Use Your Imagination to Create Reality & Open the Door to Synchronicities in Your Life!

Updated: November 18, 2019


Working with so many people over the years, I’ve really gotten to see how, with effort, insight, and perseverance, we can co-create our reality in partnership with Spirit and transform our lives.

It’s so important to remember that you have a partnership with Spirit that is essential to your life and highest good, crucial to your destiny, and more powerful than any rushing around you could ever do. Spirit is your manifesting partner. God, Quantum Fred, The Dude, Goddess, The Holy Spirit, the Field – whatever you call it – you need to be in service to it, as it is in service to you!

Joseph Campbell said it so eloquently when he said: “When you take one step towards the gods they will take ten steps towards you!” You’re not supposed to sprint forward past them 20 yards. That’s kind of a funny image actually. There you are way down the end of the field by yourself wondering where the heck your miracles are and those gods are looking around going “Where’d she go?” You will indeed miss the miracles. Let go and let God. That is the most important action; and since we’re all memory-based creatures, we need reminding that the web of synchronicity resounds with life when we pluck it once only, surrender to the music, and allow for the miracles. This is how we allow the synchronicities to unfold. 

And we’ve all experienced the power of synchronicities in our life. You think of someone for the first time in years and then run into her hours later. You hear people say the same seemingly random phrase three times in one day, and that phrase directly relates to a problem you’ve been struggling with. While in Trader Joes you run into the guy you dated several years ago while you both lived on the other side of the country. A friend gives you the same book that your coworker recommended to you the day before.

While at first, it’s easy to shrug off such mysterious events as eerie coincidences, they’re far more powerful than many of us realize. These synchronicities are meaningful coincidences that your soul attracts into your life to help you grow and evolve.

Synchronicities are confirmation of your limitless connection with Spirit and the world around you. Imagine each of us has a unique living map of fate and destiny. You have your own unique path and, just like a road map, your path crosses with other paths. The moment of intersection is where coincidence becomes meaningful, and synchronicities are the signs that help guide you to your ultimate destiny. When you pay attention and intuitively take advantage of synchronistic events, life becomes easier and more purposeful.


Synchronicities are happening all the time. You just have to open your eyes and trust. As you notice more synchronicities, more and more will happen in your life. So, this week, I’d like you to start recording synchronicities in a journal. Take note of even small coincidences such as thinking about having a peanut butter sandwich only to discover your coworker eating one an hour later.

And, meditate! Meditation helps you connect with your intuition and, in turn, helps you tap into the All That Is, where synchronicities abound.

What synchronicities have helped guide you on your path? I’d love to hear your stories. Please share them below.

Love you deeply,

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  • Jamie

    The moment I decided to audition for a school in Canada, everything fell in line to get me there. Now I’m back in Australia trying to work out next path

  • Emily

    I’ve had so many coincidences in life, I don’t know where to begin.
    But recently my husband & I hv been talking about moving to the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts, when he finishes school.
    I’ve been saying something is pulling me there. & then I read one of your blogs, & u say that there are spiritual conferences held in the Berkshire Mountains! -interesting.

    • Colette

      Synchronicity has been the word for me this week. You’ve shown it to me multiple times. Eyes wide open as I await all the good for myself and others ❤️

  • Terri

    I found a Sylvia Brown book on a 7 day hike. Lucky me it was the last day so I didn’t have to carry it very far!!❤️

  • Kim Antoine

    Many times I will call a colleague and he will pick up the phone to say I was just thinking of calling you. I have thought about calling a friend and they call me instead. We always said when this happened that GREAT minds think alike lol lol. Thank you so much for sharing your blogs. I’m not the best with the internet so this is much appreciated to get an email with a link.


  • Deb Knight

    My husband and I have been going through divorce and his lawyer emailed him a settlement agreement proposal to review over the weekend. He forwarded it to me and suggested we get together to discuss if it was acceptable to both of us. We both read the agreement and met to discuss over dinner. It was at this meeting that we both realized that we couldn’t agree because the whole thing felt wrong. The more we talked , the more we realized that we both had made great strides in therapy and that we need to give our marriage of 28 years a second chance

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Wow! Big hugs to you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is sooooooooo awesome !!!!

