The Secret to A Miracle Mindset – Three Steps to Love Life!

Updated: May 27, 2019

This morning I woke up and meditated, hand on heart, waiting for that click that I know will turn on my miracle mindset. Sometimes that’s not the case and I don’t wake up loving my life. When that happens it’s a call to action! I need to make a change-clean house, start again. And, once I get back in the zone of wonder, to keep the “love engine” oiled and running I need to redo those steps again and again.

So how do you get to that miracle mindset? Where do you start, how do you get there and what do you change when you’re not really sure?

Sometimes the change is internal, about perspective and perception, sometimes it’s environmental, about the state of your surroundings and its effect on you, and other times it’s about the act of dropping resistance and surrendering to what is to be liberated from judgment so your heart can open wide. I know when I’m in love with my life I’m automatically aligned with a miracle mindset and then anything becomes possible.

I broke it down to three simple steps that work every time if I do them. I have found if I can follow them, the key to the miracle mindset opens the door to my heart. The result is deep gratitude, feeling that honeymoon effect leading to feeling good in my skin which leads me to not only make better choices but attract different energy.

Let’s start with the obvious inventory (which I mentioned in the weekly video when I reference clutter clearing author Marie Kondo.) If you can’t figure out what’s up, or you’ve been repeating negative stories in your head over and over, look at your physical environment first rather than trying to control, manipulate, bargain with or fix what you think is making you not love your life.

Did you know that things hold stories? Things you surround yourself with chatter away at you about what they are, who gave them to you, why they make you feel bad, how one day they might have purpose etc. Have a look around. Your clutter, all the “stuff” that doesn’t “spark joy” (Marie Kondo’s famous statement) when you look at it is like being surrounded by a whole lotta reproach and judgment. Not conducive to a miracle mindset!

So Step One?

Step 1. Remove offending items, clean your environment, simplify it and organize. Clear your crystals, even rearrange your furniture to move the energy. You will feel so much better!

Now that you’ve done the external cleaning, and feel a touch more liberated you are ready for step two.

Onto Step Two!

Step 2.

Internal house-cleaning. Now it’s time to go inward get a pen and paper and list everyone, everything you have resentment about. Go in there and dig if you have to, some of these might be really old and you just never cleaned them up, or you might have gotten so used to them they’ve become part of your self-identity. Have you been nursing a victim story over and over that began way back in your past? That has got to go! You know these stories well, we all have them and they can fester if we don’t catch them in time.

Ok, your list done? Now you make amends where you can, as long as you don’t hurt someone else so be mindful. Take judgment off the table. Accept your part in things and one by one change this story around. This inventory is about you and how you’ve directed your energy, not about who did what to you. Forgiveness is such a powerful part of this- for you – not for the other person. It’s about freeing yourself from the burden, accepting responsibility, being accountable so you can tell a new story.

Then.. well by now you are feeling amazing and probably a little more vulnerable which paradoxically makes you feel connected to a BIG power source… so that’s interesting! If I need extra help at this point I dive right into the Ho’oponopono Prayer or whatever ritual of forgiveness I feel drawn to.

Who wants to drink poison in their coffee every day? Not me! But somehow, (and I wonder if you identify) a little bit might sneak on in there if I don’t keep a clean mind and heart.

So what’s step 3?

Step 3. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. And more of that. Did I mention you might want to meditate on gratitude? Saying thank you and calling that out is like plugging into that feeling of falling in love. Couple that with radical acceptance and the Serenity Prayer (we talked about that last week) and you’re in the miracle mindset.

Wonder why I constantly repeat myself in these blogs about these themes? Because every day we wake up we have the possibility of a new beginning and every day we each have the potential to fall into spiritual narcolepsy, asleep at the wheel, living the dream we don’t want. It’s through simple repetition over and over keeping out focus on what works, and the possibilities that are endless and abundant that these things take root and become more of our reality than not.

Too much work? This path is called The Road Less Travelled and not Easy Street for a reason. The easy part is to stay the same, sitting in the old stories that are running in a loop where nothing changes. Yes, cleaning house, outside and inside isn’t easy but the reward is to fall in love with life, feeling comfortable in your skin, being courageous, shining your light into the world and being the quiet peaceful place in the midst of chaos.

I don’t know about you but I sure want more of that!

Hope you have a beautiful week!


