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Updated: March 25, 2019

March 20th marked the Spring Equinox and the ushering in of spring in the northern hemisphere! After the quiet introspective season of winter, the earth seems to suddenly come bursting back to life. Everything feels new as the cycle begins again.

I live in a very rural area, so I have very few human neighbors, but I do have a front row seat to nature. Without looking at a calendar I can see the cycles of life right outside my window, and this week my animal neighbors were telling me that spring is here!

I’ve been watching birds calling to each other as they build their nests. I also watched a pair of coy-wolves (a coyote-wolf hybrid) roaming my property, looking for the perfect den. It makes me happy knowing that in just a few short weeks new life will be surrounding me, little eyes will be opening and seeing their world for the first time. Whether they are walking around on wobbly legs or trying their wings out, they are in a complete space of not knowing what their world will be but moving forward with curiosity anyway. It’s a great reminder for us to always look at the world with the curiosity of a child, without all the judgment of our past experiences to cloud up our vision.

One of the Goddesses that came forward for this week’s Oracle card Guidance, is appropriately enough, Persephone- the goddess of inexperience.

Persephone is both the Greek queen of the underworld and the lost daughter of the goddess Demeter. Young and naïve, she was captured by Hades and held against her will in the underworld. At her mother’s insistence, she was eventually allowed to return to the living world. When the messenger god Hermes came to collect Persephone, her naiveté allowed Hades to trick her into eating pomegranate seeds, robbing her of her innocence and forcing her to stay with him in the underworld for a few months out of the year.  Spring marks Persephone’s reemergence.

This week we are being invited to be in that space of open-hearted learning and curiosity. You can choose to allow “not knowing” to be your gift. See everything with new eyes and you’ll begin to see things you’ve forgotten to notice.

This also happens to be the best way to approach Oracle Cards! Each day I come to the cards with a sense of curiosity and openness to the great mystery. Using Oracle Cards makes it easier to move through the world in a state of not knowing because they wave the flag so that naiveté doesn’t let you get tricked into thinking you know more than you do.

I invite you to try out this open approach for yourself! You can practice by picking your own Goddess Power Oracle Cards (free for you on my website).  So take a deep breath, get curious, and pick your cards

And remember… Spirit sends you signs when you ask for them; when you get curious and allow yourself to be aware of the language of symbols, oracles, and omens you will hear them.


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  • Trudy

    Thank you Colette for everything you do❤🐾.

  • Roberta Pettigrew

    Thank you,what a beautiful story,,watching nature and it’s animals coming back ,to peek at the Spring and what lies ahead….I have a small garden,but, love watching nature,in all its seasons,,it’s amazing,,today,our neighbors had there tortoises out in the fresh air for a walk,lovely to see them again after the last 2 seasons,us,to my joy,my frigs in my little pond are out,and made frogspawn,, everything is beautiful around us.Thank you xx

  • Jessica

    Thank you!!!!💖

  • Loree Devine

    I love the Goddesses and all that mythology! I just ordered this deck because I have been following you using it for some time. It speaks to me each time i see/use it.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette, I was really drawn to this Goddess Deck, and couldn’t wait for the postman to deliver it to me. I opened it and it set me hands tingling and buzzing with this amazing energy. it was quite extraordinary. What a beautiful Deck and beautiful energy. We are going into autumn (fall) here in Australia, you in the north are watching new life about to appear and we are watching the birds and animals prepare for winter. wonderful times of year, I so love autumn. Bless you, you have done really good with this deck.

  • Diana Davis

    Love your story. I too enjoy watching the birds get ready for Spring. I have a bush by my kitchen window that the birds use for thier nest. It’s amazing how fast the birds grow.

  • Kathryn

    Heartfelt thanks for another amazing reading Colette. I am getting so much benefit and insight from these readings, love and light to you. Kathy xo

  • Stéphanie GEORGES

    Yellow suits you amazingly, beautiful Colette! Yes, yes, yes… your latest oracle deck is a gem <3 … My 3 year-old and I love it to bits…. thank you :-* Kisses from Belgium! Stephanie

  • Shelley

    dearest Colette and Tribe
    I LOVE your words ” shed light” on the sometimes – hidden beauty all around us… in my experience, Colette , this is what YOU demonstrate in the way you teach – you uplift us all by teaching us/ reminding us to connect with our own inner Goddess. If we do that, we can’t help but to see the beauty in all we see . As spring slowly dawns on this Eastern Canada gal, I want to express my gratitude , yet again, to you, to Jena, to all who co create the gorgeous Light which is this Tribe.
    Happy Spring!! 🐰🐣🦉🐑

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for a great exercise this week. I absolutely love your NEW cards! These Goddess are teaching me so much of myself and a new way of looking at things. Thank you for connecting to these powerful women and passing your creation on to the world. ~Jill Love & Light

  • Gale

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you for all you do. I am waiting (somewhat impatiently!) to save up so I can get the Goddess deck. I have almost all of your decks, and they speak to me so wonderfully. I know this one will as well, and I am in especial need of it because I seem to have lost my connection with the Goddess right now (perhaps it’s just a slump) and I feel that your oracle cards will help me to find my path once again. I am so very thankful that you have the online oracle cards, and they will do nicely until I can hold the cards in my hands.

    Just another thing, and I hope you don’t think I’m overstepping, but, while I know how much you love seeing the coy-wolves, please keep close watch over your little dogs and any other animals you have, as the beautiful coy-wolves will be looking for sources of food for themselves and their young, and may be tempted by domestic as well as wild animals. I also live in a rural area, and I hear the coyotes’ beautiful calls as they run through the woods at night, but I also know that they are hunting (as is natural), and I’ve had several friends and neighbors lose their beloved pets. You most likely keep your pets close to you at all times, but something just popped into my head that said “Warn her!” when I read about the coy-wolves, so I am. I hope you don’t think that presumptuous of me. Again, thank you for all the beauty and power you bring to our lives.

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