Colette’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Updated: December 7, 2020

First off, can we just say that if there’s ever been a holiday season when we all deserve to treat ourselves and each other… it’s 2020! 

As I’ve been looking for gifts to treat my friends, family, and — okay, I admit it — myself, I’ve been naturally pulled towards those that help us create a cocoon of self-care and nurturing (doesn’t that sound amazing?!).

So pull up a squishy chair, tuck your pajama-clad legs underneath you, grab a mug of something warm, and let’s do some self-care gift shopping! 

Colette’s Spiritual Self-Care Gift Guide

#1 Jade or Rose Quartz Roller

These pocket-sized doohickeys are all the rage these days — with good reason!

When used on your face, they’re said to help with boosting your skin’s circulation, resulting in minimized puffiness and fine lines, as well as greater elasticity and tone. Not only that but when used with your serums or other facial products, they may help serums and other skincare products do a better job of penetrating.

All I know is, they’re perfect for doing those figure 8s around your eyes to relieve stress and tension — and they’ll make anyone feel pampered! 

Rose quartz is often identified with romantic love, but let it remind you of self-love and worthiness as well! Jade, meanwhile, has been prized for thousands of years and is a symbol of abundance and gratitude.

Click here to buy a #1 bestselling Rose Quartz roller and click here to purchase the beautiful Jade roller pictured.


#2 Moisturizing Spa Socks and Gloves

For most of us, even if we’re regulars at the nail salons, chances are we’ve been foregoing some hand and foot care in recent months. Moisturizing spa socks and gloves can be an easy way to show these lovely body parts the appreciation they deserve. 

Your poor tootsies and hands may be in need of some extra TLC — and what better way to take care of it than while I’m sleeping? (Now THAT is multitasking I can get behind!). Try some spa socks and gloves to easily moisturize your digits and keep the oil or lotion where it belongs — on your skin, not on the sheets!

This set is made with natural silicon gel, which is rich in vitamin E and mineral oils (jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, etc). Enhance the effects by adding your own favorite skin cream! 

Click here to buy this spa socks and glove set on Amazon.

#3 Beauty Facial Masks

I know, I know — you don’t want to hear another word about MASKS. But these aren’t the ones to keep you safe (although I do have some of those to share below); these are the ones to make your skin say “aaaahhhh!” Here are some of my favorites, depending on your skin type:

Mask For Acne-Prone Skin

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Himalayan Clay Mud Mask from Majestic Pure.

Not only is it cruelty-free, but it also includes Himalayan Pink Clay, which is rich in silica and said to help improve your skin’s elasticity and promote cell renewal.

Click here to order this mud mask.



Mask For Melanin-Rich Skin

If you have darker skin, check out Buttah Skin’s Charcoal Detox Mask, created by a black-owned company.

This mask is powerful yet gentle for soft, clean and renewed skin. The activated charcoal will draw out and remove surface impurities, while Bentonite and Kaolin clays do their duty to cleanse, purify and absorb excess oil.

Click here to order this charcoal detox mask.


Mask For Anti-Aging

You’ll love Lily Sado’s “Matcha Made in Heaven” green tea mask. It’s vegan and organic, and includes avocado, parsley, coconut, green tea matcha, licorice root, to detoxify, hydrate, replenish, and balance oil production. 

Click here to order this green tea mask.


#4 Aromatherapy Diffuser

Just a few years ago, people would have looked at you like you were a total hippie for diffusing essential oils in your home or office… (hey, I’m used to that!). Now, thankfully, aromatherapy is mainstream, and there are tons of choices for diffusers.

An aromatherapy diffuser disperses essential oils into the air and fills your room with the smell of the oil or blend you’re using. I love the 500ml Cool Mist Dehumidifier from Anjou. The shape makes me happy, and it comes in a few different finishes, but there are so many great diffusers out there, so look for one that matches your personality or decor.


#5 Magic Hour Tea

Everyone knows I love coffee, but you may not know that I’m a huge tea aficionado too.

I have so many types, from herbal to black to Darjeeling… and Magic Hour tea has them all!

How could I resist their tag line, “Magical Teas for Magical People?” They have subscription boxes, holiday collections, and more… all with a wonderful dose of mystical magic. 

Click here to shop and discover your blend.


#6 Oracle Cards and Oracle Journal

Oracle of the 7 Energies JournalWhat better gift can you give yourself — or someone else — than the gift of connection with Spirit?

Now that I’ve released a dozen decks, there’s a theme for everyone. And all of them work so well with my just-released Oracle of the 7 Energies Journal. Complete your collection, or get a dear friend started on their own path to inner guidance. 

Click here to order my new Oracle of the 7 Energies Deck and click here to order the companion journal.


