Oracle Card Reading for the Week of March 29th!


Updated: March 29, 2021

Have we forgotten what hope is? This week’s Oracle Card Reading made sure to remind us that there is still hope we can hold on to. Mixing the traditional Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, the weekly Oracle Card Reading for March 28th, 2021 had a lot to say on the subject! Press play to learn what messages Spirit has in store for you! Be sure to pair this weekly reading up with tomorrow’s Astrology Horoscope Reading to get the full scope!

  • janet

    I picked up your cards Wisdom of the Oracle this week AT COSTCO!!! WOW! I was surprised–but not–you are a force :).
    I picked 3 cards today–as described in your little book–past, present and future. I love the great spirit lead guidance of your cards. Beyond what is in the little book–would you have anything to add to
    1) Treasure Island
    2) Loyal Heart
    3) Mending
    Would love to hear!! thanks janet d. from Toronto!

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