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Updated: October 27, 2019


When I first began this journey of transformation that began 33 years ago and brought me here, I came to it with a lot of ideas of being victimized by life, of the unfairness of the stories perpetuated in my family by real tragedies, and by my own experience. Why would I believe in a better life? I will be honest, I didn’t trust that it was really possible for me. The issues that dogged us convinced me that life was hard, and it would be hard and when it didn’t work out the way I hoped, it was proof that I had done something wrong, and that fate would continue to prove that I was a mistake. 

Everything changed when I got sober and began following a specific spiritual program. I began to see the world as alive. I see the world today as ensouled—everything animated with life and Spirit. I don’t see myself as a victim ever. What changed? 

Well, it was a number of things I began to do differently—one was attending meditation classes at a Tibetan temple in Toronto frequented by others in recovery who were seeking new ways of living. There was one evening, now indelibly etched in my memory—one of those definitive moments, a turning point in my life when I sat with our teacher after class sharing a moment of hopelessness (which I had less and less but that night I was in some drama about my then-boyfriend.) He turned to me after quietly listening with great patience and said, “You see the hurt, but I see your life is like a diamond, a path of time and great pressure. When you can see the gifts in this, the great value, see what you’re becoming then you will be free.” 

I will never forget this, for in that moment I knew that everything I had gone through up to that point, all my suffering, if I was willing to see it as having value, I’d no longer call everything “bad”, nor define myself as a victim of external circumstances. I began to see myself as resilient, brave, courageous, strong and committed, and in all that, I saw hope. I experienced a miracle. 

This was the time I came to realize that working to manifest my life wasn’t so simple. It was “both, and”—a combination of clear conscious intent and surrendering to life on life’s terms and working within that fated environment. The form of my desires was not as important as their essence, and although that took a long time for me to understand, it’s the single most important lesson I learned. Life was not always going to be kind but I could cultivate compassion for myself and others, and my job was to show up, and do the internal work if I wanted to see the external change. Of course, the less I resisted hardship, the more it became an opportunity for growth and transformation. 

So, do you find yourself getting discouraged sometimes when you commit to working with the Law of Attraction and discovering that it’s not as easy as advertised? Then do you secretly fear you are doing something wrong? Maybe you believe you manifested the current hardship? Maybe you are the cause of the trouble in front of you, or maybe you’re really not getting it because the outcomes you’re focused on are taking way too long? 

It’s easy to get way out of alignment if we impose these expectations of perfection and desired timing, including the form of our desire. What if what we want is supposed to show up in a different form altogether? What if our path is temporarily overridden by a larger collective story? What if everything you’re experiencing is giving you an opportunity to discover a greater value, a new perception, and perspective?

Reality creation is not linear. Fundamental consciousness, how we create our world through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc is a really complicated formula, but that doesn’t mean we don’t give it a shot once we know what’s possible when we remain awake. So, what if you could see everything in your life, all the time and pressure, all the flaws and failures as gifts, as ways in which you’ve been shaped like a diamond, shining in strength and beauty?

What changes when you change your mind about what things mean? I’d like to invite you to share your epiphanies of how your perspective changed on your suffering and how that shift changed you. Keep in mind it’s not just the good times and the wins that are valuable, but the sometimes arduous and painful journey along the way, when you think you’re lost that you discover your greatest gifts. 

For today, may you “shine bright like a diamond.”

All my love,

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  • Sandi

    THANK YOU!!!

    • Rhonda sojourn

      Of course , we are made of quartz, lol did you know that. And of course , it was 33 years ago. You are an ascended master. And you are in a darling bohemian free spirited creative passionate playful loving package. I can sense you wer an owl in your last lifetime. I just became aware I am a snake for my shadow and a dice for my animal spirit. When I realized this last night , I only had compassion , true compassion , true self love, for the self starvation I have endured. I now innerstand it was a process to purify my self , like the dove who makes her own milk and is purified by her self neglect.

      I have so much gratitude for my new pair of lens. The scratch in the lens reminds me I am a silver of the silver platinum if god. ! The Arcturians are the super technicians the silver cord. We are born , our cord is cut , that is our silver cord. We are here to re cord. Record is a symbol for leaving our legacy and treating mankind. That is how we become worthy. We’re thy. We forget and are here to remember by being kind to man we become remembrance of the truth, we came from god. Were the. The is God. We ask some one were were you? I am a We and we are the.!! worthy !!!!
      The big lie is we are separate and alone. Neither as you know , are true.
      20/20 is perfect vision and next year is 2020.. that’s the awakening !
      The veil is lifted. And it’s our will aligned with god’s will !!!

