Oracle Card Reading for the Week of July 20th!


Updated: July 20, 2020

This week’s Oracle Card reading’s message was on learning more about yourself! While asking how we can stay in alignment for our highest good this week, the anchor card told us that we need to be real with ourselves. It’s important that we invite the good in! Are you feeling grounded? Need a little more information? Pick a card from 1-6 and be sure not to cheat! Haha! Choose a card that calls out to you and learn how to navigate this week’s energy. Be sure to pair this weekly reading up with tomorrow’s Astrology Oracle Reading to get the full scope!

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  • Udo Fischer

    First became aware of you, recently listening to George Noory interviewing you. Being 91 with many ´close call´ experiences that convinced of protection from a Higher Power, your comments had credibility. Bye the bye, I am an Aquarian. Sincerely, Udo Fischer

  • Udo Fischer

    Alright, Colette, you are alive!

  • Jacki Hayden

    I have your Wisdom of the Oracle deck. Love it but want to learn more. How do I connect to your lessons?
    Heard you speak on George Noory the other night.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi Jacki go to my website and come next weekend to make mystical history with a global group of oracle card enthusiasts !!!

      • Anonymous

        hi COLETTE lots love thank you for this chance work shop big hug xx chantel work in care home lovely lots lessons learn xx

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