Choosing Trust Over Fear!

Updated: April 13, 2020



We’re living in unprecedented times. Every day brings new challenges and new STUFF… it truly is an extraordinary time in human history. It’s easy to feel like we’re lost. We don’t know what the heck to do with what’s happening all around us because we’ve never been through this before!

Especially if we or someone close to us is ill (or we think they might be…), it can be hard to pull our focus from the negative. 

Just a few weeks ago, I got really sick. I had just come back from Chile, and I had all the symptoms… but no one was really talking about Coronavirus at that point. I had all of it — the fever, the bronchial stuff. And because I have asthma, I was especially concerned. 

There was a moment there where I literally thought I was going to die. I lost my eyesight and actually fell down in the bathroom. It was scary. I couldn’t do anything, just lie in bed. I had no voice, no energy. 

It could have been easy to sink into that, and then compound it with guilt over having to cancel events (and I NEVER cancel events!). 

But I remember saying to myself, “I can either bemoan what’s going on for me and get scared, or I can sit in gratitude, yes, even for this.” So in the worst of my illness, I kept saying, “Okay, Spirit, if it’s my turn, just… okay.” 

And three times a day for half an hour, I’d just sit there and listen to uplifting music like Deva Premal, Enya, Joni Mitchell, and Stevie Nicks. I would put my hand on my heart and stay super grateful and get really chill. And it helped. 

Listen, I’m not saying that Enya can cure COVID (but who really knows, right?!)

What I am saying is that we can find comfort, even when we’re living in uncertainty. 

As human beings, we crave certainty. We have a conditioned mindset based on what the press tells us, what culture tells us, what our family tells us. What we see in the outer world — or what we’ve been TOLD to see — becomes our reality, and that’s what we want to return to. The subconscious wants to keep focusing on what is known, and certainty becomes our top priority. 

But that’s not what’s happening right now. 

Right now, we’re all living in uncertainty! What’s happening now is unknown, and unknowable to us. We don’t have the knowledge or the tools to understand or figure it out. 

But even with the uncertainty, it’s still an invitation and an initiation. 

Rather than struggling to figure it out, we have an opportunity to choose to be in curiosity instead of in fear. 

Resisting what is just creates more fear to present on the big screen of potentiality, and that’s just a waste of time! 

Today’s 24 hours doesn’t have to be a projection of disaster. Instead, it can be a projection of love, of compassion, of caring, of forgiveness, of self-care, of even determining what we put into our mouths. Are you choosing to eat a whole box of Oreo cookies, or are you choosing to have some greens? You know what I’m saying… it’s all a choice. 

It’s a choice, and we are all response-able right now to make choices, even if they’re micro-choices to care for ourselves by taking lots of naps!

We can choose something other than fear. When we are in fear, we become attached to an experience. We feel like that’s the best way to protect ourselves. The cortisol, the epinephrine… our adrenals go on overdrive because we’re seeking that which is troublesome, that which is a potential threat. We’re looking for fear, and we find it because we’re on patrol for it.

But what if we chose to risk giving up on our fear? 

What happens when we give up our fear, and we allow ourselves to become vulnerable — we discover something beautiful, something palpably different, a trusting sense that blends with a new strength and hope and that’s where the real truth arises. Once we’re vulnerable, our surrender becomes a gift, and that kind of vulnerability is not weakness—it’s a beautiful sign of our humanity, our capacity for more, for deeper, for higher and for now and ever. And then when we stop fighting against something, we can be curious, and when we’re curious, we switch from fear to trust. Then we’re ready for meaning, and perhaps even miracles.

That trusting moment is when we give ourselves the gift of saying, “I am going to risk giving up my fear, and instead I’m going to have the courage to trust.” 

Can you take the risk of looking at each day as a gift? Can you allow yourself to ask, “What’s great about this?” 

Maybe those great things are so tiny — like when I was sick, I could watch Netflix and catch up on the cartoon shows I love so much! (Yes, I love Shaun the Sheep!) They can be that tiny. But to find them, you have to risk giving up on your negativity and fear. 

Our Higher Power is there, waiting, and you can give the fear away. We can trust God, Goddess, the Universe. We can say, “Yes, I trust you.” Even when we’re not well, we can say that. In spite of the conditions we’re being given, we can trust that there’s something going on behind all of this. We don’t know what it is, and it’s not our job to find out. 

Our job is to stay in trust all day long. Even if you only manage a few minutes at a time, your day will be amazing! 

