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Updated: March 18, 2019

This week we enter a new phase of our world as the spring equinox welcomes new life in the northern hemisphere. Regardless if you are in the north or south it is a signal that the season before is dying so a new one can be born.

In the 4 card universal reading this week we have the first card symbolizing this death – the goddess Morrighan who features prominently in Celtic and Welsh mythology specifically in the sacred text of Welsh legends – The Mabinogion (I tend to mispronounce this since it makes me feel like I have a mouth of marbles, but I do know it is Mab-In-OH-Gee-On, and I am practicing, lol).

In essence, she is a goddess of war, death, and transformational magic. She serves to remind us that we must move beyond our old conditioning, our cracked foundations, and faulty projections on the screen of life that cause us pain and harm, and we have to let them die. We can’t fight against our shadows either, as we will lose if we try to battle them. She really challenges us to let go and let die the things we feed that are dangerous and suffocating our true divine expression. Like winter dies, so spring can be born. But if we don’t believe that spring will come, if we cling to the cold of winter refusing to see the natural changes, we will be lost in a barren battlefield of illusion. Resentments are uncanny living things that trick us into avoiding being accountable for our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. You will be glugging poison yourself hoping the other person will die and, well, we all know that doesn’t work.

So this week, trust in this new cycle, let the things fall away that hold you hostage to a losing battle and join the joy of living. Magic awaits for you there. Only love is real.


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  • Dawn

    I love this reading so much ❤️ Posted on YouTube too. Death of the old! Faith in my heart & learning to be ok in my skin. Learning I’m perfectly imperfect ❤️

  • Sae Endler

    Your blog had delivered just right timing. Knowing intellectually, yet wanting to feel something tangible… Even I watched your this weekly video, knowing the importance of of those 4 cards you pulled (plus 3 cards own) there was some unclearness thing inside of & tying to dig deeper… ( Almost obsessively) The obsession ends here after reading your blog. Thank you!!! Focus on clearing the house!

  • Anonymous

    My three card reading yesterday with Map was so similar! It was very positive also!

  • Vanessa

    So perfect for me at this time. It confirms that the changes that are happening will work out. Having faith in synchronicity will lead to a positive outcome and growth will spring from this. Thanks.

  • Gabby

    Beautiful readings! Thank you!

  • Kim

    love your reading so much. You make my day!

  • Renee Sugar

    ise in a kind of mystical , natural way. I resonated with the “old foundations cracking”, giving way. Currently living 10 years in a space; that I probably have outgrown in many ways. When choosing it, at the time; it was a safe haven where I could recover from water penetration in another unit where I had lived until the foundation of the building broke down. Not unlike the butterfly whose dark, protective cocoon protects its fragile wings until the moment when it is released having practiced “resistance training ” to strengthen its wings to lift it to a higher, more expansive view. ” Just when the caterpillar thought the world had come to an end; it became a butterfly “. The magic and wisdom of nature’s way is programmed for matter to decay, to dis-integrate, and to rise again in a completely new form.
    Currently, literally the walls are showing a lot of cracking; so I am putting on my creative painters hat and researching ways to apply texture to an imperfect wall surface. May as well “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative; latch on the the affirmative, don’t mess with Mr. In-between .”

  • Marietta

    So appropriate for me too this week. This really inspired me to keep on actively co-creating – sending out what I want to experience as if has happened already!

  • Roberta Pettigrew

    Thank you for your beautiful reading,, loved it… xx

  • Joleah

    Only love is real!! Amen Amen Amen!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Andrea

    I replayed again today with a slightly different perspective. What a beautiful insightful reading. Thank you Colette & Spirit!

  • Ginny

    My follow up card choices brought Hecate, Isis, and Hestia again! A perfect re-instatment of your reading. At a tipping point in life, ready to rebuild myself. It is Spring outside and in. Clearing away the winter’s roughage of things no longer needed, clearing where new buds are appearing with their hope and promise of beauty. Creating more beauty in conjunction with Spirit. Allowing my new direction to find me, keeping mind of what I most want to be. Sounds good to me! Thank you, Colette! Happy Spring to you.

  • Jennie

    I was going to ask the Mystical Shaman for guidance on how best to approach an on-going family issue involving parent with a brain injury from nearly a year ago and the other who nearly died over Christmas due to a GI bleed. The cards would not come out of the box using the ribbon. Big clue to use another deck. Asked the Goddess Power deck for help navigating this situation. Pulled Athena in alignment, Epona in alignment with Branwen in alignment as a jumper and Kuan Yin. Very helpful messages from the Goddesses in this time of turmoil. I have assignments to assist me in this journey. Thank you Colette for bringing the power of each Goddess to life.

  • Kathryn

    I finally got around to this weeks oracle reading from you & it fit in exactly with the reading I just did for myself. All about going deep, how my actions & inner flaws played a part in my dramas. I loved how you said “We can’t fight against our shadows either, as we will lose if we try to battle them. She really challenges us to let go and let die the things we feed that are dangerous and suffocating our true divine expression.” I needed that one today. All is well!

  • Eva

    What I loved most about this weeks reading is that it includes thres goddesses with a personal connection to me. I have the Morrigan in her raven form tattoed on my arm. And I named my daughter after Danu and Sophia, and her birthday is next Monday 🍀

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