Gratitude for a Happy New Year – Ask these 10 Questions to Manifest Your Best 2019!

Updated: December 30, 2018

Dearest you,

Tis the grand finale of 2018 this week and I’m curious about something. How do you say goodbye to the year past and welcome in the new year? What kind of rituals do you practice if any?

In past years I would spend a few days creating a vision board looking forward to the year ahead, setting my intentions, affirmations, cutting out pictures from magazines claiming the images that aligned with the feelings I wanted to emulate in the events of my life. The truth is I spent a whole lot of time focused on the outcome of my desires and little time on what had already transpired.

I had come to notice that without a closure, an inventory of my evolution and growth for the previous year I find that I’d be still somewhat motivated by a sense of “ more” or “ not enough”.
Has that happened to you?

Have you ever said to yourself “ Thank HEAVEN that crappy year is done! THIS year I will meet “ the ONE”, get the “perfect job” and arrive at the perfect combination cocktail of events that will make me happy, prosperous, purposeful, desired, wanted and ON TARGET!?” sigh.

If I’m going to be 100% honest here, I will admit I used to put a lot of time and effort into my wants and very little effort on the – “ thy will be done, I surrender to the highest good for all including the form.” Other than the fact I know that’s what you’re supposed to do when co-creating manifest reality — you know mention the – um — partner in the mix? …That would be a Higher Power?

And, what better way to see how that Higher Power works in your life than to do a look see revisiting of the previous year to have a gander at the events that transpired and more importantly who you’ve become as a result of them.

Everything changed for me when I added the inventory, the ritual of honoring what has transpired before. Looking at what events challenged me, changed me, provided me with an opportunity for growth, and most importantly how my Higher Power delivered the form of events, things, and experiences that were way beyond my limited imagination was truly magical. Even the challenges were gifts for me and not happening to me.

I turned it around and it was amazing to recognize that entering the new year with a deep sense of satisfaction and fullness for the experiences that have already transpired turned all of this on its head. I still love to do vision boards, walking meditation on New Year’rs eve outside in the brisk cold air. I love all of it. But I begin in gratitude in fullness and in service.

When you add this element to the mix of your hopes for the year ahead you can see things with awe and reverence knowing there are extraordinary things you have no context for- the understanding that intellectually you cannot plan that much, since a Higher Plan is in order already that yes, you set in motion but with a partner- The Conscious Universe. It’s like seeing how your soul and Spirit are in cahoots to ensure you’ll have all you need regardless of what your ego wants. It’s all about the magic and miracles we can’t plan for that deliver the essence of our inspired desires in ways too awesome to ignore.

This is one of the most profound things you can do and why it’s the very first exercise we do for my yearly January workshop at Kripalu [] – Divine Your Destiny (excited to be there January 4 through 6th this year) on setting intentions and tracking your Destiny for the year ahead.

So I’d love to hear from you about your year that has passed.

Who have you become as a result of last year, given we all like to see time as manageable travel segments within which to experience ourselves? Have you seen how your Higher Power delivers your highest good and carries you through the most difficult times?

Here are 10 questions to help you see yourself with greater clarity before you sit down to do your “What I want to manifest for 2019” ritual of whatever it is you do (from resolutions affirmations to vision boards, maps, etc.)

1. What did you hope and plan for?
2. What actions did you take?
3. What were you afraid of?
4. What actually happened?
5. What did you accomplish?
6. How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding?
7. What challenges and gifts did your Higher Power present you with?
8. How were you changed as a result of them?
9. What can you leave behind moving forward?
10. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit?

Let’s compare notes this week in the comments section.

My 3 profound truths are that mostly everything good that has happened in my life to change me is due to the Grace of God. Even though I think I know what’s best for me I don’t- but that said I still need the Grit to get up and show up for my life and follow my dream anyway.
Dreaming without action is never going to get me what I desire.
And, Grit also equals the irritation that makes the pearl, that grain of sand represented by the difficult challenges that force you to go back to their origins to heal. What you believe about life and your perceptions of it (especially if they are unconscious) can change in an instant when you trace them back to their beginnings.

I discovered a lot of pearls this year.

And, last but not least I have a profound Gratitude for every breath I take and for every moment I am alive to serve others. Without Gratitude I have nothing.

Happy New Year to my special tribe of amazing humans.

I wish you a profound and deep relationship with Spirit, a deeper more joyful understanding of life and the courage to show up for it.

See you in 2019!

Love you so!!!



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  • Lura Ludolph

    I feel fortunate to have found you this year Colette and I’m excited about 2019 as I continue to learn and grow under your guidance. Thank you!
    We evaluate our year at work but under such a different lense. This is a great perspective.

    • Colette Baron-Reid


    • Debbie

      What did you hope and plan for?

      To learn to play,deepen my love and relationships with myself and others and to heal my wounds of the past.

      What actions did you take?

      I stepped up to the plate and started up my spiritual practices again. Meditation, mindfulness, signed up for on line workshops. Listening to positive pod casts from Hay House and u tube. Walking in the country and enjoying nature. My husband and I took a nice vacation. I’ve started to be more open and involved in whatever situation I’m in, slowing me to feel free. I’ve accepted responsibility for my actions and thoughts…. and so much more.

      What are you afraid of?

      Failure and disconnection

      What actually happened?

