You Are Blessed!

Updated: July 22, 2019

When you meditate do you know that if you focus on gratitude everything in your life changes for the better? Today, my brain was on the fried and crunchy side. I was feeling a lot of resistance to a situation that is turning out to be different than I wanted and so was feeling frustrated. To top it off I left my blog to the last minute. I’m not always “on” when it’s time to write a blog and so I needed help and fast. I know this works 1000% so I meditated, tuned into Spirit, held my heart for 10 minutes, and allowed gratitude to permeate my whole body, breathing deeply. Then I knew I should choose an Oracle Card from my Oracle Card deck “Wisdom of the Oracle” for a message. I would write about it if it felt right. 

Every time you approach an Oracle for wisdom and guidance you automatically tune into synchronicity and the flow of what’s most needed to be in coherence with Spirit, and in alignment with the highest good. So I prayed for what I needed to write in this blog and asked for a subject to focus on for “the highest good” for everyone who reads this, then I shuffled and chose a card.

You know, even though I was called to bring this Oracle Card deck to life even I forget sometimes how uncanny it is when you ask the question, “What overarching message do we need to know to live our best lives now?” And then get a powerful answer.

The card that I chose is called Blessing, or rather it chose us.

“There are moments in life when, out of the blue, it seems that everything has been orchestrated by Divine intervention. You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express. It’s as if the Red Sea parts in front of you and events come together to banish your troubles easily and naturally. You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are. This is one of those times. Blessings are everywhere. Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.”

Do you remember a time when you were convinced that things couldn’t get any worse and all of a sudden after pounding on doors, and wailing and catastrophizing, running on empty from the anguish of unfulfilled ambitions you just surrendered? Remember when you couldn’t go any further like that so you just had to radically look at things as they were, maybe even walk away from what you so badly desired, hanging your head in defeat, or maybe just from sheer exhaustion and then new doors swung open to show you the way to higher ground, to your true desires and to your freedom? And when that happened, sometimes subtle and sometimes “billboard-like” signs showed up to nudge you. You just knew something beyond your human limits was present as a witness to your life.

In that moment the blessing of grace feels like an unmerited gift because of your sense of humility and not coming from a sense of entitlement – the kind of “ deserving” the oracle suggests that comes from the small self’s need to be separate and special, where getting what you work for comes from ambition rather than embodiment.

Letting go the idea “If I do this I am entitled to get that” is about making a shift from bargaining to a sense of beingness. I know what it’s like to want what I want the way I want it but need to surrender to the blessing of what is.

We don’t need to work for this, we just need to stay plugged into Spirit, not striving for an end result or fixating on a specific destination, or trying to open doors that are not ours to open. How often do you stand in front of those doors angry that they won’t open, or feeling like no door will ever open for you? 

What is yours cannot be withheld from you. But the humility is trusting that you have a unique purpose, a unique note in the symphony of life and when you are able to remember that, and follow the obvious and subtle cues life becomes all of itself, and you’re able to see all of it as the true soul’s journey where joy and freedom are sometimes accompanied by their shadowy cousins – suffering and loss, faith and fear, trust and betrayal.

The soul craves experience. The journey isn’t a straight line.

I wish the human condition wasn’t so complicated with all the being awake and then falling asleep again, then waking up and falling back asleep at the wheel of life in such quick succession.

You and me were born blessed. Original Blessing (as theologian Matthew Fox suggests) is what I believe wholeheartedly that our greatest misstep is to see ourselves as separate from the Divine. The Great Forgetting is being revealed now in so many places- especially within us.

But so are miracles.

Your “red sea parting” could be like my friend Doug whose apartment is in a busy city, and its winter but a rare hummingbird flies right up to his window hovering until he notices it and delivers the exact metaphoric message he needed right then and there. Maybe yours is a song on the radio when you’re exhausted and you hear “Jesus Take The Wheel”, maybe it’s when you are meditating and a giant angel shows up to let you know you are on the right track, or maybe the phone rings just when you’re thinking of your deceased Dad and asking him advice in your head. Or maybe it’s like what happened to me when I got sober 31 years ago and I hit bottom and had a spiritual awakening and then all the right people came into my life to help me like earth angels waiting for me to smarten up and get with my purpose.

