Have the Courage to Take Intuitive Leaps of Faith!

Updated: May 6, 2019

This week’s Goddess Power Oracle card reading encourages us to move forward into places where we may be inexperienced, and the Goddess Hecate comes forward with a message that helps us trust that the path for our growth will be illuminated along the way.  This kind of trust as we move into the unknown often requires that we take a leap of faith.

So how would your life transform if you were able to trust more in your ability to move into unknown territory and took more intuitive leaps of faith?

Maybe you’d like to make a career change, move to a new state or country, move forward with a relationship, or ask someone out on a date. Your intuition is telling you to have the courage and go for it. Yet, your ego, insecurities, and even the people around you may be giving you a whole list of reasons why you shouldn’t make a change. Which guidance do you follow?

If you want to live a life of meaning and purpose, you need to go beyond the limits of how you’ve been taught to see the world and yourself. You need to have the courage to reach out into the vast world around you and embrace the Divine energy that flows through you. Courage asks you to join your intellect and reason with intuition. It asks you to face your shadows and heal your wounds so that you can bring all of yourself into the light.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary and frustrating, but having the courage to do so puts you on your highest path and fortifies your connection with the Divine. In fact, you don’t even have to be comfortable with change. If you waited for all the fear to subside and all the what-ifs to become sure things, an entire lifetime would speed by before you found courage. You just have to have faith in your soul’s longing for meaning and trust that when you follow that guidance, Spirit protects you. In fact, when you have courage, the Universe often helps pave the way with synchronicities and signs.

The following short story adapted from a poem by Christopher Logue in honor of Guillaume Apollinaire. It’s a beautiful expression of courage, and I’d like to invite you to print it out and put it somewhere to remind yourself that when you let the Universe push you, you’ll get wings.

He said, “Come to the edge.”

I said, “I can’t; I’m afraid.”

He said, “Come to the edge.”

I said, “I can’t; I’ll fall off.”

He said, finally, “Come to the edge.”

And I came to the edge.

And he pushed me.

And I flew.


Take some time to journal this week about how courage has affected your life. When have you been courageous and acted on an intuitive hit? When have you ignored a call to take action? Is there an old wound that you’d like to have the courage to heal? What do you need to be courageous about right now?

Remember, if you let the Universe push you, you’ll get wings.

Be sure to comment and share your experiences of courage. You never know who you might empower through your own personal story.


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  • Anonymous

    Your awesome as usual!😊❤️

  • Amy

    One of my favorite meditations is the one you did about Courage that includes these lines. I love it! Just reading it here give me the chills 🙂

    • Deborah

      Amy i would love to know what meditation is that? Thanks.


    This turned up in my inbox just as I had finished taking an initial step to do something that Ihope will bring meaning into my life, and will definitely take me out of my comfort zone. Hecate has been showing up in my life in many ways of late. Thank you, thank you for this confirmation.

  • Mimi Colletti

    Hi, Colette,

    I listened to your pick of cards for this week and found that as usual you gave sound interpretation to a situation I am facing as I write this comment.

    Picking three cards from your website, Isis, Epona, and Lilith turned up to really reinforce what is happening in my life and asking me to use my courage to make my leap of faith. This requires that I sell my house in New England, find a new home in California, and have the money I need to live in that state.

    Since I am not a young person (I just turned 72 on Saturday, May 4th), this is really going out of any ‘comfort zone’ that I’ve been struggling to maintain for a very very long time, but I do have faith and courage to take this leap as I know it will be for my best life yet.

    I’m waiting for my Goddess Oracle deck to arrive via Amazon and want to thank you for your gift of these cards and your ability to read them to help others to live a true version of themselves.

    With much gratitude and with trembling heart,
    Mimi Colletti

    P.S. I’ll let you know what transpires with the sale of my property and the move to California…

    • Rosemary

      Mimi, I send you positive energy and all best wishes for this exciting adventure! I’m already picturing you on the west coast, sunshine, warm breezes, and you, serene and full of peace. May it be so…

  • Anonymous

    This topic is perfect timing for me today! I”m struggling to balance career goals and being available for my ailing mom. My gut is telling me not to squander time with my mom…and my rapidly growing kids too.
    Thank you!

  • kate

    The poem you include here, Colette, is especially meaningful because I was literally at the edge of a cliff following an intuitive “hit” to be brave and hike into the Grand Canyon.
    I had never hiked before and I wasn’t in great physical shape. But I was following my intuition & summoning courage that hadn’t been tested in some years. Still, I never thought I’d be able to hike 8 hours a day, days on end.
    At one point the entire trail was nearly washed out by a rainstorm. I kept saying why am I doing this? I thought this was going to be fun! It’s horrible, it hurts, I’m miserable.
    Getting across the damaged trail — 6000 feet above the bottom of the canyon — was the most terrifying moment of my life. We were forced to hug the canyon wall and essentially tip toe across the tiny strip of trail. I wept afterwards, convinced I had just narrowly escaped death.
    Later, when I reached the canyon’s bottom, I was at my breaking point. I wanted to quit. I wanted someone or something to rescue me. I wept in the bunkhouse shower. Then something came over me, something full of peace and beauty. I didn’t hear a voice outside myself but inside that said I will hike out of the canyon, no one is going to rescue me, and even if I died doing it, I’d be fine. All is well.
    It was very much a mystical experience. It changed my life. I hiked out of the canyon with such a different, peaceful, confident energy. It still hurt physically, but mentally & emotionally I wasn’t the same person.
    And while I didn’t sprout wings to fly out of the canyon, the name of the Grand Canyon trail that I hiked is called Bright Angel!

