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Updated: January 19, 2020


Do you believe there could be more to life than what you’ve come to expect?


By asking yourself the question, “Where am I right now?”  you are really asking, “What state of mind am I in and how could I describe that using the metaphor of a physical place to represent it?”

The method I teach (first introduced in my bestselling book The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life) is to describe your state of mind using landscape archetypes. 

For example, a building can be a landscape archetype, so you might imagine that when you feel overwhelmed with work and stress you could see yourself in an abandoned warehouse or a factory.  If you are feeling obsessed or overwhelmed by circumstances in your life you could imagine that you are in a swamp. If you are peaceful you might say you are sitting beside a calm glassy lake or a placid lake. By describing our emotional state in environmental terms, we have a completely different and interesting metaphoric landscape through which to see ourselves.

One of the advantages of this technique is it reminds us that our landscape is temporary. When we think of where we are only as a state of mind, or emotional state, we think it’s forever, but once you become an observer of a place, you are no longer tied to that place.  Because you can leave a place, it’s so much easier to see yourself as a traveler through many destinations and places. There’s always an escape and there’s always another place to visit, and you can realize you have been to other places before.

Let’s explore a new way of looking at our circumstances using the universal symbol of a bird. The earliest peoples drew images on cave walls depicting the bird as representing the transition between the mortal human and the spiritual world because the bird can fly between you and the heavens. Summon a bird, imagine yourself and how you feel as you get on its back and when it takes flight you can see the landscape as much smaller and it gives you immediate relief, and then you can decide. “Would I choose to be here?”  No, I would not.  Why would I go there?  Let’s go somewhere else.  You give yourself an opportunity to play a little bit within your own mind-scape.

A big question to ask yourself when you are in any landscape is, “Do I see a home here?”  Are you at home in this landscape? For instance, people who tend to become fearful, find themselves at home in a landscape that perpetuates fear. The epiphany for them is they don’t want to be at home there and they don’t realize that they have felt at home there in the past. No one wants to be at home in fear unless they have a neurotic agenda. There are some people who love to feel fear because it takes them out of a numb state of boredom, and those that are unaware that fear is familiar so it somehow makes them feel “normal.”

So ask yourself: Why are you at home here? What does this remind you of?  Where else could you go?

When you recognize that you’ve been in that landscape before, you can ask yourself this:  “The last time I was here, where did I go next and how did I get myself out of there?” When you realize you were successful in the past, it builds confidence to continue to learn the lessons you need in that landscape and move on to another wonderful place you want to call Home.

There IS more to life than your present landscape. And you never have to be stuck in a place forever. There is always a new place to visit. 

Have you been in a landscape that once brought you comfort and now you know it should no longer be Home to you? Love to hear your thoughts or insights in the Comments section below. 

In service and love,

PS. If you haven’t read The Map yet, check it out here. You will be amazed at the creative ways to move through your life with purpose, meaning, hope and adventure! 

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  • Cate

    I experienced so many break throughs healing using this process!!! Thank you🙏🏻♥️🦋

  • Jane

    Years ago, feeling completely lost and at sea after a period of major transition, I was having tea with a friend at a local bookshop and saying that I wished I could just find a map to show me the way forward. As we were leaving, she started laughing and pointed to the table of new releases by the door. The Map was the featured book at the top of the display! Of course, I bought it. And it was like being thrown a lifeline. It gave me a new way to think about things and I’ve gone back to it time and again over the years since. Last year, I bought The Enchanted Map oracle deck as a birthday present for myself and it’s become a daily practice to check in both with the deck and with myself to ask “Where am I right now?” And “When am I?” (I get a little lost on the time and space continuum sometimes, so that’s helpful, too.) It’s crazy-accurate and the artwork is beautiful. Thanks for putting your work out into the world, Colette. I’m grateful for that everyday!

  • Anonymous

    I once saw myself in a Tower like Rapunzel, but actually more like the Lady of Shallot who could see life only through her mirror. I was aloof, high in my Tower, watching the world go by, set up above it all, minding my business. I became tired of being the observer, and climbed down from my Tower, and started walking through the valley below. Once I set myself free, I have not looked back.

  • Andrea

    This blog is totally in sync with a recurring dream I had yesterday morning. It was one of a few versions where I’m living in a haunted apartment (I did have some uncanny real-life experiences). By the end of these dreams, I am ready to start looking for a new place to live. In real life, I do worry about not knowing where I will live next.

  • Laurie Jones

    Hi Colette! Good morning on this beautiful MLK day!! Here on the east coast some crazy stuff will be happening-I have lived here since 1969 but have felt recently like it may be time to move on. My daughter and I have talked about this a lot actually. We feel we have outgrown this area -we feel the poor dark history cloud that never seems to be able to move because the people here are accepting of their fear and hatred. We have grown apart from the family that anchored us here so that is no longer a reason to stay-but my husband has his business here-25 yrs. Even he-his ancestry here dates back to 1632 Magna Carta land-10th generation here-is getting restless but doesn’t recognize it yet.. Talk about entrenched. We dream of enlightened places where others are like us-especially my daughter needs to find people like her-where crystals dwell and you can hear the high sound of the eagle circling above the mountains and hear the drums….now I am crying-good job girl-great topic-you touched my heart. We have also felt that our beloved home we built 25 yrs ago harbors so much memory we would like to leave behind-scary. Love you! Now to the cards!!!

