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Updated: June 10, 2019

I love writing blogs based on the weekly Oracle reading. Even though there are typically four cards in a reading sometimes only one jumps out to talk about. This week the glorious Greek goddess Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt, really stood out for me. I am an empath and boy can I get distracted by other people’s “stuff”, by too much on my plate, and by social media and news. I have to go on a media diet (kinda like a mental energy cleanse) and stay off the usual suspects especially when I have a creative project in front of me. So when I need to focus, I imagine calling up this goddess energy from within and pretending I am Artemis with my bow and arrow holding it taut, focused on my target. Would Artemis let herself get distracted by other people’s noise? No way she is the queen of the forest, not interested in gossip, in the noise of complaints or the fears accompanying the din of the world. Nope, she picks her target, gets super quiet and waits until the perfect moment. Then, because she is laser sharp in her focus and fully trusts the relationship between what she wants and what becomes possible, she always makes her mark. Rarely does the goddess of the hunt miss.

What we focus on manifests and so if we allow our energy to become too fragmented or distracted we will continue to see and notice and eventually attract more of the same in the outer conditions of our world. If we continue to allow ourselves to be scattered in all directions that energy will multiply until we lose our true selves altogether. This is a fact not a theory.

Artemis, in her wise frugality, represents discipline and training and a sharp focus on achieving the energy of your desired outcome. So this week, I’m going to invite you to do something with me. Ready? Ok! The task at hand is to move out of a distracted state and commit to focusing on what is beautiful in your life. What works already? Who could you inspire? Who inspires you? Can you just focus on those things, on gratitude, creativity, loving others, seeing beauty everywhere, in fact looking for it everywhere? And just for one week, one day at a time bringing your focus to your moment, to each breath, slowing down and being in the beauty. If you get distracted or overwhelmed put a pin in whatever it is and say you’ll come back to it at the end of the week. Drama and chaos can wait! Or if you find yourself in the middle of chaos and can’t do that don’t resist it but commit to being in it but not of it, again, looking only for the beauty- there might be some treasure in the experience!

That’s how the energy of Artemis works. You will manifest more of what you focus on and then that will multiply tenfold when you also give that beauty, that energy, that focused attention and compassion to others. Set your boundaries, stay focused on the good this week and watch the miracles manifest!


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  • Deborah Tibbetts-Tumiel

    “Thank You” Purrrrfect message, as always!
    That’s exactly what my plan is for this week…and you know how empathic I am.
    What a wonderful Oracle Palooza & different in every way from last year.
    Love, Blessings, Magic & Thanks, To All Involved For Bringing Our Family Together !!!
    I Love You, Deeply💕

  • Zelda Meyerhoff

    When will this deck be available online app? Also android version of the app? Looking forward to see it in the play store 💚✨

  • elizabeth cardenas

    Thank you Colette .
    I want to tell you thank you to had the opportunity to enjoy the OraclePalooza
    Workshop on San Diego June 6-9 !
    It is as Amazing 🥰

  • Emma

    Thank you for such a beautiful blog. I received an email about this blog and clicked on it. I have been going through some troubled times and I am Wiccan and I love souls energies and Mother Earth. So this inspired me and could not come at a more crucial time in my life. It amazes me that it was artamis because that is exactly who needed. I read people so energies which I find helpful but sometimes harmful it is nice to hear this as we healers sometime she need somebody pick me up and strength to keep going. Thanks again so much for the inspiration to pursue my week . 🤗💛🌻

  • kathleen marye

    thank you! I just returned from watching the movie Dark Phoenix in the movie theater having Artemis reminds me of Jean Gray Go watch the movie it was great.So is always receiving your emails Thank You! Your like your own Superhero Goddess Sometimes saying Thank You means alot because im still looking to do what you do ive had some bumps that are turning my career change so like Artemis my arrow flew through a bush or two knocking into it before my final destination making its mark on the world and you certainly have done that in a good way i wanted to say thankyou ! kathleen

  • Kim hines

    It’s so hard to focus these days with so much in the world to distract us. Social media is my biggest distraction. I am at a point in my life where I try to only see the beauty the world has to offer. I don’t get caught up in the drama even if I don’t agree with it. I have been getting these snippets into my inbox for quite some time now and the is the first time I have actually read and listened to one. I enjoyed it. Thank you. Will definitely be back again.

  • Donatella leigh

    Thank you for your wise advise… I needed to hear your guidance. Donatella.

  • Patricia Stevens

    So excited about FOCUS. The essential oil essence Mugwort is, for me, a personification of Artemis. I’m going to anoint myself right now to beckon FOCUS.
    Thank you, Colette.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette for this week’s guidance and lesson following my third amazing and once again, life-changing OP. Saying a heart-felt “YES” to DreamQuest was such a surprise. Your words ring true from Sunday as I am feeling a shift of creative, colourful clarity and the synchronicities continue. The Power of the Beautiful Goddesses will assist me as I take this next journey.
    Joyful Blessings.

  • Nila (UK)

    Thank you for taking the time to do these weekly blogs and Star & Cards – I am learning so much! Just a note on Artemis! She has been in nearly all my cards this week (I have my own pack) and even as a jumper!. Which has been strange but great and I am trying to focus, but my question is, the cards have been both empowerment and alignment, how do I read that? Also, I sometimes feel like her energy is jus here – do you feel the Goddess with you?

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