The Power of Love!

Updated: February 10, 2020


Over the last several years, I’ve written and talked on the radio about the power of love and how important it is to use your intuition when it comes to love, dating, and relationships. I’ve talked about everything from reinventing your love life and changing your dating mindset to using your intuition when it comes to the scent of attraction (why online dating can go sour if his smell turns you off) and the sound of your date’s voice (sound frequency is so telling!) Ultimately, trusting your intuition will help you much more than any how-to-date manual. But, what about the reverse—what does love have to do with enhancing your intuition and connection to the All That Is?

We often tend to think of love as an emotion or an expression, but it is so much more. Love is unconditional, accepting, inclusive, uniting, understanding, kind, and joining. It’s a freedom from fear and separateness. It’s about showing compassion and kindness to yourself and the world around you. It’s also a commitment to reduce suffering and respect every creature and object. Love flows through every living being, connecting us to one another, the living planet, and the Divine. It’s what made you, your friends, and even the people who drive you crazy. It’s a part of our trees, oceans, mountains, and sky. Love is at the very essence of who we are. 

While our ego minds tend to analyze, think, and judge, our hearts immerse us in love. Our world tends to place more emphasis on the ego, but your heart actually produces by far the body’s most powerful rhythmic electromagnetic field. It’s not the brain! In fact, according to major research by the Institute of HeartMath, the heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and the signals the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing, and higher cognitive functions.

So, what impact would more love from your heart have on your mind and the world around you? As I talk about extensively in my books, Love moves you beyond the ego-mind chatter I call your Goblin, also known as your Challenger, an inner critic that is the personification of your wounded self. The patterns of this challenging part of you keep you stuck in separateness and break your connection with the All That Is. Through love and compassion, you put this part of you to sleep, thus reigniting your intuition and limitless connection. Rather than search for differences, we see that everyone and everything is actually a part of us.  We move beyond comparison, judgment, and competition to compassion and celebration of our diversities, which also bring us together as one.

In our culture today, egos are running most of the show. Much of our world is filled with war, division, prejudice, racism, religious differences, suffering, poverty, and environmental disrespect. Love beckons us to look at our world and take responsibility for our collective human condition. What would happen if we really loved, totally and without condition?

Remember, intuition is better able to be seen, heard, felt, and known because of love.


First think about the many forms of love—for example, romantic love, platonic love, compassionate love, heart-centered love, and even tough love. What impact has each form of love had on your life? How can you nurture each form?

As I said above, love is about compassion, kindness, and unity. One powerful way to experience more love in our hearts and bring more to the world is through an act of kindness. This week, I encourage you to do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return. Perhaps anonymously buy coffee for the person behind you tomorrow morning. Or, leave flowers on your neighbor’s doorstep.

Lastly, meditate on your heart center.  Sit comfortably in a quiet spot for 20 minutes. Begin by inhaling and exhaling for 15 breaths.  Then bring your attention to your heart center as you continue to breathe. Imagine that each time you take a breath, you’re inhaling all the love in the universe. Let it fill you completely. Then imagine your heart beaming love out to others—your family, friends, acquaintances, and all the people across the world. Next move the love out to all aspects of our planet—the trees, oceans, rocks, and even inanimate objects. Imagine the world filled with love as it moves through everyone and everything. How does this make you feel?

And, please share your thoughts on love and the exercises in the comments. We’re all building community and spreading more love through sharing ideas with one another!

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  • Laurie Jones

    Hi Colette!
    Great subject-ah love-really what else is there worth having? I often find that when I am at my worst feeling the most unloved that I feel better right away if I buy a food box at the store for the food bank-tell the cashier I LOVE her crazy nails,etc. It would make sense that it is forcing heart connection and ends up making the head better! Cool! Is this science??Heehee. Thanks for explaining the Goblin which I used to always get but didn’t get IT!! Thanks for letting Leo off the Round & Round of last week-whew-so true-all came around again! This week we are Blessed-yeah!! I picked card#2-By the Book-and so funny! I know what I am supposed to be doing and what and whom to avoid to not be dragged back down/it is a book/choose to move in that direction without delay/exchange gifts my book will bring to those in chronic discomfort/DO IT-I will be born anew!! That’s the story right? I am Blessed (Leo) to do it and don’t freak if I end up Out to Sea (Libra). I always get double Leo so double Blessed and Round & Round was double bad!! Can’t wait to see your other comments on how this week affects their energy in relation to the reading!

  • Theresa

    This was beautiful and thank you so much

  • Anonymous

    Colette — You are the ray of Light needed. I did your workshop in Sedona and forever changed my path. Still seeking– but trusting that where I am —– is exactly where I am supposed to BE. Still LOVE our time in Sedona and KNOW that I am moving to what is next. Love these weekly posts. They help me center myself during the daily stuff!!!

  • Cheree

    Absolutely love this xox

  • Maggie

    Where do you buy your gorgeous clothes?

