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Updated: July 22, 2018

How to tap into the profound power of the Universe

What would it be like if you didn’t measure the success of your life just by what you get and don’t get, but gave equal or greater priority to how aligned you are with your greatest values?

So many of us have been taught to measure our success through the accomplishment of goals. As a result, we get stuck on a goal-driven roller-coaster, feeling the highs when we accomplish something and the lows and frustrations when things don’t go as we plan.

The problem is that goals don’t fulfill you on an ongoing basis; they either lead to more and more goals or crumble apart, leaving you to feel like you failed. While goals give you excitement and highs and lows, intentions provide you with enduring self-respect, purpose, and peace of mind.

Setting intentions is very different than goal making because it’s not focused on arriving at a specific future outcome. When we set an intention it’s really to experience something and that may take time to fully manifest. It’s really a process that is initiated by being conscious and deliberate on how you are being in the present moment. Your attention is on the “now.”

The now is where ALL your power is. It is the place where you plant the seed of intention for your dreams. You set an intention and begin the doing, thinking and being in the now.
Intention is a force behind everything in the Universe; it’s what makes an acorn a tree, causes the sun to rise, and gives us life. Intention is part of what I call the All That Is, the vast web of energy that flows through our Universe. This energy is always creating and responds to us beautifully especially when we are loving and inclusive. When you align yourself with that source—that intention—you tap into the profound power of the Universe. With intention, you also connect with your intuition and you can receive guidance for your highest good.

In other words, with pure intentions, you step onto your highest path.
The most powerful intentions are grounded in your greatest values and purest desires. Many of us have been taught to treat intentions like goals and thus “intend” for a new car, more money, and so on. I used to do this myself when I first started working with intentions but quickly realized that the form of the intention was nowhere near as important as the essence. Sure, you can play with the intent on having the experience of those things show up in your life, but too much focus on the form will be limited.

Ultimately, the best intentions are based on an understanding of what matters most to you, such as love, kindness, reverence, and making a difference and.. (you fill in here). Abundance is so much more than material. You must make a commitment to align your worldly actions with your inner values.

It’s also important to consider the underlying motives and emotions behind your intentions. For example, I had a client who wanted to know why she still hadn’t met the right partner even though she kept intending to have an amazing relationship. The problem was the motive underlying her intention was grounded in wanting to gain approval outside of herself. I encouraged her to examine those emotions and set a new intention to love and approve of herself. Other common emotions that undermine intentions are manipulation, desperation, judgment, and fear.

Remember, intentions are a force behind everything in the Universe. If you want to tap into the power of that force and attract what’s in your highest good, then it’s important to ground your intentions in your deepest values. Then you can begin the practice of making powered-up intentions.

Intention Power-Up Exercises:

What are your life intentions? Make a list of intentions that reflect your deepest values and desires. Remember to pay attention to underlying emotions and motivations. Create a list of your purest life intentions and read it each day.

For example, here are some of my favorite intentions:
I create my own happiness and nourish my soul.
I consciously choose thoughts and behaviors that create value and peace.
I love, value, and respect myself, others, and the world around me.

Set a daily intention: This week, make a habit of setting an intention when you wake up each morning. Ask yourself, “What do I need now? What is in my highest good today?” Use your intuition to get your answer and then set your intention to reflect it. Here are some examples:
Today, I am happy and trusting.
Today, I live in the present.
Today, I nurture my relationships and set healthy boundaries.
Today, I trust my intuition above all else.

What are your favorite intentions? Please share them with all of us!
In service and love,


Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe




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  • Bec

    I found this somewhere online and I just love it. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and would read it every night. I have since given the piece of paper to a friend who going through a divorce.

    “I am whole and complete within myself. I am worthy of being loved for who I truly am. I am always connected to Divine Love. I feel the love around me, and remember that I am never truly alone.”

    • Sacredflower

      Thank you Colette… this was her I don’t time for me I am so appreciative of being tuned in !!💖😉💞🙏🏽

    • Lynn Marie

      I just wanted you to know I’m grateful you shared That! I will be the first to admit I am not good at relationships, I’m not good at keeping friends or boyfriends, I am not a social butterfly, I am more the weird, introverted, hermit type. And currently, my ex boyfriend who is really more like a ex husband-we were together for about 20 years, he still wants to be friends and I really don’t but every time I try to totally cut ties with him I feel horribly guilty. Anyways, I appreciate what you wrote.

  • Marta

    Dearest Colette,
    From the bottom of my heart thank you for your work and service to all ofus and to the expansion of consciousness!
    I Love your weekly guidance.
    After whatching your oracle workshop online, last week I kept getting all the cards in protection! You answered all my questions with the reading for this week-well the Universe did, through you!
    I have bought your Wisdom of the Oracle deck but haven’t opened it yet, keep using the website.
    Once again profound gratitude for your service.
    In Love and Light

  • Anonymous

    Dear Colette,
    Since I ‘met’ your carddeck Wisdom of the Oracle, I use it nearly every day. I am so glad with the information!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and stories!