      • JC Needles

        I am working to put together my move to Panama and every time I think I have it worked out it falls apart. Now I’m working on letting go of the form, what I think it will look like, and letting spirit take care of the details. Doors I hadn’t imagined are opening. That doesnt mean I’ve given up on my beachside resort but spirit now has the lead.

      • Veroshka

        One today… I was thinking of a friend this afternoon. We have not spoken in a long time. Thought he was mad at me for not being able to do his website. Shrugged my shoulders and thought “oh well” all good things come to an end at some point. Low and behold, when I downloaded my emails later on, there was an email from him. God bless, it was so good to hear from him. 😁💖💝

  • Renee Sugar

    I was considering participating in an interior design trade show. As it was a costly ad-” venture “. I was a newly emerging entrepreneur/artisan/printmaker (in training) I reached out to Sheridan College to ask if someone might be interested in sharing the booth and the expenses that were a part of taking part in the show. Although I contacted the Interior Design department; someone from the furniture design program responded . He was a furniture designer/builder/instructor. He didn’t even need to measure anything when he installed the samples I was exhibiting . He just reached up and eyeballed the wall. He knew exactly where to mount the hardware. As I had never done anything on this scale before, I was quite amazed that all of the right people showed up when most needed. As I had injured my spine at the time; it was a huge lesson in humility and admitting I was powerless. “If you supply the willingness, the power will be provided.” and it was ” in spades”. Many doors opened as a result of taking part in that show. I was one of several artisans whose work was featured in an article published in a major Canadian newspaper, and following the show; I was invited to exhibit the collection in an upscale design showroom complex. I had never experienced so many people supporting and celebrating with my new direction. Always will be grateful for their presence, and kindness.

  • Lillie Ruby

    I was returning to my part-time healing job after a sabbatical to do some of my own healing. Instead of looking for another job after I lost mine during the sabbatical, I decided to venture out on my own, not knowing if this was my true path or not. About a block away, I stopped to get a hamburger and drink. My bill was $7.77. The next day I was recording what happened in my journal and realized in numerology my Life Path is 7.

  • Jessica

    So so many lately. I’ve opened myself up to the Universe. At first I was so skeptical but you can’t deny that synchronicities are happening all the time, you just have to pay attention. I’ve crossed paths with many different people over the past 3 months and have been telling me the same message over and over… Hearing songs on the radio that you know are being sent to you, I see 11 in some sequence at least once a day. I’ve connected with my guides through meditation which helps with this process. I trust in the universe!

    • Colette Baron-Reid


    • Dianne

      Colette- I signed up for your workshop at Kripalu with my best friend! We wanted to do something special together in January when your email appeared- I knew immediately this workshop was our answer! So look forward to meeting you. Dianne McGuire

  • Kate

    I’ve experienced a ton of synchronicities — they’re among my most favorite experiences in life. One of the coolest was when I felt the urge to walk into our neighborhood bookstore one Saturday afternoon. I’d heard of a book I was curious about but couldn’t remember the title or author’s name. When I walked in I felt myself being pulled up to one shelf in particular and there it was — and on sale! I bought it and read it in one day. It was Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I set off to declutter my home of 30 years worth of stuff. I was doing this at the same time the private school my daughter had her heart set on attending had put her on a wait list because we didn’t have the money for tuition. Within a month or so of clearing out the clutter, our income doubled out of the blue & she got her acceptance letter from the school! I’ve kept a tidy home ever since 🙂

  • Sage

    I saw Marianne Williamson on Oprah many years ago talking about A Course In Miracles. I talked to my aunt on the phone about it and how much I wanted the book and thought I’d ask for it for Christmas. She said she had a copy and sent it to me days later!

