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Updated: October 20, 2019


“What are some of the ways you honor yourself?” 

This isn’t me asking you that question. This came out of the mouth of a young woman, smiling broadly after taking an order for breakfast at a cafe in San Diego that has become my most favorite restaurant in the world (and I am a foodie so this is a BIG statement!

I’m here now hosting the first weekend of my DreamQuest Mastermind—a seven-month small group intensive I offer once a year. When my team picked me up from the airport Anna and Jenn had already been there and had been raving about it so we all decided to go straight there, our car was laden to the brim with bags and boxes, me suitably jetlagged ready to experience something new. 

I had just been immersed in the airport lounge experience of multiple TV screens reminding everyone how, why and who they shouldn’t feel good or safe about and continuing the propaganda of division and distrust, the droning conditioning we’re constantly being subjected to. Headlines confirming fear, lack, and hatred sprinkled with just enough hope to keep us hungry. Maybe today something good? Nope, but almost. Keep watching!

My head felt dirty. I was ready for a mind and heart shower, and wow did I ever get one.  

So, we all went in and piled into a table and I looked around and realized that everywhere was an affirmation of positivity and love written on the walls, the menu, even the bathroom! You could not go or look anywhere without a call to be grateful and help the world. The atmosphere, of course, reflected this too. How could it not? 

Cafe Gratitude is not really a restaurant, although it serves the best vegan cuisine I have ever had. It’s an immersion in compassionate prosperity. It’s an oasis of abundance consciousness and care, and an invitation to be awake, aware and loving. Now that is a tall statement but I gotta tell you it’s 100% true. Everything on their menu is an affirmation. 

We all ordered special juice by affirming that we align with its energy. To order Vital juice, you declare, “I am Vital” please (which I did.) “I’ll have the Love Bowl” which is a collaboration with the young artist Jaden Smith’s “I Love You” restaurant truck, where every bowl purchased provides a free meal to homeless people in Los Angeles. Once we were finished ordering some Pure, Love, Energy and Compassion, our server smiled and said, “While you’re waiting for your food, here’s a question to talk about— What inspires your creativity?” which led to a lively discussion that had nothing to do with how shitty the world is, but how to be more inspired.

I was amazed at how quickly I felt better, truly hopeful, energized by the environment and the food knowing that the presence of this business emanates everything I believe in and want to do more of. This morning I went on their website which led me to another one and this is what their business is about—Abundance—and this is their definition : 

“Abundance is a quality of Spirit, a property of our being just as joy, love, peace, and happiness are. Our access to a world of plenty is not doing more, manipulating, figuring, winning, competing, hoarding, or luck. Abundance is a way of being alive, a mindful practice that replaces scarcity and survival with an awareness of the always being provided for.”

I believe in the power to co-create reality, and that we can influence the future by living mindfully and engaging in a vision of abundance and compassionate prosperity where we are conscious of how our choices and actions affect others. One act of random kindness, one loving supportive post on a Facebook page, one dinner where you actually have a conversation instead of checking your phone. One 10 minute meditation on gratitude, one page of writing in your journal on rigorous honesty… One short session of laughing yoga (yep that’s a real thing!) then sharing your epiphanies instead of your dread with the people around you.

It all adds up.

We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are all part of something greater.

Remember we are all in this together.

Today let’s make our lives like Cafe Gratitude and share the love and hope. 

What have we got to lose? 

Love to all!!!

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  • Monica Arrington

    Are my parents still watching over me and do they have ANYTHING they want me to know?

    • Linda Jones


    • Theresa

      This was so spectacular Colette and thank you!🥰🐾

    • Veroshka

      Wow, amazing blog of positivity and everything that goes with this. I truly needed to hear this today. What is so funny is I saw side plates the other day, which intrigued me so that I bought two. The plates had a message, beautifully written in a cursive font “fill your home with love”. Now I know why. The synchronicity is just amazing. Thank you Colette 💖

      • Shelley

        Hi Colette and All
        I love this. It costs nothing and is so fulfilling to be an agent of love, peace and gratitude. It brings joy into our day. I fully ascribe to carrying out and spreading kindness . When we behave this way it reminds us of who we truly are, Beings of love. Thanks for the sweet sweet blog! 💖

    • Anonymous

      Hi Colette,
      Thank you for sharing your Creating Heart-level Connections & Community blog with us, I really enjoyed reading it. I am so excited as I can not wait until Saturday when I will be sitting in on your journaling Webinar. About five years back I was in a deep depression, full of anxieties, even suicidal. Then I began writing/journaling every day from the time I woke up till I got tired and went to bed. When I made this part of my everyday routine, faithfully and this picked me back up and put me on my feet again.
      I consider myself a spiritual person, connected with spirit and that’s where a lot of my interest lies, along with doing Numerology reports and Angel tarot cards. I am a crisis Intervention counselor in a women’s shelter and I really love my job and I always look forward to going in for my shifts. I noticed to the side of your website, Intuitive Counselor, is this a course you teach? It caught my eye because I would absolutely love to learn about this so I may implement it with my counseling career. My clients would love this. If you could please let me know.
      Thank you,
      Sue Brant

  • Cheryl

    That cafe sounds perfect and much needed in this world! We need more of this one n our lives!!

    What a beautiful place it must be!!

