Simple Habits to Manifest Change!

Updated: January 26, 2020


I am always pretty much in sync with everyone else by the end of January still considering change and transformation as a bit of a sport I might actually win. Yes, I have learned how to make change into a game since I am not always successful in avoiding the pitfalls of the myriad threads of old storylines to prove my essential unworthiness. You know what I mean, 3 weeks of pure bliss on a new food plan and anti-aging Goop-approved weirdness, then face plant without noticeable cause into a giant vat of cream cake. Who me? Not I!! 

You might identify with being sick and tired of being sick and tired, or raring to go and get a brand new you, or realizing nothing is actually broken, you just aren’t where you want to be… yet. This brings up the “mindful of remaining in the moment and being with what is” existential dilemma. 

Oh, what a hairball!  

Time to revisit the KISS principle. (That is Keep It Simple Sally (or any descriptive and slightly rebellious word beginning with “s”)

Ok so assuming we know change will make things better, brighter, clearer, more abundant, or whatever it is you’re looking to experience let’s look at some very simple ways to make lasting change. Here are my 5 favorites. They make change fun and manageable.

  1. Get grounded and start where you are. I know it sounds counterintuitive but if you don’t know where you are you can’t get to where you want to go to have the experience the change you desire
  2. Get clear on how you want to feel. The change you seek is a feeling state, not a thing or event. Spend some time writing down how you want to feel from “x” to “x”.
  3. Get organized and write it down. Studies show change happens when your awareness is accompanied by lists, notes, stickies or whatever floats your boat for making it real—words on paper first. 
  4. Choose 3 micro steps a day towards your goal. I mean micro, not big leaps. 
  5. Every day, yes you need to box your life in a 24-hour compartment. Begin by saying “This is my best day yet!” 

If you can track your wins, the smallest ones as I have mentioned in earlier blogs you will find you are winning this game. Who is your opponent? Well, your old self of course! The only person you should be comparing yourself with is you. 

Ok, let me know how you do this week! Remember wake up and claim your day, then when you put your head on the pillow track your wins and only your wins for a while until this whole change issue becomes something you look forward to and not some daunting perfectionistic fire breathing monster ready to singe your eyelashes if you don’t get ALL of it right All at once! 

Give yourself a HUG!


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  • Julie

    Thank you Colette, you do give me hope and make me smile with your beautiful energy, even on my darkest days, like today. I know I am capable of bringing about the changes I so desire, but I just can’t get unstuck right now and move forward to become the best version of myself and help others. Every time I think right I feel better today, something else happens, something big that just sits me right back on my arse again, right back to square one. Like last week, a great friend of 7 years accuses me of something that I know is totally wrong and not my fault, then after all the hurt and damage has been done, I get a message from her partner that she knows it wasn’t my fault at all, but not a single apology in sight, and I’m still left feeling so deeply hurt and it’s so painful again. I don’t know what is going on, I seem to be in conflict with everyone at the moment, while I’m trying to be my true Authentic self. I’m 52 in 2 days and I’ve suffered all my life, I’m doing all the inner work on myself, it’s been the hardest time of my life this past 5 years, and you have helped me Colette, so thank you. I’ve got your book “Uncharted” and your Oracle deck “Mystical Shaman” I have followed you for the past few years and I love all your readings and everything. I’m still doing the inner work and I know it’s a constant thing we have to do to heal. I just wish I knew why I’m having so much conflict in my life right now. Actually I do know why, it’s because of my own “Inner Conflict” I just don’t know how to sort out my inner conflict for myself to be able to move forward in my life. I know everything happens for a reason and people are brought into our lives for many reasons and to help us grow, but the injustices and hurt and abandonment I have suffered are just too much to bear sometimes. Anyway I’m still trying so hard to keep going and getting through it all. I just don’t feel good today, in fact I feel so alone with my pain. I have no self care right now, but I am trying. I am hoping to come and see you in London in the UK this March, it would be great to finally meet you at one of your events. Thanks again for the love and joy you bring me xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there… maybe be gentler with yourself, stay in one day at a time, take tiny steps and instead of seeing the results of the suffering, perhaps ask for help from the universe to love and accept yourself now as you are. xoxoxo hope to see you in London!

    • Iz

      Julie, You got this. I’m in the same exact boat as you with past sufferings. The conflict is mostly in our minds. You have to wake up every morning with a positive routine. It’s the only way to get grounded. Today I was miserable and feeling caged, but in reading your comments, I know I am not alone. You are loved by the universe and others. You can’t change others or force them to apologize. I never once received an apology from my father until I guilted one out of him; It wasn’t a real one so I never had closure. Instead, I work on forgiveness. Forgiveness is the single most proven brain wave stimulator. Forgive and be kind to yourself! Blessings and abundance!

  • Karen

    Omgoodness!!! Like this reading was meant for me 💞 Colette, thank you…thanks to your husband and puppies for supporting and loving you. I’m so grateful for all you do. These readings help me to feel less wonky and like I’m not alone in this.

  • Veroshka

    Thank you so much Colette.

