Magic Happens When The Self Aligns With the Soul!

Updated: January 13, 2019

Dearest You,
I wonder if you know what your soul needs, and is that different than what your small self wants? Are they ever the same? Can they be? The answer is yes and when they align you’re in the magical miracle zone!

As I went over my 2019 list of what I intended to manifest in my life, I asked myself this question. Are my intentions in alignment with my soul? For a long time now I have known that if I only focus on my wants and desires without giving equal space for the needs of my soul I find that my manifestations will not be satisfying. There is a big difference between inspired intentions and wanting something to happen.

The real magic occurs when there’s alignment between the small self’s desires and the soul’s needs for experience. When the material and the spiritual are integrated miracles can and do happen. Yet, Rarely will they appear in the form you expect.

The idea that soul and small self are separate isn’t quite accurate, after all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but our perception of who we are and why we’re here can be skewed most of the time. It’s an optical illusion that we are separate and we will spend our entire human life re-learning how to discover our intrinsic connection to a Power Greater.

We look for ways, (I do too) for the small self to prosper, often forgetting that soul and Spirit are our most powerful manifesting partners. Yet when they are in alignment, you find yourself walking in the world wearing it loosely, in the world but not of it, and all manner of miracles and synchronicities light up with each step forward.

So in order to find this powerful alignment, to light up the brightest strand of parallel potentials within the unique thread of your life woven into the greater pulsing fabric of reality, it’s important to ask yourself some questions.

Answering the questions will provide you with a blueprint of how to ensure you honor the needs of your soul along with the intentions you set for creating your reality. When you do both you’ll notice how effortless it seems to create a satisfying, prosperous, meaningful life.

It’s part of an Alignment Quiz I created for the new year.

I will tell you how to do it first then I will share you my answers.

Make a list of 5 things you want to manifest in the next 12 months that come to mind quickly. Don’t think too much about it.

Then quickly and spontaneously write 5 things your soul needs to thrive whether they seem to support your first list or not.
Then create a few of your own affirmations and prayers based on what you wrote and share them in the comments! Sharing helps us all get clarity so don’t be shy.

Ok I will go first (by the way this is not the easiest thing to do) Then it will be your turn!

I intend to manifest:

1. The final completion of my novel (sold as a scripted tv series) and be really happy with the inspirational story.
2. Finish my Chakra oracle deck, hand it in on time and be proud of it.
3. Breakthroughs in creativity.
4. Freedom from past patterns
5. Healthier toned body

My soul needs:

1. Time in nature
2. Music
3. Meaningful conversations
4. Hilarity
5. Staying compassionately present for all experience without judgment

My affirmations:

With Spirit as my manifesting partner, honoring the needs of my soul, I am in effortless alignment with my highest good in service to others.
Abundance is my natural state.
I always find time to feed my soul and Spirit.
The Light within me creates miracles for myself, and others.
There is always enough time.
I am free.

My prayer
Thank you Spirit for every moment and every breath. Show me clearly how I may better serve and connect to the abundance of the universe. Thy will be done through me for the highest good of all. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Notice that my lists were different? I will spend some time creating a plan now that will integrate the soul’s needs first then my first list will be easier to manifest. Or, as we all know something better could show up. That’s the fun part.
Have an amazing week! I can hardly wait to see yours
Love you all…


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  • Susan Mecca

    Love that your soul needs hilarity!

  • Pichada Honick

    I was just sitting here at my desk feeling sort of funky then this email pops in! After reading your Blog I feel so much better and inspired. You are such a light, and always in the nick of time for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful spirit brought me to you. I can’t wait to do my exercise above. 🙂

  • Tracey

    Intend to manifest What my soul needs
    1, Travel 1, Love
    2, Finical freedom 2, happiness
    3, Retirement 3, Understanding
    4, Happiness 4, Acceptance
    5, Family 5, Forgiveness

    I DESERVE to love and be loved EQUALLY. Accept, learn and grow.
    Thank you spirit for keeping me strong and grounded.