And so here I am.

But the divine spark that is within us… It’s really a pilot light that needs one teeny weeny flame of hope to light it. And Love, and gratitude for even in chaos there is great creativity. Gratitude then becomes the abracadabra to turn on all the lights so we can see in the dark and trust what is in front of us even if it’s different than what you thought you wanted.

When you remember that you have the spark of the divine within you – that is your magic- that is your connection to Source that is everywhere and in everyone- humans and the natural world alike. We are surrounded by and are a part of living within a Divine Matrix of living Light and energy that we have a responsibility to co-create with.

And so… as my Oracle Card suggests ….. Are we not Blessed?

I think so.

Love to hear your blessing stories.

Loving you always and forever.


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  • Andrea Keener

    Blessed. Always. Going within when I forget this. Great message here Colette!

    • Brenda

      Thank you for your guidance today this message placed me into my heart space and i remembered i am one with the universe and the Devine, wishing you many wonderful Blessings. Thank you and Nameste’🙏

    • Kimberly

      Thank you for all that you share! I so appreciate your generosity and teachings.

    • Anonymous


  • Colette

    This was perfection. Had a rough time last week and just surrendered. Everything worked out! Your line about asking your “deceased dad for advice” gave me goosebumps as this morning, before waking, I dreamt I was with my dad asking him for advice. A rarity, to say the least, but for you to mention it – synchronicity!!! From one Colette to another – I appreciate you.

    • Connie

      Thank you Colette, What a perfect message for today. Going for my needed meditation right now🙏

  • Nila (UK)

    I am blessed to have found you and your work! Thank you! You’re (so-called) last-minute blog was beautiful and resonated with me at every level. My wise 10-year-old this morning, told me to “ thankful & be blessed for, – just the now” my little blessing. I am blessed and will keep working hard on my intentions, with the divine as my partner, but let go of any attachments to the outcome! Thank you again!

  • Beth

    I am grateful for this message this morning. As I sit in the hospital waiting to learn whether my only daughter has cancer, I realize how much I have at this exact moment. Love, happiness and peace. I have a wonderful daughter and no matter how long or short our time is together on this earth, I know we will always be connected. She is more than a daughter and I am lucky to be her Mom and friend. As I sit here I pray that she is okay and healthy with a long life ahead. I remind God that I am honoring my promise to be the person I am meant to be and pray that he allows my daughter the chance to be as well. Many thanks for the perfect timing of this message. With love

    • Vicki Hicks

      Thank you, so poignant.

  • Sandra Trotter

    How do I subscribe?

  • Eva Makstutis

    I love the line: “…surrender to the blessing of what is”
    It’s a powerful reminder that resistance to what is creates the negative response to the situation. Shifting to higher ground and higher vibration is key to trusting that everything is always working out no matter what. I find what works is awareness of my slide to the tunnel with no cheese. If I can get ahead of it by changing my focus, I can better surrender to the blessing of what is. Many have said “you get what you think about.” Those fearful thoughts are accompanied by powerful feelings that override or overwhelm me. When I remember to “get on my bird” or remove myself – step back – I can begin the shift to surrender to the blessing of what is and stop the momentum of craziness.
    Just chill – take a nap – take a walk – I am BLESSED.
    Thanks, Colette for your timely share!

  • Linda Steckmyer

    love the story! one line really stood out for me, “we can’t serve if people can’t see us”. wow. what am I afraid of that keeps me from shining my light???? thanks Colette! you always inspire me to dig deeper, keep open to change and keep doing, I am so blessed!

