Set Yourself Free with Love and Forgiveness!

Updated: July 8, 2019

The overall theme that the cards reveal this week in the Weekly Oracle Card Guidance and Lesson is forgiveness. Who or what do you need to forgive?

I know forgiveness may seem like one of those intangible ideals that’s just out of reach or a waste of time. But, it’s not. You can make the choice to forgive. And by taking that decision, you not only move forward on your path, but you also open the door to Spirit’s messages.

Resentment, anger, shame, and regret all keep you focused on the past and block you from accessing the realm of connection. In addition to robbing you of the present, lack of forgiveness feeds your ego mind, your Goblin, and keeps you in a “Me Bubble.” Forgiveness is one of the greatest keys to strengthening your intuition and making positive changes in your life.

I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for forgiveness. After years of abusive relationships, drinking, and trying to numb my pain, I had a spiritual epiphany in which I realized that I had to forgive if I wanted to move forward. Through giving up the need to be hurt and to hate, I’ve been able to finally have the amazing, healthy relationship I’d always wanted. 

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. It involves releasing yourself from anger and pain and choosing to live in the present rather than the past. You don’t have to forget whatever happened, but you do need to release the emotions and move on. Forgiveness doesn’t happen on its own, you must choose to forgive. And, you need to release yourself from being the hostage to your story of being a victim. 

If you’re not sure what you might need to forgive, look at the repeating patterns in your life. When you don’t forgive, the same hurts find ways of showing up again and again. If you still feel like you’re a victim of something, you remain attached to that experience and it becomes part of your identity. You can rise above the pain and see that everything has a purpose for rich lessons. When you accept life as perfect the way it is, intuition shows you the way and you’re able to fully immerse yourself in life.

This week, take some to journal about forgiveness. Who do you feel you need to forgive? What would it be like to forgive these people? What’s it going to take on your part to forgive them? Remember, forgiveness is a choice you make to let go of resentment. It doesn’t mean you’re denying the other person’s responsibility or justifying the wrong.

You also may need to forgive yourself. In what ways have you caused wrongs to yourself or others? Do you need to make amends with anyone? Do you need to make amends to yourself?

How has forgiveness impacted your life? Please comment and share your stories to help inspire other readers. I can tell you first hand that Forgiveness is the key to set yourself free. Just do it, you will be so glad you did!


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  • Babs

    What a fun, wonderful post!! Your baby girl is adorable, thanks for the glimpse into your world. That crystal behind you is Gorgeous, wow! I would greatly appreciate the link for the Ho’oponopono prayer mentioned in the video. I’m not seeing it. Thanks for all you do,

    P.S. Just signed up for Stars and Cards course, super excited!!

  • Paris Wixon

    Love the Oracle Lesson for this week! I know I need to take it to heart ~ Thank you Colette, you are so down to Earth and real ~ you make it fun! Love Love the Puppy!!!

  • Deborah Tibbetts-Tumiel

    One of the lessons I wanted to teach my two children, was about forgiveness.
    As a parent there are days you are exhausted, stressed, over loaded in every way & sometimes you have days when your kids press your buttons or not, you will over react…ie. Yell & take it out on them. When I had calmed down & realized the situation was really all about me & not them, I made sure I went & said I was sorry, apologized & asked for their forgiveness & explained that parents don’t come w/ a manual on how to be one & we are human & make mistakes, too. And I wanted them to also learn, that all humans make unconscious mistakes & it is okay to do so. However, when you do, you need to apologize & ask for forgiveness for your shortcomings….it also brings conscious awareness to yourself of the act & you will find it happens less.
    We are all Spiritual Beings, having a human experience.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      This is so insightful. Thank you for sharing! Big hugs to you!

    • Deb

      Excellent advise and relational practice, Deborah! 🙂

  • Eileen Spampinato

    So glad for this message, because it’s so easy for me to fall back into the old pattern of anger, resentment, and hostility when I think of a past relationship that caused me so much pain. I have to reaffirm that I forgive this person, and myself, and stop replaying the same hurtful tape over and over again in my head!