      After I had been nudged by Spirit to go to the dermatologist for a few years. I went and had several biopsy’s taken all over my body. This was due to over exposure to the sun all my life and my addiction to tanning beds.
      Believe it or not the next day I was driving to work contemplating going tanning… just one more time. The moment I had decided to go ahead and tan … a deer jumped out in front of my new Durango and totaled it! I realized that I had an addiction and spirit had saved me.
      From that day forward I’ve had many cemo Treatments for my skin along with some operations on my skin.
      I also had been razor claming and prolapsed my bowel and had an operation for that.
      Then I got T boned by a guy in a truck going 85 with then shoved me head on into another truck.

      What did you accomplish?

      This has been a year of tying up loose ends with finishing a lawsuit we had going for five years to mending relationships and letting go of some.
      I’ve this year let go of a shopping addiction, tanning addiction, acrylic nail addiction and have improved my ability to be more positive and present.

      How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding?

      By putting people , classes, obstacles and gifts in front of me in perfect timing so that I could look inside of myself and have the knowledge that I’m not alone in my becoming.

      What challenges and gifts did your higher power present you with?

      That I am worthy of love and happiness.
      That I don’t need to where a mask or adornments to be good enough, or attractive enough.
      That I’m enough.
      To be responsible for my own thoughts and correcting them when they are not aligned with thehighest good of myself and others. To choose Divine love and truth above all else.
      The challenge has been for me to allow things to happen in Divine timing to let go of the rains. I trust… it’s just that I want to do my part … and I have… right now I’m ask to rest and restore.

      How were you changed by the result of them?

      I feel happier and free! Every avenue of my life has dramatically changed for the good! My relationship with myself. My relationships with everyone else in my life has either improved or I have let go of. My relationship with the Devine and with nature and with my finances and health have all improved!

      What can you leave behind moving forward?

      My small mind running the show!
      Negativity and judgment. Feeling of being lost and unhappy. Unhealthy mind and body and choices. Lack.

      What are the three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with spirit!

      That everything I think about comes to fruition… good or bad . Spirit wants to give me everything I want. That it is up to me to align myself correctly.

      That I’m loved and supported no matter what I choose and where I’m at. To be in the present the here and now, to be the observer puts my heart so close to source, to be aligned with the higher vibration and to easily course correct when my shadow pops up.

      That I’m so very grateful for the breath of life inside of me and the opportunity to be here now during this profound and powerful change we’re all experiencing in one way or another in this world. To be a part of this loving positive change inside and outside of myself.

      I want to say that I just completed Personal Mastery and I’m moving onto Shared Wisdom when the envision process is complete.
      Collette Baron Reid you are a gift from God. I cannot express in words the difference your teachings have made in my life. I’m eternally grateful !
      We have so many similar things that have happened in our past it’s so interesting and inspiring what you have been able to do for yourself and others. You are truly making a difference in this world! As I hope to do someday too. I love you with all my heart!
      I’m going to be in your live class in March here in Oregon at the convention center! I also plan to take all your corses in Oracle school!

  • Ann Seig

    Thank you, Colette! Very wise questions to ask. Wishing you a very happy new year!

  • Carl McLelland

    Good afternoon Colette,
    1. What did you hope and plan for? A better home with a garden.
    2. What actions did you take? Started to study spiritualism & mediumship.
    3. What were you afraid of? Nothing.
    4. What actually happened? I attended awareness classes & I’m currently in development.
    5. What did you accomplish? I got the house with the garden. I became an even better person but best of all I see things completely different now.
    6. How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding? Everything was as it should be and this continues to do so.
    7. What challenges and gifts did your Higher Power present you with? Meditation, letting go & continuing my development.
    8. How were you changed as a result of them? I was a good person but now I see things in a completely new way. I’m on holiday here on this earth plain and I have more of an appetite to absorb knowledge & understanding.
    9. What can you leave behind moving forward? Negativity.
    10. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit? Spirit will always guide me & I need to trust in my path and take as much as I can from my journey.

    Thank you,
    Carl Anthony McLelland, England.

  • Anonymous


  • Deborah Tibbetts-Tumiel

    I usually, write down all the things that I’m greatful for in the past year. No matter what kind of year it has been (and yes, this year had MANY trying moments) if you look deep enough there is always the good, always … & I realize that all these moments were placed on my path for various reasons…lessons to revisit & finally, understand, situations to heal, grow from, See from another perspective, make me stronger, love myself & others more etc.
    It was all placed there by Spirit, the Essence of Spirit & Devine Universal Timing, for a reason. I may have questioned it at the time it was happening…but knew, Spirit, had my back & I trusted it…knowing that this too, shall pass …as it was not happening to me personally & looking down upon it saying “ Isn’t this Interesting” (I learned that from you, “Thank You, Very Much”).
    I write the past year down on a piece of paper, light it on fire
    & let it go w/ gratitude ….
    🎉Happy 2019🎉

  • Linda

    I look at how I have been humbled this year and it has made me more compassionate towards those family members that used to piss me off. It has also shown me the destructive qualities of anger and impatience I have lived with my whole life.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Colette

    Thank you for being you. You are a great light and demonstrate Grit in bucket loads! I have used your cards lots this year to help me get past those unconscious blocks and to help me hear Spirit’s Guidance.

