My Inspirations List: My list of what’s inspired me in 2019.!

Updated: December 1, 2019


Everyone asks me what books I’ve read and loved, what’s inspired me, who I love learning from and what I recommend. While this short list is very personal, and some of it may appeal to you and some not, I thought this year I will compile a list of inspirations that I am grateful for! On this list will be everything from random people I met to books I’ve savored, and teachers that have impacted me. 

Maybe you might be attracted to one or two on my list which would be great. And, I genuinely hope you add your own list to mine. Wouldn’t that be cool to have a whole bunch of us add to it? 

When I’m truly inspired I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Yet inspiration for me isn’t just the ra-ra-wow feeling you get from being “on top of things,” or open to “new exciting things” which are important but also, who or what could open me up, reveal what is most vulnerable, and show me the dark tunnel where the work beckons me to make real and profound changes without promising when I get to come out, or that I’m guaranteed anything other than the journey. 

So to keep this list short I am only going to talk about my five #1s in each of my chosen categories. 

1. My #1 Catalyst for Change and Teacher (in every way)

One woman is tops in this category for me this year. Ruth King has been my torchlight for the journey inward. Her words have brought me to open a door that can’t be closed for me personally anymore. Her candor, compassion, and hilarious personality is something magical to behold. When she speaks, she tells it like it is and I listen, and listen some more, and go back and do it again.

I hope you might be open to reading these books, watching her videos and diving into getting to know and understand her work, and her year-long training program (which, in my humble opinion, are essential for these times) and discovering more from this wise and wonderful wisdom teacher. 

Oh, and be prepared to unpack some harsh truths, cuz you won’t come out the same way you went in! One thing she taught me was I better be okay with making mistakes because I will, but I have to keep showing up anyway! 

Oh, and FYI me sharing this does not imply I am “a-wokened” in any way shape or form. The way I see it, I have a couple of eyelashes open so far and more coming but I am on it!

Ruth King, is the author of Mindful of Race: Healing Racism From the Inside Out, and Healing Rage: Women Making Inner Peace Possible. Most importantly, she facilitates The Mindful of Race Training which is a year-long program that begins with a 4 and ½ day amazing intensive, to support waking us up to our habits and potential. She also has a really cool Oracle Card deck Emotional Wisdom cards. Check her out 

2. My #1 Random Stranger Moment for 2019 

Spirit puts people in our lives for a moment and that moment can be exactly what you needed. I recently posted a video of a jewelry designer that I bumped into in a mall. Her name is Veronica Ciandre of iSOLA. I walk and pray, (yep in malls too) and that day I prayed for guidance to go where I’m called, where I might help in any way. Veronica prayed that morning and asked, “Who will you send my way today?” I saw the back of her standing in the middle of a crowded mall and felt a zap of electricity! I introduced myself and she knew me already, so it wasn’t so weird LOL! It was a very cool encounter and for us both Spirit designed! 

She creates gorgeous healing jewelry that she calls “a line of modern sacred jewellery that is also a series of multidimensional meditation tools to wear, hold, ground, cleanse, focus and heal”. Connect with her on Instagram at @iloveisola.

3. My #1 Musical Inspiration for 2019 

This is what makes me want to sing and sing and sing some more. Most of you know I had another life as a singer-songwriter. I still write and record music and miss it when I can’t. I’m not that interested in canned pop music, and sometimes I get discouraged when I try to find music to inspire me. My taste is varied. What can I say? I listen to Joni Mitchell, Nine Inch Nails, Rising Appalachia, Carrie Underwood and Lizzo in a row! (soooo personal and subjective!!) BUT omg I have discovered the coolest musical destination online and I hope you will check it out at: 

“Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.” 

4. My #1 Fiction Novel for 2019 (tied between 2!)

Can I be upfront and say I have read this book three times all the way through and read the last chapter maybe six times? I LOVE this book so much. It’s called Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik and it’s loosely based on the tale of Rumpelstiltskin. Not only is it a wonderful fantasy novel, clearly my favorite genre, but also a deep and meaningful look at the complexities of our differences and the ways in which we may come together. 

My other #1 Fiction Novel for 2019 … tied with Spinning Silver is The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker.  So beautifully written and devastating in its underlying message of hope in spite of what appears to be insurmountable differences. Not saying more than this book broke my heart open wider and wider again! 