  • Sage

    Also, (I don’t know why this didn’t pop into my head first as it happened only 2 weeks ago) my cat got sick so I rushed her to the vet. I wasn’t satisfied with what they did and was nervous. I came home to a handyman installing a new front door and mentioned it. He recommended his vet. I had a feeling I should write it down so I did. The next day my cat was worse. I called the vet and again didn’t like their response. I had this feeling if I brought her to the same vet she’d die. I was on the couch crying and saying I just need help. My mom immediately called and said my aunt was coming into town anyway and could take me to a new vet if I could find one (health prevents driving some days). I called the one the handyman suggested. After four days of hospitalization they saved her life! We’re still working on the dose of her medication but other than that she’s well!!!! So so so many things lined up to save her, and I’m eternally thankful!

  • Karen

    Hello Colette,
    I’m not sure if this is considered a synchronity, but this happens to me all the time. I hear a word at the exact same time I either see it or typing it. I love when it happens.

  • Lisa

    A reading I did reminded me to look for signs from spirit.. “be aware” of signs from spirit. I have a cabinet that I have had for over 15 years. I have moved 3 times and decided to change where it was in my new place. I moved it, and was polishing and using scratch remover and lo and behold.. on an inside piece of board was the numerals 777. This wood was milled in the 1800’s and taken by clipper ships to Shanghai China for warehouses and now because of expansion the buildings are being torn down. A company has purchased the raw wood and makes furniture. I know the numbers have been there all the time.. I just did not “see” them. This was validation of message I was given. And anxiously look forward to more ! Thank you for your tools of communication ! xo

  • Åsa Nilsson

    OOOH, I love synchronicities! I just had one as I was reading this post from you – so thank you for your reading! 🙂 My husband is home in bed today with a man cold. I am self employed and recently I have been pulling back more and more from going in to my co-working space to work (I am questioning a lot, certainly going through a re-generation process like no other). When you pulled the Orphaned card that says DO NOT ISOLATE I knew that was for me. While I was listening to the card reading, a Messenger message pops up from another self employed person that works in the same co-working space asking if I am coming in today. I was about to write no but IMAGINE (the number 5 card which I chose for my card today) if there was a reason I was meant to go in to be at the office today and I sat at home serving my husband his ginger tea?! 🙂 Nahhhhh! I am going in! Thanks Colette! There is something super great that’s going to happen in my life today… and I am going to go create it! Hugs from Sweden! Åsa

  • Day dreamer

    During my birthday 2 months ago, while on the road i noticed two cars in front of me had the exact same number plate, #7289. Today, while driving pass a traffic light junction, i noticed a car coming on my left had the same number plate as a car on the right, opposite direction, #3281.

    There was this one time i was at home thinking to myself is time to stock up on cereals. Then my brother gave me one when we met up lol…

    Another time while looking around in an electronic gadget shop, was thinking if i should get a portable speakers.. then days later, my hubby got one free from buying a new set of computer!

    This is my all time favorite synchronicity: 1 day i was in the car waiting my hubby. My car’s clock is few minute slower.. as i look at my phone it was 4:44pm.. so i thought “hm… It wud be funny if i look at the car’s clock later and is 4:44pm again..” then i proceeded to just playing around with my phone and didnt think much bout it.. Moments later as i just casually glance at my car’s clock and holy moly it was 4:44! At that moment i thought “i wud be damn if i look out my car window n see 444 again!” Guess what.. right after that thought i did just that and lo n behold a car with plate #444 passed by!!!

    Although im not sure where my journey would lead me, but i just trust that all these synchronicity and repeating numbers like 1111, 222, 333, 123 etc is a sign im on the right track, where i should be at the right time..

  • Lisa Culver

    Colette! You just gave me a synchronicity!

    My ladies group just asked me to submit a post for this week. I wrote: “I am fascinated by Synchronicity and have enjoyed many incredible, mysterious coincidences throughout my life. These reinforce my belief that the Universe supports us all and when we intentionally seek, we will find. Whenever I stumble into some synchronistic happening, I feel reassured that I am on the right path”.

    I was excited when I saw your blog topic this week. You made me feel like the heavens are winking at me!