  • Cynthia Ryan

    Thankyou lovely Lady for your love& guidance
    You rock my world Angel ,thankyou, thankyou, thankyou
    Thankyou for always keeping it real ,loving your furbabies
    Bless you 😇🙏❤

  • Katie Maniaci

    Resentment takes a lot of energy. Since I forgave a few people for things that happened years ago, I find that I actually feel better physically.

  • Stephanie

    What was the prayer you mentioned on the card video this week?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Hi Stephanie, it’s called the Ho’oponopono prayer. I recommend checking out Dr. Joe Vitale’s book, Zero Limits, if you’d like to learn more about the Ho’oponopono prayer:

  • Patricia Stevens

    Such a fun reading video! Thank you.

    Such a fun reading/video. Thank you!

  • Jenni

    Thank Colette, what a Divine timing. I just was offered an experience so I can follow these steps and I was hurt but now it feels like a gift, I can set something free in me! ❤️❤️

    • Anonymous

      Hi. I found the forgiveness prayer called ho’oponopono in Hawaiian that College referred to easily by searching for it and adding that it was by Joe Vitale on YouTube.

  • Anonymous

    Thank your reminding us the importance of FORGIVENESS! you are sharing your intimacy with such authenticity and love. The garden, the dogs the coffee, your Home and husband’s whispers all is GOOD. Your rhythm, you energy are changing Colette and it feels so so GOOD. From Cancer to Cancer LOVE.

  • Lisa

    Wonderful blog, as always .. thank you Colette. Loved the weekly guidance and lesson too. xox .. Ho’oponopono and your cards have both become tools I use to set myself free and to feel empowered.

  • Joshua P.

    This week’s reading was exactly what I needed. I can attest that my intuition has been suffering for a while now due to a lack of forgiveness. I’ve been journaling about it and slowly letting it go. Yesterday, I decided to forgive and allow myself to be free. I also pulled a card from the Green Witch tarot and it was The Lord of the Shadows. Fully attesting that I need to step out of the shadow and into the light, remove obstructions, and create positive changes.

  • Cheryl

    Love this video and your adapting to the situation! Thanks also for the suggestion of the forgiveness prayer and actively looking for places to apply this. So much love and gratefulness for you! 💞🙏🏻

  • Sharon Hiebert

    Hi Colette.

    Thank you for this guidance and reminder. I know from personal experience that FORGIVENESS of self and others is really the first step on the path to deep personal contentment and succeeding at a joyful, abundant life!


  • Connie A Roberson

    Thank you so much, This is exactly what I needed to hear right now! Amazeballs

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;
    Love this Mark Twain quote; ” Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it”. I can recall when I was struck by a jeep, it was many years ago. Many people suggested that I sue the driver, but I didn’t take
    that route. I did however send him a note to let him know that his insurance
    company was taking care of all of my needs. I said that no decision had been made; and no doors had been closed. Although the healing process
    was a painstaking, uphill climb; I knew that he at least had the integrity to remain at the scene until the ambulance arrived. He apologized , and as bizarre as it might sound; I stepped into the vehicle to wait with him until the
    ambulance came. I wondered after the fact if that decision was wise; but somehow I felt so safe, and in a place of the most indescribable love that the
    emotional wounds had to be suspended until such a time when I could make the best decision. I can acknowledge that it must have been equally terrifying to hit another person with your vehicle. I tried to see that he was human. It was the most impacting example in my life about how one moment can do irreparable damage. I would not have become who I am today; without that experience. It was life-transforming in so many ways.

  • Virginia

    Thank you Colette! I enjoy your readings. I had a heart attack June 10th and I am recuperating and I have missed some of your readings but I’m looking forward to not missing anymore.

    • Brenda

      Sending you strength as you recover 💜

  • Francesca

    Divinely timed! So today was going to be a day for me to do some internal work. I’ve been holding on to anger for quite some time now, not even realizing that I was! As I’m sitting here journaling and reflecting I took a break and I saw this article that only reinforces the power of forgiveness. Such an epiphany moment for me right now and the synchronicities since I started journaling have been amazing! Thanks for the reminder Colette 💖

  • Susan


    Thank you for all your help with putting us on the path to love. I love your babies, what a special family you have.