    Many thanks,
    Cróna, England, United Kingdom

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;
    I planned to be more patient with the impatience, with divine appropriate timing. Not “my” will; but thine. With my struggle with perfectionism. I was more mindful about what didn’t really matter, how important was it? I let go more of the small stuff, keeping things in perspective. I was afraid if I didn’t ” manage ” everything that it wouldn’t be done according to my exacting standards. I learned to make errors, and be O.K. with them. To own them, to admit I made them, and to not judge/punish myself when I did . That affected how I responded when other “human” beings made them too. I was kinder, more understanding.
    I am more able to celebrate the steps toward, not just when I accomplish a goal.
    I have been working to rebuild my financial foundation, having returned to working two years have gradually been saving. I appreciate what I have and don’t “need” as much as I might have thought. I think before I spend my savings. I am quite resourceful finding the best quality for the lowest price. I can wait for something I might want/need.
    I am more able to leave behind my analytical, intellectual perspective and be more
    at ease with simplicity. It allows for grace, and intuitive guidance to come more easily. This is HUGE.
    The most profound truths I have discovered is that “Spirit” does have my back.
    I can relax , then things will unfold with more ease and less pressure. Whatever happens is bound to be educational on some level. Not “right” choice, or “wrong” choices. Merely options, which lead to certain consequences/outcomes.
    I might not control the outcome, but I do and can alter my response, and perception to trust that “spirit” does have the best interests of all concerned at
    heart. Remain open, and flexible. Nimble and on your toes.
    Enough for now. As we are usually our most harsh critics, to be mindful of how much progress has been unfolding, and shifting. I write daily in a journal so I can easily flip to another time throughout the year to see how/where something that happened fit even if it didn’t work out the way I imagined.
    I’m beginning the year with an uncharted trip to a small town outside of Guadalajara, called ” Ajijic. Never been before, and as I observe the antics and resistance of the inner critic; a wiser, calmer voice says ” just get on the plane”!!!! Everything will turn out better than you can imagine. ” If we knew everything beforehand, it would be dictation not creation.”
    Gertrude Stein.

    As always, wishing you very “blessed” wishes for the coming year.
    May “Spirit” inspire more joy, grace, and peace for us all.

  • Kelly Hurley

    2018 was a beautiful year for me. I want to thank you, Colette, for your inspirations so that I can remember who I truly am. Your cards have been part on my daily morning connection to Spirit for years. This past year I found you on Youtube. And with your weekly guidance, my connection to the Divine in Self has deepened. I am very curious as to how 2019 will unfold. And I am so grateful I have allies! God Bless you, Colette, and much Love!

  • Anonymous

    1. What did you hope and plan for? to work more on me in all areas of life
    2. What actions did you take? I signed up for classes on the internet, read more, researched health etc.
    3. What were you afraid of? not getting it right, I’m a perfectionist ;-(
    4. What actually happened? My Dad passed at the end of June, so everything came to a halt, as I had to deal with settling the estate.
    5. What did you accomplish? I realized that I was stronger than I thought.
    6. How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding? When I asked for help, teachers appeared, books were mentioned and I connected with you and loved your oracle cards. Thank you
    7. What challenges and gifts did your Higher Power present you with? My Dad’s death was a tough one, but I was given some amazing gifts because if it. I also learnt to look for the silver lining, because it’s always there if you look.
    8. How were you changed as a result of them? Learning to trust and have faith more and more. And instead of getting upset about something, I am learning to wonder what this lesson is all about.
    9. What can you leave behind moving forward? Negativity
    10. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit? That it’s real, the universe does have my back, to trust that every hardship is for a reason and learn from it, and that I am loved.

  • Ginny

    Dear Colette,
    I love to look back over the year on this eve, and count the pearls. It was a very interesting year, being the first year of being officially ‘retired’ – from ‘a job’ – but not, of course, from life, by any means. It’s been a year of discovering who I am now, without labels, and is that enough. It’s harder than one thinks to float like an amoeba – without aim or conventional usefulness! I’ve discovered meditation, exercise, how important good friends and even everyday encounters with people are, and that appreciation and thankfulness are key. Your weekly columns and cards have been an anchor! I’ve asked questions of elders, other retired friends and noted answers coming from synchronistic readings and other media. And of course, learned to ask and listen to Source, in meditation. And now a new year. Instead of my usual list of aims, I am listing the ‘feelings’ I’d like to experience. Awe, magic, feeling loving and feeling loved, feeling the excitement of creative energy, feeling the joy of satisfaction in endeavour, etc. It doesn’t matter ‘how’ those feelings come – as you noted, Source has it’s own idea of the delivery vehicle. As I perch on the edge of this next calendar year, I can foresee glimmers of that excitement and awe that I seek. I look forward to the many ways, large or small, that it manifests. I hope you will continue to be my partner on the journey, with great health and happiness for you and yours in 2019. Thank you!

  • Carey

    Thank you so much Colette! I recognized so much about my growth this year by completing this exercise.
    My 3 profound truths:
    1. Have faith and patience. Good things are coming you just may not be ready for them yet!
    2. The challenges are preparing you for something greater! Be open to change and growth in hard times.
    3. There is no glory in being a brick wall. When something happens that you dislike don’t resist stubbornly. Flow with it. You can always come back later and address it if it still feels important.