5. My #1 Up and Coming Mind Body Spirit Guide to watch (now and in the future!)

Well! You can see her with me in this week’s Oracle Card video. Uniquely gifted Ayesha Ophelia is the founder of the Girlfriend Manifesto, a brilliant coach, Oracle Deck creatrix and spirited change agent. She also is the inspiration and image for the Goddess Aphrodite, in my non-traditional Oracle Card deck, Goddess Power. Keep an eye out for her offerings. High integrity and juicy heart and soul goes into everything she does. She loves social media! Find out how to connect on her site at

Ok, now it’s your turn. What are your 5 best inspirations this year? I know it’s hard to pick 5!!! Let’s share the love. In the end, that’s what it’s all about. 

P.S. One more thing. We have had more queries this year about one topic that was so surprising. My clothes! So you like my clothes here is where I shop:,, and Ava Love on Etsy!

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  • Nila (UK)

    Firstly, finding you and your website has been an inner-awaking. – Your Goddess cards just called me to buy it despite never usually buying cards. On this note, my sister, who has courageously fought cancer this last 8 years, defying all odds – sadly comes to the end of this mortal journey any day now – I turned to your Goddess cards. I picked, Morrigan (Death and Magic); Parvati (Devotion) & Eostre (New Beginnings) – wow.. you seriously can’t make this stuff up, as you would say!. What peace I have in my heart!

    2. I met an intuitive healer, Sally Smiles, (yes that’s really her name) at a Well-Being Conference in March. She suggested that I may want to learn Reiki. I did and was able to treat my sister which really helped her this year! Divine timing!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wonderful and thank you for sharing that !!!!

      • Dina Jennings

        Nila,Wish you and your sister much Peace & Love

        • Nila (UK)

          That’s so kind! She is still defying the odds – battling on and eating ice cream 🙂

  • Fredda Tourin

    Hi, Colette. In a year filled with synchronicities and great joy, finding two teachers (you and Debra Silverman) who inspire is a gift from the Universe for which I am eternally grateful. I feel that at last I am on the path I am meant to be walking, and it feels so right. The music of Moving Hearts and Lúnasa warm my soul. In fact, every time I need a spiritual hug, some reference to the groups or one of their tunes pops up. I went on tour to Ireland this past April with a group of fellow musicians, none of whom I knew, and by the end of Day 1 we had become family: most of us still chat with each other every day. My heart and my mind are open to new adventures, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing and showing me the way. Love and blessings! ❤️🙏🏻

  • Cindy

    The least favorite thing that I do that drives me insane is that I find myself perseverating mentally about things that happened that upset me. I have tried just about everything I can think of to stop this, yet nothing has really worked…until now. I stumbled across a series of sacred chants by Sirgun Kaur on an album called Reclaim Your Happiness. I have been listening to them over and over for the past couple of days, and it seems to have put the monkeys on my mental jungle gym to sleep. Hurrah!

    And while I don’t really do “favorites” because there are so many things I like, I have to say that your guided meditations are my favorites! Now, if you only had one where you take the listener to meet a source of guidance and allow time to listen for and hear it…that would be awesomeness!

  • Jennifer

    Hi. My top 5 inspirations for 2019 are:

    1. Always, my daughter Moneeka and my two grandchildren, Hezekiah and Kyleigh.
    2. The audiobook by Dr. Reggie Anderson: Appointments with Heaven. I have listened to several times and will again.
    3. Everything Hay House. All my courses, books, cards, audio/visual tools and all the emails I get every day!
    4. The audiobook (I love to read and listen to audiobooks) by Julie Rieger: The Ghost Photographer.
    5. All the many card decks (I do have several of yours) and you, Colette, to help me learn how to use them.
    One more: the weekly Oracle and Astrology readings. Love all of your videos and interviews. You are a joy to watch and bring such joy to my life. Hugs!