    Thank you!! 🙏


  • cecilia clinton

    Thank you, Colette. Being around my four-year-old grandson inspires my creativity. So much fun!

  • Megan Albritton

    I love this! More please!! I will make a point to go and experience this place! This was so lovely and honest to read thank you for all you do!! Always a light in my day!

  • Karen Freyer

    Reading your blog has inspired me. What a beautiful and grateful way to look at our world individually, one person at a time. This thought process is what changes our crazy world from stop the world I want to get off , to one thought process can change the world for many and let’s pass that on. You are part of the change evolving Collette. Thanks for sharing your happiness and love! I feel the happiness you have in your heart when I hear you speak and giggle. It is contagious. You are just what the world has ordered!

  • Mary Jane

    Sounds lovely!

  • Ken

    That is a wonderful story, and that Café is truly inspiring. I will do more of that everyday.

  • Andrea

    I love that restaurant. I moved from LA (where they have a location still as far as I know) back East 6 years ago and that place is one of the top 5 places I miss. I would stop by all the time just to pick up a smoothie when I wasn’t eating a full meal there. It was one of the first restaurants my baby girl ate at and no many how many times she played let’s throw my toy on the ground for someone else to pick it up … the other patrons would and she would squeal with delight. I loved taking her there! It can be difficult to eat out with a little one and they treated her like royalty and laughed at her antics. Staff and customers alike were amazing and of my gosh the food! My mouth is watering just thinking about it 💕

  • Felicia B

    Yay!. Welcome to San Diego! I’ll try out Cafe Gratitude – I went to the website to check it out. Can’t wait! Hugs!.

  • Kathryn

    This lifted my day! Thank you Colette!

  • Anonymous

    Very inspiring blog post Colette. Thank you!

  • Carol

    Wait a minute ! You didn’t tell us what you ate!! Lol

  • Kim

    That’s my favorite restaurant! I live in the Midwest and go to the one in Kansas City whenever I get the chance!! I’m glad you got to experience it!!

  • Patricia Stevens

    Hallelujah Cafe Gratitude !!!

  • Diane

    LOVE Cafe Gratitude! And try Gracias Madre for their take on Mexican (yum!). They’re also in San Francisco (where I’m hoping to move early next year)!

  • Åsa Nilsson Life Coach

    Good night, Irene! This place sounds absolutely amazing!! Can you imagine working here? 🙂 Put’s a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing.

    I completely agree about the ‘news’ and I have always said, there is nothing new in the news. I don’t want to be brought down, I choose to lift up so how can I spend my time with that drivel? I can’t and I won’t.

    As far as your statement, “We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, I couldn’t agree more. If not us, then who?

    From your sister in Sweden with the same birthday, 7/17.

  • Anonymous

    I wish we had one close to where I live💕❤️

  • Linda

    Oh Colette, this is such a beautiful post! You have made my day better! I am grateful! ThankYou😘

  • Susan L Gorgas

    Love this blog post!
    It’s very inspiring, Colette.
    Thank you ❤

  • Jacquie

    I heard about it 7 or 8 years ago through Frank Ferrante of “Can We Be Frank” fame. I even ordered a book they used to feature at this store about Abundance and Gratitude. I really enjoyed your blog today. Thank you!

  • Lorraine Kenworthy

    It was a lovely story & we need more Cafe Gratitudes! Thanks for sharing that wonderful story! You have a way of always putting a smile on everyone’s face! Thank you for that!

  • Shirley Reinhardt

    Thanks Colette I really needed to see this.

  • Anonymous

    Copying and printing out their Abundance quote. Wow, what an amazing piece, Colette. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure and perspective with us.

  • Valerie

    As my hair stands on ends while my goosebumps soar, I feel a total surge of vibration of love, compassion and TRUTH! Colette this is one of the most awing posts I have ever read! You’re experience has been well shared with all of us. You’re so right that we are all in this together… we are all human… we are “all one”. Wishing you the most beautiful, blessed day!
    Much love and gratitude, 💓💓💓

    • Mindy Sweeter

      Are my parents thinking about me do they have any last words for me becer had a chance to say goodbye abd wanted to know if they forgave me.

  • Ayumi

    Hi Colette,
    I love Cafe Gratitude as well, but did not know they are also helping less fortunate people. I have never been to the one in San Diego, but I have been to Venice Beach one. I stop watching news on TV completely. I still hear enough things that shatter my heart from others. I figured that I don’t need to seek them. When I do hear them though, I silently give prayers of loves and ask that the peace will be restored for people involved.
    Thank you for sharing and I always enjoy reading your blog.

  • Jo Ellen Newman

    I LOVE this story. Isn’t that how we feel when we are traveling or experiencing a hard day because, yes, yes, yes, there is way too much fear mongering around me. I leave to my office which is completely white right now until home sells. I’m hoping to have a new place soon and my office will have all positive comments on the walls to surround myself with love, inspiration and confirmation that, well, I’m awesome. 🙂 *I’ll have to send you a picture in the future. 🙂 LOVE thinking about what is right, what is good and what is loving. Thanks for this awesome inspiring story.
    Couldn’t have gotten to this state-of-mind without Colette’s oracle school training to keep me going within with my oracle decks, (yes, I own ALL of them, lol). I am so much stronger today because of my journey with Colette.

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