Astro Oracle Reading for the Week November 30th!

Updated: November 30, 2020

Looking for your Horoscope for this week of November 30th? This week, the Universe is calling us to focus on communicating better with ourselves as well as others. Not sure of what to do? I’m here to help you navigate its energy based on your zodiac sign! Watch this week’s astrology reading and be sure to pair this with yesterday’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading to get the full picture!

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Colette,

    I always love your decks. They speak the most truth and accuracy within my life. I am excited to tell my daughter what I want for Christmas now! I tried to get a preview in the choose three cards part of your site and it doesn’t give me my three. It gives me two. LOL.. I dunno.. maybe I couldn’t see the third card because I’m not ready for all that at this moment <3 Gratitude and love to you for your life's work and sharing it with the world. I also just saw your Weight loss for the Empath book. Here's hoping!

    Thank you!!!
    Stephanie Anne Summerill

  • Anonymous

    Stephanie Anne Summerill here again! It worked when I tried it again! I got three cards and they actually made more sense than the other two. Thank you again!
    God Bless

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