  • Sandra

    Greetings. You have been my biggest inspiration this year. It was difficult for a number of months and I needed healing and there you were with you were with Oracle School and WOTO. What can I say. You and your work inspired me and continues to do so.
    As far as books go, I just came across a small book that I purchased ages ago on a sale table at one of the big book store for a few $$ . It’s called ” Living with Cannibals and Other Women’s Adventures” by Michelle Slung. Forward by Reeve Lindbergh. Amazing stories amazing women. From Dan Fossey, Isabella Bird Bishop, Ameilia Earhart, Ida Pfeiffer(who lived with Cannibals) and my favorite Fanny Bullock Workman who is pictured on the front standing atop a boulder with her attitude of ” hurry up and take the picture I have places to see and things to do! This book inspired my adventures on my 1st Harley. I loved riding alone because if I wanted to turn left I turned left…you never new what adventure awaited on the left hand turn! Yeeehaww!!
    I took a trip to Ireland in the summer and was inspired by the resilience of the people to rise above, to rebuild and reshape but keep their heart and soul intact. I found a past life there and with deep knowing I will go back in the spring.
    I am ever so grateful for these and many more inspirations. Many people, my dear friend Carolyn inspires me, my friend Jill, my Mother, my Sister and my Children. This beautiful fall day inspires me to get out and bask in it glory and be thankful I am alive to drink in its energy.
    Thank you Colette for being you and bring your Gift to the world.

  • Veroshka

    You Colette have been a huge inspiration and road back to the best I can be this year. You definately came along at the precise moment when I needed it most. A time of utter confusion, despair and disillusion. A time where I had lost hope & thought that Angels, Crystals, Oracles, Spirit, Soul and psychic abilities is nothing but a rouge, a figment of a creative mind, a fantasy that does not exist. Then BAM, there you were… the inspiration, the jolt necessary that I needed at the time 💖
    2nd was Kyle Gray, the reminder and inspiration that Angel’s do exist… his energy so young, bright and beautiful and the message Angels do exist, they are as real as anything can be…
    3rd was Radleigh Valentine… a gentle and beautiful soul…
    For my 4th & 5th, I have two beautiful teachers, and friends that is and has been part of my soul’s journey from day 1… Pam Roux with her work on the Anneagram, a journey of self discovery and Patricia Angove with her work on Footsteps of the Soul. I love these two beings with all my heart; they have been part of my journey from day one and will treasure their teachings for as long as I live 💖
    This year has been a long year of reflection, questioning Spirit and distrust… but this road led me to where I am… here today on your blog.. thank you so much, am so greatful for you…😘

  • Claire

    I love your updated book recommendations and sharing of connections with people who have inspired you, as you do for us.

    My 5 inspirations:

    1). This year I loved reading and being inspired by Riane Eisler’s The Chalice & The Blade after listening to you both in conversation as a prelude to the release of the Goddess Power Oracle. Both those things inspired me to give a talk in my hometown to a group of entrepreneurial woman, working in collaboration, partnership and support of each other entitled ‘Creativity & Empowerment Through the Use of Essential Oils’, sharing with them the Goddess deck, Riane’s work (including her new book Nurturing Our Humanity), encouraging them to develop their intuition and gifting them all my homemade, empowering ‘Divine Feminine’ essential oil blend.

    2). I also loved Meggan Watterson’s ‘Mary Magdalene Revealed’ and had a synchronicity event around it, the grotto where Mary Magdalene is said to lived out her latter years is near my hometown & I hiked up to it with friends in August, during the period I was reading the book, and a short time later (late Sept), a client I’ve known for over a year, revealed to me that she was about to publish a book on Mary Magdalene (in French), a beautifully illustrated book called ‘Marie Madeleine – L’amour a tant de visages’ which I am encouraging her to get translated into English, the divine feminine is on the rise!

    3). My fiction favourite of the year has to be ‘Her Mother’s Mother’s Mother and Her Daughters by Brazilian author Maria José Silveira (read in English), a wonderful novel and chapters of daughters that tells the stories of women’s lives from 1500 to the present, and at the same time gives a potted history of Brazil, “a fascinating lineage of women against the historical backdrop of Brazil’s ups and downs, challenges and triumphs”. I absolutely loved it.

    4). John James & Russell Friedman’s ‘The Grief Recovery Handbook’, for understanding and sharing how it really is and showing me how to complete & move beyond loss.

