How to Stop the Fear Virus!

Updated: March 16, 2020



I’m sure you’ve noticed no matter where you live in the world that a great big inconvenient and temporary change is upon us. Certainty is a scarcity and everything is swirling in a vortex of unpredictability. 

We’ve all become susceptible to a virus … but not just the one in the news. Sure we all know about that one and there is tons of good information—a mix of medical and common sense about how to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19). But what about the Other Virus? 

Think about it. COVID-19 is not just a medical emergency affecting our bodies. It’s a symbol of something deeper. The more powerful other virus I’m talking about is a thought virus that didn’t come from a foreign country. It rises up through our primitive fear and panic and takes its shape in separation, expresses in fear and hatred of the “other”, and conjures nightmares of scarcity. 

This thought virus causes more damage than the one that spawned it. 

And this virus has been swirling around a lot longer than COVID-19. Think about it—how the world has felt so edgy these past few years. It was the perfect petri dish for an experiment in biological terror. I’m not afraid of COVID-19. I’m afraid of the thought virus. 

The thought virus is so powerful. Why? Because it stimulates fear that makes you forget that the “other” is actually the same as you. Fear allows hate to eat you up from the inside out as panic erases your memory of your humanity…and do you really need all that toilet paper? Is this because deep down we think everything is heading for the shitter? (not my joke—I got that from Bill Maher)

If you allow yourself a moment to breathe, don’t you think It’s a time for patience, deep breathing, trusting in something Greater, considering what a beautiful opportunity it is to be more compassionate and creative and remembering we are all in this together? I do! 

The antidote for a thought virus is a major attitude adjustment, to focus on faith and trust, yes do the obvious practical things too, of course, be as prepared as you can, (and try to refrain from hoarding!)  but it’s in the mind and heart that the solution needs to come from too. It’s a real conscious commitment to look for the best in humanity, the best in yourself and the willingness to be accountable to bring that forward.

Because soon it will be a time to build bridges. What does our behavior around all this reflect about our beliefs and what does it say about who we are? 

We need to remember that our current conditions are not made in the moment, but rather the result of many decisions, mindsets, beliefs, and actions that began in the past. I don’t think this was an accident at all. Ask any astrologer about the opportunities that the planets are inviting us to experience. Many spiritual teachers talk about an “ascension” process and how this is part of it and how its supposed to be a bumpy ride. I think there is truth to all of this. 

So how do we manage the journey? One day at a time, one step at a time, one conscious choice at a time.

Remembering our primary relationship to a Higher Power, and following the prompts of faith.  There is a spiritual solution to manage all of this, even when your neighbor bought all the hand sanitizer there was on the shelf and isn’t sharing right yet “in case they need it.” It’s hard to see the humor in it, but it’s there if you look hard enough. 

And now here we are.  

This coming apart stage is fraught with uncertainty (I know I’m sounding like a broken record) and yet holds the opportunity for deep healing and miracles in spite of the darkness that has stirred up in the process. There is no denying what fear damages in the hearts of people. But that didn’t just happen out of the blue. It’s been festering for a long time.

The cultural shadow this virus has reawakened is being presented for healing, and yes it’s ugly and scary, yet it’s a call to love. How much do we love this planet, this world, this community, this family, this body, this soul that inhabits it, the one presiding Spirit that lives in everything, the ONE that created it? It’s a good time to find out. 

Every day since this happened I pull one of my Oracle Cards to reflect on what’s going on. How do I deal with this fear? I was really sick myself (who knows what it was)  and am very well now. So yes, I was scared100%. Yet 7 days in a row I have pulled a card that represents the Higher Power, or points to renewing my co-creative partnership with it. I know when I connect to my Higher Power, fear subsides and stress leaves my body and in spite of current conditions, I know something deeply meaningful that will help heal us all is taking place.

My focus is faith not fear. 

This is a universal truth that what we place our attention on grows, and what we resist persists, what we deny and repress will come to us as fate, and that until we learn to heal our own shadow selves, face our own bias, and beliefs about the “other” we will remain in the turmoil and continue to repeat it. Isn’t it interesting how this virus is forcing more separation? 

I know some of you are scared, some angry. I have been too! 