  • Amy Green

    1. More prosperous and fulfilling career, with clarity
    2. Healthiest body
    3. More travel and adventure
    4. House in great shape
    1. More consistent alignment ….and check in
    2. Time in nature
    3. Flowing movement and dance
    4. Deeper connections with my kids
    5. More joy ….and laughter
    God, guides, spirit, helpers, please lead me to the ways I can create all of these wonderful objectives in my life. Keep me alive with my soul, clear on my next steps, and in the flow of your loving grace ….and guidance.

  • Jazia

    Colette, I appreciate all that you share with us. You have been one of the most influential source in my transformation and growth of 2018. Your life experience inspires me very much. I have come a long way since 2016, thanks to your oracle cards, I am now experiencing mind blowing conversations with Spirit. I sense that you have more knowledge than you can share with us. Spirituality is private, although your eyes reflect the beauty of your soul. Thank you with much gratitude oxo

  • Joanne

    My 5 wants:
    1) Finish my book & publish it, New York Times #1 Best Seller!
    2) Finish my workshop 7 Simple Ways To Say “No” and start presenting it.
    3) A log house on 100 acres of property to start building a healing center.
    4) A car
    5) Travel-Cruise, Egypt Reiki retreat
    6) Be debt-free

    My Soul Wants:
    1) Hugs-lots of love, laughter
    2) Adventure
    3) Be spontaneous
    4) Freedom, Independence, not tied down
    5) Generosity

    After I wrote my prayers and affirmations, I was reminded to “be the lighthouse that shines the light for those who are lost in the storm to find their way home again.” Whenever I have been lost on my path I always “hear” this phrase gently whispered and I get a surge of strength and the vision of the lighthouse standing tall and shining brightly. Recently, when I have been experiencing self-doubt, I have received many visions of the work I want to do as being the answers given to many prayers that have been put out.
    Thank-you for sharing this exercise Collette! This has just shifted my inner being and showed me that I am on the right path!
    May your year be filled with much love, happiness and many wonderful miracles and blessings!

  • Rita

    I intend to manifest
    1. Record Through the Eyes of Source and write more music.
    2. A romantic relationship
    3. A trip to somewhere I’ve never been
    4. Win the lottery
    5. Start hug therapy business

    My soul needs
    1. Joy
    2. Music
    3. Connection with others
    4. Animals
    5. Sunshine

    My affirmations
    1. I am a powerful creator
    2. Abundance is my natural state of being
    3. The light in me inspires others
    4. Miracles are everywhere
    5. I am enough and there is always enough

    My prayer
    Thank you Spirit for always being with me , for guiding me and inspiring me to be the best that I can be. Show me the way to the light so that I may inspire others and creat a life for the highest good of all. Thank you for the abundance of love you constantly send my way and for showing me the path to the highest good. Namaste

  • Abbie

    Thank you for the beautiful reading, Colette! It really resonated with me, so I’ll have to explore that more…and continue to be curious and excited about this week’s unfolding! Happy New Year!! <3

  • Jenn Maronek

    1. Have a new website and platform for helping others as a metaphysical healer.
    2. Have a Reiki practice.
    3. Practice medical mediumship.
    4. Meet new spiritually minded people and make new relationships.
    5. Develop my writing and speaking.

    1. Freedom
    2. Happiness
    3. Space
    4. Connections to self, spirit, and other people.
    5. Humor

  • Tricia

    Filling the needs of my soul first will lead me in the best direction for manifesting a purposeful and satisfying life experience.

    I am here to shine my light on others and myself. To be nurturing and supportive so that we all feel the glory and the beauty of this life.

  • Liz

    Thank you Colette for your devotion to the evolution of the whole creation, you are an inspiration to all of us, I’m truly grateful for what you give to all of us, you are a gift and a real blessing! Thank you!

  • Ann

    Love this!!! Thank you!
    I’m still working on my list of intentions.
    Much love

  • Joanne

    Thank you Collette! A lot has come up for me the past 2 weeks in my own healing journey about envy, ignorance, trusting myself, what I know & do and forgiveness! I love this oracle deck so far and I`m looking forward to more readings with it. May your year be blessed with much love, happiness and many wonderful miracles and blessings.