    Love Susan

  • Laurie Jones

    Oh Colette!! You and Debra are so spot on this week about family relationships-all four of us listened to it as you both (separate readings) told our story this week. You could have heard a pin drop. We are in the midst of a long term family crisis we hope to resolve this time for the betterment of us ALL-FINALLY! You both made us look at this and want to really heal it this time-you trippy chick! Love your home and pup!

  • Sharon Bech

    Thanks Colette so much truth in this reading and a great reminder to us all…LOVE is the way ❤
    Thank you also for sharing your home & family, gives a sense of real connection 😘

  • Kathryn

    The lesson of forgiveness is always a timely one. There are many things about myself I need to forgive & it seems to be a process. I also need to forgive others too. Just reading an excerpt out of the book Zero Limits made me realize that we always need to forgive ourselves first to help others feel better. I was able to finally wrap or warp my mind around this concept. I think a huge part of that has been the past months I’ve spent in OS. I feel an opening beginning to happen & I thought that would never be. I am so much more at peace, accepting & surrendering from using & connecting to the oracle cards & their divine messages. Thank you Colette & all those that support you in your work.

  • Brenda

    You’ve done it again, you can’t make this shit up that’s for sure.
    Forgiveness And Goblins
    Big massive week with my 37 year old daughter, who absolutely shattered my soul, (egos at loggerheads) oh boy!
    Her opinion was so hurtful I felt I had the need to defend myself and I did, with no one winning, only lots of tears.
    As I ponder on this time over the last few days.
    I realised hers was learnt behaviour, I never taught her to respect me, I was to busy trying to protect her from hurt of divorce, at her precious age of 8 HONESTLY thought that was my role!
    Firstly I forgive myself for that as I only had one set of tools at the time to work with.
    Secondly I forgive her, not because she was in the right ( this has no place for moving forward) but I need to let it go!
    she is an adult and has her own goblins to deal with a husband and life.
    100% the pain she poured on me was her pain, even if she can’t admit it, and my response was not acceptable.
    I love my family maybe way to much
    Now I’m doing the same with my grandkids, it’s time to be the Nanna I deserve to be for them.
    You are so real Colette I feel so grateful for the very first oracle guidance and lesson that was shared on Facebook by my dear friend, who once was your student also!
    She introduced me to you and another way of dealing with our life’s triumphs and tribulations.
    Mercury retrograde In Cancer wow explains a lot.
    I’m now going to take your cards and pull my own to move through this 24 hours. Thank you for your relaxed environment and your adorable Puppy 🐶 to share your wisdom bless you 🦋🔮🙏

  • Carolyn

    I turn on your video today and am singing your song at top volume “I’ve seen the future” and find no song! How mercury retrograde is that?
    LOVE that you have invited us into your home and introduced us to your love fluff doggies! You are just like the way love works always changing for the better and growing deeper and deeper. Thank you for such a perfectly timed reading, I’m on it.
    I do miss your songs, please sing for us again.
    Love and big hugs!

  • Marilyn

    Forgiveness! It is really at the core of our being and without forgiveness we stay in resentment and that’s not a good place to be. I’ve had to learn to forgive a Child of Mine. I’ve had to learn to forgive myself. I’ve had to learn to forgive experiences that have been part of my life. In act 3 it’s amazing how you start looking back and realizing how unimportant so many of the things you thought were important weren’t.. peacefulness comes with forgiving. Thanks Colette

  • Deb

    Perfect timing , Collette! Just this week I’ve been dealing with a lot of bad feelings towards yet another cat ‘owner’ who is (supposedly?) going to do something highly detrimental to one of their cats, and by extension, to me, since he and I are close buddies. Been having a very hard time on this forgiveness front, as it’s also a big rodeo week where I live (meaning, much animal abuse), so I really needed your timely reminder on the Ho’oponopono practice! I might just need Joe’s book now…

  • Lynn Marie

    I probably need to forgive my dad, I don’t know if I can. I wish we had a better relationship, but he’s not going to change and I’m done trying to change for him. He’s in his mid 70s and not in great health, he sits and smokes a lot. I don’t know how to connect with him. I really appreciate this blog, such wisdom, thanks Colette!!!☺

  • Pat

    Thank you…this reading was very powerful for me this week. I had still been stuck in a lot of anger…so the messages about your goblin and what do you need to clean up help me to face it again and deal with it. After you mentioned ho’oponopono…I found my Zero Limits book and started re-reading it again and practicing the prayer. I also did some powerful EFT sessions from the 2019 Tapping summit about making peace with the past and dealing with anger. I am in a much better space now…just wanted to share that – thanks so much!