    5). But really nothing can top my greatest inspiration, which has been Oracle School and finding you and your work that you so generously share with us. I’ve been following you and participating in OS since the beginning and went into it thinking it was a journey of self-healing & transformation. I don’t think there are words to describe what it can do for us. I lost my 17 year old daughter this summer and feel as though I have seen & experienced how having my consciousness raised through daily meditation and using the cards has given me more than just insights and epiphany’s, it has prepared me and then carried me through the most challenging period of my life.

    Namaste Colette.

    • Colette Baron-Reid


    • Nila (UK)

      Sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing and will keep mediating too!

  • Anonymous

    Catalyst for Change: Crystal Andrus-Morissette ( has helped me look at things from a different, less rigid, perspective. The clients I coach toward my certification remind me where to focus and where I still have (so much) work to do.
    My #1 Random Stranger Moment: As a B&B owner, I meet strangers every day and they constantly remind me not to take things so seriously or personally, to accept criticism with loving kindness and to walk in my woman energy.
    Musical inspiration: Jazz always has a way of uplifting my soul.
    Reading: Although I bought the book 20+ years ago, I never got around to reading A Course in Miracles. In 2019, I made a commitment to read one lesson a day from the Workbook at the end and I’ve held to that promise. I don’t claim to understand it all, however it does give me hope every morning. Taking it all in one little lesson at a time is not so overwhelming. Another book, Comfortable with Uncertainty by Pema Chödrön, helps me recognize patterns and see them in a different light—all in bite-size pieces.
    My Upcoming Spirit Guide: The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Five Element Framework.

  • Kathryn Keating Kay

    Hi Colette! My inspirational teach has been you! You have put me back in touch with me & Spirit in a way I resonate with. Anything that keeps me doing a task every morning for over a year is magical for me.
    I’m always listening to all kinds of music depending on what I am feeling that day. Oldies from the 50’s to alternative to jazz, I am all over the place. I listen to Pandora.
    I read The Elephant Whisperer:My Life with the Hears in the African Wild. I didn’t want it to end. Also The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Dreams by Robin Sharma.
    My newest learning is about crystals. Always have had them around and your Crystal Spirits Oracle cards got me more involved. That deck is alway so right on the spot.
    Strange is how I am learning so much from my dogs, Nalu the Siberian Husky & Bohdi our English Golden Retriever. Nalu had a spinal stoke & lost the use of his legs. I was there when it happened & didn’t know what to do. He weighs 80 lbs. I found myself putting my hands on him to get his chi moving then called my son & took him to our vet. He is improving rapidly & showing me the grace he has accepted each moment of recovering. Working hard & relaxing but aways in a calm, peaceful state. He is showing me how to experience my time when I have my hip replacement. And Bohdi has his balance. Sleep & go full out play. They are always in the moment.
    I love watching & reading Eckart Tolle. He is such a funny man in his way & full of wonderful insights & teachings.
    Thank you again for returning my spark. I feel it rising & my creativity is building with it with Spirit always by my side.

  • kate12

    My 5 top inspirations this year: 1. Kyle Cease, stand-up comedian turned transformational author and speaker. Thru his books, I Hope I Screw This Up and The Illusion of Money, I began a deeper quest for meeting my true self, and his videos have shown me how to meditate after years of trying but not getting it. Now I am happy meditating at least an hour a day; brings me great sense of grounding. In the coming year I’ve signed up to do a 6-day retreat with Kyle which is the first time I’ve done anything like that. 2. Matt Kahn’s books and teachings because he, like Cease, seems to reach me where I most need to be reached right now. It was Matt who said one of the most profound things I keep close to my heart: “People can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” 3. Sandra Ingerman’s book Soul Retrieval & Michael Singer’s The Surrender Experiment are both tied for 3rd because each book blew me away with details of how we are not alone and the ways magic exerts inspiring power in our world. 4. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders — his transformational approach to running for president by building a grassroots movement for real change instead of an ego-driven candidacy, has inspired me deeply. His consistency over 30+ years as a progressive, his openness to listening, his big heart, his platform for a Green New Deal, for racial justice, and for healthcare for all makes me believe there is some light at the end of a long, dark period in our country’s history. 5. Dr. Kim D’Eramo, an osteopathic doctor who created the Mind/Body Institute is such an enthusiastic and inspired heart-centered teacher. Her videos online make it feel like I’m visiting with a great friend. Her intuitive understanding of how the body works in connection with the mind & spirit as an energy system has helped me reconnect my emotions and feelings with my body, leaving me feeling more aligned than I have in years.

