You Just Have to Laugh!

Updated: February 4, 2019

Continuing on with the theme of using my weekly guidance videos as inspiration to write my blog, in this weeks’ 4 card oracle spread the goddess card that stood out for me was the Japanese goddess of humor and mirth – Uzume. It was actually pretty funny because I second guessed myself and thought, no I need to write about something serious this week!

So I shuffled my new deck and guess who popped out?

Yup. That happy joyful funny goddess- Uzume.

So, I reflected on her core message which distills down to the need for us to lighten our hearts and calm down our small selves no matter what challenges are looming in our outer conditions. We don’t have to take ourselves too seriously.

I tend to pay close attention when I get the very same oracle card more than twice in one week. I will admit I’ve really needed her message. Its been a dramatic month in the CBR world ever since we got a new puppy – who is a cross between a tiny sweet fluffy bunny and a Tasmanian devil. I will admit I completely have amnesia when it comes to the memory of training a puppy. Who Me? I have done this before? No way! All my dogs came well behaved.

This one is different and we have a very serious problem!

Yes, I am going to admit, waking up in the middle of the night to take the puppy pee then getting up with her at the crack of dawn to feed her and my goodness play with her before my coffee is exhausting. My husband is now used to my whining “Maaaaaarc it’s Your Turn” every few days when I have slept maybe 4 hours.  

And- What is this little dog thinking as she chews the kleenex box and runs around like a crazy maniac? You might think. Bless my husband for getting on the floor with a squeaky to keep her busy.

Why is this such a hard thing?

My other two dogs stare at me incredulously with the “how dare you do this to me” faces. Housetrained though they are, they have nonetheless reverted to leaving little smelly gifts to underline their disgust at our choice to disturb their happy home with such a horror. We’ll show you. My oldest one is miserable as the puppy won’t leave her alone and the second one is determined to be top dog and has begun to steal the puppy’s chewies even though she is almost toothless.

Then I cry. Yup. I feel awful for them and what a terrible puppy mommy I am. I have wallowed in self-contempt as I should be doing things with perfect precision and then everyone will be hunky dory. More toys don’t help, organic chews, puppy mantras just leave me spinning and the puppy is fine.

The puppy is doing just fine.

No wonder I kept getting the goddess Uzume giving me a nudge to get over myself. Puppies outgrow the puppy stage. The older dogs figure out the pack. The humans will one day sleep through the night again. (please let this be true) It has really reminded me about how little control I actually have in my life. Honestly, you just have to laugh. So in a way, I had to let go and surrender to the absurdity of the situation and eventually, I relaxed and had a good laugh. I’ve had to adopt this attitude of letting things be with a smile with many things now in my life. We chose this beautiful adorable kooky little ball of chaos, and we’re learning the discipline and surrendering the control which are two very different concepts.

Now, you may not have a puppy, but imagine that your thoughts about things are like unruly puppies. Maybe you feel outraged because you didn’t get what you want, or someone triggered you, or you have so many things on your list you let yourself get overwhelmed. Maybe you are trying to manipulate things with someone or a situation to control the outcome. Regardless of what it is, if you take yourself too seriously you can get trapped in chasing the proverbial puppy around and you are guaranteed to not get it right and not get what you want. Humor has a wonderful air of non-attachment and acceptance built in. Laughter really does bring a sense of freedom. So what symbolic “puppy” calls for your attention over and over? Can you see the humor in it all?

So I picked the Uzume card from the Goddess Power Oracle this week (3 times!)…now it’s your turn to pick a card! In fact, I encourage you to implement this as a joyful daily practice. When you pick a card every day you’ll start to see lots of insights and A-HAs. The information will evolve in not only in how you see it but how you read it in the cards as well.

I pull cards every day and I cannot stress enough how a daily reading can improve your skills. With each reading, you’ll gain momentum and understanding. The message will jump right off the card!

To help you get started I’ve created a PDF download – “Pick a Card a Day”  that is all about helping you create a daily space for readings. It will help in getting the most out of your daily practice!

