Laughter & Humor Really Are the Best Medicine!

Updated: April 29, 2019

One thing about a seasonal change is, well, change! On our farm, we have become hosts to various nests – owls, sparrows, robins and more. We have a mated pair of coywolves who have made a den in the ravine and all manner of other creatures including some very bold raccoons seem to think it’s ok to stroll past our house in broad daylight like they own the place and we don’t count. Now thankfully, we have a ten-foot fence around the back of the compound so my teeny Pomeranians don’t get eaten, but I always have to go out with them and supervise just in case the pair of red-tailed hawks that hang out in the trees decide they look like snacks. This morning I went out with the fluff balls and stood under a new robin’s nest (or should I say condo) that she skillfully built right above the door and whose occupant decided to poop on my head. I was so upset for a moment I could not believe I had to change my clothes since I had an interview online and fix my hair yadaydaya!! But I stopped pretty quickly and I just had to laugh! Bird poop is not the end of the world and if I had to go on right away I could have pretended it was toothpaste HA!

Never a dull moment at Zen Farm.

This week’s Goddess Power Oracle reading is all about having a sense of humor around our revelations brought into light by the symbolism of the Goddess Yhi. It’s asking us to really trust that our new beginnings are called new for a reason. New means we might not know how, or might need to learn something, might not know the steps, etc. We are brimming with potential this week, says Cerridwyn, but this is all uncharted if it’s new, so how can we expect ourselves to have all the answers, know the steps, given that new doesn’t mean familiar or “the same as before”.

Last week was a call to forgiveness and understanding and how no matter what outer conditions try to throw you off your center, love is still the answer.

It’s difficult some days, but if you believe that your inner core is connected to your partnership with the Divine, your integrity, and your true desire to serve, and act as if even if you feel “off” eventually the seeds of peace you’ve been planting will bear fruit. The real trick is to not take yourself too seriously and so the goddess Uzume reminds us that laughter and humor really are wonderful medicine. It’s ok not to know, and it’s ok if you’re just learning the steps. Mastery comes after that, not before. So stay open, stay curious, stay kind, see the hilarity in life and be open to new opportunities to become someone you’re proud of.

Oh and stay away from robin’s nests!


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  • Linda Scull

    Ohhhhh I loved this!! By the way, from my Italian mother(not sure where other cultures stand–)but bird poop on your head IS a good omen! XXOO YOU rock keep on doing what you’re doing!Much Love, Linda

  • Nila

    I’m really resonating with all your cards – thank you for your Creation and lighting up my unknown path!! Uzume fell out at me this morning, just as I was getting too serious and down, this was then coupled with my daughter coming in and making me laugh too!

  • Teresa Staite

    Always love your weekly readings.
    I brought the Goddess cards and there beautiful.
    Also I love your necklace in this video
    What stone is it and do you know where you got it.

  • Mary

    What a perfect reading! I am really looking forward to this week, as there are many changes happening in my life right now. reading helps me believe that “now is the time” and “I can do whatever I set my mind to”.Thank you, Colette! Your Goddess deck is my favorite!

  • Pat

    Christ Is Risen! Happy Bright Monday Colette! I too honor the paschal orthodox season and how appropriate today’s cards are reflecting the lighter side of life when it is our tradition on the Monday and Tuesday after Easter to surprise the opposite mate with water over the head! Lol! Absolutely love following your message and can’t wait for Monday Mornings, thank you for your divine knowledge❣️

  • Kathryn

    Hi Colette! I had an awakening from a taxi driver on the little island of Anguilla. We asked him how are you? He replied “I am blessed.” What a beautiful, loving thing to say to himself (every time someone asks him) & to us (that put us in a highly inspired placed). Love is always the answer. My cards while on the islands said look at the love all around you. I am blessed!


    Hi Colette!
    Love the reading AND the story of the bird’s nest. Here, on the west coast, it is considered good luck to have a bird poop on your head. So…good on you, lol!
    Much love, Elizabeth

  • Theresa

    Collette! Totally Excellent and thank you so much! Theresa 🦋😃🥰

    • Alyssa J Page

      Last week was REALLY heavy for me, facing/releasing/letting go & still CHOOSING love. I hung on for dear life praying for relief and a message from our guides and had an incredible dream with an enchanting Asian shamanic goddess who was performing a protection ritural all the while dancing, smiling & laughing in total joy and trust. A few others near her spoke to me and left a message “not to ruin the vibe and to stop taking life so seriously” right before I woke up. After a week in darkness, I woke up smiling, lighter, softer & with an extra spring in my step ever since. I never heard of Uzume prior to this post, but if that wasn’t a representation of her archetype and current message in that dream I don’t know what is. What a beautiful message this week from lovely goddesses of love, surrendee, change, joy & hope! Just love these goddess cards Collette and thank you for sharing these messages with us weekly ❤

  • Rochelle Perkins

    Wonderful message!!!

  • Ariel

    Your work and insights are beautiful, Colette, but the eyes of the goddesses on this latest deck are weird (Uzume is fine, but I’d run the other way if I met up with Yhi). I would not trust a person with eyes showing the whites this way; in fact I’ve read that it’s a characteristic feature of a sociopath. It’s a mystery to me how someone with your insight and deep sense of beauty could create images with eyes like these.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thank you for your feedback. The art on the cards is digital, based on photographs of real women so their eyes are often rendered to glow with the mystical power of that goddess and to show the otherworldly, eternal light shining from within.

  • Anonymous

    Stay away from Robins nests or wear a hat LOL

  • Rev Jacqueline Weiks

    Fantastic reading and gift for the week! I am grateful!!

  • Lisa

    I always look forward to your weekly readings and love your newest deck Goddess Power Oracle! Love reading the weekly blog too. Can’t wait to see you in person one day…….❤️🙏

  • Renee Sugar

    Just consider that the gift was delivered from a higher source!!! I too had a similar experience while waiting at an intersection for the light to change. Something cold, and wet landed on my head and I “knew” without any further investigation what it was. I decided not to touch my head until it dried and that made it a bit easier to remove it. Humbling isn’t it!!

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