How to Trust Your Intuition!

Updated: May 3, 2021

We are spiritual beings first and human second. Although it goes against what most of us were taught, intuition is our first sense. 

The one that helps us read between the lines, pick up on invisible information, feel things out and make good decisions, and understand the “vibe” we get from a person or situation.

When it comes to developing your intuition, the first thing you have to understand is that your intuition is NOT your intellect. Intuition doesn’t follow linear rules because it isn’t logical or intellectual. But it IS just as important as your intellect. 

In order to navigate our world, we need both – our power of analytics + logical thinking, as well as the soft, nuanced world of intuitive intelligence. 

Trusting your inner-voice means recognizing that certain things that don’t make any sense, but we still know they’re true. This can help us navigate a world where things are changing so rapidly. 

How To Develop Your Intuition 

We live in a dynamic reality where the consciousness of the Universe (a.k.a. God, Spirit, Source or whatever you choose to call it) is constantly speaking to us. And intuition is the part of us that makes communicating with this greater intelligence possible. 

You do this through deep listening. The reason a lot of people feel like they don’t know how to use their intuition or how to make good decisions that are led by Spirit is because we often ignore this inner-voice. We have a tendency to let our intellect get involved and run the show. 

The thing about your inner-voice is that it’s often soft + nuanced. It comes in a little push, a little nudge, a little clarity, or a subtle feeling. Sometimes it can come in a flash like a sudden epiphany, but even then, we’re getting these little signs all the time from the Universe. This is one of the reasons I created Oracle Cards, because they help facilitate the conversation between you and Spirit. 

This kind of listening isn’t necessarily about hearing sounds directly. It’s about hearing the messages that rise above the sounds. It’s about noticing when you turn the radio on and a song plays that speaks directly to you, and you just know it. Or when a coincidence happens that has meaning to you. You really notice that, and the sense of knowing it is specific. When you keep seeing the same bird, or noticing the same name everywhere. These are those little moments your mind remembers because for some reason, something specific catches your attention. Something doesn’t quite make sense to your logical mind, so it becomes a freeze-frame in your memory. 

The way you begin to develop your intuition and use it is by getting into this dialogue with the Spiritual world. By listening deeply and taking note of the signs. And when you want to take this deeper – to get more specific and intentional in your communication with the Universe – you can use tools like Oracle cards to facilitate the communication. 

How Do I Know If I’m Intuitive? 

Whether or not you’ve ever consciously connected to or even thought about your intuition, everyone is intuitive. Learning how to use this “sixth sense” is really about trust. 

Intuitive can mean a lot of things, but in short, being intuitive means that someone is deeply in tune to the invisible world. That they get information that is accurate + helpful for them by trusting their intuition. 

Although some people may be more intuitive than others or may have developed this part of themselves more thoroughly, we can all develop our intuition. We just aren’t taught this in school… so we have to wake it back up! 

How Do I Know What Is My Intuition And What Isn’t? 

The intuitive arts are the arts of subtlety. The way you know the difference between real, intuitive information and other passing feelings or thoughts is to start to get really curious. Intuition works best with curiosity. 

Intuition is not looking for a threat, it’s looking for information. If you’re only looking for a threat, you may actually miss the other information. Threat seeking is connected to instinct that kicks in when you are under stress. That is not your intuition. In fact it will keep you on high-alert for what is NOT for you instead of nudging you gently toward your highest good. 

Intuition also doesn’t work with wishful thinking. There’s a tendency to want to will our intuition into telling us something we want to hear. But when you do this, you override the intuition’s subtle language. 

Inner-knowing comes in the moments when you are clear, grounded, and curious. It’s much more difficult to access your intuition when you’re stressed. 

How To Start Trusting Your Intuition

If exploring intuition is new for you, I want to give you a few simple steps to start connecting more regularly with this part of yourself so you can navigate your life with greater ease. 

#1 Notice what it feels like in your body.

Intuition is a moment of simply knowing in your body. This applies on both ends – you have to know what your red flags feel like AND know what your truth feels like. When a red flag goes off (this can sometimes happen when you really want something or have a “plan”  but your intuition is telling you it’s not for you), learn to recognize that feeling and listen to it. Similarly, when you have that feeling of just knowing, don’t doubt yourself. Recognize it and learn to identify that feeling. Each person can learn how their body tells them intuitive information. The body is always the first place it lands and that’s how you know you can trust the information. 

#2 Know that your intuition will always guide you into your highest good.

It may not feel like it at the time – especially when an intuitive “hit” goes against your desires or your plans – but when it’s truly your intuition, it won’t steer you wrong. Sometimes it may steer you into learning a painful lesson. Your intuition will guide you to your highest good, and sometimes that means healing a difficult pattern. 

#3 Take note of the moments when you failed to trust your intuition! 

you know the feeling of, “I knew I shouldn’t have done this and I did it anyway!” Yep, we’ve all been there. This is a valuable way to start getting to know yourself and what it means to trust your intuition. Those moments you regret were moments when your inner-knowing spoke up and you didn’t listen. Get to know this feeling! Next time it happens, you’ll be more aware. 