  • Anonymous

    I like to pick a single card each day to go along with the weekly reading. Today, the card I picked gifted me with a daily intention that couldnt’ have been more timely. I picked Imagine in protection position–same as it is in the weekly reading! I knew as soon as I read it that my daily intention had landed right in my lap: “Clear the inner slate and stay grounded. Stay real.”

  • Jennifer

    I like to pick a single card each day to go along with the weekly reading. Today, the card I picked gifted me with a daily intention that couldnt’ have been more timely. I picked Imagine in protection position–same as it is in the weekly reading! I knew as soon as I read it that my daily intention had landed right in my lap: “Clear the inner slate and stay grounded. Stay real.”

  • Cybele

    I find everything I have received is for a reason, the universe & karma & energy makes a differance intution is intention as well.

  • Denise

    I am so grateful for your wisdom! These words and advice are so needed at this time in my life . . . heck, I’ve always needed to know this but didn’t. Thank you!


  • Sharon

    Here are some of my daily affirmations: I am learning to handle whatever life gives me in a healthy way / I am learning to surrender my need for control / I am enough just as I am. The reason why I use “I am learning” because it resonates with me more than “I am surrendering….” For me this is an ongoing process.

  • Sage

    I love this! I’ve recently decided to step back from certain goals, because I feel very disconnected from who I used to be. I very much like the old me! Through meditation and A Course In Miracles, I think I will find solid ground again. I’m going to set an intention every day as part of my break from certain goals. I think this will be a great addition to getting back to feeling happy and grateful!

    I’ve been trying to figure out where I weren’t wrong with my goals—when they became a burden instead of joyful. Now I see my intention surrounding them changed. As a result, the goals have not been met, and I have changed.

    I watched your weekly oracle reading too, and it confirmed a lot of what I’ve been feeling: take a break and don’t second guess myself! Don’t let fear win! Do what I feel is necessary right now!

    Today, I let the world tell me what it wants instead of me telling it what I want!

  • Chris Ferguson

    I enjoyed this immensely. I have followed you through your cards. I use them in my life and with others. I am grateful to have found your page and look forward to learning, growing, and raising my vibration through your teachings and cards.

  • Andrea Coulterman

    Thank you for inviting feedback and giving such wonderful tools to work with. I see intention as spiritual self-awareness combined with the ability to plan small guided steps in the present. I am beginning to pay attention to my goals, values, what I do best, what I need to change, and cannot change.
    Thanks so much for all your invaluable help!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Colette, for being so much for other women inclucing myself. I live far away in a small country, Denmark, and my language is danish, but I understand and agree in your wisdom of life and thank you for charing. I notice that you love to wear jewelry for health, and it is my pleasure and joy to make such jewelry and also to wear them. <3 I love gemstones and collected them for long.
    Love and light,
    Hanne (Johanne Marie)

  • Debbie

    My Intention for this week is “Our common welfare should come first” Working this Tradition at work and in my personal life. Focus on getting out of Self and towards the greater good for all.

  • Kathryn Chavez

    This really set it straight for me:

    “Setting intentions is very different than goal making because it’s not focused on arriving at a specific future outcome.”

    It doesn’t get any clearer than that! It takes away unnecessary pressure, and what a huge reminder to stay present and free-flowing! Thank you Colette!!

  • Janneke

    Dear Colette,
    Thanks for all you share, your wisdom, your knowledge, your stories!
    Since I ‘met’ the Wisdom of Oraclecards I decided to do a course. And it was very worthfull.

  • Kathy Pickett

    This is so wonderful, thank you Colette! I try everyday to base my intention during meditation on connecting and growing closer to my guides, Source, and the Universe everyday. Then, later I mention manifesting other things in my life. We all need these reminders of what is truly important and what a real intention should be. I love your blog and can always relate to your approach. Continue being the beautiful soul that you are!

  • Susan Durupt

    Your words about intentions are so true, so valuable. Thank you. They have put so clearly what I am feeling right now. Thank you again.

  • Barbara K

    Dear Colette,
    this morning (before seeing this video) I drew Imagine in Protection from my WOO deck for my daily card. I decided to draw a second card, and it was Imagine! I am amazed at how often I will draw at least one of the same cards you pull, perhaps in the opposite aspect, but it still mystifies me as to how it would happen so often! And regardless, it seems, of whether I use my deck or your website.

  • Kathryn

    Love your explaining the intention & goals. I’ve never liked goals & never achieved one I made! That made me feel worse & the company I represented was all goal oriented. In my heart I could feel & picture my intention & that’s what keeps me going. Thank you for making that more clear & it made me feel like I am not crazy! haha!