    • Angie E Nicoll

      Hi there colette I find you very inspirational and helpful…. Just as you have said I do find it hard to Manifestate my dreams and wishes. I have a differcult relationship my husband is a negative person causes arguments at the weekends as he likes a drink and smoke weed. I feel this drags me down a lot. I try to unwind walk away from a situation. I am reiki practitioner level 2 occupational self healing helps and I also used to go to yoga classes but teacher had moved. So now I practice this at home. I need to disapline my self to carry on regardless of what’s going on. It has effected my mediumship little I should charge few things ground and to be honest. Meditate more often.use my crystals… I am so busy do things for others I sometimes forget about myself. So I would like to ask for some guidance so that I can shine like a diamond to. Kind regards Angie xx🙏💜

    • Jane Mathers

      You look like a diamond, as well!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette.

  • Doreen Rao

    Good morning ,
    I chose the Diamond card today ( for the 6 card reading ). I most always pick card #3 b:c my birth time is 3:33 in ♈️ Aries.
    I thank you so much for the words and wisdom you share so freely in your posts and readings . This blog particularly resonates with me b:c it encouraged me to step back and say “you know what , I am pretty darn strong / fierce and compassionate “
    My husband “came out of the closet “ during our marriage . It was a very dark / sad / and lonely time for me as I was supporting his journey but I was lost / sad And afraid / angry / dismayed / perplexed :/
    You name it I felt it .
    It took me a few years to feel valuable or worthy b:c I thought I was less without this person …but people like you , gracious beautiful souls , bring light into our lives and remind us of our light and our worthiness . Remind us that reaching for the support and guidance of spirit is everything b/c it’s without judgement.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with compassion and grace ( and humor ).
    Side note : I discovered Wisdom of the Oracle at an essential oils workshop in NYC .( a few years ago ) the red box called out to me …my first card was Truth be Told .. so I figured it was speaking to me …it is my absolute favorite card deck … Blessings to you and yours
    Doreen Rao

  • Lisa Francis

    Dear Colette,
    I do enjoy the new videos. I love the way you are doing them. I picked card number 4, Amber, this week. When you did the WOTO cards for the signs I used my sun, moon, ascendant, and progressed moon to understand my story in motion this week. Wowza, thank you. I will percolate the entire thing over the next 6 days so I can really take it all in. My sun > never-ending story why soul mates treasure island <. Mix those up with the Amber message and I think it is a pretty good story as long as I watch out for any old story cropping up and we know there is a retrograde coming in deep deep Scorpio. Oh my, you do have fantastic weekly prescriptive readings .. thank you so much. I always watch these videos twice !! The whole diamond talk really resonated with me. You might want to look for a track Errol recorded called "I Awaken", it has lyrics "like a diamond in the rough… etc.".. Much Love, Lisa xox

    • Glenda

      My first deck of your cards was Wisdom of the House if Night I love them. Now I have Wisdom of the Oracle, The Good Tarot, Animal Spirit and Crystal Spirit. Thankyou I work with them all. I always buy Wisdom of the Oracle as a gift for people. I think it’s the best gift to receive. Thankyou you are the universal blessing 🌻🌻🌻🌻

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Colette!
    I can’t thank you enough for your words and wisdom. This is the first time I’ve ever posted a response, but I was so powerfully moved by your blog that I absolutely wanted to share my thoughts and feelings. Everything you wrote was as if you knew EXACTLY what I have been going through, how “less than” I have felt because of a very painful situation in my life for the last year, the confusion that gripped me and the hopelessness that was beginning to set in. But this weekend I experienced breathtaking breakthroughs as the Universe provided “Divine downloads” to help me gain clarity, to infuse my hope, and to re-ignite my vision. What you wrote in your blog was PRECISELY what the Universe helped me to see and understand — it’s all about the timing and the pressure, which has helped to “mine” me into a beautiful diamond…to shine brightly — brighter than ever — and to help heal and transform the world through my Light! Thank you, Colette, for shining your amazing Light and helping me to further understand and embrace the “treasures of the darkness.” Sending much loving and grateful energy to YOU!

  • Deborah Saunders

    Thank you for this! I am at crossroads trying to figure things out. Sometimes I find myself trying to look too much into the future, looking for that something that I know is there but hasn’t quite revealed itself to me. It can be frustrating and sometimes I feel so alone; although I know deep down I’m not. This is where time and pressure comes in for me and I need to remind myself that I do have something to offer; I just need to be patient and be present in the now. I get this in my card readings a lot. Be present and Be still.
    Meditation is new for me. I do like it although I find it a bit scary…not sure why or what I’m afraid of.
    Did you feel afraid when you started mediation? If you did, how did you overcome it and let go?
    Thank you again.