  • Carol Giampaolo

    THANK YOU< THANK YOU THANK YOU Colette, got the facebook info for the Holiday Special on Hay House Sale for the Spirit Crystal Deck, my Husband got for me an early Christmas present. I am so Appreciative of You, hope you go my other notes too. Prayers and Blessings!

  • Nathalie

    I love synchronicities and I experienced a lot of them. The most beautiful one I had, was with an ex lover. We had a couple of dates and because of difficult situations we didn’t see each other for months. We discussed his work and the problems he was facing and how to solve them. In the following months someone gave me a book about leadership etc and while I was reading I thought “ this is the book he should be reading “. I left it al behind me and a few months later we met again 😉 I was at his place and he started again about his work and the book came in my mind and I said “ someone gave a book but instantly I knew you’re the one needed to read it” I came with the title and he was surprised, because he’d bought that book that week ago. I grabbed the book of his sofa and I said “ there’s a section about putting out fires” and I opened the book and instantly I had the right page in my hand hahaha. He was shocked and accused me of being a witch 🙂
    I’m from the Netherlands, so excuse me for my incorrect spelling.
    Hugs and lot of light and thank you so much for your website and blogs, I love reading them…

  • Fredda

    Hi, Colette. I really enjoy the Oracle Card lessons and reading your blog posts. This past year, I have awakened to just how many synchronicities have appeared in my life. Whenever I need a hug, there’s some Facebook reference to my favorite not-very-well-known musical group, Moving Hearts, or one of their songs, “The Storm.” Or I hear a particular tune I have requested the Universe to give me as a sign that things are as they should be, in the oddest of places (I’m a musician so music is a powerful way of communicating). Butterflies appear out of nowhere (not a usual event in NYC in the autumn). I went to Ireland in the spring and had two tours canceled before I booked one where I didn’t know anyone: and I met my Soul Group, which has changed my life. Doors have opened, people have appeared in my life who are so special and I feel I am finally following the path I am meant to follow. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping to show me the way.

  • Debbie

    This reminds me of a prayer I was given several weeks ago at our Women’s Retreat. The prayer is “God, put me where you need me.” It has been amazing how smoothly my life has been going now, especially at work. Lots of small synchronicities and small opportunities have been occurring daily. I believe, that my Higher Power, starts with small synchronicities and opportunities to see if I’m paying attention and will do the action. The opportunities have been growing. For me, synchronicities are the magic in life if I am will to follow my Higher Power’s Will.

  • Carrie Ann

    Hi Colette! I love how you described synchronicities as meaningful coincidences that our soul guides us to – I totally agree! One of the coolest synchronicities I have ever experienced was many years ago when I discovered an island-y beach painting that looked very tropical. I had no idea where the inspiration for this tropical island beach scene might be located (maybe Fiji) or if it was just the artist’s imagination. Several years after hanging up this painting in my house, my boyfriend and I went to Kauai, Hawaii for the first time. We stayed in the North Shore Princeville area and went out for a drive one day, stopping to take photos. My boyfriend was suddenly prompted to stop our rental car nearby a beautiful view of Hanalei Bay & the St Regis Princeville resort in the distance. I took some photos, then my boyfriend motioned to me to follow him down a beach trail which was lined with tall palm trees and huge tropical plants. When we reached the beach, we watched the surf crashing over very large lava rocks rising up out of the ocean near the shore and spent about an hour there. Later that week, I found a postcard that looked exactly like this beach – Lumahai beach where a famous movie was filmed (South Pacific)! However, the most amazing discovery was when I got home and realized that the tropical island beach painting I had with the sloped beach & large black lava rocks rising up out of the ocean looked exactly like Lumahai Beach! and matched the beach scene in the postcard (a bird’s eye view of the beach). Ever since that happened, I have always believed there are magical things that DO happen in our world! It’s as if that painting had a soul if its own and guided me & my boyfriend to find that beach! Since then, I have had many Hawaii related synchronicities plus many other nature related synchronicities.

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