With Love and Laughter,



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  • Lisa Francis

    What a fantastic message !! thank you Colette

    • Asa

      Oh I have been laughing hysterically this week so far, starting Monday

  • Deborah Tibbetts-Tumiel

    Purrrrrfect !!!
    I actually pick a card that said the same thing from the Animal Spirit Deck this morning (I pick one from Animal Spirit & WOTO, Each morning).
    Congratulations, on your new Fur Baby, (Name ?) welcome to the world of three Fur Babies !!!
    I went through all of this when I adopted “Oracle”….and hang on…still going through this …Lol. I highly recommend at a later date inviting a friends dogs over…they’ll love it & after they are gone home….they’ll be happy it’s just their core fur family ! This happens each & every time my kids come home w/ their two furs.
    PS. My vision board really worked from Vision Quest…I had The Patriots symbol painted on it & said they would win LIII Super Bowl & They Did !!!🤗
    See you on The Cruise 🤗💕
    Love You & Congratulations To You, Marc & Your Fur Family, for the New Addition….it’ll all work out ….

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big hug

      • C. G.

        I should laugh at myself. I make plans of what I want to do with my life, and they don’t exactly materialized. Instead I get some things completely different and even better.

  • Ann-Charlotte

    I know how you feel. We have a puppy too, and sometimes she drives me crazy. Our two old dogs are tired of her (12 and 14 years old). Maybe a puppy 5 years ago had been better for them.

  • Deborah Carter

    Love the card

  • Tori

    I love you Colette!💖
    You are such a beautiful soul!
    Tori (Dragonfly House)

  • Diana Davis

    Oh Colette,
    My heart goes out to you. You little pup reminds me of my monster cat when she was a kitten. Omg she was hell on paws!
    You will fell better oh in 6 months. Just remember to laugh like heaven and no to the double-toothpicks. 😂

  • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    I have not puppies, but had a cat a long time ago, and remember when she was a kitten. She was a Siamese Thai, and very wild… but puppies are not puppies forever, and grow old faster than babies. As about Uzume, I love her! I have a Goddess Oracle with meditations I use sometimes (messages are very long) and pulled Uzume at the end of a group ritual. There was only a few minutes before ending, so I read to my friends only the keywords. Arrived home, I took my Oracle out of the bag and read all the entry. I laughed till tears for Uzume story, I didn’t know (Goddess Oracle often depict Amaterasu Omikama, but Uzume is less known). By the way, I did a lecture for Imbolc with a Crystal Grid Oracle and the themes coming out were Purification, Self-Love, and… Fun. My little Angel Guide Mikael always says “Gli angeli sanno volare perché non si prendono sul serio” (in English, Angels can fly because they are light). Can’t wait playing with the Goddess Power Oracle too. Blessed Be )o(

  • thais

    Thank you, Colette! I will start picking a card daily right away 😉

  • Lise Bougie

    Hi, Colette We just purchased a miniature schnauzer (Kona), born October 21st. We brought her home 2 days before Christmas and I`ve been tearing my hair out ever since. I`ve had a schnauzer before ( Maia – she passed away 9 years ago) and I`ve wanted another dog since then. I finally retired and my son promised to help care for her (Yeah, sure… ) Kona also loves to play and chews everything in site. She has every toy you can think of and I`ve been training her on pee pee pads but she just loves to defy me and brings me the pad to show me how she can tear it apart. We have so much snow here; I can`t let her out (she`s too small) and we now live in a condo(not too convenient for running). I can`t wait for spring. I watch Cesar , the dog trainer; on Youtube. He has great tips on dog training. Now I`ve learnt that when Kona bites me (it`s a natural thing); I yell out OUCH and she stops and licks me instead. I also bought a barking collar; (Pet Safe) with Citronelle spray under her chin and the minute I put it on her; she turns into an angel. When she really gets out of hand; I just move (like in the Invizion process). I look forward to retaking Shared Wisdom. Your insights are amazing and I yearn to learn more from your teachings. Good-luck on your new fur baby!