  • Liz

    I recently purchased this deck of cards and two others. They are beautiful. I picked card #3. I will pull the other cards for my week. Thank you for this beautiful deck.

  • Mark Halbert

    ” Do you find yourself discouraged sometimes when you commit to working with the Law of Attraction and discovering that it’s not as easy as advertised? Then do you secretly fear you are doing something wrong?” Yes, I often think that….

    “Maybe you are the cause of the trouble in front of you, or maybe you’re really not getting it because the outcomes you’re focused on are taking way too long?” Again, I feel like I’m not getting it, as I have become confused with the various approaches presented by different authors over the years. All I want is a system that works, I don’t care if it’s not even the LOA system!!!!

    “It’s easy to get way out of alignment if we impose these expectations of perfection and desired timing, including the form of our desire” – So, how do I change things, Colette? I have spent far too much on so-called Gurus, webinars and workshops, only to find that they don’t really give you things that work. It just makes them money!!

    I wonder if you can suggest ideas or systems that work, ,maybe one of your books that gives answers, ideas or systems? Love and Light – Mark

  • Anjali Bhagan

    Being told that being abused that it was my karma until I realised that its collective action. I am not the only player in the whole game.

  • Theresa

    Colette, thank you so much for this wonderful Blog. I have three sets of your wonderful Oracle Cards (Wisdom/Animal and Crystal). This brightens my day with a smile and glow and learned how to review all my hurt from the past and just accept it and forgive. My main course now is Self-Love and my Spiritual Growth. You are just fabulous! Love this so much and Bless it all!

  • Anonymous


  • Sage

    I recently went through the worst 3 years of my life. One in particular I didn’t see how I’d get through it, and I absolutely didn’t want to. I was profoundly changed by that year and not necessarily for the better. Back then I saw, as I do now, how the world organized itself to save me on so many levels in the nick of time. When I’m struggling I remind myself of all the miracles that have occurred and remind myself that there are many more for me. I’ve learned the importance of balance and for very negative thought, I replace it with 5 or more positive thoughts. As my own card readings suggest, now is the time for my hard work to pay off; I need to let the past go; and I need to be empty and stay in beginner’s mind and learn while on the new journey that is manifesting around me.

  • Lotta

    Well, thank you for the invitation !
    I choose the diamond card, in today reading, and for shore, it´s hard. The shiny part is yet to come……..
    For twenty years I worked in intensive care as nurse. I thought I had found my way of purpose, and serving others. Then nurse got sick, difficult form of migraine headache, that did not go away……. sick again, again, and worse more than better. I have heard Ester Hicks over and over, and really practised the law of attraktion ( what am I doing wrong, what am I doing wrong ) Spirituality was not a natural path, my belief system was humanity, democracy, freedom of speech, equality between men and women. So when I heard that voice ” get up and go out to the sunshine ” I thought to myself, come on dad, leave me alone, even from heaven you have to say, get up in the morning, oh no I´m fine in bed……. You see, I am sick, try to understand dad, I´m sick !!! The spirit from ancestors feel natural, but to feed the spirit in me, has not been natural.
    He sent me the birds, coming to my window, hello, can we have some food please ? So, I went up, fed the birds, and back to bed.
    Then I read about ” dark night of the soul ” hmm, whats that. I found the Hey House summit, was drawn to the Wisdom of the oracle deck. I really was drawn to it, but chose another, and bought it a year later…….. and it is so beautiful. The way of mixing belief systems to be modern, I finally get it. It´s not about having a priest in a not so modern church, And in an organisation less democratic. When you can find spirit inside, and as you always say ” co-create ” and wake up from “spiritual narkolepsi”, ( love that way, and that word ) , then sudden shift happen, so, the diamond is hard, and yet to shine. The tool you provide is a blessing !! Also love the “mystical shaman” deck, and the” godess” deck !!!! ) So spot on. Thank you, the braveness, to make all the female goddesses modern. Love it!! In this “form” spirit can wake up, in modern folks
    Nurse Lotta, from the forest in Sweden

  • Kory Wood

    Dear Colette!

