Divine your Destiny in 2020 – My Tips for You! 5 steps to have your best year yet!

Updated: January 5, 2020


Happy New Year. HELLO, 2020!!!

A new decade has arrived with much wonderful fanfare and big promise and potential brimming for us all. This year could prove to be your most amazing yet. I for one am happy to say goodbye to 2019—a disruptive chaotic year with so many twists and turns it was like being in a spiritual disrupter machine. Kinda like having your own magical snow globe but instead of having it in your hand and shaking it and going “oooo looky—sparkles!” for many of us this year it was like waking up inside the thing and having some big green giant alien shake it while you are trying unsuccessfully to hold on to your world while watching everything get turned upside down.

Did you feel that? The best part, of course, is using the energy of 2020 vision to look back and go wow that was some ride! Am I ever glad all that sh**t happened! Do you feel that way? After chaos and disruption so many good things can be rebuilt on much sturdier and stronger foundations.

Here is a quick list of some things to keep you on track this year that I know work.

So, one of the things highest on my list to keep you on track to have your best year yet is mega self-care. That means resting and turning off the “off” button before you run out of juice. If you don’t learn balance this year, you can bet the universe will turn you “off” for you. I got very little rest during the holiday. My little dog Bisou (if you didn’t read the last blog) got some unknown spinal issue that resulted in her having to stay at the veterinary emergency for 5 days. We brought her home for Christmas (we celebrate the sparkly tree and play sappy music) but she was not out of the woods. I didn’t notice how I was feeling. I thought I was taking care of myself but I was on patrol 24/7. She started improving and then last week after a few days of feeling headachy and joint pain, I woke up with viral meningitis and had to stay in bed and cancel my Divine Your Destiny weekend, which is one of my most favorite events of the year. I never cancel events, but my doctor said I was not safe to fly! I am better now, but whoa Nelly!

SO…as much as I felt bad that I couldn’t go, I took advantage of the time to really look after me. Dogs all snuggled beside me, I watched movies, read silly books, and slept and slept and slept. I also bought some giant foot massager thing Oprah loved that I have no idea how to use. Sigh. Note to self: online shopping while delirious is not a good way to relax. 

OK, number 2. Set intentions on how you want to feel—not about what you want to get. Why? Because the things you want are not the end game. You want the way you are hoping they will make you feel when you get them. That is a good exercise to be honest—drilling down to the why do you want that. Then focus on the feeling and yes the Universe will answer!

Number 3.  Create an action plan. What are you willing to do? Yes, you are in partnership with the Divine, but it’s not a relationship where you are lying back eating bonbons telling the universe what you want like bossing around the genie you found in that cosmic bottle you discovered. You want a new fancy chair? Find where it is and go get it.

Number 4. Learn how to surrender to what is. Memorize the Serenity Prayer. “God, (or you pick what feels good for you) grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

Number 5. Practice faith that your energy will attract more of itself. Act like you believe the Universe is your friend and on your side!! No matter what.

And rest some more.

Ok, all … off til next time xoxoxo welcome to the New Year – expansion, growth, clarity, and Possibilities. Get ready!

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  • Kathleen

    I agree 2019 was a year of so much unraveling and lessons. I took your class cards and stars and my progressive moon was and still is Scorpio. I am a Cancer in Scorpio world. My daily routine of yoga, the goddess cards( my friend Penny gave me best gift of the year) and my journal and meditation have gotten me thru the year. I am thrilled to ring in the New Year 2020 clarity, new beginnings and a new decade and a new story.
    I read your blog you had quite a bit going on over the holidays. I hope your New Year is filled with joy and happiness.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ne too Cancer with progressed moon in Scorpio .. deep dive .. make sure you get good self care you can get into some deep empathy overload when you tune into the larger world events.

      • Jane Emily Mathers

        Since Nov. 2018, I have been experiencing terrible neck pain; thus, I feel as you, Collette. I do not want to go to a doctor, thus, utilizing my personal medical intuition to heal, so far it is working. Antibiotics bring about more problems.. . Super Infections. Let go and let God!!
        A few nights ago I experienced a visionary dream of, A Cobra, feel that the power of, God, Universe, Source, is with me!! What is your take on, The Cobra, dream, your insite, Collette?
        Thank you for your blog information.