  • Anonymous

    Truly loved this blog post. So much to embrace here. Thank you!

  • Tracy

    Create a tapping/Reiki program for teens
    Healthy and toned body, back to exercising
    Let go of past relationships and patterns
    Heal my inner child
    Journal everyday

    Walk in the beach/in the trees
    Snowshoeing in the lake
    Laugh often
    Bike riding/horse back riding

  • Christina Katz

    This is one of the best things I have ever read in a blog post and it speaks to me exactly where I am today. I cannot thank you enough!

  • Cindy


    Interesting blog as usual. I’m just curious, how do you know what your soul wants? Time in nature and music are no-brainers for me, as I go nutty if I go without those two things for long. But I’m not really sure what else my soul wants/needs. Do you have a process for figuring that out?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      its not overthinking it.. its percolating on what lights you up – what inspires you , what feeds you … then it comes..

      • Cindy

        Oh, it’s that easy? Ok!

        What I Intend to Manifest
        More time to do woodworking.
        Money to build a wood shop and some more woodworking tools.

        What My Spirit Needs
        To play with wood.

        It’s going to be interesting to see what that brings this year.

        I bliss out listening to your Being in the Now meditation!! Thank you so much for those! It is the only thing that can relax me enough that I don’t get squirrelly after five minutes, wanting to go do something.

  • Heather Halford

    I intend to Manifest:

    My last and greatest romantic partner!!!!

    The people and processes necessary to complete my book: “Fantasy Files: Inpirational fantasies to add spark to your love life”. Pen Name: Mary H Ireland.

    Freedom from my addiction to nicotine!!!

    Opportunities to share my love, knowledge and wisdom!

    Family healing and rejuvenation!

    My soul needs:

    Loving relationships


    I am worthy!
    I am loved and loveable!
    My body’s wisdom will continue to keep me fit and healthy!
    I am in partnership with spirit for the greatest good of all!
    My contribution to humanity is important to many!

    My prayer:

    I often use the serenity prayer but here goes:

    Thank you Angels, spirit guides, loved ones passed, God, Jesus, Mother Mary et al for your love and guidance. For allowing me the privilege of being the conduit through which you share your love, wisdom, creativity and unconditional love. In partnership with all universal positive energies for the greatest good of all and in divine timing. Thank you for the many blessings and lessons you have bestowed on me, both joyful and agonizing that have made me and my life the beautiful experience it is.
    And so it is.

    There have been lots of classes on vision boards for the New Year and of course I made one. But with out conviction, direction and action they just remain “on the board”. Your advice gets us “on board” actively working towards our goals.
    This is such a simple but powerful exercise. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Infinite Love and Gratitude and all that good stuff for your insightful guidance and effort you so lovingly share with us. Much love and prayers for your visions coming to fruition.

  • Trudy

    1. Get healthy & strong
    2. Finish my animal physiotherapy program
    3. Help my boys get and stay healthy
    4. Get a meaningful job
    5. Turn my dog’s behaviour around
    1. Love
    2. Health
    3. Not feeling guilty
    4. Peace of mind
    5. agility /more mobility

    Spirit, I know you have my back. All I can ask is that you continue to guide me so I can help others.

  • Anonymous

    Complete levels 2 and 3 in Astrology.
    Complete a life coaching course.
    Pay down the mortgage by $10,000 over and above the normal payment schedule.
    Find a “home” for the Unknown Soldier’s manuscript.
    Earn $200,000+ in 2019.

    What Soul needs:
    Peace of mind — financially, emotionally, spiritually, health-wise, career-wise
    A sacred space where I can meditate, dream, create, manifest and gain clarity on what my next step/career is
    More joy, humour and dance in my life
    A supportive community of mentors, guides and like-minded people
    Travel to spend time in nature, someplace warm by the seashore

    I trust the Universe has my back and supports me in every way possible regardless of what choices or options I choose to pursue.

    There is always enough time to pursue what I wish to do on any given day.