  • Maria Ramirez

    Thank you for sharing this message. Sometimes life gets in the way upsetting the scale of Gratitude and it’s good to know a thought of Divine calmness can restore the balance through meditation. 🙏

  • Karen L McKee

    Dear Colette:
    A few years ago I experienced Blessings , Angels Orbs you name it. It was an Amazing experience. Now that I have lost my parents, my pets in another country I recently purchased a home and the same day and lost my job. And you never give up or quit. It just seems they are harder or further to reach or be reached
    I get many signs and still get blessed everyday. I just do not understand the signs 🙁 I feel I’m missing the boat.

    I m very grateful at all times of the day as night I am missing something. I know is in front of me. I just can’t see it
    Your blog and your lessons give a lot of insight
    Still, I feel a bit lost and sad I miss my parents as I was the closest to them …
    I don’t see the orbs anymore either
    Hugs and Blessings Love and Light 🦋

  • Sae

    We had a major plumbing issue happened in our NYC apartment, entire apartment flooded with the water from toilet…
    ( one of the reason could be affected by recent blackout or 6 planets retrograding or etc…) People worked hard to suck the water till after midnight… As I was cleaning whole apartment ( walls, floor, everything….) I had noticed, was thanking universe, people who were working on, spirits, to give this opportunity to clean entire apartment, having gratitude to each person who got involved…. Then… Not only It had solved, the issue we previously had which no one could fix was resolved! I felt in my heart & entire body the power of gratitude. Thank you Colette! 💜🙏💜

  • Linda

    Thank you Colette,
    Divinely timed! I am just starting to speak with groups about my journey overcoming an autoimmune disease known as MS. The title of my talk: From MS to greatly Blessed. As I am just starting out, the Universe asks with experiential situations, Are you sure? I Am! And Am finding blessings in the chaos, in the ‘change in the wind’ that has insured. I keep chopping wood/carrying water feeling so Greatly Blessed!

    And today, I needed this Oracle card & Blog reminder ~ thank you for listening to Spirit’s message and articulating it so beautifully.

  • Holly

    Thank you

  • Rosemary Byrne

    Almost simultaneously this morning I switched on my phone and saw your email titled You Are Blessed and I saw the time was 11:11. I knew your message was important for me to read because the last few days I have been focusing my attentions to gratitude a few times a day. Last night I started reading a book that I bought years ago “Scattered Minds” by Gabor Mate MD, and I had the biggest awakening. This book offered me a very real understanding of my own ADD, how it’s impacted me, but more importantly given me hope for the future. I was laughing while I was reading the book because his descriptions are so spot on I feel joy at understanding myself better and joy at knowing that my ADD isnt a life sentence but a gift. I will learn learn how to heal my life…I have many earth angels like Colette and divine partners helping me. Thank you🌼❤

  • Moriah

    Wow this was right on time. I’m currently in a place in life where I’m in desperate need of a “Red Sea parting” miracle. A month or so ago while I was sitting in front of my patio door meditating and sunbathing a hummingbird came right in front of the door hovered and stared at me as soon as I went to pick up my camera to record it flew off! Like I said this was a while ago yet nothing in my situation has changed. Today I’m going to focus on all the things I have to be grateful for and I desperately pray God opens doors for me today. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge Colette!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! This is an amazing message fir me today! I drew the same card today and was feeling truly BLESSED to receive it, especially seeing as I had experienced some ‘foot in mouth’ the day before.
    Thank you for sharing , it really brought some clarity 😊

  • Christy Moore

    This post + the Weekly Reading felt unifying and like an answered prayer / intention. There’s something I wanted to pursue but energetically its like pushing a boulder up hill. As I’ve been contemplating another way to go, I keep feeling more settled in my Spirit. Perhaps the more aligned spark I’m sensing is here to enlighten me literally so that I can see and turn towards a new Light. Thank You Colette 💜

  • Terry

    So beautiful, Colette.✨ Your blogs always sound just like you! Your wisdom and quirky way of illuminating a subject always feel juuuust right. Thanks for your realness too! I’m not always “on” either. (blazing understatement, ha!)
    Love to you dear one. 💛

  • Deborah Saunders

    Thanks for the message. This is exactly what I need. Sometimes I feel forgotten and that the world is moving without me. Feeling lost and thinking about what is next but I still don’t know. I started to meditate and there is a lot of noise in my head that needs to be tuned down and focus with Spirit as my guide.
    Thanks Colette

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your encouragement

  • Joan Crook

    … or maybe it’s when I get up in the morning feeling depressed and unenthusiastic about the day and then I read a blog from Collette and am reminded I am Blessed and zoom back into my Spirit! Many Thanks!!!