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          cobra is 2 things, – the kundalini or life-force energy, and of course snake is symbolic for healing, shedding the skin of the past. Cobras are very powerful

          • Jane Mathers

            Thank you Collette. Feel I am understanding the dream. The Human Brain, tries to make light Spiritual messages. It is something I am aware of in the now. Have worked through a tremendous amount over my life storm. I certainly require God’s power!

          • Zoe

            Wow this explains why my whole world turned upside down last year! Love the snow globe idea 😂
            I’m gemini with Scorpio moon also and cancer rising. Understanding why I’ve been so sensitive and often conflicted like I have different personalities. Love your weekly readings and bought myself wisdom of the oracle. So accurate its spooky! Using them daily.
            Love love love you Colette hope 2020 is a great year for you, Mark and the puppies ❤

      • Lyn

        Thank you Colette for the wonderful weekly weather report and Astro readings! I find this so inspiring and helpful to my ongoing spiritual journey, as I learn to work with thd Oracle cards, my 2 favorite decks at this moment are Spirit Spirit Animal and Crystal oracle cards.
        Love you!🙏💜🧚‍♀️

      • Rose Romani

        Hope you are feel ing
        Much better Colette Happy New Year.
        I was pleased to see last year pass but also thanks to Oracle School I “came to the edge” and opened my own yoga/therapy room, I can now hold Oracle card nights once a month too
        Friday Jan 10th it is, on the eclipse so Thank You for sharing your Wisdom in Oracle School.😊💜💗💜💗

    • Lin d Miller

      My goodness! I am so glad you caught the “viral meningitis “ so quickly! Do you think it jumped species/ from your dog, to you? Goodness! Anyway, Happy New Year, beautiful fellow dragonfly connection and one of my cherished teachers! God bless you! Thank you for all you do, Colette!

      • Lin d Miller

        I meant that I am so glad you found out you had the viral meningitis so fast, so you could treat it.

    • Reina

      My 2019 was completely topsy turvy. Unexpected circumstances had a dramatic affect on my finances; personal and business. Some health problems improved pain wise, some new health issues showed up, and I did the best I can for self care while taking care of a parent. All so draining. My spiritual senses and starting Oracle School was the best part of 2018. Even when I was questioning Divine and the Universe because I was getting in a funk, I’d then read or see something that gave me assurance and confidence that I can do this; regardless of what “it” was. I started 2020 learning that my free time for the next year may be limited. This past weekend I found myself in the ER and I’ve been forced to slow down. I’d already told everyone around me in December that I’m practicing self-care in 2020. Although my mind is on complete overload between my business, my dad’s business, OS, now Invision, Shared Widom, and a student being mentored for mediumship, etc. I look for affirmations daily to assure me I can do this. And that’s why self care is going to be huge. Bye bye bye 2019. Bring it on 2020 with the power of the Holy Spirit and Universe to work through me.🥰

  • Vinti

    Hi dear Colette i have been purchasing your gorgeous card decks and they are so beautiful and accurate. I am really good at writing and communicating and was wondering if i could help you in any way in your business…maybe doing your blogs or something… i would be highly grateful if you had something for me 🙂 thank you

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that is so wonderful and courageous of you to ask but we are all set over here and I write everything you read of mine 😉

    • Jenny

      Dear Colette
      Thank you for your words of wisdom and intuitive insights throughout 2019. They have been very inspirational and comforting to me. You are truly amazing at what you do.
      So sorry to hear you have been unwell and I wish both you and your little puppy a speedy recovery and an exceptionally wonderful 2020.

  • Lesley

    I was supposed to be at your weekend and in December was led to cancel. Now I know why! So sorry to hear you were Ill. Looking forward to meeting you another time!
    Bought the Goddess cards to give as gifts! Love them!! And love your post today. So encouraged to hear others had the same wild roller coaster ride in 2019. So much growth but a little nauseous on the hair-pin curves! Now just delighted by 2020 energy and can get down to the business of joy and making a difference! Xo