    With Spirit in my corner, I am on the right path and channel my gifts of voice and written communication to be of service to all who come into my life.

    In collaboration with Spirit, and for the fulfillment of my Higher Purpose, I am where I need to be at any given time.

    With Spirit as my guide, I manifest the guides and mentors I need when I need them.

    Thank you, Spirit, for the abundance and love with which you have gifted me. Help me understand how best I can be of service to you and the world, where and when my gifts might be most useful and, most importantly, what message(s) I am here to convey on your behalf. I am at your service. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Anonymous

      This is so beautifully written, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wishing you a wonderful and for filling year

  • Mary Kenney

    I’m still working on my list. I want to thank you for coming into my life when I seem to have last my direction. And for showing me the tools to help me find myself again. It’s going to take time and hard work but it can be done and I will not give up on me!!

  • Kathryn

    Wow you are so inspiring. First I am so grateful I found you at a time in my life that when I was yearning for this.
    1. Give reading in a beautiful place.
    2. Have a clientele to grow with.
    3. Become more proficient in reading Oracle cards & using InVision
    4. Earn an income from this
    5. Take care of my health
    My soul needs:
    1. Health & strength
    2. Being in Nature & communing with her
    3. Helping others
    4. Bringing in an income to unburden me from my debt
    5. Love, support & acceptance
    I continue to grow, learn, expand & share for myself & others.
    Spirit remind me of your presence everyday. Thank you for waking me up & helping me to revive my body’s strength & trust in you. Help keep me on my true UAI path & show me the way with your love & guidance for my highest good. In gratitude & grace.
    I really could go on & on but that’s a wrap for now.

  • Kathryn

    Love the Goddess cards for this week. I have been feeling things aren’t coming fast enough. Thank you Danu!

  • Patricia

    1. A soul relationship w a man of self & others
    2.a home of my own 2. private quiet time
    3.steady financial income 3. healthy food clean water
    4.steady metaphysical work 4.value in my life
    5.sparkling vibrant good health 5. be near water/ocean, creek etc

    I AM spirit residing within this physical female Temple body. My soul now resonates with the cosmic energies of abundance in love, health and financial security. I walk confidently in this world sharing my metaphysical skills and talents and am compensated and provided for. I am in service to the Divine and the Divine cherishes me.

    Divine, I am grateful to be female born. I am honored to be of service. I trust and open to receive for my highest and best. I will be silent and listen for your voice. Thank you for all this and even more – I am truly grateful. And so it is.

  • anita

    Soul needs affirmation:

    We are creating a beautiful present and future in a grounded, feminine way. Staying open to opportunities and letting go of pressure.

  • Kate

    Hi Colette — love this exercise 🙂 My two lists were also different but the thread thru them both is for me to experience an expansive sense of joy and connection to my heart, and to follow my heart’s lead thru 2019. My affirmation is to keep the faith, trust in magic, and deeply know my heart is perfect in every way and will keep me on track to experiencing more joy, creative fulfillment, abundance, wealth, health and well-being, and more connections with my tribe.
    Sending you much love!

  • Kavita Patel

    Intend to manifest:
    – A successful business focusing on giving back to communities.
    – Connecting with people easily and allowing myself to trust others
    – Increase my spirituality and my intuition
    – Release past pattern of attracting the same type of men
    – Meet more like minded people and form a friendship
    I am love, and I am loved. The universe is always on my side no matter what challenges I am going through. Everything is happening at the perfect divine time and I accept things as it is.
    I thank the universe and my soul for this life. Please guide me to my true purpose, and remove fear and self doubt and help me spread love and light. Thank you for your guidance.

  • Susan Nash Oliver

    Hey, you’re still gorgeous after all these years! Love what you’re doing, so much fun.
    Love you xx

  • Anonymous

    Affirmation: Grateful for every day. Trying to spread kindness and a smile to as many people as possible and hoping that the universe appreciates this and finds me worthy of my desires. Knowing that I already have everything I need, and enjoying every moment with my beautiful family.