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  • Dawn

    Alignment with information, people and events are an amazing affirmation of right direction as this blog spoke directly to my heart, where I am, and the same things I have been attending to with intention. Last night was a last bit of furniture moving after clearing pbjects and energy that no longer serve my growth. Thank you.

  • Sae


  • Renee Sugar

    Such a liberating, cleansing and healing process to release what no

    longer serves health/well-being, on all levels. I too am currently engaged in a program to clear away what I no longer use, need, want, or enjoy. It can be challenging when a part wants to be free and another part doesn’t want to move forward. I started to let go in small steps, and that was gentler and allowed some time and thought to enter into the process.

    I am in the process of redesigning the living space I currently live in; and have for 10 years now. There are many paint chips stuck to the wall, and wallpaper samples as I allow myself to be with the options

    before the paint is rolled on. There is a degree of chaos, and uncertainty while the old is in motion of becoming. It is unsettling; but as I reflect on what has taken place throughout the 10 years, I wouldn’t be the same person who stepped into this living space after my former home was flooded. I walked away with a small suitcase on wheels, put my hands up in the air, and stated ” I don’t live here anymore “. Living lightly, and with a sense of ” not knowing ” can be a catalyst to making different choices. Not being so attached to the outer structure. Making decisions that allow for a more creative flow; is where I want to be today. Letting go is an integral part of this lifestyle. All of this really is a metaphor for ” life”. Anger harms the vessel in which it is stored. It is like a hot coal, that burns the hand that holds onto it. Last weeks blog about the Serenity Prayer, about courage to change what we can; and the wisdom to ” know ” the difference. ” Inch by inch its a cinch; by the mile its a trial. ” It is only when we have the courage to change “anything” that new possibilities start to present themselves. Making space; closing old doors, leaving relationships, being left, difficult transitions; HOWEVER necessary to create room for fresh beginnings, that allow us to breathe, and hear our hearts speak, and to say NO (that’s a hard one) if something doesn’t “fit” not just our outfits, but our choices, values, beliefs, decisions.

  • Anita Kruspe

    Hi Collette,

    Thank you for your beautiful message. This is so timely for me at the moment. This gentle reminder of cleaning is important as I feel as though I do work and then can become complacent. I also love and resonated with the road less travelled, so true this work is not easy but very rewarding. When I reflect on where I was and how far I’ve come I know this to be true. This is also a way of knowing there is so much more to do.

    Thank you for all your beautiful work and your amazing readings.

    Love and blessings


  • Mary English

    Thank you, Collete!!! I look forward to your blogs each week, They help me to stay focused and always seem to be the right subject at the right time Synchronicity at work LOL

  • Lisa Francis

    Dear Colette,
    YES !!!! I loved reading that > 3 great steps.
    I enjoyed your line ‘The Road Less Travelled is not Easy Street’>> that is the truth and taking conscious action daily is required to stay on that road.
    Interestingly the book titled “The Road Less Travelled” was a life-changing read for me in the mid 1980’s. In fact, I would buy copies to give to friends! .. I even bought and gave one to my then friend Errol who was skyrocketing in a music career and forging associations and relationships.
    About 20ish years later it was ho’oponopono that saved me from myself and eventually when I had ‘cleaned’ enough I was led to your fantastic work so I could expand, grow and get strong again. My personal daily ho’oponopono practice continues and all manner of wondrous things have unfolded for me .. if I forget to practice it things get hairy.
    I am always happy to spend a few minutes reading your blogs. Thanks so much for the light and understanding you share so generously. I surely feel blessed.
    Much Love,
    Lisa xox

  • Rosemary Byrne

    Thank you Colette for this Miracle Mindset guidance. It was a miracle for me to see this and read it🌼 This post explains perfectly why I can think I’m doing all the right things to manifest a beautiful abundant life but still feel and be incredibly stuck. Your 3 step guide is so simple (not easy but simple) to follow and makes such perfect sense. You’ve inspired me to follow this program to welcome the miracles that I know are alteady all around….Another synchronicity was the goddess reading I did this week involved Goddess of Miracles MARY which is also the name of my dearly departed mother❤🌼❤🌼

  • Marietta

    Thank you for this weeks message. Important things can’t be mentioned enough or heard enough times. Every time is an opportunity to have a little breakthrough, or a big aha! moment🌈

  • Gemma Longe

    Thank you – I’m keeping this blog. Very insightful and I’m grateful for you sharing your world with us x

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