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Updated: July 13, 2020

I’ve said time and time again that change shows up on the OUTSIDE once we make shifts in our thinking and our alignment on the INSIDE. True transformation happens at a soul-level first before we ever see a glimmer of change in the external world. 

Let’s take energy. Everything in your internal and external world is made up of energy, we know that as a scientific fact. Your body, your intentions, the chair you’re sitting in, the tree outside your window — it’s all energy. At the most basic level, the electrons in your chair and in your body and in your intentions and in the tree are identical. 

If you want to change something in your world, it must first begin as an intention before it can be manifested in the outer world. No intention, no result. It’s like expecting the Uber Eats driver to arrive at your door with your pad thai order without actually picking up the phone or sending a text to order it! 

Why, then, do I think it’s so important to surround yourself with the right environment in order to facilitate any change? 

Seems kind of contradictory… I get it! So let me explain. 

We do not live or operate in a vacuum. The energy of people around us can lift us up or bring us down. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. If you have to hang out with a bunch of Debbie or Danny Downers, you feel depressed, tired, depleted. But get together with your BFFs for an epic dance party or group meditation, and your vibes are soaring! 

Energy resonates with other energy. And that energy surpasses geographical distance. We do not have to physically be in the same place to feel the exponential effects of shared intentions! 

This past week in the 7 Energies Challenge, we experienced exactly what can happen when 25,000 of us get together VIRTUALLY to create a community of positivity and healing. The synergy of like-hearted people intentionally lifting each other up is astronomical!

Can we do energy or other healing work on our own? Absolutely. Is it better in a community? Yes… if you have the RIGHT community. That’s because when you do this work individually, we see through a very narrow lens. It’s like seeing only one facet of a gorgeous diamond; there’s so much we’re missing. But when we surround ourselves with others who share our intentions and hold space for us, it lifts us higher than we could ever go on our own. 

For the past several months, we’ve been in forced isolation. We’ve felt the effects of solitude, loneliness, and separation. While we’re surviving, we’re not THRIVING. Which is why I’m doing as much as I can to create conscious community — places where we can come together to celebrate, to explore, and to see the best in ourselves reflected through the lens of each other. 

Watch kids at the playground in a sandbox. They gravitate towards each other to share in each other’s imagination and creative stories. They know intuitively that life is more fun when shared with another. 

When everyone comes together for the RIGHT reasons, miracles occur. Energy calls out energy. Intention magnifies intention. Spirit comes out to dance and play! Are you ready to play, too? 

If you want to experience the magic of community as we explore the idea of our 7 energy centers even deeper, I’d love to have you join me for a very special online event, OraclePalooza Virtual. It’s a three-day event, entirely online, to help you tell a new story and fall in love with your life again. You can find out more information by clicking here.  



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  • Veroshka van der Walt

    So very true… 💞

  • Carol Atterbury

    I love being in your Circle and your daily messages so uplifting a great community. I have the honor to be at your wonderful Orcal Palooza, yeah. And look forward to many inspiring insights from you and your wonder Mavens, and all who are in the Circle and will be at the Palooza.
    Love & Light Carol 💞

  • Mona Spear

    Is it possible to sign up for the event WITHOUT the swag box & pay a bit less?
    You are already doing so much for so many… thank you for that✨💖✨🌹

  • Karen Sutton

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 7 Energies challenge but wish that there was an option for people to join without purchasing the swagbox. Maybe then it would be affordable for those not working in the middle of the pandemic.

  • Soheir

    Loving the 7 Energies Challenge! Thank you Collette💖

  • Anne Barma Morin

    Hello, Thank you Colette, I feel like I’ m surfing this morning…bring the waves, I can surf them , in the bright sunshine.
    Respect and love. 🏄‍♀️☀️
    Anne Barma Morin

  • Anonymous

    The Palooza scares the daylights out of me. There, Ive said it. it is my intention to learn how to be with others in a healthy way, share my challenges and victories and flourish amongst others, with others’ support and in community with them. That I do not know how to do. Me and my awkwardness will be at the Palooza! Thank you and see you there.

    • Andrea

      You are braver than I am 💕 Kuddos to you for stepping outside of your comfort zone! I hope it’s amazing and life transforming.

  • sandy

    Some of us don’t do Facebook so we cannot participate

  • Suzie Mapp

    Thankyou for your blog Colette you are a truly amazing Soul you give so much of your time and support Bless you ❤🌹❤

  • Faith

    Thank you, Colette, for another inspiring blog post! I look forward to this weekly blog and the card readings.