  • Anonymous

    Namaste Precious Heart,

    LOTS of changes in 2018!!! I see and value the lessons ALL for my Highest Good. I view 2019 as a transformative year as I take all of my lessons from 2018 and co-create something new and completely different. I just purchased your Spirit Animal Oracle and Mystic Shaman Oracle cards. I am very excited to learn how to utilize these decks to commune with Spirit…mine and Creator. Thank you so much for your guidance and sharing your wisdom, Colette!!! I have followed you for several years now and your guidance through Spirit has elevated my Journey. Happy New Year to you, Mark and the babies!!! Love from me (Jana), Sophie (Papillon) and Simon (giant Lab). xoxo

  • Anonymous

    You have been such a blessing in my life as the Oracle School came to life! It’s been an honor to work with you and your amazing team! I look forward to the coming years! 2019 is going to be AMAZing!!!!! xoxo

  • Anne Morin

    Happy New Year ♥️
    Your an inspiration to me.
    Thank you for your blogs.
    The best for u on 2019

  • anna manzo

    Thanks Colette, I always look forward to your newsletter and it never disappoints. I wrote out my list and I, thanks to my Guardian Angel and guides, have accomplished more than I could have hoped for. I give gratitude every day to them and for them. I know I have more to do but it’s all lined up for 2019. Thanks for all you do.

  • Rita

    Thank you so much, Colette! I’m very fortunate found you in my lift journey. You have lighted up my spiritual lift and your wisdom fulfill my future and hope. Look forward to learn from you more in 2019.
    bless you, Colette.

  • Sarah

    This year I did an illustration to say goodbye to 2018. It was a tough but good year for me so I sat with the gratitude of it all and thought about all the things I want to achieve in 2019 as I drew my illustration. I kinda weaved it all in there and when I finished, I felt like i’d closed the parts of the chapter that were ready to move forward into the new with all my ideas of the project I’m working on. It’s all very exciting really. Thank you, your cards bring me so much <3

  • Sharon

    Happy New Year Colette, and thank you for your love and guidance in Oracle School. It has been such an amazing year for me.
    1. I hoped to find a wonderful man with whom I could have an awesome relationship. I prayed that I would be able to figure out how to help my 94-year-old mom in a way that would be in her best interest so that she would have the care she needed. I also hoped to find a different career path doing something that fires up my passion.

    2. I redid my online dating profile. I researched elderly home care, facilities, as well as government payment programs for the elderly. I also checked into other possible careers. And I made more time in my day to create vision boards, pray, meditate, and give thanks for all the wonderful blessings that I already had in my life. I made a concerted effort to leave behind all the negativity.

    3. I always had a fear of “Not being enough.”

    4. Miracles started to happen. First, I met a phenomenal man who, like your husband, is so loving and supportive that I could not help but fall for him. Then, the perfect facility opened a space for my mom, and the funding fell right into place. Then of course, there was that perfect guy who was so caring and loving that he helped me move mom into her new home. Then he ended up starting a new business, and I was there to help. Because of this new venture, that perfect opportunity to start my own business and fuel my passion fell into my lap. The blessings have just multiplied exponentially.

    5. I accomplished all of the above and realized that “Yes, I am and will always be enough and amazing.”

    6. The synchronistic timeline was so perfect, it could have only been accomplished by God.

    7. There were challenges of having to deal with negative people and situations, but these only served as learning experiences. The gifts were more than could be measured.

    8. I have become a more positive and giving individual. I have learned more than ever that life is fluid and all negative things will pass.

    9. In moving forward, I leave behind my old negative self.

    10. I have learned that I am a wonderful being because God made me so. When you partner with the great spirit, you can co-create your life in unimaginable ways. Gratitude and humility always help to keep me connected to Spirit.

    At this point, I am looking forward to another amazing year in 2019.

  • Moira

    Many bright and beautiful blessings to you, Colette ! And thank you for creating the cards that have assisted me, and so many others.

  • Debra Lynn

    Hi Colette!
    As last year ended, I accepted that Spirit had come a’knockin’ & I hoped to move forward, helping myself & others heal. I increased my time meditating, praying, practising Reiki & then began to volunteer with a local stage group. As there’s no room for fear in my life, I do my best to understand how I respond to challenges, steady; & focus on looking forward with hope, beyond a crisis when it appears.
    Ask & you shall receive: Last year this time, I asked God, (as I type, spirit has just stepped close by my right side, high frequency sound), for help widening my circle of influence socially & in finding intuitive guidance. Interesting new friends have appeared & I enjoy being mentored & challenged by a respected Intuitive Counsellour.
    I leave behind drama & let negativity bounce off of me.
    I know these things to be true:
    1. Each day I have an open dialogue with my spirit team. 2. They always have my back. 3. I can call in help; they’re standing by.
    Sending big hugs with thanks Colette. May 2019 bring you & yours many blessings!
    (So enjoyed Uncharted Kingbridge 2016 conference!)

  • Maureen

    Hi Colette
    Thank you for your spirited, intelligent, sincere and humorous thoughts during 2018.
    I am working on the 10 questions which provide a wonderful summary of the year 2018 for me.
    Thank you for the inspiration that you are in this world Colette.

  • Marny

    Usually before the new year comes in I take the time to plan what my goals are that I would like to achieve, I start out with a ritual I’ve created, everything clean to start the new year, hair washed and then I do a whole body Himalayan salt rinse which I really like, last year was a big year for me, I planned to have breakthroughs as my goal, I hadn’t been able to drive my car for two years after a man had tried to commit suicide in front of my car, I sold my house, put my two beautiful dogs where I knew they’d be safe, in boarding kennels, and moved interstate, back to the state we came from, parked my car and couldn’t get in it again, gradually my breakthroughs started to happen, I realised even though I had been very traumatised by the event, I realised to even consider doing what that man did, his life must have been really bad, so I started to send him love and did a lot of work around it, so late November after I’d driven for 5 minutes a couple of times, I decided it was time to go and visit my beautiful dogs, which meant flying interstate, hiring an unfamiliar car to get to see them, and I did it, woo hoo yippee!!! I’m still getting back into the swing of driving but it’s gradually becoming easier, my goal this year is to have adventure and stay curious as I find a new home to bring home my dogs to. I love your weekly readings Colette and look forward to seeing what energies for the new week I can work with, thank you so much Colette, have a great New Year.