  • Rose

    Dear Colette,
    My intention is for the remarkable man and I to be happily married. It is very hot today but I made my trip to the grocery store and laden with heavy bags of produce and a dozen eggs, managed to catch a bus by nanoseconds, thanks to a kind bus driver, on the return home, sans the usual walk along the marina. With my hair sticking to my face like Sia’s, I fumbled at the garden gate and dropped the bag with the eggs. Mumbling a few choice words I stopped myself from a full-blown upset by somehow realizing it wasn’t the gate’s fault but rather my being in too much of a hurry. Marry in haste, repent at leisure. Surveyed the damage; one egg was a loss but two others were only slightly cracked and could be saved by boiling. Boiling an egg is an art. I’m good at boiling eggs after many previous attempts with rubbery, overcooked, tasteless ones. The egg upset (I’m on a very tight grocery budget, folks) sort of got put aside as I prepared my late lunch/very early dinner in which I have been working on a taco bowl. Ingredients must be fresh. Preparing a delicious meal requires focus. Its all in the preparation. Its also creative. As for my intention, I’ve just read Gundry’s The Plant Paradox (nix the grains) and am learning to make meals more healthy without sacrificing taste. Afterall, no one wants a whiny, upset angry wife trolling around the kitchen making your dinner from a can or the frozen food aisle. I stayed focus on the goal with my intention clearly upheld. In other words, all is held in the context of my one most deeply desired intention. (This also involves squats) The grass fed beef was sauteed with taco seasoning, the crunchy romaine and shredded organic red and green cabbage with carrots went into the bowl as did a big handful of peppery arugula and all given a squeeze of lemon. The seasoned beef topped by a generous dollop of full fat sour cream and a few slim slivers of spring onions (scallions). My upset disappeared. My taco bowl was superb…and, with the egg dropping and the heat, the result could have easily been a loss or at best, mediocre. Would a mediocre dish be a happy situ? No. Was I in a focused state when cooking? Yes. It was actually fun. Took minutes. I’m now more confident than I was this morning. So my intention is the context/the bowl in which everything else happens. Preparation is all. Not being thrown by the obstacles, goofs, slips, and other unexpected or unintended events was key. Staying focused on what matters most, not by trying to control anything (or anyone) but with the pleasure of it is all part of a creative process.

  • Lisa Francis

    Hi Colette, Of course, I read the blog, and I watched the video. Then I got on with my daily life which has had some weird moments. I have held together, I started the day doing the Dawson Church ecomeditation, that likely helped me keep the peaceful feeling going. I am freaking myself out, over-thinking about making sense with this thing I am writing, I think that is why Errol recommended I listen to your weekly video again. He said that your message was perfect for me. I am listening to it again now.
    thank you, Lisa

  • Debbie Buck

    Today I let source love come to me and through me.

  • Debra Cappadocia

    Dear Colette,
    Your words of wisdom & encouragement are always so helpful, thank you.
    I count myself lucky to have attended your 2016 Uncharted weekend at Kingsbridge, even with arm in cast. Life changing & amazing!
    My intentions: to be open, loving & compassionate; to send out healing love to those who suffer, one heart at a time, with each heart then tagging another heart with healing love, then so on and so on. ❤️

  • Shelley Séguin

    Dearest Colette
    Love this blog and Universal Reading for this week. I am a big fan of intentional co-creating with Spirit. I’ve learned many, many wonderful tools for setting intentions from my recovery program, Course in Miracles study, and from being your student since 2014.
    What feels the very best for me is the knowledge , faith and trust that I have in the deep grace and compassionate nature of my Higher Power.
    My intention for my life is to do the best I can to *be* love and to *teach* love when I am asked to serve.
    I trust each day that I will be shown what I need to do, and who I might serve and how ( some days this is only myself who I serve, and that’s OK! I count too ☺️ ). Sometimes this is as simple as being kind towards a harried cashier at a store, other times it happens through my work, sometimes it is just being present to listen fully to a friend. The outcome of setting this intention is that I do feel that love and inner peace myself, often. I am not aiming for a big car or money. I just want to feel good. For me, the way to feel good is through personal connection of some kind, with myself and / or others.
    All the best , enjoy the week, and many thanks , Colette, for initiating this discussion🤗
    Much love to you and all my Tribe-mates 💖.

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;
    Always so much to learn. Thank you for the distinction. I have more clarity about this now.

    Here are a few ideas that came to mind.
    I am open to synchronistic clues, and serendipitous information.
    I appreciate and celebrate the smallest improvements, steps and progress.
    I am patient with not knowing and trust that all is well and unfolding for the
    highest good for all concerned.
    I listen to others and try to understand their unique perspectives.
    I refuse all fear and all worry for I stand in the grace of G-d.
    Love Renee

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette, Love your cards. I am learning how to read them for myself. I have a question that has been bothering me for a while now.
    I am trying to find my talents. Although I know a little of almost everything, I am having a hard time finding what my passion or niche is in life.
    I would like to have a private consultation with you so I can get some help to be able to devote myself to that particular thing instead of being all over. Can you help

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Sorry I don’t offer privates .. I suggest you join us in Oracle School in September.. you will find your own answers there!

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