#7 Mystical Face Masks

If you must go out this holiday season, I encourage you to distance yourself from others and wear a mask! And since you’re wearing a mask, it may as well be a mystical one.

My dear friend and talented Oracle Card artist, Jena DellaGrottaglia, created these gorgeous face masks that have her art featured on them. You have to click here to look at all of the designs. I want them all and I think you will too! (And, right now if you buy 4 you save 20% off your order.)

#8 Crystals and Energy Tools

You can’t go wrong with gifting the perfect crystal this holiday season! Whether you visit your local crystal shop or browse online, it’s so fun to see which crystals draw you in and speak to you. I love the crystals and energy tools available at Energy Muse. You can shop on their site by stone, intention, price, and more.

Also, I can’t mention crystals and ignore that so many of you have asked about my beautiful selenite wand that you see in my weekly reading videos. I got that wand from Stone Age in Glastonbury, but you can find beautiful wands and jewelry at most crystal shops.

So there you have it, an assortment of goodies to help your loved ones find peace, joy, and hope in this season of miracles. Comment below and let me know what’s on your spiritual self-care wishlist or shopping list this year!

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  • Miena Carlson

    Thanks for everything
    May this a wonderful time for you and your family

    • Irene Sibley

      Thank you dear friend. Love your unique spin on gifts. Very thoughtful. I would love one of each. Will deffinently be using a few for my special friends and family. Love and blessings Colette to you and All those beautiful souls close to your heart.

  • Kathleen Gensman

    Thank you for the guide. Great gift ideas here .
    I just received my 7 energies Oracle cards and journal over the weekend and am in love with both already .

  • Colleen Richards

    Thank you and have added many items to my Wish list. Be blessed and Safe Always <3

  • juliebell

    OH OH OH! I love it! “Colette’s Favorite Magical Mystical Things!” Yessss! Grrreat gift ideas for those we love!! THANK YOU! ❣️🤗🙏🏼🥰

  • Beverly Frederick

    Wow all great ideas thank you!

  • Moira Connelly

    Thank you for doing this Colette!
    Great gift ideas!
    Wishing you and your loved ones all the best of the holiday season. 💖

  • Leslie W.

    OMG these masks are gorgeous – gotta get 4 though it will be difficult to choose 🙂
    Your love and guidance has been such an inspiration to me during this wack-a-doo time of uncertainty. You’re a blessing, Colette! Sending much love and happiness to you this holiday season! Xoxo

    • Suzie Mapp

      Thankyou Colette for sharing great gifts. Love your wand ❤

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Collette for your weekly Oracle Card readings this year, look forward to them each week. Love your insight and positivity you are a breath of fresh air. Wishing you and Mark a very happy Festive Season. Much love from Australia.

  • Rhonda Skallan

    Well that was wonderful! I ordered from 3 sites, some for me, some for others! That is self care! Have a wonderful week!
    Love, Rhonda

  • Diana Davis

    Great list you have. I love the jade facial roller massage. Im ordering some of the other products too. Thank you so much .

  • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    Much love and Happy Holidays from Italy to you, Marc and your fur babes. I am not buying anything for now. I spent my last savings during Black Friday for a couple of classes in Italian language, and the only people who asked for paid sessions lately were abroad, but I cannot book them because I am without Wi-Fi from two weeks, and I have to wait another week for the router replacement, due to Covid restrictions 🙁 I am still trying to figure out why in these times that all is virtual I cannot work via Internet… anyway, the masks from Jenna are gorgeous, and I hope I can buy the 7 Energies Journal before or after. I wish I could live in US or Canada in these times.

  • Anonymous

    Is redbubble safe to understand from im iffy putting my informatuon on line. Is there another Canadian website Collette that I can order these masks from that has gift cards attached to them .

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Red Bubble is the only place she sells her masks I can’t say what is safe or not but I have ordered fro there and had no issues.

  • Ankit chauhan

    Hi I like this holiday gift guide very much, Thanks for sharing this amazing article

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your favs Colette! Love the tea! And just ordered some pretties from Jena. ♥ Hope you and Mark have a beautiful Christmas and thank you for sharing all your wisdom and guidance this year. Was much needed and enjoyed getting to know you through Oracle Membership and & 7 Energies Event {Oracle Palooza} So glad this year is almost over! Cheers to great things to come for 2021!!! Blessed Be ♥

  • Chery

    Thanks for sharing your favs Colette! Love the tea! And just ordered some pretties from Jena. ♥ Hope you and Mark have a beautiful Christmas and thank you for sharing all your wisdom and guidance this year. Was much needed and enjoyed getting to know you through Oracle Membership and & 7 Energies Event {Oracle Palooza} So glad this year is almost over! Cheers to great things to come for 2021!!! Much luv……Blessed Be ♥

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