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;
    Firstly thank you and your team for the seven energies challenge it’s been very inspirational. I look forward to each segment. I can certainly attest to the power of community to unite us. It has only been quite recently that I had wifi installed at home as the public library next door has been closed, and I could access their computers
    any day of the week, and if not there, in the workplace. As I lost my job after 3 1/4 years, I am learning so much about what is available online. I have attended a concert livestreamed from Germany, have been at a conference , and participate in several Facebook private groups. This 8″ tablet has been life-transforming although I resisted
    for quite some time. The scope and distance it can travel is quite astonishing. I posted something on Twitter which included some photos of of a creative project I recently completed and over 100 people tweeted. Not that I am measuring the value of the project by the analytics, nonetheless you never know who might see what you post. A job posting appeared in my e- mail box which I never would have found otherwise and the conference I attended was sponsored by the founder of the company and those who she includes in her mastermind tribe. Of course you need to be discerning about who you spend your time with, but this blog has been such a gift over the years and I feel welcome and can share honestly, and I make a point of saying something that will be helpful. Thanks a million for your creative ways to continue to keep us connected. I am forever grateful for your presence, always enjoy the original form you offer. Sending a big hug and lots of love.

  • Julie Bell

    What you talk about and speak to in this blog takes me to a place where I can look at the transformation of my own energy since the beginning of this “shut down”… For me, the gift was to be forced to stay in and stay quiet… We are offered the opportunity to get a very good sense of where we are,… who we are – when there is no choice but to sit with yourself.

    As I’ve said before, this “down” time led me to you. I had a choice to make when I “met” you – I could look and leave it at the superficial level and spend the time continuing on the path that I was on… Or, I could click the next button and go just a little deeper into what you had to offer. For whatever reason at the time, this is what I did and continue to do.

    The point is, you talk of the “outside change” that takes place once “we make shifts in our thinking and alignment on the inside”… and the energy that “resonates” with energy – surpassing physical boundaries/distance.

    It’s as if all that has transpired in my work “with you” over the past 3-4 months has brought me to this personal place where my life on the outside is absolutely NOT where I would have believed possible.

    I was presented with one of the most impactful (is that a word?) moments in my adult life. There it was, the proverbial “fork in the road”, and I had a difficult, very personal choice to make. A choice that 4 months earlier would not even have been a choice based on the energy I had been living – the story I had been telling.

    What came from my soul was quite the opposite – rather than blame, anger, resentment, victim-me energy, out came so so much love for the person in front of me… out came words of compassion and resolution. For the first time in this relationship I was who I am and came from a place of pure lit-up love-energy.

    The result is this journey of learning about the choice of Love over Fear and of practicing this choice every day – I’m gonna say it – in the communities where I am able to be me – Morning Woo, Oracle Circle, 7 Energies – has transformed my life – in a very real way – as well as in ways more opaque…

    So doing the “healing work” was “on my own”. But actually, I have realized that it was truly in community that the work was/is being done… practiced… and I didn’t realize it until I read your words today.

    Your blogs are something I really look forward to. They are provocative and help me sit back and contemplate – in a way that is guided and inspired. As always, I thank you Ms. Colette… as always.

    p.s. (I say “Ms” because I don’t know you and I don’t want to be disrespectful. I am not from the South or anything).

    Sending you love 💖🤗

  • Kathryn

    Energy is everything & in everything. Thank you for your uplifting messages about community. I am finally braving the community world after being pretty much a loner. I have so much to share & I owe so much to the Oracle School Community.

  • Diana Davis

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for this blog. It meant a lot to me and I have learned so much from you.
    Yes, I have been isolated sense February when I found out the corona virus was coming. I am so grateful for the daily morning woo and the readings you have given to so many people. I have had many celadons and used many of them in my drawings during this time. I have shared all of the drawings in the Oracle card group. I have seen many changes in myself, in my thoughts and attitude about things. I have grown wiser and deeper in the spiritual aspect of my life. Yes, I am going to Oracle Paloosa, Yeah..This will be my second Oracle Paloosa. :=D

    Thank you for you generosity during this trying time of the world. Bless you

  • Carrie

    Congratulations on Oracle Palooza Virtual, Colette! The virtual version of Oracle Palooza is one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen during my twenty years of using the Internet and attending Hay House events! A fabulous way to bring people together from all over the world for Oracle Palooza in a very affordable way. I would love to see this virtual event offered again next year! 🙂

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