  • Stephanie

    Wow! What a synchronicity. Last night I asked my angels…What lesson am I supposed to be learning from this super annoying situation?…and now I have the answer. Big lesson in surrendering and feeling blessed for what is. Thank you dear one for the insight

  • Tammie Kruse

    Love both of these decks, the readings are always spot on. Great cards at this moment with things happening in my life. Trying to just go with the flow. (Hawk),

  • Andrea

    Thank you for this message on today! This morning was SO full of distractions, pulling me in closer to the well of negativity and doubt! So, I reached out to a dear friend and asked her to pray for me. Her response was “of course” but her gentle reminder to me was what helped me to remember how “blessed” I am! She said “Don’t dwell on those things that you cannot control! Focus on what you can control & remember how far God has brought you and how “blessed” you are”!
    Well, her words brought me back to my place of being grateful. Grateful for SO many things (I asked for the opportunity to work from home/I work from home now) but at this moment, grateful for a wonderful friend!
    So…this message from the Oracle is on time for me as it is for you!
    Abundant Blessings to you!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette,
    Thank you very much for this article of your blog. I appreciate it.

  • Anonymous

    Some years ago I was sent by a cat rescue group that I volunteered for to pick up a pregnant feral cat. They wanted to spay her before she gave birth. Long story short. I found the cat VERY pregnant. I told her caregiver that I could not do this thing because she was just too far along. Her caregiver cried because she didn’t want to either. We got mom inside. She had her kittens the very next day. When I left that ladies house, I was angry and crying and saying some not so nice things to the universe amongst which was ” you need to tell me what the h*’ll I’m supposed to be doing because I can’t do this. I need a sign and it better be a really big one cuz you know I can’t see the little ones.” As I got on the freeway ramp at the top of the ramp there was a huge billboard. All it said was HELLO KITTY HEALER. Oh yes indeed I pulled over and stared at it for at least 10 minutes. What the heck does this even mean to anyone on this super busy freeway but me?? Took a picture. Went home. Never since then have I ever spayed another pregnant mom cat or allowed it to happen if I could stop it.

  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you Colette;
    I appreciate your insightful and transparently honest blogs. I always look forward to reading them and hopefully share something that will be useful.
    Grateful to always be learning, to not know the answers, sometimes to not
    even know what the questions are. Lately I have been reflecting about into
    what form can the threads of my life journey can be woven to serve a higher
    purpose? Gratefully I do have a day job so I am fortunate and choose to live a debt-free lifestyle. About 2 1/2 years since opening this new door. It isn’t easy
    street being a part of an emerging business. Nonetheless, I am grateful. I just
    feel that there is so much more inside that remains untapped, and as I wait while the next step, door is revealed; it isn’t simple just being. I do believe and trust the higher order and divine timing. But, ” Patience Spirit” but hurry!!!
    I know that Spirit has a much better plan than the one(s) I have tried to create on my own. Surrender, Yes indeed. Turn my will and my life over to the ” care” of Spirit as I understand Spirit, Praying ONLY for knowledge of spirit’s plan and the power (willingness) to carry it out. Not MINE but Thine. In the meantime I will continue to have faith that something important is being worked out even I I don’t understand the how, why? Why Not?? Remember Gertrude Stein’s wise words. ” If we knew everything beforehand; it would be called dictation, rather than creation. Oh Sole Mio!!!! Much Love

  • Jennifer Wentzlaff

    Love this! Thank you so much this resonates so deeply right now!! xo

  • Mary

    Perfect timing !I am retired and have gone back to school.Everytime I start thibking I an too old Spirit does something to keel me moving fjrward .Sometimes it us as simple as a phone call or reading your blog so thank you ..I just had one if those times last week.❤💚