  • Colette Baron-Reid

    LOVE this so much xoxoxo

  • Raïna M. Paris

    thank you. How wonderful. I love this. My inspirations for the year: 1. humans: Brenee Brown. She is so brilliant and funny at the same time. I love listening to her. And Marianne Williamson. The only one who talks about ethics and morality in a political and social context. 2. Finding a new home at the Philosophical Research Society for my work as a professor and lecturer where I feel truly seen and appreciated. 3. the emotional bond with my 4 legged peeps: my husky mix puppy Numen and my horse Quincy. 4. Everything else: books I reread that I wish I had written: the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Circe by Malden Miller. Tea time on the bed with a dear new friend, healing with crystals and tarot readings. 5. Last but not least, my synchronicity: running into you, Colette, in Ojai, CA, right after watching your weekly oracle on youtube!!!

  • Jan

    1. Forgiveness. I winced when I spotted a star word ornament that said ‘forgive’ in my favorite gallery on Bowen Island recently and told my daughter, that’s too much like remembering a toothache right now, I’d rather have the ‘peace,’ ‘joy,’ or ‘light’ ornament. But forgiveness was what I did for most of 2019, and the universe found a way to bring me pieces to help me do that. It is a cliche that you find your freedom when you let go of the pain, and so many people give lip service to that, but it is true. This is a link to the gallery which sells the wonderful star ornaments. I have mine out all the time as reminders to ‘believe’ or ‘trust’. Not just for the tree!
    2. Meagan Watterson’s Mary Magdalene Revealed was one of the best books I read for the year. It felt like ‘finally, it’s here, and it’s time.’
    3. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Happiness is the Way unexpectedly became a book I love probably better than just about anything he did. It’s a real treat and brimming with wisdom.
    4. I love the fictional books of T.A. White, who writes fantasy and SF. She was a real find for this year. Hero-ine driven fiction has always been a passion of mine.
    5. I love that through learning reiki, accepting how I like to do my own readings with your and many other oracle decks, I have really stepped into my own growing powers. I managed to just about heal a blood clot in my leg with yoga, walking, good thoughts and reiki. It will be long gone soon, which is cool.

  • Ashleigh

    This year I started with the ‘trend’ of choosing a word per year which you basically focus on. I guess at the end of the day, it helps one focus specifically on that specific word’s energy vibration. Each positive word needs to be appreciated. However, I was up for the challenge.
    My word for 2019 was POSITIVITY.
    And did this play off big time in my life!!!
    February month I was GIFTED the opportunity to delve deep into an Akashic Records course which I welcomed with open arms. A gift worth $1500.
    March month my heart started giving me trouble and slowed me down immensely, however, I was GIFTED an oxygen compressor to help me breathe more efficiently. It was a gift worth $2000.
    May to October month I was gifted numerous oracle decks, including The Crystal Spirits Oracle by you, Colette, and I absolutely LOVE this deck and ALL your other decks of course!! I’m definitely one of your biggest fans.
    November month I won a beautiful diary which I’ll share more details about below.
    So all in all, this year has been such a positive packed year in which I grew emotionally, mentally and spiritually so much. It didn’t come without the fears and hiccups etc. Not being able to breathe enough oxygen into your lungs and going to sleep at night as you stop breathing, only to be woken up by panting and dizziness and nausea…because of lack of oxygen…yes; I had my fair share of ups and downs. However, I’ve gone through so much in my life, that I now rise above the negatives and reach for the positives high in the sky.
    So, my Inspirations for 2019 is the following:
    1. My husband (my other half), my beautiful two teenager kiddos and my furbabies! They truly are my daily inspiration and love of my life.
    2. The Akashic Records course which I was gifted and completed. It continues to change my life in so many ways, internally.
    3. The Find Your Happy Book and mantra deck by Shannon Kaiser. She’s truly been a huge inspiration to me lately.
    4. The Joy Seeker book also by Shannon Kaiser.
    5. Mystical Shaman deck, Goddes deck, Crystal Spirits deck – all by you. I’m so fond of these decks. The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne Donelly and Super Attractor deck by Gabriel Bernstein. I seriously need to add all my decks here, because I make use of all of them!!
    6. I had to add a 6th one because so many goodies happened and I have to share it. I won the One Day at a Time Diary by Abby Wynne. Another book I can’t wait to receive at it falls right in my ally with lessons I still want to master etc.