#4 When in doubt, pull an Oracle Card! 

Oracle Cards are an incredible tool to help us be in direct communication with the Universe. When you aren’t sure about what your intuition is telling you, I invite you to play with this magical tool to help you get clear guidance and confirmation on your path! My deck, Wisdom of The Oracle is perfect for someone who is just starting to exercise their intuition and want to dive into the world of Oracle Cards! 

Click here to pick a card and get a reading on my site for free.

Developing and getting to know your intuition is an exciting way to begin inviting more magic into your daily life! If you’re curious about learning to use your intuition and developing more of a connection with the language of the Universe, check out my course, Oracle Cards Unlocked: 3 Keys to Working with Oracle Cards!

This is a great way to start playing with your intuition and seeing the amazing way Oracle Cards can work with your intuition as a mystical, yet practical tool.

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  • Chelise Jessen

    I absolutely love this conversation because you really can’t find anything where people talk about intuition and how to listen and develop this incredible skill!! Thank you so much!!!

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      This was great, even though I am seeing this a year later. Very helpful and very grateful to have been able to listen to it. Thank you Colette

    • Marina

      Thank you!

    • Martine

      Hello and thank you I don’t have many people who are like me and don’t understand its nice to know there ìs people who like me out there and understand about intuition and your gut instincts I love my angel cards and crystal stones also x

  • Kinjal

    Thank you so much

    • Ruchi Dutta

      Colette, today I started with this first and will now go to your video . What you said is such good advice. I’m always second guessing myself . Once I do something it’s always did I do right or not . Should I have or not . Thank you ❤️ I’m going to start noticing more if I listen what are the results and when I don’t what are they.

    • Lashunda

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    Thank Colette😊. Its like you reached in and picked up a piece that is really the base of all our being. I greatly appreciate this needed info. My favorite is that our intuition is really our first sense. Thank you for sharing this information and having the courage to be yourself. What a gift to this world you truly are. Many blessings❤❤❤

  • Mayra Cordova

    I loved this conversation. Intuition is hard to explain and understand, is something you just feel. You don’t know how, you don’t know why, you just know. Loved it ❤️❤️

  • Kathryn Keating Kay

    Loved this article & video! We all are intuitive & have intuition as our first sense. And as all our other senses it is always on – like smelling or touching. We don’t think about turning on those senses. You’re right this should be taught early so we don’t forget about it!

  • Robyn

    I loved the quiz!!! So much fun!!!

  • James Pirko

    Fascinating insights! Teach me more.

    I have used my intuition throughout my life, when it is not being overruled my my dominant left brain.

  • Anonymous

    Great 5:30am morning read!!
    Off to work I go
    Have a great day everyone

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    Enjoyed this & the quiz..
    I miss some of your stuff due to not participating in FB.. Definitely will keep an 👁 out for more videos!!!
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  • Faith

    Awesome, Colette and Staff! Love the quiz and the video. Very helpful. Namaste

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    I would love a course on building tools for better intuition. I just love what you do and stand up for. Thank you Colette❤❤❤

  • Peta

    Excellent guidance. I have started to practice. In fact, my country is going through another lockdown so I’m going to offer virtual Oracle readings to some friends. I love the WOTO deck. This is what I’ll use. This inspiration is from my inner voice 😉👍🏻

  • Constance

    Mr. Patterson, Renee’s dog, and I found her suddenly dead recently, we’re shocked and grieving. That influenced my answers. My angels are beside me guiding us along. Anyone know about grieving dogs? Gathering as much info as possible. Thank you and wishing everyone miracles. 🦋🦄

  • Threese

    Thank you I am very interested wish to see more vudeos

  • Anonymous

    Thankyou Collette. So clearly said and also giving me a subtle nudge to trust and believe what I receive to be true. I love the way you simply everything…..and the timing is always on point. 😘🙏👌

    • Heather

      I believe in the guidance of intuition. I used it for many of my decisions and trust my gut. However I would love to learn techniques to strengthen it. I’ve had deja vu most of my life but in recent years it has been silent. I would love to know if I am and this seems like a great place to start.

  • Cheryl Goldthorpe

    Thanks Colette
    Yes to all of the kinds of intuition. Growing up I thought everyone was aware of the energy that n the room, later on found out not everyone was aware. So great to be with like minded.

  • Catherine

    Thank you Colette! Is there a way that I can view the results of my quiz? I’d like to know which ones I got right and which ones not. I fell that it would be helpful for me in my learning process. Thank you! Catherine

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    Very interesting

  • Rea Vandervelden

    I’ve wanted to learn for a long time and have felt certain things for a long time

  • Helena Silva

    I believe that my intuition has saved me a few times in my life. I’m not saying I’m always aware of
    my intuition but it is something I believe I need to trust more. I love your Oracle cards and use them
    when I feel I need some guidance or acknowledgement. I’ve been interested in tarot cards, runes, crystals from a young age. I’m so happy to have come across you and am so grateful for what I’m
    learning. Thank you

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