    I’m in awe. I had just been feeling exactly as you described, yesterday. I actually posed the question to the universe feeling disheartened by a couple of different things I’ve been experiencing both financially and long term health concerns. I asked, “If fate has its say, and we have to live life on life’s terms, then what’s the point in “doing the work” to evolve and grow with desires to have more than just what “we need” and want physical healing from symptoms that dictate 24/7 (which, usually isn’t as much of a problem since I’ve become accustomed to it since I was 16, now 55), but it always interferes in getting into a quiet space of mind for meditation.

    There’s only a few things I want in life beside peace, harmony and joy, I want myself and my loved ones to be happy and healthy, I want to be able to take good care of our pets, to fix things broken on the house, and be healed from these lifelong physical symptoms/conditions. I don’t desire to have more stuff or bigger or better, I just want financial security and health so that I’m physically “fixed” to enjoy spending me time with spirit in any moment, and the finances to know my pets are cared for with regular vet visits, all that is needed to make home fixes and the means to take those lovely exploration drives with my hubby on time off from work.

    Not long ago, I was blessed with an abundance of clients coming by way of many different referral sources and my earnings were incoming weekly; I felt we were able to do the things we needed and helped us go on a two-week driving vacation, which we love to do each year. After returning, however, referrals have been fewer and some of the new clients were just not ready to commit. As it sits now, I have a few less clients each week than I would like to see and the referral sources for my current clients pay every 45 days; it’s definitely been a challenge to feel financially abundant even though I’ve provided my services with love and in good faith.

    It’s curious to me as to why the slow down; that is, referrals have slowed down and so has payment time-lines?

    I diligently do the the work being mindful, caring, generous, self-caring and committed to meditation time each day. I think of the Lord almost constantly throughout the day feeling blessed to have Him in my life knowing I can turn to Him.

    However, lately, turning to Him and asking for help and assistance with many different things, it has yet to materialize in a way that makes me feel secure in knowing the things I want are also the conscious universe’s top priority, as well. And, what’s most disheartening is that the healing I have asked to receive in my body, for what seems like a lifetime of asking, has not been realized, not even the slightest. It’s in these moments when I think about how disturbing the symptoms are that I wonder why hasn’t my prayer for healing in this area been graced, at least some improvement?

    And that’s when I hear someone say that we have to accept life on life’s terms. If this is true, and I guess it must be, then why bother with working “The Law of Attraction” and asking through prayer and meditation for our Angels and Guides to assist when life is going to have its way (it’s say), regardless, and it’s FINAL? Whatever it says is final!

    Why bother? Why not just let life happen without trying to achieve the things (health and financial security) we want to experience through asking? Is it not, I’ve often wondered, a foolish dream to desire and envision good health and prosperity? Is it just a waste of time and energy to try to make it so through mindfulness, caring, compassion, self-care and breath work?

    We’re encouraged to call upon our heavenly helpers and ASK! And although one might respond with, it’s all In God’s timing, I have to refute and say, how much longer, if ever, must I wait for a healing that I’ve asked for since I was 16; 49 years asking for the symptoms to go away, to teach me the value and then be gone. When it gets in the way of breathing myself into a meditate awareness, then the value of this condition eludes me.

    I’m struggling with “why bother” if we are to live life in life’s terms. Why ask?

    Looking to the sky for quiet resolution and peace.
    In love,

  • Laurie Z

    Love this, love you!

  • Cynthia Eyer

    Thank you so much for the reminder and the great words. I realized the diamond effect after my first marriage. He was so abusive I was sure he would have killed me during a beating if the neighbor hadn’t come out with his shotgun. Instead of hating him, I learned to thank him for being such an abusive man that I HAD to leave or watch our son endure the same. I learned that if he hadn’t been so abusive I would’ve stayed and kept thinking this is what is the acceptable way and I some how was at fault. Instead, I learned the opposite and that through my leaving I learned I was strong enough to stand on my own, be my own person, and know I could raise my son on my own with never ending love. I learned, from being a single parent, that our children raise us parents as much as we parents raise our children. For the “raising” is an affirmative, compassionate, unconditional love and support to be greater than we think ourselves possible.
    Much Love to you MiLady. I hope the magic of the universe is your Light.
    Lady Fae

  • Anonymous

    In my life I’ve had a lot of struggles and it has made me very hard shelled. And I was blessed with 2 boys 2sick boys. One with a condition that had a 180 anomalies possible. And because I was a hard shell person and impatient this was the perfect gift and life lesson to bring me back to love and peace and patience. I needed to be patient With every milestone that my children had because it wasn’t coming at the time that it should have.