  • Jo Spicer

    Hi Colette,
    Thank you for all that you do! Love your prescriptive approach and card decks. You are an absolute inspiration for me in the work I do as an author and speaker. You demonstrate what is possible when you are co-creating with Spirit to serve. I am so grateful to have found you!
    Much love and light,
    Jo Spicer, Australia

  • joleah kunkel

    Yes!! This is perfect! I came online to find a new years ritual and this one resonates 100 percent! Beautiful! Thank you Collette! xoxo

  • Carrie

    It’s funny that you came out with Happy Anniversary – cause it is my anniversary.
    thank you for the inspirations for the new year.

  • Anonymous

    I found you’re ten questions very enlightening and enriching. Thankyou for the wisdom you share. Its so very valuable.

  • nadia

    Oh, bueno, tomé cartas en el asunto y tú me acompañaste. Ayer descubrí que soñé sueños de otros. Hoy estoy en el espacio justo anterior al primer paso erróneo, confío a dar mi primer paso por “mi” un sueño.
    Escuché un interesante ritual, aquí lo dejo para quien guste:
    GRACIAS COLETA, eres brillante

  • Melissa

    This was so helpful! It changed my perspective completely! This year has truly been my dark night and today has been ugly purging and rage! My beautifully loving spiritual only child died and it left me broken and alone.
    I’m not the same nor will I be it is incredibly frightening to not find any familiarity in yourself. I now can look at ANY positive that happened this year and there is HOPE and freedom there…..thank you!!! And I do love so much using the new animal deck it brings me comfort…

  • Allison

    1. What did you hope and plan for?
    I don’t think I really did plan for anything… but the universe surprised me with the most spiritually impactful year of my life!
    2. What actions did you take?
    I immersed myself in learning ALL THE THINGS
    3. What were you afraid of?
    Not having enough money
    4. What actually happened?
    We didn’t have enough money (Law of Attraction, anyone?)
    5. What did you accomplish?
    Reiki attunement, Yoga Teacher training, spirtual growth, and more!
    6. How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding?
    7. What challenges and gifts did your Higher Power present you with?
    Questioning everything, learning so much, doubting everything, faith and trust
    8. How were you changed as a result of them? This year has changed me in a deeply, profoundly, incredibly life altering way
    9. What can you leave behind moving forward?
    Negative self talk, attracting the wrong energy, fear, doubt, anxiety
    10. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit?
    * Spirit is REAL
    * I am not “making up” those nudges from Spirit
    * Spirit exists to help us manifest our highest good

  • Fabiola Berry

    2018 was indeed a truly interesting year. Right at the beginning of the year I decided that after several years of difficulties and acute stress, 2018 was a year for me.
    I was going to look after myself, believe in myself, read, do, see only what brought me joy.
    That was my plan, no need to write it, only to be aware of my thoughts and emotions to guide me.
    What a brilliant idea it was! Synchronicities to help me achieve my goals appeared from nowhere ready to address the need of the moment. Books materialized carrying within the knowledge I required, the correct messages to help me heal arrived in great abundance.
    There were no challenges, just an immense number of opportunities to learn and put into practice what I learnt. The guidance appeared ethereal, unreal… however, the reality is that I have achieved everything I intended to do.
    The partnership with the essence of what I am, and the gratitude for everything that manifested in my life, allow me to move forward with the belief that I have received all the answers I needed. I am happy, I am fulfilled.

  • Anonymous

    This reading fits so well to the card I took for the new year a few days ago. It was “come to the edge” – and again all about trusting, risk something even when I don`t really know, take a leep of faith.. And now added: You are never alone. It`s so beautiful. I love it. Thank you Colette for all your work and your accompeniment every week.
    By the way: I loved your blog about the advent calender. I am german, and an advent calender is a huge part of our life during December 1st to 24th.
    Love and blessings to you!

  • Mary Beth

    My three truths from this year are 1) am open heart is very powerful. 2) fear and anxiety create chaos. 3) each breathe is a new life, an opportunity to try again. Feeling blessed ❤️

  • Sarah Howell

    Colette, your blog post is most welcome. I intend to do things differently this year and your wisdom will help me along with this. Dreaming is the easy part, right? “The Grit to get up and show up for my life”…”Dreaming without action”…”difficult challenges that force you to go back to their origins to heal”… These words ring of truth and clarity for me. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  • Yolanda

    Happy New Year Colette, and many blessings to you! I have had many blessings in in this year we just left behind. I am so looking forward to this new beginning. One of the lessons I’ve learned this past year was to let things unfold as they should, rather as I wanted them to. My purpose for this year is to be present one day at a time. Wishing you all the blessings and love Colette. Thank you for all that you do and inspire the best in us.

    California, U.S.