Even if the current conditions seem tumultuous, something extraordinary wants to be born. We need to remember who we are—connected at every level in spite of the divisions that make us forget this truth. Courage to believe and behave in a way as if all life is sacred and there is enough.

We may feel we have no control over these circumstances, but we sure can control our reactions and response. 

Fight the virus with faith not just hand sanitizer. Stay connected. Keep in mind faith calms the nervous system, and at the very least you’ll have less stress and your immune system will be much stronger as a result. 

Love the “other” as yourself. 

And for heaven’s sake leave some toilet paper on the shelf for someone else. 

We ALL gotta wipe. 

BIG VIRTUAL HUGs (at a safe distance!)… love Colette

P.S. If you’re interested in getting some certainty and sanity back in your life, and you want a little extra help to plug back into the Universe and get some divine guidance, check out my free 3 part video series called Oracle Card Secrets Masterclass out now! Seriously, Oracle Cards are the new self-help…everyone should be learning how to work with them! 

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  • Andrea Jacobsen

    You NAILED IT!! I love you and thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Colette, you are so uplifting and related my thoughts. I have been looking at the humour in situations while taking care. It really is so mad. I looked humourlessly at the two remaining toilet rolls and wondering when it would be safe to place an order, while smiling to myself. My concern would be if it would put additional pressure on the assistant doing so, it will be accompanied by a note stating in your own time.i happen to have tissues kitchen paper etc should I run out of stock. Here in Ireland they were taking hand sanitisers and loo paper from hospitals as pharmacies ran out of stocks (spraying people at check outs with said items disrupting all our endocrine systems further adding to health issues later) we have abundance everywhere and I never fret as you create your own substitutes. So true replace faith with fear. You look so fab and getting younger by the day, a positive from your illness! May you always have the good health you deserve for your contribution to others.

  • Alice

    Thanks Colette. Oracle school is coming in very handy against this “ fear” virus!! Everyone has gone mad! Hopefully some of us can keep sane!! 🙏🙏xx

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette conforms and validates so much.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this. I thought you would like to hear this little “meaningful coincidence” that happened this morning–my mother-in-law sent me some pictures from her hike yesterday but, instead of attaching the second photo, her phone attached a copy of the hymn Have Thine Own Way, Lord. I thought this beautifully illustrated this week’s theme of trusting in a Higher Power! And my astro card this week is Message in a Bottle, so you know I’m on the look out for all messages coming my way. 🙂 Wishing you a calm week of wellness and well-being.

  • Teresa Coleman

    Thank You Colette!
    Beautifully said. I am blessed to have you so close!

  • Cynthia Ryan

    Thankyou so much for this blog,i agree with you 1000% ,I’m sharing this out as people need to truly understand ,we are in the best place we could ever be at this time in our lives ,this is going to change our thoughts and actions tremendously and absouletly in the most positive way
    Bless you lovely lady for your love guidance
    I love you 🙏😇💖

  • Mai Huong Nguyen

    As usual, you’re able to succinctly sum up what’s happening around us, which is so vital during this unprecedented time of global unrest. Your spiritual leadership is much appreciated and needed now. Thank you so very much for your big big heartedness. Very glad you’re well again, and helps remind me to stay out of resistance as I’m experiencing some physical conditions forcing me to stay in bed more. I know it has a spiritual connection, most probably to stay still long enough to hear the Divine within me.
    Love you as myself:).

  • Judith

    Thank God, someone is saying something worthy of hearing today!
    I’m sending wishes & prayer across the world that everyone feel healthy, vital, alive, and prosperous so they can attract more of all of these things. Like attracts like – a Universal Law we should treat as a gift … so let’s love, be loved, give and show love that you may, can, and will receive love, which is more powerful than any fear in all of existence. Let positive change take place through you.
    Thank you, Colette, for expressing this Truth and Goodness for Well-Being to all during this time. May you receive millions of readers who listen to your wise words.

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully written Colette!
    Time for everyone to wake up and remember their true connection to the Divine.
    Question? Have you been doing the Astro Reading?
    I haven’t been able to find today or last week.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Hi Francine! Yes, I release the Astro videos every Monday. You can see it here on YouTube: I also share them on Facebook and Instagram.

