Oracle Card Reading for the Week of May 17th!


Updated: May 17, 2021

Take it one day at a time and learn to be in the moment! Mixing the traditional Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, the message from the weekly Oracle Card Reading for May 16th, 2021 was loud and clear on being in the present! Press play to learn what messages Spirit has in store for you! Be sure to pair this weekly reading up with tomorrow’s Astrology Horoscope Reading to get the full scope!


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  • Christine

    I think having Mark in on the Oracle Card reading was a great idea. You two work so well together and almost know what each other is thinking. Mark brought up points I think we were all thinking and wondering about an made the reading that much more clear for us.

    Plus, he is very handsome. After Ellen ends her show, you two can fill in her space with the Mark and Colette or Colette and Mark show,,, or is it Mark and Colette…

  • Lois

    Collette and Mark – You made me laugh and that was so good for my soul. You two are so real and also such an adorable and fun loving couple. Great reading and great fun. Thank you! xo

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