We owe it to ourselves and to each other to keep coming back to trust. We owe it to each other to not put out any more suffering into this world by throwing our fear out because it’s contagious and we need to protect others and ourselves. It’s the Fear Virus — the one that’s worse than the other illness because it takes away our humanity. 

When we’re in fear, we don’t act kindly. We don’t act compassionately. We think only about ourselves. 

Instead, we have to give up the fear and replace it with trust. 

Without the fear, we can be kind. 

Without the fear, we can be free. 

Without the fear, we can be connected. 

Without the fear, we can be light. 

Without the fear, we can be love. 

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  • Michele

    Thank you so much Colette, I really needed to be reminded to keep the faith and let fear go!! Your the best 😘

    • Sylvia

      OMG has a terrible week. In pain last night with gallbladder stones. Surgery to fallow. Very disappointed I’m revisiting old issues with family now affecting my children. As well as how hard some people I love are. Sick of all this crap going on. Went back to bed and had a nightmare that I showed up at Collettes home in a tall apartment with lots of stairs. Her friends were there and they were making it obvious that did not want me there and I had a feeling it had happened before. However I stayed. Tried to clean up in this teeny tiny bathroom and looked line an idiot lost my bra came back out started crying and left. Went to another apartment there while a man was being arrested for eating people . Could see them in the closet. He kept shouting they were beautiful. The police were yelling back stop eating them can’t you see we are here. They have been dead a long time you will get sick. You are a sick man. I ran down stairs to my bike that I had apparently driven through mountains( have nine here) I threw up thick boogers and couldn’t breath. A man was helping me when I woke up still crying hysterically. I have had the worse nightmares lately.
      I guess my dream came true I just Hijacked Collettes blog . Sorry just frustrated lately. So much hatred and discord in the world .

  • Fiore

    Beautiful! Just what i need to hear.. Thank you so much Colette.

  • Fiore

    Beautiful! Just what i need to hear.. Thank you so much Colette.

    • D. Winters

      Dearest Colette, Thank you so much for ALL that you do- to share your star as you do, sharing of light and love, in an offering of perspectives as alternatives and something other than- “has been”.🌷🙏😽💕

      As a student of your very first Divination Dynamics course @ the Master Intuitive Coach Institute- MANY moons ago now;)… And to here & now- where the journey has taken me… Where there is no map and yet a heart that is weaving through time- as alive and awake to the journey through the much and the MANY- uncharted, erased, neglected, or forgotten….

      You- dear kindred Colette- and ALL yous of: Earth- as/of: Heart- as/of: beautiful blends in color and hue- ALL in unique expressions sharing and in relationship with the MANY- however common or uncommon- yet on these shared and common grounds- as 1 as MANY- As peace- As pieces- In- rainbow tribe…. as- Al*one… Yet- Never-Alone!

      Happy 🐝lated East*

      *** Just as a share of my experience and perspective- Fear- when balanced with compassion, exploration, rationale, critical thinking- is meant to be an informer/ally and harbinger or bringer of information… Albeit- often seemingly at the cost of, or as a disruptor to illusions of “certainty”; seemingly peeing in the lap of luxury, or certain “comforts”. However, that said- in certain circumstances- can indeed be the difference. The alerter. The informer. The wake up.

      Embracing the “unknown”- does feel like a threat to the bits and pieces that we’ve “identified” as/with, and/or NOT as/with… and/or “believed” as: “known”, and/or accepted as- “knowable”…

      Rest assured- there’s a great knowing- for which most of us have been longing for through eternity- it’s the grand and great unlocker of “knowing” that exists within- recognizing/ acknowledging/ accepting/embracing/integrating
      our- “NOT- knowing”.❤💚💜💙💛

      Muches of Love, and MANY o blessing, as in no-thingnesses, as in muchnesses, as in the ALL, as in the small💖 Xo

      “D plea & Deeply- Un-frozen;)”


  • Sandra

    Colette and Stevie Nicks–Two of my favorites!