    • Judy Bellavia

      I am not a follower of your work. My daughter sent me this. You nailed it on how FEAR has taken over. All the shelves in the stores are empty. Most of the population has become self absorbed in there own wants not so much needs. No one stops to say let me leave a package of TP for someone else. We have become a Me Me generation and unfortunately that is what they are teaching their children. Yes I agree it is scary but what does fear really accomplish? Nothing!!! Hats off to you Collette. Keep up the great teaching and spreading the words of kindness, compassion, love etc etc. you are truly an inspiration for all to o hear 😍

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        Judy thank you for taking the time to write – I believe this is an opportunity and a responsibility for us to turn around. I send you and your daughter a big virtual safe hug.. be safe and well!!

  • Nancy Goldilocks

    Thank you 🤗 Colette Namastay cool ❤️🕯️

    • Dawn Jones

      Collette I just love your down to earth “tell it like it is” way of getting your point across. Thank you and I so agree with you, the world needs to remember we are all human beings with the same feelings and needs etc. This “me, myself and I” needs to change.

  • Antoinette Webster

    Hi Collette,

    Thank you for your insights and wisdom. I’ve been holding thoughts, feelings, energy…grounded in Truth, Love and Light, which has been challenged with/by all the negativity, especially from some family members. Your message provides additional information and phrasing I may use with those who’ve contracted the negative/baser/fear-based thought virus.

    And, laughter is definitely one of my best tools/resources for upliftment. Thank you for the sanitizer and toilet paper comments that sparked hearty, laugh-out-loud moments.

    All the best to you.



  • Teresa Coleman

    And speaking of Synchronicity, I have “The Map” and “Wisdom of the Oracle” decks!
    Your reading is a challenge and a reminder. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I was raised in the Mormon Church, and learned many good habits from this period of time, yet, embrace new age in the now, knowing, Religion, is at the brain level of the human expression, and take with me the good the experience offered me. One learning was food storage for one year; thus, I continue to work on this, being prepared. Food, Water, Personal needs, Clothing, Blankets, Camping Gear etc, storage for at the least for one year, is a great plan. Be prepared, free of hoarding. With storage we to are able to share, as well when there is a need.
    I promote prepareness all the way.
    If it is time for me to die, it will happen; otherwise, I prepare in my life..
    This past year I decided to take my car of the road over the winter months for various reasons. This requires stocking up in my home, due to, having to lug groceries. One, is able to stock up for 6 months at a time or for one year. I enjoy the problem solving, planning of doing this.
    Take care of self, and share in a balanced manner.

  • collette

    Once more your reading holds so much power, truth and wisdom–so perfect for the week and longer. Just amazing how your readings are always so close to what we feel at a particular period–
    Love your new working area, cheerful, and calling to us to come and share your wisdom for the week…

  • Sylvia

    Excellently said!!! Thanks Colette for you calming and wise words.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette ! To be honest, I had very similar thoughts for last few days however felt a bit inappropriate or naive ….once more: Thank you. Petra from Prague

  • Kathy Causey

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    Love and hugzzzz

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;
    I find myself at a loss for words. Thank you for this empowering blog!!!
    As we all know; counting our blessings everyday, even the smallest but
    nonetheless all quite important. I am so fortunate, I can breathe, I can think
    I decide, I can walk, talk, express myself, in more than one medium. I have
    everything I need, yes (even toilet paper)!!!!
    As the story continues to unfold moment by moment; as does life everyday;
    may I be re-minded of how fortunate we are to have a health system, that is very well equipped to cope with the Covid-19 issue. Although some of the decisions being made may seem restrictive, they are being made to include the needs for the greatest good of the whole. As always, fear is an option; but only one.
    ” Power is choice, recognizing this is empowering .” As always I am truly grateful for the gift of being alive. I know what matters most. Maybe this health crisis is an opportunity to call our attention to bring us closer together even at a 6 metre distance apart. Just imagine if our phones had a virus and we had to hand them over so save our health/sanity and that of the planet. What if we were called to communicate in the old way?? Stay Well Lots of Love

  • Deborah

    Thank you so much Colette. This message is right on and received with an open heart.

  • Dona

    First of all, I want to thank you for this informative advice. And I totally agree, we all need to have faith in the higher power ( whatever that may be for each individual).
    And yes, staying calm (as much as possible) IS smart and healthy .
    Lots of love, stay safe, healthy and calm 🙂

  • Mary wesselake

    So true. We just have to be reminded the world needs healing. We have to start now. Thank you.