  • Cynthia Eyer

    Morning Gorgeous Oracle Goddess!! I was so looking forward to the Destiny trip AND was sorry to hear you were so ill!! Glad you are on the mend MiLady. So Number 3 can also mean Spiritual Bypassing–a glittery charade that places all that happens squarely on the Divine without committing to their own input. We are in this together with the Divine, thus, we can’t view our life as in the hands of the Divine and we don’t have any input. There are those who blame God for their circumstances and say it’s the Divine’s Will. Just because the globe is shaking with us in it doesn’t mean we aren’t part of the factor for the shaking. That’s for sure Spiritual Bypassing, for the Divine waits for our movement from the learning. The serenity prayer ends with “and the wisdom to know the difference” also means that “we” are what we are to existentially change in that which we can and leave to The Divine that which we cannot see. Moving to Maine and having lunch with Cynthia F. soon. We’ll call you and chat and maybe you’ll be having lunch too and we can all have lunch together. Much Love MiLady!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      YES!! I love what you say here – thank you for writing!

    • Yvonne

      Thank you for such a beautiful, awesome post ♥️
      What particularly resonates with me is planning regarding what I want to achieve feelings-wise.
      Have a wonderful 2020.
      Yvonne xx

  • Courtney

    I lost my boyfriend in July of 2019 and am so thankful that year has passed. It has been an emotionally challenging time for me, but it has also opened my eyes to the wonders of Spirit and the amazing joy they bring to the emptiness I have been feeling.
    I start my day with a Postcard from Spirit, followed by a card from The Crystal Spirits. Thank you for helping me along my new path. Wishing you all the best in 2020!

    • Anonymous

      I bought your deck of cards Wisdom of the Oracle, just love them.
      I learned in 2019, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.
      2020 will be a great year for
      me. I have been doing Goblin
      Exercise, seems to be helping with my anxiety and panic attacks, I thank you, for that. Whenever I feel one coming on, I stop and do the exercise, it does work.
      Have a wonderful years.

  • Debbie

    I’m so sorry that you were so sick. Thank God we live at a time when doctors can handle illnesses like you had.
    I love your blog, all of your decks and your readings! Thank you for sharing your gift.
    Best wishes for the best new year ever!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot say 2019 was rocky but it was busy and challenging. I took on way too much at once and felt overwhelmed and pressured, but it was of my own doing. Too much, too soon in a desperate attempt to find answers for my discontent. Some worked; others, not so much. I did find the courage, however, to stand my ground and draw a line in the sand when I was asked to take (yet another) pay cut for freelance work I had been doing (freelance magazine editor and writer) for 22 years. I lost the contract but I also no longer feel unappreciated, resentful or taken advantage of. And I definitely don’t miss the deadlines and the long hours. For me, 2019, was more a year of “coming together and finding balance.” Now, in 2020, I get to finish the courses I started in 2019 and look around to see who might need my services and select assignments I find appealing and satisfying. Happy New Year and Happy New Decade to all!

  • Marjana B. Jensen

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you so much for this newsletter. Just what I needed to hear. So happy that 2019 is over and ready to follow your guidelines in 2020.

    Self-care is my weakest point and oh boy I need to keep reminding myself to turn the button off before I get turned off.

    Thank you also for your ongoing support and amazing community that you created. Your cards, especially The Wisdom of the Oracle are a constant companion in my life and keeping dialogue with Spirit through your cards kept me going for the last couple of challenging years.

    I also just wanted to let you know that I admire your passion, energy and sense of humor in all that you do. I really love your personality and authenticity that is so rare to find nowadays.

    You will also always always have a very special place in my heart because of a reading with you way back in 2012 that changed my life.

    I wish you, your husband and your fur children a blessed and magical 2020 and I hope to see you one day in person as well so I can finally give you one big warm hug.

    Sending you lots of love from Bled in Slovenia.


  • Beth

    Thank you Colette! Such wise words and much appreciated at this time in our collective snow globe. 2019 was incredible and chaotic, and I too feel more aligned as I step into this new year because of it.

    Regarding #3 – I would add, if I may, to follow the divine downloads and inspirations about just WHAT steps to take. I’m good at taking action, but I have found that the rest and meditation you recommend make it easier to hear the divine ideas and action steps to take. Anything else is “messing with the cursed hows”, as Mike Dooley would say. Found that out in 2019. 😳

    Glad you’re feeling better. We need your ‘boots on the ground’ as we enter this turbulent and amazing time in our collective evolution. ❤️

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      great post !! love what you added!