  • Debbie Willard Wilson

    Perhaps you got the puppy you “needed” not the puppy you wanted. Lol.
    Thanks for the reminder.💕

  • Jeanne

    The new puppy was an aha moment for me, it represents when you begin a new journey it needs to be cared for, as you put the time,the love into it , it develops and intergrates into your being, thank you

  • Kathryn

    What a great reading for this week. I enjoy learning about the goddesses & I have pre-ordered my deck. Can’t wait to get it! You do so much & adding a puppy to it all is the cherry on the cake (or whatever that saying is). Enjoy every stage. You know you’ll miss that puppy stage!

  • Beth

    Such a Great and Funny Blog! Still laughing as I write this! You made my day today, Colette!

  • Susan

    Love new puppies and old dogs as well. Have fun!!! I love you and your messages.

  • Heather

    Thanks so much for your insight. Sometimes the weight of life can just be too much and we need to laugh more. I’m in the middle of your book “Remembering the Future” and I’m really enjoying it. Hang in there with your ball of chaos. This too shall pass. Thanks for all you do!

  • Vickie Sinha

    Can’t believe this! We have a puppy too and she’s driving me mad! Biting at my sleeves, which she seems to do for comfort and making our home a mess with her chewed bits of wood, toys, paper. Actually asked for a sign or message from above today to let me know if we should keep her. (We have young grand children and she must be safe!) This is the sign I need. Laugh and enjoy this stage. Find the love in your heart to realise that a bit of messiness in the house is really not that important. If we show her love, patience and joy, she will be lovely I am sure. Thanks for sharing your real life experience.


    This reading came at a time when a decision about my business endeavor needed an answer. It was almost a direct SHOUT OUT. What also made it LOUD AND CLEAR was I pulled 3 cards for my personal reading….all in PROTECTION 1)NOT FOR YOU.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts. I feel like LAUGHING.

  • Karen Hamilton

    I’d love to see a photo of all your dogs! We have an old toothless guy, another one who has the attitude and physique of a badger (both Yorkies) and a new kooky dog, of unknown parentage. Having similar poo-poo issues, that and it is -25C outside. I wouldn’t go outside either! 😀

  • Ceri

    Thank you Colette, this blog has come in Divine timing! So much going on, and so much to do! I think I needed reminding that I am unable to have 100% perfection in everything I do, especially due to a flare up of my illness right now. So a controlled outcome is out of the question.

    Congratulations on your new fur baby and many blessings x x x

  • Anonymous

    How can I buy the desk that have the Goodness?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you can get them on amazon, and all other booksellers they are officially out Feb 19th but you can also get them for iPhone and iPad now. Goddess Power Oracle is the name!

  • Sue

    Thankyou so much for your reading this week. In the past months I have felt like my career was beginning to go places with a boss who believed in and encouraged me. Last week (whilst I was on leave), she was sacked by the regional manager. This threw me into a spin. Then I received an email from the RM telling me that she wished to meet with me. Yesterday I had a meeting with her and her predecessor and they pulled the rug out from under my feet, taking away projects and redefining others. Your reading has given me hope that my dreams are not in vain and that there is hope for the future. Thank you.

  • C. G.

    I should laugh at myself. I make plans of what I want to do with my life, and many times they don’t materialize. I get something different, and that something ends up being better.

  • Sophie

    Thank you so much collette for your wonderful message today. You had me laughing as my family have gone through a similar situation when we found three kittens abandoned at my husband workshop. Brining them home and having a older dog who thought we were coco bananas for doing this was chaotic for a few months.. but I can say almost 1 year down the track and things are getting back to normal and everyone’s happy. Hang in there it does get better. Xxx

  • Connie Baldwin

    I remember well when we adopted our last dog. Our other dog was/is easy & laid back and the new adult dog had more energy than we ever experienced. It’s been four years & she still wears us out. All that said, she continues to bring laughter & humor into our lives and that was missing. You will find the same and a new normal will happen. Good luck!!😄

  • Anonymous

    I was introduced to you on Hay House many years ago and am not new to oracle cards and other forms of divination. Your decks are my faves! I now watch your weekly readings and find them invaluable. Not only is there always a message for me, but many times that message influences my actions or changes my perspective or behavior in a particular area that week. I was choosing 3 cards every few days, but now will choose one from WOTO and Animal Spirit daily. I want to become really familiar with these before I purchase your Goddess Deck. I love your style and the lighthearted way you tell the stories of the cards. You are a blessing and and inspiration! Xoxo Leslie

