Compassion and Connection: Fulfilling Our Divine Purpose!

Updated: February 22, 2021

As spiritual souls having a human experience, our Divine purpose on earth is to actualize into the best version of ourselves. We do this through service to others. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a healer, we are all here to support the world’s healing. We do so by focusing on our own alignment. When we personally are aligned with the Universe, we are bringing more harmony to the world and helping to heal the collective whole. 

Compassion refers to the desire to reduce the suffering of others, and we are acting to benefit others consciously. Just as healing the world begins with healing ourselves, compassion for others is easier when we also have compassion for ourselves. We are inextricable from the whole! 

This pull is becoming even stronger now that we are well into the astrological age of Aquarius. Aquarius brings a synthesis of the individual with the humanitarian. In other words, by showing up as our unique, authentic self and fulfilling our personal desire to contribute, we will serve the greater good at the same time we walk our individual path. And, we may need to change ourselves, our outlook, our thinking, our behaviors so that we can be unified with others. This too is a win win for everyone no matter the discomfort at the beginning. 

Fulfilling our Spirit-led desires to contribute to the world will lead to a greater healing for all. 

We Are an Integral Part of the Whole

It may seem counterintuitive that focusing on our own desires leads to Universal healing. But it’s not about being self-centered in a me-me-me or more-more-more sense. Instead, what moves our desires from selfish to sacred is the intention. 

When we are experiencing an energy of compassion, our desire is to serve others through our own talents and efforts. Our contribution is important. Yes, we want the book deal or the hit podcast or the promotion, but not for our ego. It’s so we can share our story or our talents and positively affect others. 

The energy of selfishness vs. selflessness feels so different in our bodies. One is a striving in the energy of competition and scarcity, while the other is a grounded energy of love and abundance. It’s such a great feeling to create from an ambition where compassion is at its core.


The collective Divine yearns for us to share ourselves with the world. When we step out in authenticity and love, we return the gift of energy that we’ve been given from Source. We are part of the sacred circle of abundance: We are given blessings so that we are able share them with others. Our blessings are not about us. They’re about the ability we have to share what we’ve received with others. 


Here’s a short clip from my Vision Board Challenge earlier this year where I tell a story about how Spirit surprised me (as usual…!) by filling my intentions in an unexpected way, and in doing so taught me about the power of compassionate intention:


Compassionate Prosperity

We are a conduit of Divine energy and love. And because a circle has no beginning and no end, we experience lack only when we block the cycle of giving and receiving. As long as we continue to give and receive, the flow of energy and love will continue. That is true abundance. You need not fear “running out” of anything, because your blessings come from Source itself! 

In order to have an equitable world, prosperity cannot just serve ourselves. 

We experience compassionate prosperity when we hold the intention of serving others selflessly with our time, energy, and talents, and when our desires are not for our own sake, but for the sake of reducing the suffering of others. We give out of our abundance, and we heal out of our healing. 


The Sacred Source of All Connection

Our primary connection is our connection to Spirit, or God. This is where we are replenished and deeply nurtured at a soul level. Without a healthy connection to Spirit, we are unable to make healthy connections with others. 

Once we have established and strengthened our connection to our Higher Power, we are able to in turn reach out and share of ourselves with others. 


Prosperity ≠ “Stuff”

Please do not believe the common myth that to give, we have to be rich in physical or material possessions. This is such a false belief that so many in our culture are holding onto. It is a leftover belief from our time in Capricorn, which was about the material. But that mindset will no longer serve us in the time of Aquarius and deliberate giving of self. 

When I first got sober, I had nothing. I was poorer than poor! But I still felt like I was the richest person on the planet because I had a thriving, growing spiritual life and a newly discovered sense of worthiness. 

Internal abundance and conscious prosperity are what enable us to give freely and deeply of ourselves without fear of lack or scarcity. We realize that physical money is nothing more than a currency of energy. Prosperity does not equal stuff. Prosperity is a holistic approach to abundance that is shared with others and with our Higher Power. 

Once we can detach from the material outcome of our intentions, we can learn to trust we will always have enough and that our needs will be met perfectly by the Universe. We are an essential part of the infinite circle of giving and receiving. 


How to Practice Compassionate Prosperity

To practice intentional prosperity that benefits others, consider the deeper “why” behind your desires. Put yourself in the emotion and energy of helping others selflessly, of sharing your blessings in order to reduce the suffering and pain of others. 



Your dreams, your calling, your desires, your inspired contributions all matter. The personal cannot be separated from the Universal. You are a unique spark of the Divine, and you are here for a very special, specific purpose. Your abundance heals the world. Never doubt that.




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  • Debbie

    Beautiful message Colette, thank you 🙂

    • Amber Doughty

      Thank You 🙏

  • Sae Endler

    Sinking all in deeply. Thank you. Your compassion truly reducing the suffering… I know now. I am so grateful.

  • Adele

    Hi Colette, you mentioned overemphasis on the material as a leftover belief from our time in Capricorn, but I thought the Age of Pisces came before the Age of Aquarius?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      its not the age of Capricorn its the predominantly Capricorn influence with many planets in that sign for the past number of decades.

      • Adele

        Ah, thank you Colette!

  • Jan Schreiber

    This was just so beautiful and helpful!! I’m going to print and read multiple times. Thank you so much!!

    • Suzie Mapp

      Thankyou Colette I just Love your blogs. Your compassion and love for others inspires us all❤ In Gratitude ❤

  • Faith

    Thank you, Colette for your beautifully worded blog post today! Gives a sense of healing and that any of us can achieve much more in life, if we go be from our hearts to others expecting nothing but in return.

  • Renee Sugar

    I have always believed that there is a place in the ” grand design ” for every soul. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, each piece clicks. No other than the intended soul will fit. This gives me hope, and leaves me confused and in a place of emptiness. I have completed several complex puzzles, and sometimes there are a few spaces that look right, but upon closer examination, not the right piece. The good news is there are the correct number of pieces in the box. It does take patience, testing, trial and error. ” Trying” to fit into the wrong space, doesn’t work for anyone. Even when there is no picture on top of the box, there is an underlying blueprint, a grid holding a place intended for each of us. Empty also means , “open . It is necessary to sift and sort through, organize the puzzle pieces, assemble the outer frame to anchor the higher perspective. I have been praying to Source, asking to reveal the next right step/action.
    Timing is key in this equation. Not my will but, thine. Where is the place that only I can fill in the Divine Plan? Be still and know. All in due time. TRUST, BELIEVE, LET GO.
    As always Colette;
    With gratitude for your thought provoking, and insightful blog.

  • Rebecca

    You speak right to my heart Collette, thank you so much! ❤

  • Trudy

    Colette, you seem to send a message of hope just when I need it. Thank you for all you share and your care ❤.

  • Tamme Matthew

    Love this message I printed off a few pages, thanks.

  • Susan

    Love what you say about prosperity, love, compassion, and intention! All with the Divine Spirit! This is a wonderful blog, Collette! Thank you for your inspiration! Love, Susan

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