  • Lyn

    Hi Colette I connect very well with you writing I often put white light up my driveway and over the road so anyone walking by or driving by perhaps has a few minutes of no worries no heart ache so they too can be uplifter xx

    • Carmie


  • Renee Sugar

    Thank you Colette for your insights, and perspective. I always love this blog. When I read it, it always encourages/invites us to think, to contemplate, to open our minds/hearts and to share our ideas. This exchange is love in action.
    I see love not as an emotion, or a noun but as an ACTION. ” Love is the will to extend one’s self to nurture one’s personal, spiritual growth, or that of another human being. ” Scott Peck
    ” Love does not dominate, it cultivates.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    Love shows us that woven into the underlying foundation the Creator/Source has designed a unique place for every being, ” human “, or otherwise. There is a wisdom, an intelligence that reminds us of the” interconnectedness ” of all life.
    Everything and everyone matters, belongs, and is a part of this enormous jigsaw puzzle. Every piece has its place. When I think of ” Love “, it is a vision
    that is built on a higher order, ” principles above personalities.” In the words of Joe Cocker, ” Love lifts us up where we belong “. Where we fall off the edge is
    “Edging G-d Out ” EGO is when we think of ourselves as more important; better than, an ” expert ” , or the opposite pole, unworthy, forgotten, underappreciated/undervalued.
    Love elevates and encourages us to become the best version of ourselves.
    Love is patient, it sees beyond the human flaws, straight through to the heart.
    I believe that the ” spirit ” is really the true reflection of the person. Our intentions, our attitude, our actions are either loving, or based on fear, where we fall short and then enters self- judgement, self-criticism , self-rejection, and all love disappears. “Be patient with all things; but most of all be patient with yourself ” Love leads or guides you gently back to yourself “

  • C. G.

    On my way to any store from my mother’s car or van I pick up some plastic trash from the parking lot, and I throw them into the trash can before going in to the store.

    • Anonymous

      We don’t need do big things–only small things with great love ”
      Mother Theresa
      Am touched by your stories friends and by our
      angel guide Colette
      Thank you for your gifts !!

  • Tracy

    Wow! Fantastic blog Colette. Thank you! It’s so true, my husband’s grandma is a living example of what a difference love makes. She loves everyone and everything, not in a mushy way but in a kind, supportive, caring way. She puts raisins out for the blackbirds, so they visit her every day and sing – in winter they get extra. She is the person who visits everyone in the community if they are sick, sad or just lonely, so she has so many friends. She never judges anyone, never heard her say a mean word, and so she is abreast of all the goings on because everyone trusts and confides in her. She has a constant smile and a contagious laugh because she has a fulfilled life. She’ll reach the grand old age of 93 on 14 February this year – yes she was born on Valentines Day – cool aye! 😘

  • Brenda

    I experienced a perfect act of kindness from a total stranger yesterday in the grocery store as I reached out to make a simple comment to a very sparkly older man. He responded back and we then had a significant connection in the parking lot as he proceeded to tell me that he can tell when someone is a good person and has innocence. He says he could see it in my face. Talk about a gushy moment. This experience followed a very intense five days after my father died last Thursday. It’s been a very unusual and spiritually intriguing time. All kinds of doors of communication have suddenly opened up over the past five days. Love you Colette and your communications.

  • Ginny

    Thank you Colette. When I even just SEE your email on Mondays, my heart actually lifts! Thank you so much for doing these blogs and readings. You are giving us such a great gift and it is very appreciated. There is always so much in them that really helps to settle questions I might have or wonderfully lift my outlook for the week – or just get me back on track. As usual, this week’s was pertinent, the warning is well taken, and concerns I had were clarified as to the best way to proceed. We do indeed ‘know what to do’ in our hearts. Wishing you a spectacular week!

  • Veroshka

    Very insightful and healing blog. Thank you Colette 💞

  • Suzanne

    Hi Collette. I’m totally addicted to your cards and readings!
    Love,. … In deed !
    I love this soothing quote from the Bible. I made into a poster to read when I get out of bed, or feel out of sorts. Hope it sparks joy for someone out there. I not religious yet have many spiritual earthly contacts who are, and Love connects us all.

    “Love is patient, Love is kind and is not jealous; Love does not brag, is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly.
    It does not seek it’s own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in rightousness,
    but rejoices with the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    Love never fails.”
    (1 Corinthians 13:4_8)

  • Carolyn

    Hi Colette
    I decided to try your Oracle reading after watching a lovely episode of Messages from Spirit. I’m really baffled by cards: 2 were reversed, Not For You, Time to go and then 3rd card Yin right side up.
    Can you provide any guidance as I wait to take the online course? My question for the cards was about my adult son, married with 2 little ones. I adore my grand daughter and she loves us, but it’s very uncomfortable as they only use us for free babysitting. It’s been impossible to develop a normal relationship after years of estrangement from numerous dysfunctional family members and scared we could be cut off someday soon. I’m not sure what action the 1st and 2nd cards imply. Any suggestions? No matter how much we cater to them, we feel damned to fail! Fearful…

  • Bettymay

    I’m so glad your puppy is walking, for you and Marc. A close call, and thankfully OK. So cute watching the squirrel. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for all the sharing you do.

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