    • Alice

      Well now, to be reminded it is a *feeling*that you have, when you want to manifest anything; that is just superb! I had forgotten that part. And writing everything down! Oh how exciting, I better get started! For sure, this is my best day yet!!!!! Thank you for you Colette. ♡

  • Kelly Knox

    Right there with you, Colette! Need to get back on the eating plan that works for me a release (permanently!) about 10lbs I have added! Life has been hectic since the holidays and I haven’t been at home much. I do better when I can cook rather than having to fly by the seat of my pants for what and where to eat. Havoc on being able to stay on plan. Right now, I am a little under the gun and I want a noticeable difference by mid February! My card was #3… 🙂 Thank you so much for all that you give, share and do for us! Kisses, hugs and Love!

  • Ann

    So amazingly on point. I literally came in from repotting a plant and listened to this 😘 I also picked card 3, “gentle gardener”. You can’t make this stuff up people! Synchronicity is the key. Listen with your head, heart and soul. Thank you, Colette 🥰

  • Betty

    Thank you for the work that you do!

    • Cyndi Badalich

      Thank you! I chose #6, right on point.
      I am really working on myself and every day gets better.
      The comment on how things may get a bit messy before they get better is perfect food for thought.
      Thank You

  • Brenda

    Thank you this is a great reading, a reading very close to my heart actually- affecting myself and my family.
    Small steps and small wins are a clear message for me- my card was 4, following the others made perfect sense.

  • Anonymous

    Always enjoy our weekly reading & always seems to be spot on
    Thankyou Kim

  • Indigo Mo

    Thanks so much for these delightful words of knowledge Colette, this was perfect timing! Sending you peace and love.

    XOXO! 💕

  • Marvie Tschetter

    You took the words right out of my mouth! The first 27 days of January have been a roller coaster. We became “Snow Birds”, moving to warmer weather following a December of a turmoil of emotions from taking early retirement (my choice). Unfortunately, the home we were moving into was still being remodeled and contractors were in and out and there was dirt everywhere. My morning routine of exercise, meditation, devotions, and reading my cards was thrown into never never land. I longed for the time when I was in Alignment, grounded, and could sense the Devine peace. Well, today is the day. It is Monday and all is well. It is beginning. The sun is shining. Meditation music is playing. My cards are promising. And I have set my intentions to Connect & Contribute. For two years now, I have followed you, taken your courses, and used your cards. They have helped me to affirm and manifest. Thank you, Colette. Have a Beautiful Day!

  • Janice Schmeltzer

    Last week when came home from being out for a very short time, only to find my Postcards from Spirit deck of cards all over the floor with four cards “Eaten” by my two French Bulldogs. They are two years old and had never done anything like this before! I was so upset! And they knew it!

    Can I still use the remaining cards to get accurate readings or should I buy a new deck? I love this deck and used it daily!

    Enjoyed your lesson this week as always!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      new deck!

      • Glitzy

        Oh my God, it is 4 a.m where I am and just before going to bed I read my mails and this blog and had such a hoot about your dogs and their good taste!!!
        Yes, for crying out loud, get a new deck, keep the old one and check which cards your dogs ate, then contemplate their meaning. Those are true messages from dog (read backwards ;-))
        I love this deck too – so far my cats were not interested, so I have to rely on intuition and Colette’s teachings.
        Lots of Love and a Happy New Year!

  • Sandra

    Great blog Colette and perfectly timed as well. Oracle said ” make lists” last night, about this and that. Here you are today with the same message. Don’t you just love when Spirit speaks so clearly. I started my lists last night. Wishing you Love and Light. Sandra

  • Karie Hawthorne

    Thank you Colette!! 💜💜

  • Renee Sugar

    Dear Colette;
    Thanks a bunch for this. I especially resonated with what you said about comparing yourself to who you no longer want to be. To aspire, stretch,
    become something different, the best version asks for patience, patience,
    courage, and taking ACTION. As someone who is highly creative; the self-
    critical part of who I have been was a predominant theme for me. As I often
    had highly unrealistic standards and expectations for myself. I had to face
    that I will never achieve PERFECTION. It is unattainable.
    Now I place the focus on the HOW. (HONEST, OPEN, WILLING) As a visual artist, I am paint-ING I am practic-ING the piano, (still after over 40 years !!!!)
    I am writ-ING this blog post. This is a process, there is no outcome, or expectation/pressure.
    Recently I began to paint in watercolor after an absence of 13 years. The kind of painting I do is very painstakingly detailed. To date I have completed 8 species. The first one, was very simple, and not up to the level I felt I could do. With each attempt, facing the blank page, I chose a new subject that was more difficult. There were a few times when I would tear up the attempt and toss it. This too is a part of the learn-ING. I have done a few that I was inspired, thrilled, and awed by, couldn’t believe that I had done the piece. Humility, is about being teachable. Being a beginner. As a child learns to walk, they wobble, fall down, over and over and over again. Each time they get up and eventually find their balance. COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN. Two steps forward, one back, oops I missed the mark. CELEBRATE, MARVEL IN YOUR MAGNIFICENCE. Each attempt, encourage yourself, appreciate the effort, trying to EXCEL, to ACHIEVE, to MASTER, is a mindset that always brings stress, disappointment, self-criticism, and can discourage you from starting or trying again.
    Lots of Love

  • Lorelei

    This spoke to me in ways I cant explain. Thank you!!

