am not engaged in reading another book to keep the mind focused on the higher road. With everything that is occurring of late; it is difficult to maintain a positive mental attitude. Currently I am reading Denise Linn’s newest book about energy strands. Haven’t gotten that far into the content yet but it is about how to sever the emotional connections that often keep up bound to our heritage, a moment frozen in time, a person, experience. The EFT technique releases the energy so is can be replaced with something that has a higher vibration. It is amazing how easily what sabotages, and does not serve our highest and best good can be substituted with higher vibrational thought, belief. When we nourish the body with foods that keep our energy elevated, we can feel when what we have chosen to eat is affecting our mindset. I used to be a sugar junkie so like a drug it can keep the brain fogged, and the body lethargic. Gratefully a health crisis early in my 20’s was the catalyst that turned my digestion around and having practiced a vegan lifestyle now for over 30 years; I know that diet does affect mood, and energy. Just as it is commitment to make choices about what we eat, it is that simple, but not really to shift our attitude, and choose our thoughts, change our beliefs. Practice is what creates new neural pathways and replaces the ones that do not serve us nor bring a sense of peace, contentment. It is easier to look outward and find something or someone to blame when the going gets tough. I am not saying to be an ostrich and deny what is happening around us. BUT we can make a decision to change our perspective and adjust it . I love Wayne Dyer’s book Excuses BE GONE. It is very direct and emphasizes our participation in the process. In the words of John Lennon;
    “You might say that I’m a dreamer; but I’m not the only one. I hope that one day you’ll join me, and the world will be one”.

  • Tori

    Thank you Colette,

    I’m definitely having a week where I think the universe is trying to tell me something and I really need to sit with it. An opportunity to interview at another school (I’m a special education teacher) “fell into my lap” yesterday, great district more pay, smaller caseload, it sounds dreamy. My current job has amazing staff/students but my caseload is upwards of 50 and I’m the only special education teacher so if I left I’d be leaving people in a bind. Lots of inner guilt going on over here…

  • Lisa McKay

    Awwww, man! I want to crawl under my covers and hibernate until late fall! Lots of stuff floating to the top. Feeling overwhelmed and being overwhelmed are in close proximity this past week. That lightning strike is building pow power!

    What you said about psychic energy is so true right now. The quote I’m going to share coincides with what you mention in this article.

    “Maybe you are reading this on a tea break in a ceramics factory in Lincolnshire, or trying to find a curry house in Surbiton to guzzle your sorrows, but you should know that the mythic is everywhere. “The river beneath the river” as they say in Mexico. The truth that never was and always is.
    The less we are privy to this, the more available psychic energy can be swept up by politicians.” Martin Shaw

    Thank you for all you do Colette! Blessings~Lisa

  • Kayt Owens

    Hi Colette! I came to your website tonight because I will be on the cruise with you and John Holland in April 2019. I’ve known John for years (he is truly my teacher) and have been to many of his events, including 2 previous cruises in 2012 and 2014, but I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with you. So I wanted to learn more about you and your work. I’m very impressed and I like the feeling I get from your website. I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the cruise! Love and Light, Kayt

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