  • Gerry Kenny

    Hi Colette,
    First: I am so happy you are healthy and happy again.
    Second: I am happy that one of your “helpers” Enya is Irish
    Third: Guess where I am from?
    Here is my wish for you and your family
    May the road rise with you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your face
    May the rain fall soft upon your fields
    and until we meet again
    May your God hold you in the palm of his hand.
    Fear is like a dark cloudy sky, it hides the Bright Warm Sun
    When you blow the clouds away you have got fear on the run
    Then the Bright Warm Sun shines on you with its beautiful glow
    Makes everything brighten up and makes your spirit Grow

  • Kathryn Gorman-Lovelady

    Beautifully spoken… in indigenous culture our grandmother of the moon for this month is “Looks Far Woman”, the seer, who cocreates with the emergence of spring. Your message echoes hers… by visioning fearlessly, with love, delight, compassion and gratitude our days to come will be just fine. We have but to surrender to each moment, mindfully and lovingly. Thanks Colette for your wisdom.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you for sharing yours too. We need to learn from each other!! xoxoxoxox

  • salome Λουλου

    You are a blessing! Thank you!
    Be blessed

  • Maryellen Smith

    Beautiful message Colette! And I love Sean the Sheep too! 🐑

  • Valerie

    Well said. I am glad that you made it through your sickness so that you can continue to be a blessing to all of us living on the planet.

  • Valerie Dyer

    I really needed to hear this message. And interestingly enough the other day when I woke up I found a stamp with a big heart and the word TRUST on it by the side of my bed. Have no idea where it came from or how it got there… but it was definitely a message from the Universe!!! I really enjoy your cards and readings. I have the Good Tarot and the cards I pull are always right on target! Thank you for all you do.

  • Jackie

    Thank you Colette for sharing this! I needed your message…..Namaste!❤️

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for starting my day and my week in a healthy headspace.


    Thank you once again, Colette for your weekly readings, blogs, and daily inspirationat 11:11a M-F (sometimes Saturday, as well).

    The reading for this week hit home for me. From my couch this morning, as I was listening to the recorded reading, I had silently chosen card #5 (Treasure Island) as my card. It’s meaning was spot on for me!

    Also, when I saw that you watched a favorite cartoon while getting over the flu several weeks ago, Shaun the Sheep, is one I enjoyed watching this weekend to stave off the yuckies I was feeling for a couple hours. (I didnt know you liked that cartoon until I read about it in your blog today). Great way and awesome cartoon to help unwind ones’ mind and to laugh; which helps release healing endorphins! Win win scenario from my viewpoint. Lol!

  • Stella

    I had no idea you such bad symptoms earlier on Colette! Just shows how positivity wins the day. I am exactly the same with an autoimmune condition in addition to warding off this virus. Your up beat vibe is just the medicine we need right now!
    Stay well 💚

  • Jen

    I’m heading into a biopsy surgery right now. Your message was divine timing. Thank you for always being a beacon of light. Sending you blessings 🙏🏽

  • Kathleen Matthews

    Thank you! I needed this today! I also have a lung condition, am 70, and confess that fear has been growing and growing (and fear isn’t my ‘thing’. I have other ‘go to’ dysfunctions :-), but not fear… until now.). Sharing your experience, your responses has been so helpful!

  • Veroshka

    Thank you so much for these uplifting words Colette. Staying on my own in a very small place is not easy. No-one to talk to but my kitty & the four wall (who by the way don’t speak back 😁) is so challenging most of the time. The silence deafening 😥 With all that is going on, it is difficult not to go to a fear place since not feeling well either. With a constant headache, sore throat, nausea and coughing now for the past week does not help either. The uncertainty of “is it, or isn’t it” often finds me in that place of terror, to say the least.
    Your words today inspires me not to give “fear” power, to trust the process and to be grateful for even just this moment is beyond magical.
    Thank you from my heart 💞💞💞

  • Leah

    Thank u ❤️✨💕♥️🦒

  • Anne Morin

    Hi Colette,

    Rereading your blog again today gives me so much hope.
    I say to myself, a few moments of calm everyday is good…fear does pass.

    Thank you. Sending much love.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette!!
    You have such vibrant energy. It shows in your thoughts and words. I order your Wisdom of the Oracle from Hay House and feel very excited, waiting for their arrival on Wednesday.

  • MA Borawick

    Thanks for this! Glad you are feeling better!

  • Elisa

    Thanks Colette! 🙂 I can BE!

  • Karen

    Needed this right now. Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Anonymous

    Collette your words are addressing correctly the fears coming from deep within our collective unconscious. Yes! Trust stay in Trust. We will overcome this virus we have the technology and the medical science tofix this. But equally important, we can choose how to be present with these uncertainties and choose trust. Your light illuminates so many that need to hear this. I thank you Collette Baron Reid.