  • LynneMason

    Thank you for this week’s blog. Just recently “selected” the blessings card in my personal reading. Really resonates with me how we are all interconnected via the invisible thread even though we may be in different parts of the world. Love and blessings from the Great Sothern Land 💖🍉

  • Karen

    I am just starting to get it .. surrendering, getting out of my own way and allowing. Feeling angry and upset things aren’t the way I want them to be. This was so helpful thank you Collette❤️

  • Beth

    I love your readings with multiple decks and you have a very lovely back yard…thanks for sharing with us.

  • Charon

    I was in life’s ”’birthing-room called sadness”’ and recognized my cheerfulness-way disguised feelings I didn’t want to know!! As revelations & insights appeared I was truly wondering about the 4 w’s when a SVU pulled in front of me … and his license read ””’ Just Live””’. I laughed and laughed and laughed … and still am these many hours later.

  • Aneesah

    Last week, I had an epiphany. I realised that my son is a blessing. I wrote a thank you note, several on post-its. (I live alone). Dear Marcus, Thank you for being a blessing. This created remarkable synchronicities in my life. One aha led to another. I was blessed with the realization that I am a blessing. This grew into how I am a blessing to all and I received confirmation from all fronts. Yesterday, I created a ritual: Hand on heart: “I am a blessing beyond measure!” So how delighted am I to receive this magnificent blessing from you Colette! Thank you! Ps. as a writer, I also have PowerTools, including gratitude in my powerup time to be able to resonate with the frequency I want my readers to pick up on, in my writing. Reading your story of how you prepared to write this article, resonates deeply with me.

  • Gordana Isailovic

    You are just amazing. I cried watching your video today. I always have messages right on time or the moment like you just explained in your blog, I have a deal with my angels, when I am asking for guidance and I ask and respond in my head while I am driving, I always ask them to give me a sign if this is what I need to focus on, well sure enough out of the blue “really is not for the ones that believe” the song that we agree on that the angels and I have a deal on plays on the radio, the song is Angel from Shaggy, they know this song just lift my spirit, happened to me so many times that I just look at the sky and say thank you. yesterday after a long day my husband and I when to have a coffee but also was July 22 my parents wedding anniversary both are in heaven and they loved each other so much, of course I always remember this special day. So sitting outside having coffee, a bird and actually not only a bird, a bird that have a connection with my father growing up in Belgrade because he always told us that this kind of bird would come to his window on Winter time. well this little bird came to me so close that blew my mind away, I could not understand why this bird in the wild would just approach Me? I was just to tired to think, then of course my dad thought oh she did not get this message, reading your blog was when I realised that was him, I should have known tis better because I have this experience, but my mind was blocked, reading your blog today made me cry but of happiness, my dad visits me on my left side , when I talk about him he leave me a coin on my left side, my mother visit me on the right side, I AM LEFT HANDED by the way. On my strong side my father visits me . on my soft side my mother. I was guided to sit and read your blog in order to say ohhhhhh this is what it was that little bird coming to me so close and so strange, even my husband said ohh this is too close I am wondering why?, my husband also get messages from his parents, specially his mother. Love and light to you Colette and your family and animals.

  • Jeanette

    I saw you many years ago in Philadelphia,PA and was very impressed with your sincerity but as I watched today from TN where I have relocated , you have evolved into a magnificent goddess. Bless you

  • Danielle

    You are a beautiful Goddess. : ) Thank you for your message today. I needed to listen to this. It puts me right back on track, reminds me of who I used to be. Somehow, I lost my way looking at myself through someone else’s eyes, someone who doesn’t quite share a similar perspective as mine. “If you are in partnership with the Divine, you have purpose”, as you say. I guess I took a detour in my life and ended up spending time studying mankind’s tendency to trust Ego over Spirit. It was an unfamiliar concept to me… Now, I understand better why people struggle so much. So… what’s next? lol I might just go ahead and choose some cards for myself. Thank you so much, Colette!! Loved this video. : ) Love you, too!! X : )

  • Charles Pack

    Some of my favorite affirmations from “The Game of Life and how to play it”
    I am divinely led, I follow the right fork in the road. God makes a
    way where there is no way.