    My word for 2020 is GRATITUDE.
    It’s going to be an interesting year world-wide for sure!

    And I have to ask…will you be bringing out any new projects (decks) any time soon? You can just say YES! 🙂 The world is not ready to let you go yet, Colette!

    Thank you for all the powerful and beautiful creations you birth into this experience. An early Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes yes more coming and wow I love this post.. I have 3 more oracle decks in the works!!

  • Suzie Mapp

    Firstly you are inspiring me greatly with your teachings , books, and your wonderful card decks which I have all of them. I love them all. Your mini lessons on how to use the cards have helped me so much❤ Thanjyou dear Collette ❤
    I work in my Local Hospital and I do meet such amazing people from all walks of life too many to mention.
    I’m a bit of a daydreamer my favourite book i reread often is Some kind of fairy tale by Graham Joyce.

  • Donna

    Wonderfully awesome reading.
    Such a pleasure to see Ayesha with you.
    She added a unique specialness in the way you did the reading.
    Thank you both as my heart is singing.
    Colette, your sharing is a Blessing to inspire others.
    Especially when you give information as who and what inspires you.

  • Colette Baron-Reid

    thank you for sharing Donna!!

    • Tiziana Amagda Modotti

      I have just read all these beautiful stories… my year is not finished yet and I hope December will be the better part. I always hope the future is better than the present and the past. I know I should practice more the Mindfulness, and stay in the present, but it has little to give me now (with the exception of this blog, Colette article included). But I have the same a list of interesting things done or happened in 2019. First of all, my huge approach with foreign people and English World. I can read in English from ever, since I studied for eight years at school and started translating when I had my first job, in late 1986. I was in informatic field, and the manuals were all in English. Oh I forgot to tell you I am mothertongue Italian, live in Italy, have never visited an English speaking country and have not a diploma in foreign languages. I am a former Bookkeeper and Computer Programmer, and studied English at primary school (three years) and written commercial English at secondary school (five years). Now, the only commercial sentence I remember is “Best regards”, but it doesn’t matter. It is a lot of time I don’t do clerk work, in any language. I have always loved English, and most of my Oracle cards, and actually a lot of my books, are in English language. Then in January there was the Hayhouse Masterclass. I wish I could have the money to join the course too, with you, Colette, and the other five fantastic teacher, but this year was (and still is) a no year for money. But I enjoyed staying in the group, and in the smaller group after. I stayed till March and knew a lot of people and did a lot of exchange readings in English. I had never done readings in English before… only translated from English to Italian… then in the next months Debra opened her group The Eleventh House in prevision of Stars and Cards (I couldn’t join, always for lack of money). I stayd in the group for a lot, till someone banned me (I still don’t know why). I made some friendships and learnt to do Astrology readings in English. And it was huge. So, my keywords for 2019, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, could have been learning and practicing. I took also a couple of classes, but in Italian, about an Akashic Oracle in May and about Akashic Records Readings in October (still studying alone… my teacher promised putting me in her group of students for exercising, but she didn’t). If there wasn’t you and the foreign friends outside, I should have been alone, this year. So, thank you, English World. Books? I bought a lot, both in paper and ebook, but read only bits. So I have not a favorite book. And I have not a favorite singer, or song, or album (I sing at karaoke, so I listen a lot of songs and I don’t know the authors of all of them). But yes, I have a couple of favorite teachers: you, Colette, and Sandra Anne Taylor. Can’t wait to start using her new cards, Quantum Oracle, I bought about one month ago but couldn’t consacrate yet because I am ill from a couple of weeks. And I waited a lot my replacing copy of Crystal Spirits, because the first one had flaws. Hay House was so kind to replace for free, but had to ship twice, because the italian postal service is a mess and they got lost. As a result, I am still using the app. I have the paper deck from a couple of months now, but still cannot consacrate. I feel like it is not mine, and cannot connect with it. I am so sorry, because the images are beautiful, but I feel the Crystals in another way, and a lot of the messages don’t resonate with me. Maybe it only takes time. I needed six months to make peace with Goddess Power. Now I like it and use monthly, and it talks to me in its language, which is very different from the one of my other Goddess decks (I am a Wiccan, besides a Crystal Therapyst, and own a lot of Goddess decks). Ok, it was a very long post. Hope having not bored. Wishing you Happy Christmas in advance and thank you for your beautiful work and weekly readings.