  • Icy Sedgwick

    I’ve been doing a lot of Shadow Work (hooray for Jung) lately and I find that when I forgive someone else, it’s because I’m forgiving myself for whatever I’m projecting onto them. So even if I think what THEY did was unforgiveable, I can take them out of the equation and forgive that part of myself that would potentially have done the same thing (my ego just likes to pretend it wouldn’t!)

    • Kate

      Icy, this is a wonderful & helpful insight — thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Sage

    I did my own reading for this week with the Goddess Power oracle. It said I have to let go of my feelings to a certain alliance in order to shine and be able to focus on what I want. This blog is fitting for me as well. I need to let go of my attachment to wanting my family members to want for me what I want, and believe in myself. I don’t need their full support to love them or change directions in my own life.

    Forgiveness is always important, but I haven’t been practicing it lately. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Kate

    Colette — Don’t think you can bring Coco on anymore because once you began holding her I could not hear a single word you said after that, haha!
    Your baby girl is so incredibly beautiful she’s mesmerizing! I showed this video to my teen daughter and she must’ve said 10 times, “I love CoCo!” … I’ll try watching again to get the message but I kinda think the same thing will happen 🙂
    Much love,

  • Lisa

    Your cards have been SO SPOT ON for me recently! I’ve been struggling the last 3 weeks with the fact that two of my friends of 20+ years (one male, one female) have stopped talking to me, the probable reason being that alcoholism over the last 6ish years has slowly turned me into being a neglectful, unreliable friend, despite all my attempts at various kinds of treatment (rehab for 2 months, detox, meetings, sponsor, etc.). I think my last relapse that lasted about a week was the final undoing of these relationships, as I withdrew from my girlfriend and was horrible to my guy friend for literally the first time ever when he walked in on me mid-relapse (I’m renting a room from him right now). I immediately tried to make amends but it’s 3 weeks later and it seems they aren’t willing to forgive me, or maybe they just don’t know what to do or say. I’ve been feeling very abandoned, sad, angry, bitter, sorry for myself, etc, because I’ve been there for them through thick and thin for 20+ years, and it feels like none of that counts for anything right now. I know that’s being dramatic but it’s just honestly how I feel. Hello Wounded Ego. LOL. I keep telling myself that they probably feel abandoned and disappointed as well, because things just aren’t “like they used to be.” On the bright side, I haven’t let any of this trigger me to drink. In fact, I think it’s been fuel for me to step up my game in life, because I know what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it. So I’ve prayed a LOT, used my Tarot and Orracle cards a LOT, cried a LOT, listened to inspirational audiobooks, meditated, cleansed, gone to more meetings, practiced other self-care, etc. A new job that pays more than I’ve ever been paid before literally just fell into my lap, and so many synchronicities have been happening… It’s an amazing world! And my friends know nothing about any of it, which makes me sad. I know the first person I need to unconditionally love and forgive is myself, but I’m projecting onto my friends. I have this rock in the pit of my stomach and I worry that even if they do try to talk to me again at some point, all the hurt and upset will come out as meanness that they don’t deserve. I still have difficulty with setting and keeping boundaries, and I’ve been wondering for years whether these particular relationships are even good for me, or for them, to be honest. Is that just my Wounded Ego talking? Or Mercury Retrograde? Or being in Cancer? LOL. So for now I’m just letting them have their space, and I guess that gives me time to work on figuring out my own needs and the love and forgiveness that will be so important if and when a conversation with either of them happens. *shrug* Thanks for reading. 😊

  • Lisa

    Colette, I love your posts. So inspirational! I feel very ready to let go of past trauma surrounding my abusive mother (who tells people I am making the whole thing up, ugh), but just not sure HOW to let go of the resentment over being violated and then invalidated on top of that. I would be so grateful for any tips and guidance on how to forgive in these types of situations, to free up that old energy so I can enjoy life in the here and now. Thank you so much!

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