  • Anonymous

    I learned that if I take the time to ask and then to be open and quiet, the truth will surely come.
    I learned that I am always connected to Spirit. Remembering this is the trick.
    I learned that my relationship to Spirit is different from that of others. It is unique to my truth, my hopes, my desires, my personality, my education, and my upbringing. Therefore I must seek direction inwardly and ignore how others do it. My way is perfect for me. I just need to use it and practice it.

    Collette, I love all of your cards and how perfectly they speak to my questions and situations. Bless you. Have an outstanding 2019.

  • Carol

    I learned that if I take the time to ask and then to be open and quiet, the truth will surely come.
    I learned that I am always connected to Spirit. Remembering this is the trick.
    I learned that my relationship to Spirit is different from that of others. It is unique to my truth, my hopes, my desires, my personality, my education, and my upbringing. Therefore I must seek direction inwardly and ignore how others do it. My way is perfect for me. I just need to use it and practice it.

    Collette, I love all of your cards and how perfectly they speak to my questions and situations. Bless you. Have an outstanding 2019.

  • debi boring

    Thank you thank you thank you Colette for all that you do! 2018 was full of miracles for me! You actually did a reading for me on HH and brought through my dad who I believed was deceased. You were AMAZINGLY ACURATE with all the details that I had validated by my mom. ‘k… You ready for this? I had a MIRACLE occur, when my dad was accidentally found by my daughter through Ancestry! (Hubby believes you probably brought through his deceased brother) Long story short (or maybe not too short :p) my father lives only 40 minutes from me… AND I have 2 siblings I didn’t know I had that grew up in my hometown and went to my high school and know my niece! So…. I now have met with my dad several times as well as my newly found siblings AND my mom and dad were reconnected AND they both came to my house for Christmas! Is that a Christmas Miracle or WHAT!! (sorry…. guess I got off topic but just so excited to share my story with you!) I’m still floored with the reading you gave me and transcribed it to add to my scrapbook about *Finding Dad*. THANK YOU thank you thank you! Love you SO MUCH! Happy New Year!

  • Andrea Keener

    I could write a dissertation on your questions. But long story short, I learned to let go. Forgave myself first and then past events & people. When I questioned my purpose “today”…Spirit sent me my answer. I went from one experience thinking I’d finally get a breather and…Spirit must have said..”No, I need you to do….” Lessons with Blessings. I wake and sleep with Thank You in my lips & in my Heart. 2019 is a new adventure. I AM READY! Thanks for always good reminders to just be.

  • Anonymous

    So glad I was led to discovering you! Learning much and love your decks! I have a question. What is the best way to shuffle the deck every time so that you get occasional reverse cards ?

  • Heather Halford

    Happy New Year Colette. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and one of the co-creators of my life.

    I ended a 30yr. marriage in Jan. 2018, managed to get extreme pain from arthritis in my spine under control holistically and lost 45 lbs. I went through every emotion possible and in high definition. To my surprise what I didn’t feel was loneliness or regret. I am so grateful everyday for the lessons I’ve learned through both hardship and joy. I feel, thanks to you and others like you and very special friends and family, I was able to both weather the storms of my disappointments and rejoice in my accomplishments with humility and grace. I will be 67 soon and have been on a mission for many years to “fix” myself. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, hypnosis, religion and more until I realized. I WASN’T BROKEN!! I just had moved so far away from my heart, soul and spirit that I couldn’t feel the love of divine guidance. The love of God, Angels, Guides, etc. has brought me back to a love centred life, loving my self first in all my messy imperfection and radiating that love, light and joy to everyone and everything around me. The Angels, when asked, immediately took my cravings for sugar and bread away. Gone!! Like magic. The universe, through many synchronicities, lead me to healers and products that reduced my physical pain so I can dance again and raise my vibration to help raise the vibration of others. When I asked for my ego to be tamed so I could muster the courage to leave my marriage, I felt an indescribable calm and there was no more fear of judgement, ridicule or blame. Gone!! I know you’ll understand this: For 3 months I had orbs, accompanying me everywhere. They first showed up at a workshop after a Reiki session and a full moon drumming ceremony in Aug. Like those little lights on kids shoes, they danced and sparkled in the grass, on my stairs, up the walls, in my car and everywhere I looked as long as it was a little dark they danced and played with me and brought me such joy. At one point I thought I was certifiable but my precious daughter said “No mom, you’re just magic” and that’s how I felt. Move over Harry Potter. Lol
    I have no attachment to any outcome because the “powers that be” have way better plans for me then I could ever dream up for myself. You taught me that, dear friend. You might be amused to know that I’m a control everything, plan everything, cross all your Ts, dot all your Is Capricorn so letting go and letting God is a major stretch for me and yet I feel safer and more prepared than ever co-creating from the inside out, sweeping my own doorstep first and trusting that I am love and protected at all times.
    Infinite love and gratitude dear Colette for your guidance and love.
    If you comment on this post would you please give me your take on the orbs or ask Fred for me. Lol
    Sending much love always.

  • Trisha Karlis

    So glad I was led to discovering you! Love your decks! I am learning much! I have a question though. What is the best way to shuffle the deck so there are occasional reverse cards that are meant for you?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      cut them in half then turn one 1/2 in the opposite direction then shuffle em like a poker player ( my fave way)

  • kate

    Happy New Year, Colette! My inventory was so much fun because I have grown more in trust and faith that the Universe is kind and loving. 2018 allowed me time for a deepening awareness of the power of loving my own body and my own self. I spent a good part of the year sitting still, in silence, with old beliefs that were not kind or were very frightened. They rose up and I saw them, told them I love them, acknowledge them, and accept them. This exercise has made me stronger, lighter, freer, and more confident. Also, synchronicities & magic were everywhere, including coming across your work, especially the Animal Spirit cards which have been a blessed addition to my spiritual journey. Much love to you & your family on the start of a powerful, beautiful year!