  • Patricia

    Wonderful blog post Colette. I think you just summarized the key to life. I love it when simple wisdom becomes profound. Thank you!

  • Laurie Jones

    Hi Colette! Already knew what this week would bring! You are telling my story for sure-Picked Hecate in between/Sarasvati in reverse/Iris in reverse/Yuki Ono stillness. I knew I had to confront my family this week finally to stop telling the “fake news” stories of my daughter’s and my journeys for their benefit. SO I am still in between/need to pull in the scatter/tell my truth no matter what/then wait. I felt where Julie above is-untruths being spread for what?? This is people stirring in awareness/hearts being pried open by the universe-watch out! Colette is right-the universe is tired of waiting. Glad I picked 3 Gentle Gardener vs. Bone Collector for once! Your anchor of intention has me. Is my intention good? Does my mom get a free ride? Metamorphosis has been kicking my butt-Coming Apart is happening no matter how hard I try to hold on to my family security-universe wants it different! Now comes the Balancing Act -this is where I tend to be afraid of being without my mom-my sisters let me down so much. Pick Card 7!!! I need to know what will be next??!! Love you-thanks for siding with Iris that I have to deal with this week. Poo.

  • Carolyn Eldred

    I so appreciate your calling it like it is language…such an image “face planting”…I laugh! so appropriate and often experienced.
    Am loving the Spirit Animal Oracle. and playing with the Crystal Spirit Oracle as well. Beginning to feel the differences and also the consistencies within the two. Love having found you.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for prompting me to use The Enchanted Map again, the first oracle card deck I ever used. All the cards this week equally reflect my own experience in trying to make a change for myself to tackle an unwanted project foisted upon me. I sent an email a few days ago asking for help to address my main concern of those who were impacted and it was not an easy request to make. I received a very negative reaction by one person who misinterpreted the context and tried to make me feel shameful. Fortunately having worked on projects I am experienced with change and its challenges. The problem can often lead to the solution but the opposite can be true too unless the details are looked after.

  • Fran

    I liked the idea of only focusing on the things that went well at the end of the day. I will definitely be trying this.
    Thank for your onsite.🥰

  • Rebecca Hatter

    Hi Colette, I’m happy I read your blog about 5 things to help manifest. What you said is what I needed to hear to organize my tasks. I’m a Virgo but have been out of sorts lately, even though I watch your videos every morning except when I’m at my parents because I don’t have the wifi or internet. Thank you for you being there in a time when I needed you. I watch you, Debra Silverman and Jessica of behatilife every morning because all 3 of you help me have insight into me and brighten not only my day but the feelings I’ve been doing my best to raise in myself. Love and Light Rebecca Hatter 😁 💛✌🏼 🦋😽 🤙🏼

  • dtaborah

    thanks~ so simple…yet challenging n’est pas?

  • Rose Romani

    Love this post Colette
    stayed grounded and made my lists and asked friends to keep me accountable
    For my goals😊coming to see you along with Sandra, Claire and Vanessa from O.S. and Charles from O.S too. In March, like a mini Oracle Palooza!😊💖💖💖

  • Anonymous

    Oh what a perfect little lesson you shared. I really needed that!!! Thank you for the KISS. 😀

  • Viki

    Oh what a perfect little lesson you shared. I really needed that!!! Thank you for the KISS. 😀

  • Jody Alne

    I find your readings always spot on to what’s happening in my life and extremely helpful in explaining what is happening to give an understanding explanation that is encouraging to help stay positive especially in our lives right now.
    Our farm was very badly hit by a tornado last September. Destroying half our farm, buildings, and hop yard. The hop yard is in memory of our son we lost . Your card reading has all the elements we are and have experienced because of the tornado. Thank you for doing these weekly readings. You have amazingly been giving us what we need to hear from what we’ve been through.

  • Anne Morin

    Thank you Colette,

    I will try this week to feel and write down.

    Anne from Montreal.❤

  • Donna

    Hi Colette,

    I love your work and your readings! Thank you so very much for all the ways you reach out and help us on our journey’s.
    I have been using the beautiful and amazing Power Goddess deck since October. I am just pulling one card each day for a personal message. Sometimes it jumps out, that’s what happens most of the time for me.
    I have been getting the same card, the Goddess Aine (#1) so many times, at least a dozen. I do what you said in the book and ask for clarification from another Goddess. I have been getting some duplicates with those as well. I keep asking, “what am I not getting, hearing, seeing, understanding”. Is there another way I can ask that might be helpful? At first I laughed because I knew it was an important message. Then I started to get frustrated. And now I’m in acceptance. If you have ANY suggestions that might help me I would be so thankful. I absolutely LOVE this deck and all your others!!!
    Peace, love & light blessings to you

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