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In lieu of a blog this week, I’d encourage you to signup to watch one of the best free resources that I have ever created to teach you all about Oracle Cards – It’s my 3-part video Workshop Series entitled “Experience Your Magic with Oracle Cards!” I’ll tell you my story about how Oracle Cards saved my life and how you can use them in your life too! You’ll learn how Oracle Cards can help you to gain clarity, check in with and direct your energy while connecting with the Universe, all for your highest good.

Here is a sneak peek just for my beloved blog readers on..it all starts with Video 1 – “Learn How to Ask The Right Question of the Oracle Cards & Reveal the Truth for Your Highest Good!” I will teach you how to ask the right questions of the Oracle Cards so that you gain the confidence to use them to make empowered decisions that shape your destiny. The next videos in the series will take you even further in the Oracle Cards journey.

This workshop will jump-start your Oracle Card training or inspire you to take your learning to the next level with in-depth information! Pre-register Now!

Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe




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  • Cheryl

    Thank u! I’ve already pulled all that glitters 3x (both upright and protection) pertaining to different questions. I’m very grateful for ur creation of these cards. So, much wisdom is expressed thru them. May we all be conduit for Spirit! 🙏🏻💕

  • Sage

    I love the meditation technique you mentioned where you hold a hand over your heart and smile while doing it. I recently made a meditation altar. It did make me practice more often, but I found myself giving it my worries more than my intention and feeling. I’m not sure I’m doing it quite right, but my intention is success, and the feelings I want to have from success (in whatever form the universe deems best) is peace, happiness and purpose.

    Lately, I don’t feel worthy of the success I’m after. Years of having doctors tell me I’m not going to have a normal life and having my efforts fall short of my goals has made me pessimistic. I feel very undeserving.

    With this new technique, I already feel better. I downloaded your meditation app. I’ve done three guided meditations in two days, and they’re wonderful. They remind me of the hope I once had. I shared the app with my mom too!

    I’m also adding the word “success” into my daily vocabulary. I exercised for the amount of time I wanted. I succeeded. I accomplished my errands. I succeeded. I got my list of chores done. I succeeded. This also reminds me to be grateful for what I can do now that I couldn’t years ago when my health was even worse.

    Perhaps I will succeed at something other than the dream I’ve always had. For once, I’m open to that! It’s the intent and feeling that’s the most important to me. Not the destination. I’m only 28, but having doctors over many years tell me my life is going to be subpar eventually caught up to me. That eventually turned into feelings of self loathing and a profound sense of feeling undeserving.

    I think I’m back on track now, and I’m excited, which is why I’m rambling!

    This was great! Thanks!

  • Christie

    My three cards are orphaned in protection mode, all that glitters and the last card was…believe it or not-thinker. Interesting.

  • Bethaniem

    …really looking forward to your first video Oracle Card training, Colette. I enjoy your spontaneity so much! Thanks

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