  • Melissa

    This was so helpful! It changed my perspective completely! This year has truly been my dark night and today has been ugly purging and rage! My beautifully loving spiritual only child died and it left me broken and alone.
    I’m not the same nor will I be it is incredibly frightening to not find any familiarity in yourself. I now can look at ANY positive that happened this year and there is HOPE and freedom there…..thank you!!! And I do love so much using the new animal deck it brings me comfort…

  • Christine

    Grateful to have had the opportunity to attend CYL in Phoenix in 2018! What a profound experience and I’m trying to hold onto what I experienced there.

  • Jeannette

    Hi Colette. HAPPY NEW YEAR
    I have been receiving this message a lot during this last year. The message you wrote about above. Where it is TIME that we ask how to be of service. I think perhaps we have to get to this point, but this, I believe, is the next step of awakening. We do our exploring but then it is time to be of service and I believe this includes our purpose and ultimately what we are actually looking for. 2019 will be an adventure. Let US all make it an adventure steep in LOVE and LIGHT. Thank you for your service

  • Shirley Reinhardt

    Thanks Colette I have learned so much from you and OS . Learned some things about myself. Got more connected to Spirit and so much more aware of the things around me and the things going on in my life. An animals seem to be coming from everywhere. Co-workers use to kid me about butterflies that would land on me or for a while everyday during summer when doors would be open a big one would come and just stay on my work table for awhile . Now a little fox comes from the woods by where I work and stands by the fence where my car is parked. One night he ran in front of my car on a street close to there. But he made it across safe and I took it slow going home. The meditations have been great it saved some of my co-workers I’m sure now I just let it go . Love pulling a card every morning makes my day . Happy New Year I’m looking forward to 2019

  • Tammara

    1. What did you hope and plan for? That my father would pass in peace, he did
    2. What actions did you take? Started purging and letting go of previous life.
    3. What were you afraid of? Being lonely
    4. What actually happened? Made new friends
    5. What did you accomplish? Purging and focused on healing
    6. What can you leave behind moving forward?
    7.. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit? Trust, Believe and move forward.

  • Vera

    Hi Colette, after Aug out of nowhere a lot of challenges appeared which turned out to be great gifts emotionally and spiritually. I realised that Self Love is what I had denied myself to be honest I never ever have thought about self love for myself but always told others that self love is the first you must do to be able to love others. Few days ago I realised that I have a fear of not being loved couple that with the fact that my husband few months ago is going through a Change himself, the fear of getting older. First I was confused and angry but now I have embraced it all and seeing it all as great gifts for myself. I have grown so much more that I could ever imagine. Am exploring new and old interests , have a new perspective, better understanding of my relationship with my husband and I know all of this is just the Start. Today I watched your video and yesterday I picked exactly the same cards of wisdom of the Oracle , all of them amazingly. You have been for me like a trusted friend am so grateful to have found you via your book I read few years ago. Have a Magical New Year Colette…….

  • Shelley

    Dearest Colette and All
    Thank you for offering these wonderful questions as a great way to launch into this New Year full of possibility. As this is a 3 year and 3 is my natal number, I am excited to find out what I will experience . One of the many things I learned in 2018 is a strengthening of faith that Spirit has my back.
    The example I’d like to share is a combination of synchronicity, worst fears faced and unexpected love and support.
    My Mom had been ill for about 6 years and we knew she would pass soon. On the day she died, one of my best friends had offered to come and visit her with me at the hospital. When we arrived , the nurses headed us off and took us aside into a quiet room to tell me that she had passed away moments before we had arrived. As you know, even if you are expecting that this is coming, it’s still shocking. Having my dear friend with me was Spirits’ kindness to me during these initial moments of loss. She literally walked me step by step through what I needed to do first, next, and so on. She stayed with me until my family arrived. The whole experience -including the nurses and doctor’s and even the cleaners’ reaction and handling of the experience ( hugs, tears, a deeply humane and moving “holding” and expression of grief even on their part) . The entire experience felt very loving and comforting which may sound weird , but it was so.
    My friend ” just happened” to be there to walk me through the very first moments and steps of a completely new and potentially very upsetting experience . This softened the blow and assured me that Spirit has my back. The aftermath , memorial service and all followed suit, in that I felt surrounded by Grace ( which , incidentally is my Mom’s name).
    I wanted to share this because I look back in amazement at the encircling in love which I experienced on so many levels.
    Yes, I am still grieving, however it is a gentle, soft grief based in knowing that I have not ever been abandoned ( my worse fear). I leave 2018 a changed person, of course, as my family structure has permanently changed..and I know for sure that the love of Spirit through people will always see me through. Thank you, Colette , for asking these questions. My initial journal entries will be an essay on these. Blessings upon blessings to you and yours and to all here for 2019. 💖

  • Brenda

    Hello Colette, I would like to thank you for your inspiration. The three profound truths that I discovered about myself through the use of your oracle deck Hidden Realms and Prayer were;
    1. To apologize to myself and except responsibility for my actions
    2. To ask myself for forgiveness and be strong enough to accept it
    3. Saying I love you and I thank you and truly feel it in my heart over and over again until it no longer feels strange or painful to say it accepting self love is very challenging for someone who has not had it for themselves in a very lone time but each day it’s becoming easier, it’s feeling less strange and the pain of realizing that I had so little love for myself is easing.