  • Katrina

    Alright, I am going to start with an affirmation I wrote several years ago and see how it progresses.;

    Positive Affirmation: “I want to have poise, love and boundless creative energy, which attracts other people to release their own talent, allows me to gain recognition for the power of my balanced judgement through academic qualifications and gives me greater financial success than I can gain in a corporate career.”

    What I want are:
    1. grounding
    2. health
    3. accommodation
    4. abundance
    5. sense

    and my soul needs:
    1. to release both diagnostic assumptions and my own established beliefs about what caused my condition
    2. rhythm
    3. opportunity to serve
    4. space
    5. more time offline
    So a revised affirmation could be: I would like to ground my senses in a bed of good health, where I can accommodate the views of those who make assumptions and ultimately give them space to learn.

  • Anonymous

    here goes…the 5 things it is my intention to manifest in 2019 are 1. travel to europe & NZ. 2. house renos are completed 3. friendship 4. I profit from my skills and experience 5. I am stronger in my body and my focus.
    My soul needs to 1. create, write and explore 2. nourish with meditation
    3. learning 4. balance 5. commune with nature and spirit.
    My affirmation that I will express is…thank you Spirit for being my manifesting partner. I am content in knowing everything always works out for me. I am enough and I am always in alignment with purpose and grace. I am a partner in miracles for me and for others. Everyday I declare my gratitude.
    My prayer…Thank you for all that comes into my life, every moment sparkles with abundance and beauty. I thank you for my life and I ask that you continue to guide me to be a better me.

  • Raine

    I intend to manifest a deep and loving romantic real relationship developed from a sweet friendship and companionship with one spiritually sensitive man I call “home”.
    I intend to manifest new and stress free employment that is fulfilling and fun and comfortably pays the bills.
    – a better fit and toned body with flexibility and stamina
    – a safe solid home, my current home, but no longer in need of repair
    – LOVE
    Affirmation: Thank you God for my Life and all you do for my body and soul all day, everyday. Show me the way… if not this than something better.

  • Katherine

    My goals
    1. fit, firm and healthy
    2. double my income guided my spirit
    3. travel
    4. clean, tidy, organized home
    5. use my creative talents more
    My soul needs
    1. music and dancing
    2. nature
    3. growth and others who want to grow
    4. creativity
    5. love
    With spirit as my manifesting and creative partner, I will double my income while I honor the needs of my soul. As I am in nature and feeling the love of Mother Nature my mind relaxes to listen to inspirations and ideas to lead me on the path for my highest good and the highest good for all. I am ready and open for a wonderful year filled with magic, music, dancing, love, and inspirational life changing growth.

  • Catherine

    Wonderfully written and so true as our mind’s body’s have been separated from our immortal soul’s for too long. Aligning into our oneness within helps to understand how we are all part of the oneness of the Omniverse. I received the new Animal Spirit tarot deck…Amazing and I am having fun playing with the cards. Just finished up a digital card set called I AM Positive Virtues. Always grateful and tons of love to you all.

  • Danielle Backers

    In 2019 I want to…
    1. Love all of me.
    2. Eat healthier foods.
    3. Become instead of finish.
    4. Have more fun!
    5. Travel
    My soul needs…
    1. Contemplation
    2. Kundalini yoga
    3. Meditation
    4. Expansion
    5. Connections
    I am thriving in my body in healthy, high vibrating ways. I trust my intuition and radiate my light and power.

  • Ali Larsen

    Thank you for taking the time to share what you’re doing with your personal life and what you’re intending to manifest. It’s great to see so many examples throughout the comments of people who are adapting hote techniques into their own lives. It’s also a huge help for me, still struggling with what I want to manifest.

  • cyndee stegall

    I recently purchased the Animal Spirit deck. This is my first deck of Oracle cards, and I am enjoying them very much. I recently read or heard Colette say that receiving a card often is a sign to listen to the message more closely, but I am having a hard time interpreting what I need to hear. I receive Whale Spirit card often, twice a week lately, and always in the upright position (this is with the three card draw, and the position of Whale Spirit is always at the first position or the last) I am wondering if anyone has an idea about this? thank you.

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