    “My supply comes from God, and big happy financial surprises now
    come to me, under grace, in perfect ways.”

    The waters of my Red Sea part, and I pass over on dry land, I now go
    forward into my Promised Land.

    The ground I am on is holy ground. I now expand rapidly into the
    divine plan of my life, where all conditions are permanently perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Reading this was the miracle I needed today. Badly. Hands over heart, grateful!!!

  • Patty

    Love you Colette!!! Love your teeth!!!

  • Dolores

    Talk about synchronicity. A friend who I had not heard from in a while sent me a note tonight titled “Life is about being grateful”. Then I read your blog “You Are Blessed”. I needed to be reminded of all I have. Things have been difficult but every day I thank God for getting me through another day and pray that God’s will, not mine, be done. Thank you Colette.

  • Shelley

    Dearest Colette
    Thank you for this beautiful blog that you offer us freely each week. That and all that you create are blessings in my life.
    When I first laid eyes on my future husband, the George Harrison song ” my Sweet Lord” was playing on the radio .
    It took of few more years of a chaotic relationship That i was in at the time to discover that my life mate was right there under my nose all along, among my circle of friends. When that became clear I was given a LOT of very obvious signs. My husband, my Bear, has stood beside my through thick and thin for 43 years with many more to come. He is a blessing to me.
    Same thing when I entered sobriety- I know I had prayed for help and I got it in the smoothest, easiest way I’ve ever heard of. I felt and feel SO blessed. When I sought my “life’s purpose” work the méssages and guidance I asked for and received was SO clear that it took about two years for me to go ” DUH!” And to put together the pieces of a could-not -be -ignored call. I know because I tried and simply couldn’t . It seemed too good to be true. Over the years, I’ve found my firstborn child whom I’d had to rélinquish to adoption as a young teen- and this, against all odds because it was an out of country adoption. I have the huge blessing of knowing my firstborn and knowing about his life. This journey of reconnection was surround with blessing after blessing.
    Imagine too, after my silent inner prayer to find a spiritual teacher and community that I stumbled across ” Messages from Spirit” on TV in a hotel room in Calgary in 2014?!
    I’d found exactly what I’d wanted without even knowing this existed… a community and a teacher who spoke my language even down to being a fellow woman in recovery!!!
    Everything about my membership in this tribe has been a blessing!!!
    I think also of the morning my Mom passed when one of my best friends just happened to be meeting me at the hospital to join me in my visit…and therefore ended up being present for and helpful to me in my initial hours of shock and inability to really function. This was a huge Blessing!
    I could go on and On.
    In fact there is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel hue gratitude for all of the blessings I receive and hopefully pass long.
    It’s so nice to read your addressing of this subject . When we with Spirit, we are blessed in ALL ways.
    Thank you again, Colette.
    Much love

  • Anna

    I have been questioning my work and avoiding the uplevel to shine more. You picked Blessings card and that is a part of my business name! Then my deceased dad is associated with the raccoon and there it was on your video. Really needed these synchronicities. Thank you for serving!!! 💕

  • Gabriele Campbell

    Dear Colette –
    I thank you from the deepest part of me for your guidance and love. Your genuineness and authenticity SHINE through every video and every blog. I am so grateful.
    The message about Chop Wood, to just keep doing what I have been doing and the alignment will indeed come, penetrated my soul! 🙂 I have been feeling the power of that need to just BE, and when I actually move into action (DO) that I hold the energy of loving intention and my connection to the Divine as I do it. Otherwise, my efforts get lost in translation.
    And thank you for the reminder in your blog “The soul craves experiences”. In my work I am reminded not to say too much, because it in essence deprives the other of learning in their own way and in their own time. Experiences are powerful teachers.
    Thank you again. Many blessings to you and Mark and your entire crew.

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