  • Andrea

    It reminds me of the time I almost walked into ground zero of the SARS epidemic in North America. After a long time deciding, I finally chose this particular day to visit a large local hospital to find a community outreach person in hopes of discussing an event idea.
    When I got to the hospital I couldn’t find one available parking spot; it was probably not out of the ordinary but it seemed a little strange that a little voice also kept telling me “don’t go in” or “come back another time”. I finally decided to go home, suspecting it was evident something else was beyond my control.
    Later on it was revealed that the first SARS patient to be admitted to a North American hospital had walked in there that day, and anyone who had visited there that day on would have had to self-isolate at home for several weeks. Since then we have had early warning systems in place to help detect he spread of pandemics in hopes it can be prevented.
    At the time I lived in an apartment rented out by my landlord-friend who was a respiratory therapist… we had studied respiratory therapy together….
    Since then I always felt there is an internal warning system that can be accessed if we stay calm and interpretive, as Colette says, open to new possibilities beyond our control.

  • Michele Redman

    Thank you Colette for the guidance toward positive thoughts and away from fear.

  • Jean Knowlton

    And if we run out of toilet paper, so what? There’s always a “bidet” in the form of a spray bottle and a hand-held hair dryer.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, I needed this. I know we are all trying so hard to not get caught up in the drama but when you see that people closest to you are some of the hoarders, it’s hard to maintain a level of sanity. thank you Colette.

  • katie

    Love your blog today! The essence of which I have been sharing….now I’ll just forward your blog!! Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Colette, I love this so much. I also love what other people have contributed. Greed is terrible. thank you!

  • Lisa

    Thank you, Collette, for your positive thoughts and wisdom. You remind us of what’s important in these crazy times.

  • No name

    Thank you Collette. I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, so I have only third hand information. No fear. Personally, I am not big on fear, but to my surprise nobody in my family is afraid. Maybe we don’t have the fear gene. I am inclined to agree with something I heard yesterday: this virus is no worse than the flu vaccine they force you to have. Suddenly a great concern for the well being of the population! WHO are they kidding?
    My husband went shopping this morning and came home with the same stuff he always buys. Instead of sanitizers, we go and play in the soil while picking weeds for salads. If we run out of toilet paper there are plenty books (I heard we are supposed to unlearn everything we know) , and when we eat all the weeds we’ll go on a fast. Simple.
    I love your style and your readings,

  • Sandra

    Just what I needed to read a I start my day. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and reminding us of the softer, interconnectedness that a spiritual outlook and life can have during times such as these. A wonderfully uplifting message that I will pass along as a glimmer of light in dark times. Thank you so much for shining so brightly Colette and reminding us to do the same. Namaste

  • Anonymous

    Dear Colette, thank you for the reminder from Spirit of what is true. Fear takes us into deep survival mode which has been triggered in our world for some time now.
    Humor is the best! Thank you. and thanks for reminding us to see the big picture.
    I so appreciate you!
    Penny Iuliano

  • Lynn

    Amen, Colette. So grateful to you for sharing your thoughts during this unprecedented time. We are all part of the collective whole …humanity … and as such we all need to step up and take our part in the collective responsibility that is a the gift of being a part of it.

    Wishing you good health and God’s peace.

  • Kathryn

    The truth was welled stated in your fear virus blog today. I really appreciated you stating the truth of it all in a perspective of love not fear, of compassion not fear & of all of us being kind to each other. Thank you Colette!

  • Judith Fine-Sarchielli

    You always inspire me to be and do my best. Be a lighthouse like you!

  • Susan

    My card of the week from Goddess Power Oracle: Hestia–Home. No kidding! haha Since I live in Seattle and work at the Epicenter of the outbreak, chaos has ruled and the collective hysteria has given me many opportunities to cultivate calm and practice my faith in the Creator. Since we are all now essentially quarantined in Seattle, home is all we have and I for one will enjoy my extra time with my family. Thank you for all you do!