  • Michèle Watson

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Your readings so often have allowed me to navigate the really tough bits more easily. Although right now I feel like the diamond part is still so far away I’ll never get to it. I do know that my toughest experiences have given me the greatest gifts in life, yet right now I would just love to be beyond this icky part and already enjoying the gift, “big sigh”… yet “and that too shall pass” so I will just hang in there and do my damnedest to be grateful. You are a light in my life, thank you for shining so brightly and smiling so beautifully each week. Sending you lots of love and blessings, Michèle

  • Renee Sugar

    This is such a rich and meaningful symbol. Thank you Colette for sharing your perspective. When I think about a diamond; considering the many facets
    and angles it has; I am reminded that each side is a reflective surface
    and offers a different view. Rather than seeing the fragmented, rough
    edges, I choose to see an integrated whole. I would say that most of
    the struggles I have faced in life focused on the pieces. I couldn’t see beyond the mistakes. I judged myself so harshly it was sometimes not possible to appreciate the unique soul that I “am”. It is with a sense of honor, pride with dignity and grace that I now understand that in order to emerge from the darkness; it was necessary to own all of the parts of the story. (warts and all )
    I absolutely agree that I could not have become who I am without polishing the rough edges. They were a part of the tension/struggle between accepting my humanity even with ” flaws” still of great value and beauty. The journey away from perfection toward embracing all of the facets and innate gifts that have been bestowed upon me. As I was ” created by a source with much greater intelligence, and higher perspective than I could ever understand; even with delays and roadblocks, and yes failures; I do believe and trust that everything is unfolding in divine appropriate timing. If it isn’t part of the ” Plan ‘ then I totally accept that something better will appear at the right moment. Rare gems often have something that distinguishes them from others.
    As Coco Chanel aptly said; ” Don’t be like the rest of them darling”. I think that being a diamond in the rough is a very special place of honor.

  • Vera

    Yes I have had many struggles and challenges ,in life to overcome. One of the Physical challenges I had to overcome is alopecia areata, three times in my life, but I did it! And since 25 years or so I also have vitiligo. I have been sexually abused, raped. But I learned that through suffering, you can become a leader for yourself. A leader who forgives and who chooses to shine her light from within.
    Thank you Colette, forever grateful for your blogs and videos xx luvu

  • Anonymous

    The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect. This week something got misconstrued and ended up creating drama for another person who in turn blamed me for all of her troubles. I realized that I needed to remove myself from this person once and for all. Unfortunately if I would have listened to my gut instinct a month ago, none of this wouldn’t have happened. God is going to help me out and sometimes it is painful! Jeri Kay

  • Gladys

    Can I get a reading please

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      no but you can give yourself one ! go to my website and choose your 3 cards from any one of my decks.

  • Kirsty

    Thank you Colette, I have a question… you say if you know your ascending sign, I have done your Stars and Cards Course, and loved it. But I am unsure if the ascending sign is the one on your natal chart or the ascending sign on your progressed moon chart? My natal chart is AC Cancer, and my progressed moon AC is Aries. Which one, which one. a conundrum.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for sharing! I am establishing Faith in my abilities to have the courage to share more, in order to help with healing. Your journey started the year I was born. I am grateful for awareness.

  • Suzie

    I chose card 3 the Dimond card 💖 these words so resonates with me giving me love and support to ” show up ”
    Thankyou beautiful Sister 💖

  • Shannan

    Thank you! I so look forward to weekly readings, love your voice and your insights when reading. You have a beautiful soul. Dogs are wonderful, I have 4 six total in the our house 🙂

  • Thais Oliveira

    Thank you, Colette for another inspiring blog. I love reading your blog and watching your oracle card lessons.
    I picked card #1 this week and it reflects perfectly my life (especially, my spiritual life) right now.
    I also picked three cards using The wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards for my spiritual search and I got Joy, Wind Faery and The Eagle. I guess this moment it is really about revealing our inner light after getting the work done.
    Have a great week!

  • Carol

    Thank you Colette for this ‘timely’ post and for everything you do! Your light shines bright and is a beacon to all.
    Many Blessings!

  • Sharon

    I recently listened to a podcast about chronic pain. The authors created 10 questions/statements regarding chronic pain and asked the listeners to answer yes or no. When completed, I learned that my pain was not so much structural (e.g. broken arm) as it was a neuro-circuit. The pain is real; the energy is trapped in the cellular memory thus creating the pain. This was the moment I knew I was a product of my environment – not a victim and that I WAS NOT BROKEN. Understanding this concept has made my pain more manageable. I am now working on releasing the cellular memory energy.

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