  • Leslie

    I was introduced to you on Hay House many years ago and am not new to oracle cards and other forms of divination. Your decks are my faves! I now watch your weekly readings and find them invaluable. Not only is there always a message for me, but many times that message influences my actions or changes my perspective or behavior in a particular area that week. I was choosing 3 cards every few days, but now will choose one from WOTO and Animal Spirit daily. I want to become really familiar with these before I purchase your Goddess Deck. I love your style and the lighthearted way you tell the stories of the cards. You are a blessing and and inspiration! Xoxo Leslie

  • Loree Devine

    Thanks for the reminder. I think we all fall into that pit of seriousness! This too shall pass is a good mantra for these situations. Good luck with your puppy.
    xoxo ~ Moonmuse

  • Brigitte

    “Courage”! Let’s face it would a tame couch potato puppy suit? Our newly acquired kitten is a nightmare as determined to rule the household. Just got to say no for her to do it again and again….it goes beyond kitten playing, pure defiance, yet the welcome when we get back home, the purrs and cuddles during quiet times make it all worthwhile. I laugh with my friends saying how I couldn’t possibly have chosen a “normal” cat. 4 children and no sleepless nights, learnt what these were with each puppy! I feel the bond created with each of my “try to tame me if you can” puppy and kitten was the making of a most wonderful loving relationship.
    So these days I laugh at challenges which teach me so much and given the ultimate result feel I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Thank you so much for everything you share.

  • David Swartwood

    Hi Colette, I love your blogs and as a current “Oracle School student” I hang on your every word as your student. I have been training dogs for some 35 years and often am called to “rescue” new puppy owners and go to their homes and provide a sense of calm and control with the new acquisition. By the time we are done discussing the do’s and don’ts and how to better communicate with them everyone can see the potential in the baby being and look forward to the future from a new perspective much like you do with all your students. So if you ever need a helping hand…let me know! David

  • Renee Sugar

    So much for wo/mans’ best friend. Recently I was holidaying in Mexico staying in a new place. There were three dogs who ran the place. A Shar Pei, (chinese guard dog) w/three legs( this didn’t limit him) , another who looked like a wolf whose growl scared the heck out of me at the beginning. She had ice blue eyes and a wild animal growl which made me think twice if I wanted to come out of my room to greet this beast who watched me every step of the way. The third was small and had loving brown eyes. Each one wore this collar that stopped them from barking. Usually I receive a tail-wagging reception from almost any dog I might meet. This was very unlike the usually friendly greeting I was accustomed to. So I decided to go to that calm place within where all is well, and just act as if they welcomed my presence. Funny what happened, is that the wolf-like ice blue-eyed one softened, and I could pat her on the head, and we became “amigas.” Even the Shar-pei who was kind of aloof, let me pat him. I really am not afraid of dogs, but this trio meant business, and let me know that they were checking me out thoroughly before they would allow me to get closer. Fortunately I passed the test!!!

  • Kelly

    Cute story. Thanks for the puppy love share!
    My “puppy” kept me running for 11 precious years up until she transitioned on last August’s full moon and I’ve been experiencing intense transformation ever since! Finding you during the animal communication summit just 2 days after she passed was the biggest Godsend.
    Even with cancer my Lucy was still full of vim & vigor, so much fun…and work! I’m older and more tired now but I miss every second of it, and her!
    This reading is perfect. Yes, I’m a maniac with overwhelm on all the things I want to do and learn and read and and and…
    Love the Spirit Animal Oracle. It speaks my language!

  • Rebecca Olewine

    Definitely need to have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at ourselves. Thank you, Colette. I ordered already ordered my goddess deck. Thank you for the history of the goddesses. I love it . Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. May you stay blessed

  • Paulina

    Haha! I have a 4 months old puppy! She’s kept me busy for the past two months, but I’m so thankful for this. I missed those 30min walk I used to have with her big sister, now the little one is reminding me that I need to be calm, assertive and laugh! As everything in life, she’s a puppy and, thank God, all is well.

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