  • Maggie

    Thanks for the blog . Yes Colette , trust & be thankful each day , for being alive . When I turned sixty( longer ago ) may intuisuion was, Each morning to be thankful to wackeup in health.Because some of my friends didn’t make it to fifty. Each day is a gift for me. So thank you for always reminded us to have gratitude . 💕❤️🙏
    Light & love , walk gently .
    Maggie 💐😊

  • kim rodrigues

    love this … it made me remember when we are young we had the best times due to no fear… just do it… thank you

  • Debra Lynn

    Well, I’m in an interesting place & time; in a common enough group of people who are witnessing the sands of time run out for someone we love. So my focus is there. Oh ya, then there’s the virus. To go in or not, to comfort or not, to be a source of strength or not… make the decision out of love for others, then self, and go forward.
    Serenity prayer all the way!
    Short-leashed & fearless in TO.

  • Jeanne

    That was perfect! I found myself not recognizing the little fears that crept up in the back of my mind, thought I was facing the fear well, but as I pulled your cards they kept repeating themselves till. I realized I was giving in subconsciously to tiny fears that were added up to me becoming a hermit ! Lol so, thank you for reaching out to all of us this, was very powerful Ms Collette thank you !

  • G.

    Love reading your weekly blog posts; they’re well written and just what’s needed in the moment 🙂 Thank you for being a beacon of light amidst this fog of fear. Blessings!

  • Marie Le Guen-Bochet

    Thank you so much, Colette.
    That what I was thinking, lately, about fear.
    And I so agree with you ” It’s the Fear Virus — the one that’s worse than the other illness because it takes away our humanity. “

  • Nic

    Thank you for your words. I’d decided yesterday to remove myself from any situations that promote fear. Fear sends me down a rabbit hole. Its dark down there 😉 I choose to stay in the light 🙂

  • Loren M Gelberg-Goff

    Thank you for this… My husband died 3 weeks ago and my son is in a medically induced coma fighting for his life (for the past 3 weeks)… I am usually very positive and hopeful but I must admit it gets harder every day… so your message today is a blessing as I can choose to stay in trust in spite of my fear… Thank you for your work and your energy… Much needed today and every day…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh Loren I cannot imagine what You are going through.. I send you so so much love. Words really are not enough.

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully said! Everybody needs to hear this because there is a lot of truth in it. Fear does make us inhumane and selfish, I see it all around me. Sending you much love.

  • Lyn

    Thank you Colette! You are truly inspiring to me and your messages are very important and powerful to me. Believe and trust that the Universe and my HP are always with me and fill my heart with love!🙏💜🦁

  • Irina

    Loved this, thank you Colette! In January I was also really sick and laying on the bathroom floor but with different symptoms. I’d just watched lady gaga on oprah talk about radical acceptance so I sat there and said (out loud, in the middle of the night) to my nausea: I radically accept this. I radically accept this moment. I said it over and over again. And then after awhile, I started looking for something to be grateful for: my heart beating, my blood circulating, my lungs breathing. The nausea was still there but over time of focusing on other things – also true, it felt less intense. That it was just part of a much bigger whole/story. This experience has helped me hold on to curiosity over the past few months and trust that no matter what happens, it’s going to be ok. xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it really works! So happy you did that .. radical acceptance is beautiful

  • Emily

    I just found 2 big spiders 🕷 in our home in the last 2 days (scary huntsman spiders-not the cute ones), & then found out that some handiwork in our home hadn’t been completed-so there’s about 1/2 inch opening for about 2 feet in front of our back door for the last 3 weeks—& we live right in the middle of the woods-& all I can think about is that “Harry Potter” scene with the spiders in the woods. & wonder how many got in the past few weeks.
    We’ve covered the hole 🕳 for now, but I truly have arachnophobia, & am scared to death!
    When I read this, it moved me to tears. I will try to be positive. At least this made me call Orkin (the exterminator), they’re coming out soon to start working-they’ve come for the evaluation.
    (Which we also found out we had a rat under the bathroom counter-so that’s good that we’re taking care of this all). & my cat just had kittens this morning! I woke up to a newborn kitten nuzzling me! (It was gross bc she had 2 of them on my bed, but I’m washing the sheets-& it’ll all fine.)
    Anyway, I counted many blessings, now if I could only not be scared a huge spider was going to jump out at me every where I go inside my house..
    Life is good, tho, is my point. Lol 😂 Despite feeing like I’m in a scary “Harry Potter” scene.
    At least my family is healthy, & mostly happy. & this gives me more of a reason to clean the house. At least we have kitties. At least we have a home & electricity & food.
    Peace & love 💗! & thank you for the positive words of encouragement. Stay healthy & safe everyone.

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