    • Sue

      Wishing you continued peace and opportunity to rest. Thank you for everything – Your blogs and guidance are a great help to me. Blessings for you and your fur babies x

  • Anonymous

    Just so pleased you are doing better!

  • Diana Davis

    Dearest Colette,
    Thank you for this blog. I sincerely hope you are feeling better. Yes 2019 was a horrible dissaster year for me but the whole planet suffered. I made it through and now it is up and reach for the stars. I have faith that there is always possibility for good to happen. “All things are posible with the higher power, (God/Goddess).

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sorry you had a tough year, you are right the planet is suffering and we will see more of it and so we need to do what we can to leave this world better than we found it if its possible at all. I believe too, hope is so so necessary without it we are doomed.

  • Theresa

    Colette, so happy to hear you and your lovely dogs are getting better. Thank you for this wonderful new 2020 Decade Opening to a new and wonderful life.

  • Judy MacLeod

    Dear Colette, Marc and your fur friends,
    Since Shared Wisdom 2019, my partners and I have connected by Skype every week since then. We use the questions about the new and full moon and also the weekly reading to deepen personally the messages for each of us and collectively. This morning was the first time we had not seen this week’s messages. It has always been our rudder in a busy sea. Instead, today, we asked the questions from the full moon reading. Our Skype connection kept dropping and we barely could read the guidebook to one another or to share our epiphanies. We laughed and went with the flow being Flexible, knowing the ordinary way was Not for You, to be in the moment and to accept what was. Thank dear Colette. Continue to be well and to take care of precious YOU! With Infinite Love and Gratitude.

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    So so glad that you are feeling better – viral meningitis ( Yikes- not fun )💖 I do understand what you mean about being ” on patrol “.I tend to be that way when a loved one is ill or unhappy and I’ve learned the hard way about self care over the years.
    I was able to do lots of self care over the recent holidays and so I can come into 2020 with a sense of excitement and anticipation. It’s a big year fo for my husband and I who celebrate 44 years married ; I will be celebrating 40 years of sobriety this year ( congrats on your recent anniversary too ☺️ by the way!), and I turn 65 ( hello old age pension!! haha) and will soon be attending a beloved Auntié ‘s 90th Birthday .
    The year 2020 holds lots of milestones , and what I notice is that I feel very content and peaceful much of the time. All of the tools that you teach combined with the deep diving of a Cancerian with Scorpio rising , Aries moon (and progressed moon in Virgo!) Has had me doing big decluttering and lots of self acceptance .
    I feel extremely blessed. 💖
    Thank you for all you are, Colette, and for your commitment to truth . It helps us all so much. we need this now more than ever. 💖
    Love and light to all ✨

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      wow 40 years oooo awesome!! I feel , in spite of all the chaos this year is a new start and new ways of operating will provide us all with a firmer more grounded foundation, although padded well for flexibility 😉

  • Laurie Jones

    Hi Colette! Not surprised about your year end-it just seemed like 2019 wanted us to know -it could be worse-hope 2020 is better!! For my life, it has to be. So glad you and the babes have recovered-I assume-cause you look GREAT!!! I became very energetically sick the end of the year and was glad we had not committed to anyone. So much clearing happened ready or not. I took it as a decade ending carwash-we left some people in that carwash. Love your snowglobe reference and YES EXACTLY what it was. Wow. Love your blog -I have to get one for my platform but do not like social media-you are desensitizing me as I know this is new for you too!!! YOU GO HAY HOUSE GIRL!!!!!YEEHAW

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you are so funny 😉 social media is both a toilet and a tool for positivity you will need it if you want to reach people xooxox

  • Sharon

    Colette, very glad that you and your puppy clan are doing better. I know how that feels to care for someone you love and forget about yourself. My mom got really sick this past year, and unfortunately passed away while I was caring for her. It took 3 months and 4 rounds of antibiotics before I was able to start feeling normal again. 2019 was a rough year, and I am ready for a new beginning…..

  • Vera

    Dear beautiful Colette you who gives so much to this world and I know WE all appreciate your love, enthusiasm, insight, inspiration, divinely wisdom and motivation to establish our connection with spirit to make this world a better place for all. So I wish for you and Marc and furry ones that this year also has plenty of time to relax, recuperate, rejuvenate……..xoxoxo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I see you are in australia hope you are safe and well. Praying, sending funds and finding ways to help over here. Thank you for posting oxoxox

  • Michelle

    Hi Collette

    I love your cards and every day I choose one for the day ahead, they always give
    me answers, being a Leo and a kind of control freak it’s comforting.

