Supermoon Intentions: Releasing What No Longer Serves You!

Updated: April 26, 2021

So much of spiritual growth involves letting go of what no longer serves you and embracing that which elevates your energy and raises your consciousness, your compassion, and your experience of boundless love. 

The Full Moon: A Time of Release

When you release what weighs you down — relationships, material possessions, old stories, old patterns of behavior — you make room for that which is meant for you and is part of your highest good. 

Nature, as the saying goes, abhors a vacuum, so when you create space and set your intention on that which you desire to manifest, don’t be surprised to see it move easily toward you, like metal filings aligning with a magnet! Setting your intentions on higher levels of energy and awareness are key to this process. 

While anytime is a wonderful time to rid yourself of the unnecessary, the Full Moon period is an especially opportune time. This is when you also can see the results of the intentions you’ve set in the previous weeks. And the Full Moon beginning today, April 26th, is not just a Full Moon but a Supermoon.

A Supermoon is a Full Moon during perigee, the point when the Moon is closest to Earth in its monthly orbit. Because it is closer to the Earth, a Supermoon appears a little brighter than it is the rest of the month. 

The Scorpio Supermoon

The Scorpio Full Moon is powerful beyond measure. All Full Moons are about release and transformation, and the Scorpio Moon in particular has the capacity to help us let go of things, replacing that which no longer serves us with gratitude, love, and compassionate service — all those amazing, inspiring, fulfilling energies that lift us up and create a gorgeous melange of joy! 

The intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon asks us to look at what needs to be removed, transformed, or reframed in our life, particularly regarding old stories and what no longer serves us and the Collective good. If you want to go on a rocket ship, you have to leave some of your baggage behind!

Caught Between Two Extremes…

With any Full Moon there is a contrast of energies between the Sun (ego/personality and

external expression) and the Moon (emotions/temperament and internal expression), and this April Full Moon calls that contrast into even greater relief. Taurus Sun opposite Scorpio Moon is an opposition between two stubborn, fixed energies. These fixed energies can make resolution or compromise difficult. 

Feeling caught between the two extremes of your inner and outer expression, and between your emotions and your ego, can feel intense and unsettling. And letting go of old stories can be painful and scary — even when those stories are limiting us! One way to manage this discomfort is by seeking a safe spiritual community, a sacred container in which you can work through your conflicts and share your journey. 

Not a “Joiner?” Read On…

I’ve shared before how for most of my life, I never considered myself to be a “joiner.” I was always the outcast, the lone wolf, the misfit. I felt that I might be judged and/or rejected, and so I walled myself off emotionally in order to keep myself safe. 

But isolation never works in the long run. To ascend in consciousness and elevate your energy, you must learn to join together with others. It is in a safe community with others that we become most fully us! 

How to Embrace Transformation and Release

At this time of the Scorpio Supermoon, we have an auspicious opportunity to transform beyond our current energetic state. Here are some ways you can take advantage of this astrological period:


  1. Perform a Full Moon Ritual. Spend time journaling about what you are ready to release and leave behind. Thank the Universe for the lessons you’ve learned. Honor your path. When you are guided by Spirit, nothing is ever wasted! You can write about that which you would like to release in chalk on the pavement and let the next cleansing spring rain erase it, burn pages from your journal in a bonfire or fireplace, or listen to a guided meditation where you visualize the old energies, emotions, and stories simply drifting off on a gentle brook or river.
  2. Turn to the Oracle Cards. Doing an Oracle Card spread for the Full Moon can help determine what you most need to focus on. A simple three-card Full Moon spread can show you where you are, where to set your intention, and what the likely outcome of your mindful actions will be. (Don’t have an Oracle Cards deck of your own? Use my free online card app here!)
  3. Join a Spiritual Community. When I found a community through my recovery from addiction, I felt seen, heard, and accepted for the very first time. It was then and only then that I started to feel comfortable in my own skin. I was told over and over by my spiritual mentor, “Just be you. Get honest, Trust in a Higher Power…” And eventually, those words, like a balm to my soul, healed all the wounded and broken places and enabled me to grow into the fullest expression of authentic self. Releasing my story of rejection allowed me to embrace a new narrative, one that celebrates my role in the Collective whole. 


However you choose to honor this Supermoon, remember that the more you are able to release, the more buoyant you become. After all, if you want to go on a rocket ship to the stars, you have to leave some of your baggage behind!


Love and ascendance,

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