    • Irina

      Kate, that is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. Your story gives me courage to heal an old wound that’s calling for me and I’m scared but I’ll think if you & the canyon while I’m doing it and gather my courage xx Irina

      • kate

        Thank you, Irina 🙂 If this old wound is calling for your healing attention it means there are big blessings waiting for you as you respond with faith and courage. The unseen is with you every step of the way on your own bright angel trail! xxoo Kate

  • Emm Millar

    I love this “story” and ever since I found you Colette I have been pushing my courageous self forward ..slowly but surely …I will find the courage to jump too 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🙏🙏

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;

    Love this topic and the quote “Come to the Edge”. As a visual artist, emerging printmaker/surface designer/entrepreneur; what I understand firsthand is that every step requires courage. When facing a blank canvas, or exploring a new medium; there is much improvisation involved to bring anything new into being whether, a work of art, planning a trip, exploring a new interest, meeting new people. What I am practicing more now age 63, is ” I shall not pass this way again”. ” Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin
    “Don’t die with your music in you.”
    What I had previously focused on was the “what if”______. Until I reframed the process so it read SO WHAT!!!! If_____ then____. It’s really not a predictable equation. What if I date someone that I don’t have “chemistry” with, just the practice of connecting will be beneficial. Take a step, and see what happens. Life doesn’t come with guarantees, or outcomes that always match our expectations. However, having said this, I do know that when I am open, curious and engaged in the process whatever it might be; that I can always learn something I might never have considered before. Saying YES leads to opening new doors, and that is a big step. Nothing happens while you stand on the outside with the door closed in your face. No one will have the pleasure, benefit of discovering that you might have something valuable to enhance their perspective. When we say NO or hesitate in fear, insecurity, we rob ourselves and maybe others of an opportunity that might not present itself again.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette and every one that left a comment. I too am at the edge and I’m finding it pretty scary to have confidence in myself, I too am making an epic move from Australia to New Zealand going into the unkown and leaving many family members in Oz and having a lot of opposition even within my self and yet this is what I feel I need to do. So thank you to all the people of courage for sharing your stories.

    • Julie

      Your comment resonated with me. My youngest daughter is considering shifting from Australia to New Zealand next year, and my mind has been filled with fears of not only being able to hold her close as the mother duck I am, but the ‘what if’s’. I was awake a good portion of last night worrying about this, and woke this morning to Collette’s message.
      I have to have faith that all will be well, and that she ( and you) are doing the right thing and will be protected by Spirit. Xx


    Hi Colette
    Yep me too. I have quit my job after reading Gabby Bernstein’s book The Universe has Your Back. You just know you are doing the right thing, there is this heavy weight that gets lifted and there is a peacefulness. Your book uncharted confirmed I am on the right track. Mine is a leap of faith as I have no financial back up long term, but I am ok with this. I have had natural Miracles in my life before, so I know I can’t fail.
    Thanks Colette

  • Petra

    As always, your cards feel like they are part of my life! I start my week with you. Always on point, always in tune. This week truly is a journey to uncharted territory. Getting my house ready for sale, re-engaging in a relationship, unsure of the outcome but ready for the journey! Thank you for your wonderful, heart-warming and fun spirit, Coleen!

  • Julie

    I have read the tarot and oracle cards for many years for friends and family, and have only ‘come out’ as a professional reader in the last 12 months. (I turned 60 this year). I have tended to live life ‘safely’, and have hidden behind the internet to conduct readings, but just this week I have booked a room at a cafe to give personal readings for the first time. I have been thinking about it for months, but kept on putting it off for all kinds of reasons. But now the time has come to be ‘The Fool’, and jump off. I’m scared. I might fail. But I might fly as well! I am trusting that Spirit has my back!

  • Deb

    Hi Colette, I’m so grateful you came to me. I received your map card awhile a go and have been working through the book. But when I saw your Goddess cards well the ladies sing to me. For the first time in 30 years I am literally dreaming. I wake with sweet little dreams still in my mind and my mornings start in joy. Thank you. I was Hera married to Zeus for 42 years until he left for someone younger and richer. I was broken but I’m slowly finding my way again. Thank you so much Colette for the guiding of the Goddess and you. Bless you

  • Dany

    Come to the Edge

    As somebody who is absolutely terrified of heights, approaching the edge is quite a frightening task. My heart starts to race, my stomach is flooded with butterflies, nausea overpowers me, my hands sweat liters of water and allI can think is fuck fuck fuck. When life says “Come a little closer. Come to the Edge.” the same response is triggered.

    Although this intense response is in fact revolting at some point it fades and is replaced with a new vivacious energy. Suddenly life transcends from painting black and white lines into colorful brushstrokes creating something beyond your wildest dreams.

    The last time I came to the edge I landed in Berlin, Germany. I stumbled upon lessons and experiences but ultimately it lead me to understand life. The last time I leaped I was reborn.

    Today I hear life’s whisper again “Come a little closer. Come to the edge.” yet I stand hesitant to get a little closer. I achieved what I came to Germany to do. I am here but now a new journey begins and it entails new uncharted territory. I am afraid to fail. I am afraid to fall.

    So in the last couple days, I have been frozen knowing what I have to do and what scares me. My fear is greater this time and I realize it’s because the first time I didn’t think it through, I didn’t try to look down, i just jumped. I jumped completely out of faith, knowing everything would work out, and it did.

    So tomorrow is a new day and I will jump.

  • Karen Mears

    Hecate looks like you! Did you model for that one?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that you think so but no I am not the model for any of the cards we found them all on various photography websites 😉 Thank you for the compliment though!

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