  • Conni

    Hi, Colette! I have an eclectic taste in music as well and always enjoy being introduced to artists I’m not yet familiar with. Thanks for introducing me to Rising Appalachia and also the Playing for Change site! My latest favorite musical inspiration is singer/songwriter “LP”. Have you heard of her yet? She is an Artist in every sense of the word: creative, original, “outside of the box”. And her songs don’t all sound the same as is common these days. I love her choice of instruments, and she’s even known for whistling! Love and Light to you, Conni 💚💜💙

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ooo that sounds so cool I will look her up for sure!!!

    • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

      I love LP too! And not only because she has Italian origins… I loved her song “Lost on you” and loved also the last one she sang when she was guest at X-Factor Italy some weeks ago. But my favorite actually is Ed Sheran. I fell in love with Perfect.

  • Christine Lantier

    My List for 2019 Inspiration
    1. Dr Sharon Blackie a psychologist from Ireland that writes about myth, nature, Irish and English fokelore , the tarot, strong women , and all kinds of other good things
    2. Christine Valters Paintner A wonderful writer that runs Abby of the Arts , a virtual online monastery.
    3. Mirabai Starr’s book “Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics”
    4. 25 Million Stitches , a community art project of women around the world stitching panels for 25 million refugees. I am stitching a panel and you could too!
    5. Joanne Chang’s new book “Pastry Love” …..there is solitude and creativity in baking
    6. Colette Baron Reid , I will never forget meeting you at Kripalu and how much your Oracle cards have helped point me in the right direction , Happy Holidays and Much Love Xo

  • Christine

    My List for 2019 Inspiration
    1. Dr Sharon Blackie a psychologist from Ireland that writes about myth, nature, Irish and English fokelore , the tarot, strong women , and all kinds of other good things
    2. Christine Valters Paintner A wonderful writer that runs Abby of the Arts , a virtual online monastery.
    3. Mirabai Starr’s book “Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics”
    4. 25 Million Stitches , a community art project of women around the world stitching panels for 25 million refugees. I am stitching a panel and you could too!
    5. Joanne Chang’s new book “Pastry Love” …..there is solitude and creativity in baking
    6. Colette Baron Reid , I will never forget meeting you at Kripalu and how much your Oracle cards have helped point me in the right direction , Happy Holidays and Much Love Xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is SUCH a great list.. all of you are going to keep me busy holy moly this is a treasure

  • Vera

    What had a great impact on me this year?
    .You are a Goddess by Sophie Bashford (working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and Transform)
    .All Knowing Diary by Daniel Rechnitzer
    .Radical Self Love by Gaia Darling
    .A guide to body wisdom by Ann Brode Todhunter (what your mind needs to know about your body)

    Yaima, just discovered them, when you listen and even watch them you are so moved on a deep soul level

    Podcasts on Spotify
    Elements of Ayurveda Colette Kent
    Quantum Living Anna Anderson
    Secret Mind Upgrade Joseph Clough
    The Awake with Jake Show
    Hypnosis and NLP Donald Currie

  • Chris

    1. Not sure who inspired this for me: writing ‘10 ideas to try’ in my journal everyday. After a few days this became so hard! It caused me to dig in DEEP random corners of my self to produce the list each day -alot of bad ideas and pure blather-and then, the strangest, most fun things emerged! Wild, fun ideas tumbled —just to name one that changed my life! Car camping—didn’t even know I wanted to camp! Had zero awareness of that desire! Small to some but at 62, felt so jazzed and independent! And I can lock myself i to my car at night with my fairy lights and book and cozy bed in the back. Met great people, had so much fun I went 4 more times.

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