  • Barb


  • Laurie Jones

    Hi Colette! Great post! Because of our grain free organic diet, I felt the need to get a few things since we can only do certain things and was pleasantly surprised-but also not- that the things we use were there!! No bread, but plenty of almond flour we use to make ours! Lots of organic produce left-the only two egg dozens left were organic so I did take those! The last few canned string beans left were organic so thanks! Almond butter-no problem. The area I live in is “old” and I am sad that they eat the way they do around here, but I now understand the toilet paper thing!!! I do not need all that toilet paper-I’m just saying!! It’s the American diet that makes TP top of the grocery list! Your reading is right on for this week and I love the sparkly set-can’t wait! Does it come on at a certain time? I am Poised, In-Between Worlds and Community too this week -and Danu anchored me with Assurance in my Goddess reading! Have fun tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Collette, Thank you for this messages. We must stay as sane as we can! I am a bit older and grew up before polio and smallpox vaccines were available. My parents lived in an upper flat, and the children downstairs had the measles, so my mother had to leave me in the hospital and visit me there. This is a nasty virus, and people aren’t showing their best selves, but unless you are at high risk, it doesn’t have the lasting consequences of a disease like polio. Maybe there is a blessing in disguise behind this if it causes us to re-examine our human values.

    Let’s be hopeful! May the toilet paper truck arrive soon.

  • Vera

    Yes Yes Yes, thank you for writing this message and I hope that everyone reading it will share it with others. We need Love, Faith and Trust in this world, we always needed that and now we have this opportunity to DO JUST THAT……. Let’s start with ourselves….
    Forever Grateful for you dear Colette 🙂 xxxxx

  • Jennifer

    I for one have no fear about this. Neither from when I first heard about it to now. I really don’t appreciate friends talking to me about this all da time. I already suffer from too much fear and just went through a terrible situation about a month ago and and fearful every day that it’ll keep happening. Too much already.
    I had one friend that called me about it, and when I told her I wasn’t fearful about i5 she said I was one of da few she knew that wasnt. And that she wasn’t either. Yet she’ll send me texts about it and she does seem worried. Then she calls me and says “ she has bad news” . That it’s about service dogs and how they’re getting it and I guess to warn me because I have an ESA. And he goes with me everywhere. I say eat food that is real. Eat healthy , keep your immune system strong, try to have positive thoughts as much as possible, practice self love and love of others. We’ll be okay. Difficult times for sure but due to other things. Just stay strong. 🌹🌈☀️💕

  • Nila

    Thank you for a fantastic Webinar yesterday, even my 11-year-old daughter loved parts of it – she didn’t think it was live until you said my name (just on cue) and then she was shocked!
    Also thank you – I wrote an article on Saturday about the psychology of uncertainty and how to be the calm hero while most are losing their heads! I had to thank you at the bottom for ongoing inspiration (it’s on Medium). Take care and thanks to the whole community!

  • Nick

    Dear Colette,
    I promised myself and Spirit in co-creation I would reach out to one of my Spiritual people this week, and you are it. Like Anita Moorjani’s advice, this is really about a thought virus and the answer is faith, helping, and love. We are all extraordinary, and instead of bringing out the worst in us, let’s take this opportunity for it to bring out the best in us. Thank you so much for your words of inspiration.
    Peace, Love, Nick you met by the coffee urn at Omega cafeteria in Rhinebeck, NY, the same weekend as Anita’s workshop

  • Marty R

    Beautifully said! Sending healing thoughts and connections

  • Carolyn Meyers

    Wow! I finally got a chuckle from this dreary, greedy world that I’m moving in! I work at a grocery store, and DAILY customers line up outside, waiting for the store to open and to grab some toilet paper, canned goods, meat. Everyday our shelves in those areas are bare,…even the baby wipes..(which is a whole other complaint in itself). Never in all my years working there have I seen that shelf empty, so I know customers other than parents are buying up those too. I have to confess that their greed has turned me into someone I’m not usually, emotionally and mentally. I’ve turned into a greedy person, accepting to work more hours instead of taking time to heal my mind and myself, but bills still come in and they have to be paid. I’m emotionally drained seeing this transpire before my eyes. It’s my hope that this pandemic will lessen so that we as a whole can heal. Bless all of you for health and faith.

  • Laetitia

    Thank you Colette, I needed to read this…
    Sending so much gratitude and love from locked down France

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