    These were the three profound truths I discovered.

  • Cathie Randel

    Collette – thank you for being an instrumental part of the many changes that occurred for me in 2018.
    1. My hopes/plans were to sell our current home and buy a new home to help ease financial debt. I hoped that the right buyer would come along…one who would love and respect the home that brought our two families together.
    2. Actions that I took – I buried a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard and prayed daily for him to send buyers that would respect our home. I visualized the components of the home I would like to buy and meditated for abundance daily. I also visualized the for sale sign with SOLD across it. I read Unlock the Secret Messages of your Body by Denise Lin which led me to decluttering not only my home buy my busy active mind.
    3. I was afraid of not selling our home in the time line we had set for ourselves.
    4. What actually happened – house sold to a couple who LOVED it and expressed their joy to us personally. All of this happened in one month. The unexpected, unplanned thing that happened was that I found better ways to support a body that houses four autoimmune disorders. I lost 20 pounds and increased my energy substantially which came in handy during the move
    5. What did I accomplish. I found our forever dream home that is well loved by our clan. It has been a place for healing for me as I experienced an exacerbation of autoimmune illness. I learned to express gratitude daily, express myself creatively and experience calm through meditation.
    6. Syncronicity brought the right people at the right time to purchase our home. I fell ill one month after we moved in and it was the perfect environment to heal. My friend had been to a Live Your Life conference and bought numerous books. She lent me the book by Denise Lin which helped me on many levels.
    7. My higher power challenged my patience and my fears and gifted me the ability to let go and trust the process and reassurance that abundance is available to me.

    8. I have changed in a number of ways – embraced meditation, learned to “pause”, stronger trust in spirit, reduced my fears and learned to appreciate myself and my contributions.

    9. I left behind fear, the idea of not having enough and a lot of clutter.
    10. My three truths – spirit is always with me and guiding me ( just need to pay attention), abundance is available to me and change is as good as a rest.

    Thank you for allowing me to enter 2019 with a peaceful heart.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette! And it is my anniversary 🙂 Happy New Year too. Appreciating YOU! Cheers, P

  • M from CT

    I am a “beginner” to the Oracle Cards and reading through this blog has been such an inspiration to me. I am looking forward to attending the workshop this weekend at Kripalu and to doing this exercise at the end of 2019 with the ground work having been done.

  • Monica L.

    1. What did you hope and plan for? My word for 2018 was Bridge. I wanted to cross a bridge into my own relationship with Spirit. After a delay of 8 years, I went back to life coach training and got double-certified, I completed a very difficult introspective process that I now take my clients through to release old emotions and habits, and I’ve been building my practice slowly, but delicately. I carried through with all my plans and feel complete.
    2. What actions did you take? Taking courses, dedication to journaling, working on myself within, forgiving those that have hurt me, and just trusting in myself and Spirit’s guidance.
    3. What were you afraid of? Making wrong decisions, not being able to trust myself fully and stepping out differently to the world especially since I had no idea would that would look like.
    4. What actually happened? I followed through, discovered so many things about the past without needing any explanation from those people who hurt me. I was able to forgive them and instead be grateful for them in my life and what they have taught me. I was bold, showed up everyday to do the work on myself, to learn. I realized that no one was out to judge me; that was only something I was doing to myself.
    5. What did you accomplish? So much! I became a more wholesome wife, mother, coach. I feel more free; life is easier when I let things go.
    6. How did synchronicity play a part in this unfolding? The coach program had turned into a spiritual one when I decided to go back in and complete my certification when I was already on that path and looking for ways to go deeper. I have realized how well taken care of I am. My family always has what we need, at the right time, in the most perfect way. We are so grateful to receive our daily bread everyday!
    7. What challenges and gifts did your Higher Power present you with? Challenges were to step out on my own, do things on my own, meet people without someone beside me, I was offered opportunities to introduce myself to the world, to make decisions I never thought I would make (some would seem small to others, but big to me), and to learn to fight back my own demons and feel right away that I was not alone, but protected.
    8. How were you changed as a result of them? I take things in stride, I feel stronger, feel okay to walk away and feel great when I walk in. Co-creating is something I’m learning to do, little by little, but I am where I am for a reason and am content to be on the lighted path.
    9. What can you leave behind moving forward? Insecurity, FEAR, hiding, lies, inconsistencies, things that never were but were convinced were.
    10. What are three profound truths you’ve discovered this year about your partnership with Spirit? A) I am protected and loved B) I am a very important part of this world 3) The plans of the Lord are to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

    Thank you, Colette!

  • Lisa Lopez

    My higher power presented me with extremely rapid growth in my clairaudience abilities. I am even helping missing children cases and working with Officials.
    My challenge is I feel like I am getting information from more that one person during meditation and causing me confusion when working a case. Is this even possible? Is this something I have to learn to control in 2019?

    Thank you!
    So happy to have somewhere to go for help.

  • Brenda Mary

    I’ve found that when I’m up in arms over whatever it may be I struggle.
    As I use what I’ve been taught by you the one and only
    I’m in a state of ease and things to unfold good and sometimes bad, either way I’m either very happy or coping much better
    I thank you for this tool of life 🦋

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