Stars & Cards + Your Progressed Moon = Game Changer!

Updated: June 17, 2019

Since this week begins with the full moon in Sagittarius, a big friendly let’s dance together and learn something moon- let’s talk about something you might find interesting and intriguing. Since I started talking about the moon, let’s keep it going. Do you know about something in astrology called the Progressed Moon? It’s a super important piece of your personal Astrological puzzle… that not many know about.

Your Progressed Moon describes the flavor of a specific period of time that lasts about 2.5 years that influences the way you perceive the world and how you react to it. It affects every part of your life – work, relationships, family, etc. It’s like you put on a whole other set of glasses which affects your perception with well, just about everything.

I am amazed that not a lot of people know about this because having this information can be a real game changer!

For example, when your progressed moon is in Cancer you may be more in touch with your emotions and concerned with your inner world. When your progressed moon is in Gemini you’ll probably feel more social and enjoy being around people more than ever! When it’s in Capricorn you feel the urge to get down to business, or in Scorpio you lose all interest in superficial things and go deep, deeper and deeper. Every sign is an invitation to a way of working with the energy of your life and knowing where you are at with it makes things so much easier to navigate.

Learning about my Progressed Moon empowered me to navigate through some challenging times in my own life. This knowledge really prepared me for what was coming and allowed me to enter into this period of my life with grace and dive into the lessons that the Progressed Moon came to help teach me.  Because I knew I was very clear on what I had to process and frankly it made everything magical because I knew how to work with it on purpose.

And the best part is that the knowledge of your Progressed Moon combined with Oracle Cards is like your own personal superpower! It’s an amazing tool to help you navigate your world. The Progressed Moon lets you know what kind of cycle you are in and what you need to be focusing on right now and with the uncanny and accurate guidance of Oracle Cards, you can accelerate progress in your life.

SO if you want to learn how to find out about your own Progressed Moon check out the first video in the Stars & Cards workshop that I co-created with my friend, the amazing Astrologer, Debra Silverman. And you’ll definitely share some laughs with us too…it’s non-stop crazy fun with Deb and me!

After you watch the video, find your Progressed Moon, and pull your cards come back to this post and let me know what you got and your reaction about it in the comments below.

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  • Brenda

    Thank you 🙏 this is an awesome way to simplify this for novice astrology learners like me.
    My moon was Virgo ♍️ 7
    My card was mending
    This is a gentle reminder for me to move through life flowing into my grief and be kind not only to myself but others.
    As I said I’m learning still don’t fully understand it, but these seem to work together.
    Thank you and debra Silverman xx 💋

  • Caroline

    Dear Colette,

    Firstly I have to say how entertaining you and Debra are in your Stars and Cards videos, I’ve watched all 3 and find you both so engaging, knowledgeable and hilarious, what a great double act! What great company you’d both be.
    I’ve checked my Progressed Moon and it’s been in Aries for 22 months…I’m mystified as I don’t feel it fits how I’ve been for the last few years. I have become more introverted when I’m usually extroverted and an absolute passion for the esoteric, a deep desire for knowledge and generally being more of a Hermit, I’m becoming more Piscean than I usually am!
    However one thing that has changed is that although I’m a psychotherapist I feel that I want to train in something lighter with my clients with less depth psychology.
    I’m hoping to pursue your workshops in Stars and Cards which may perhaps discover why I have contradictions in my personal and public life.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Hi Caroline, thank you so much! Yes, you are on the right track, focus on self and wanting to start new things is in alignment with a progressed moon in Aries. I encourage you to keep watching the workshop series!

  • Wendy Ottaway

    My moon is in Libra…I can see some of the aspects but I really feel like I’m still water? The leave me alone be in my room by myself and reflect, relax, heal etc. Why is this?

  • Penny

    I too love your Stars and Cards videos. I followed along and as a Capricorn with my progressive moon in 26 Leon 41′ 22″, found the first card I chose, WHY?, rather confusing. But today after reviewing video 3, I got Regeneration. I’m confused but working thru it, without trying to over-think it…
    Love your enthusiasm and grace, thank you for being you.

  • Maria

    relating to the 4 modules. Can I do it all without knowing my time of birth. In the free web course, you said that I could write 12(noon) and still find the sign. but what about 3rd module where it is which house the sign is in? And is that the house your Progressed Moon is in, it’s all about?

  • Pat Burrows

    Totally loving you and Debra working together! It’s always fun when you two put your energy in the same room. Thank you for this opportunity to dive deeper!
    I’m a Libra with my progressed moon currently 11 months in Aries. I pulled A Leg Up after the first video, which totally makes sense! I am definitely in a period of diving in to see what makes me tick and how I can be of service, and learning that in order to grow and evolve, I need Spirit, my Tribe and my Mentor’s help, as it is such a co-creative process. I’m really looking forward to this deeper exploration. Ever so grateful for the “Leg Up”! THANK YOU!

  • Nikki Keraus

    I loved seeing you in Toronto and find that your style of teaching meshes well with my style of learning. I’m really looking forward to Stars and Cards as something I can offer to my Reiki students and clients that can help them go through the progressed moon cycles with more assurance. Thanks to you and Debra for putting this workshop together.

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