Oracle Card Reading for the Week of June 15th!


Updated: June 15, 2020

This week’s Oracle Card reading’s message was on taking action! While asking how we can stay in alignment for our highest good this week, the anchor card told us that this week is an opportunity to learn, heal and change. Need a little more information? Pick a card from 1-6 and be sure not to cheat! Haha! Choose a card that calls out to you and learn how to navigate this week’s energy. Be sure to pair this weekly reading up with tomorrow’s Astrology Oracle Reading to get the full scope!

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  • Liz Jansen

    Hi Colette,
    My morning practice includes drawing a card from the Mystical Shaman deck, and one Major Arcana card from the Thoth Tarot. This morning, I drew Spiral and Tower! Then I watched your reading. Couldn’t be more aligned. Thank you!

  • Lateya Elting

    I am very hopeful on the card pick for this week. Last weeks pick was harsh & right on point, darn it. This week I had in mind exactly what the cards say, kind of amazing to see. You are amazing & definitely looking forward to learn more from you. Thank you for your beautiful energy, its refreshing .

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