  • Harry Joseph

    No home don’t feel like home. I feel trapped instead of love. I know she don’t feel the same way i feel we are on two different level time Will. Tell ,

  • Lori

    I feel like I’m in a dark cave looking out onto a beautiful forest with a lake. There are big snowflakes softly falling outside. I feel safe, a little afraid to venture out. In “real” life, I live in Michigan, I’m in a lot of physical pain, and I’m feeling some depression. To me, this landscape represents a need to hibernate, do some self-care and let the medicine work. The last time I was in this cave, it was the happy place I went to on shamanic journeys. So, I know I can be happy here, instead of depressed. All I have to do is light a torch so I can feel the warmth and see all the loving animals and spirits here to support me in my healing. I’m not alone, if I just look around. And, I know that when I’m ready, the beautiful forest and lake will be waiting for me, alight with beauty.

  • Lori

    Thank you, Colette, for helping me use this imagery to find peace and stop beating myself up. 💕

  • Colleen

    Wow, Colette! This visualization exercise using landscapes was spot on for me as I am feeling restless and now I know exactly why. The last time I had this feeling I left employment and went into business for myself. I am still in business for myself and also working part time – it is definitely time to step into something bigger for myself. Thank you for helping me ‘see’ this through my landscape. Xoxo

  • Meryl

    My present home use to feel that way. My husband that passed away had made life unwelcoming here because of his family and his own insecurities. Once I allowed my energy to release all of the bad and take on the joy and happiness. My home became the perfect place to be.
    I am grateful for this journey and the beautiful place I am at!

  • Judy MacLeod

    Loved the observation about the landscape represented by fear and using it to escape the numbness of boredom. Wow, this is giving a fear landscape another power to be explored and retrieved. Thank you for your brilliant insight.

  • Jenny

    Thanks so much again Colette for your unending insights and wisdom. Reading your blog today hit the nail right on the head for where I’m at today in my life, stuck in a home full of fear that just simply doesn’t serve me anymore. I’m struggling to step out of that fear and start doing the things that I know I’m really good at but my fears tell me I’m not. So, bring it on 2020 and with inspirational words from people like yourself, Colette, it certainly helps to put things into perspective xox

  • Nila Matthews

    I love this! Your bird mediation (which I think I heard on one of your mini-workshops) really helps bring your words into practice! Maybe you could share that link again?- it really helped to remind me of the bigger picture and I had the key to change my mindset and energy – I just had to fly up & free myself of the labels I attached to a situation, even if I still had to live ‘in it’ for a while!

  • Linda Steckmyer

    I’ve been thinking about selling my place and moving South. Spent the last 3 hours online checking out places in New Mexico and Arizona. I will use your questions and the Oracle cards to explore more BEFORE I commit! lol……. Thanks Colette for this timely lesson!

  • Renee Sugar

    Interesting to consider this. I am not usually that at home with this process. Thank you Colette for the opportunity to practice. I feel like I am in a “waiting” room not unlike when you visit the doctor/ or maybe at the airport. Life is moving around me, but I am still, present and alone while I wait. When is it going to be my turn? or when will my name be called? This is the place of ” not knowing .”
    It is only in the moment that I can make a new decision/choice. This is not
    done alone. Always in concert, guided by a higher intelligence. I know that when the timing is right that the next step will present itself and the door opens with ease. ” Be still and know. ” There is a new adventure awaiting, but the details have not yet been finalized. Empty, but open to new possibilities. I believe that things cannot remain the same. I am being called to live life differently, to loosen up, to be more spontaneous, lighter freer just like the bird, I need to have faith that my wings are strong enough, and my intuition will guide me without fail.

    • Lori

      I hear you, Renee! Thanks for your comment. It really spoke to me! 💕💕💕

  • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    Last time I did the “Get your bird” meditation (some months ago) I found myself in a cage into a volcanic land. I am scared from fire, even if I am working on this issue from a lot of years (and I near died by fire too, in Summer 2002). The first bird coming to rescue me was a Phoenix! I didn’t accept her help… I was terrified… so came my Fire Dragon Guide and I rade him out of that landscape, followed by the Phoenix. While I am writing I am going on fire, and I just pulled the Fire Element Card from my Crystal Allies app! So I feel if I’d try the meditation again, or if I had to figure my actual feelings as a landscape, it could be a very hot place …

  • Diana Davis

    Dearest Colette,
    I just bought the Map book and the Map cards.
    I have been in limbo for 3 months just waiting and staying with a friend. Yes I want to move as I don’t want to live here now. Things are not normal but the dreams and vision I have on the bird meditation are clearly showing me I have been changing and morphine into a new person. Magic is afoot.
    Love you and thank you.

  • Karina

    I’ve been doing this since I was a very little girl…led by my inner source. This technique always steered me right and taught me how to be adaptable..improvise, and overcome anything…it works! ( And it’s not a new thing bc I’m a grown woman now!) Lol

  • Adiyanto

    Wow, Colette, thank you so much. Very powerful method in changing atmosphere and seeing clearly change direction which align with soul purpose.
    Be blessed and have a wondrous life in All – Ways.

  • Karen

    Yes. I worked in Grand Tetons Park for 6 summers. It was a place I wanted to return to each summer. A home, indeed, for awhile. Such beautiful landscape, so many good people. Now I need to move on, and do something different in my life. Find a new home. I am out of that forest and into a different area. It feels good, I am anticipating good things, and impatient for Spring to come. 🙂

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