    I agree I’ve been looking forward to seeing 2019 gone and bring in 2020. Last year was particularly difficult, my husband diagnosed with 3 different types of cancer and lots of other difficulties that came as well. I was hoping to breathe a sign of relief on Jan 1 but now our country is burning so much devastation homes lost, animals and human life all gone.

    I’m just praying that by Jan 24 which is the Chinese New Year which I believe is the start of the year things will improve and we can all look forward to 2020 but not without heartache and sacrifice for many Australians.

    Thanks again, you’re lovely personality always puts a smile to my face.


  • Maryanne

    Colette- I am so very glad that you beat that horrible virus. That was no joke!! Thank you for dragging through those tough times and maintaining the sails on oracle School.I am Looking to enjoy every moment and be grateful for all that the universe has shared with me. Last year was a crazy roller coaster of ebbs and flows. Basically – it was Some of the most stressful challenges all piled into a few short months that I had to navigate
    I am learning to take one day at a time and to be grateful for the gifts shared
    with me on earth- I am most grateful for the unconditional and strengthening love that Comes from and to family, friends , and needs to be shared with the world. Thank you for the tools that helped me to traverse some crazy waters and- for helping me to find the messeges and synchronistic events surrounding me🤟❤️🤗👌

  • Anonymous

    Colette, you are so funny. I love listening to you every week when I am on my walks in the forest. I walk with some giant headphones on (which also serve to keep my ears warm in the Swedish winter) and I am laughing out loud listening to you. No one is around but you make the walk that much more enjoyable. Thank you for all you do and I am glad you are feeling better. And spot on to more rest and to knowing what you want to FEEL instead of what you want to GET. Good advice. Hugs from your birthday twin Åsa! 🙂

  • Åsa Nilsson

    Colette, you are so funny! I listen to these weekly messages on my walk in the Swedish forest. I am walking with my giant headphones on and laughing out loud every time i listen to you. You have such an endearing way of giving messages that we all need to hear. I appreciate you and the work you are doing. I am still unclear about the astrological signs (I am a Cancer – 7/17 🙂 like you) and you say I can find something on astro.com to know 2 other things to get more clarity into myself. Can you tell me what I am to look up again? I am a bit confused on this. THANK YOU!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      astro.com is where you go to get your chart 😉 I am coming to Denmark for an event you should come March 15th!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette- I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Will you be rescheduling a workshop at Kripalu for later this year? I hope so ::)) Also I read the comments about dreaming of cobras- I had an intense dream a few weeks ago about two black cobras and electrifying light surrounding them. I felt very intense after this dream- but I do sense it was about kundalini energy and also some aspect of healing from the past. Thanks for your weekly blog- I love it! Dianne

  • thais

    Dear Colette, thank you for another great blog!
    The Serenity Prayer played a key whole for me during the Holiday Season. It was extremely helpful and comforting.
    I’m glad to know that Bisou is getting better!
    Happy new year for you and for everyone.

  • Dana

    Ended 2019 not feeling well myself, and feeling off these first couple days of the New Year. Glad you are feeling so much better! I saw that big ole foot massager thing Oprah liked, but did refrain from purchasing it with the help of some husband eye rolls lol! If you figure out how it works let us know if you like it!

  • Brenda

    Happy new year best 2020 ahead
    Yes a year I don’t want to repeat 2019
    My stepdaughter has moved, we have settled her close to us in a village of on-site mobile homes,
    We could not have asked for a better outcome. She is close by to keep an eye on and far enough for me to breath.
    Bless you all.

  • Cathy

    Thank you Colleen for your insights and presence. I so adore you. Viral meningitis! That is so serious. Glad to hear you and your pooch are recovering.
    Yes the Serenity prayer and Yesterday, Today and tomorrow are my go to feel good reads!
    Blessings to you and yours. I look forward to your weekly readings and blogs. All best for 2020

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’m so happy to know it wasn’t just me in 2019!! Whew, do not want to repeat that year at all!! Is your pup better? Were they able to figure out what happened to her?

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