How To Use Your Intuition and Trust Synchronicities!

Updated: August 10, 2021

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that seemed to have a more profound meaning than simply just chance? 

Maybe it was the fateful story of how you met your spouse, a spooky moment of missing a dangerous accident, or a chance encounter that changed your life forever. 

These moments of “meaningful coincidence” are what Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called synchronicities. Moments when the Universe seems to align in a perfect way to help you learn, evolve, grow, or find the perfect next step on your path. 

When you learn to attune yourself to these little moments, you’ll begin to find that they aren’t a matter of chance at all. They are the language of the Universe. The little ways Spirit talks and supports us on our path every single day. 

Synchronicities can help you trust your intuition 

In our modern world, we are accustomed to looking for cause and effect in a linear way. When we want something, we think there is a specific set of actions we need to take in order to obtain that thing or make it happen. 

We want something from the store, so we go out and buy and bring it home. 

But synchronicities work a little differently. They require us to open up the magic of life and ask ourselves, “what does coincidence mean?” We actually live in a dynamic matrix where the consciousness of the Universe is constantly speaking to us. 

When you begin taking note of the funny little moments of coincidence – like thinking about your favorite cat who passed away only to see a stray who looks just like them – you begin to be open to the deeper meaning of these moments. This is where synchronicity begins to help you trust your intuition. 

The meaning of synchronicity isn’t always obvious 

Sometimes when people begin to take note of synchronicities as part of their path to spiritual transformation, they misinterpret the way these messages from Spirit work. There’s a tendency to apply our linear thinking to these moments. 

For example, if you keep seeing the same car your ex-boyfriend drove, you might think it means you’re destined to get back together. But these little nudges from Spirit don’t follow our linear way of thinking. They are more subtle. 

I worked with a woman who kept having every possible sign that she should pursue a particular job, only to end up not getting the position. At first, she felt like Spirit had misled her. But that’s because she was interpreting Spirit’s messages in a linear way. 

In reality, our soul attracts synchronicities to help us grow, evolve, and transform. Sometimes we’re meant to go through the experience in order to evolve, but not have the end result we expect or even the one we initially desired. Those very experiences might play a role in preparing us for something better – something that was meant for us. 

Can you think of a time when something that didn’t work the way you originally wanted or planned ended up playing a key role in helping you grow into the person you are now or find an even better outcome? This is how the mysterious language of the Universe works. 

Synchronicities call for you to trust your intuition and then let go

Spirit will reveal the answers to you in Divine, appropriate timing. This is what you have to know in order to use your intuition to tell what the coincidences in your life mean. 

Sometimes, the meaning will not be immediately obvious. But when you learn to listen deeply and keep your sense of curiosity alive, you’ll learn to use your intuition to play with the synchronicities of life and experience a sense of Divine guidance. 

We’ve all had amazing experiences where we set an intention or desire for something and it showed up in the weirdest way that we couldn’t make up. That’s Spirit working on your behalf. 

The way you know which synchronicities to listen to and pay attention to is by honing your intuition and noticing when something pulls at you in a different way. This is usually subtle. It feels like a little push or nudge. You might wonder why something stuck out at you and choose to stay curious, only to have its true meaning revealed to you later. 

Synchronicities are happening all the time. You just have to open your eyes and trust. 

The more you begin paying attention to the coincidences that show up along your path, the more of them will begin to happen in your life. Not all moments of meaningful coincidence are meant to change the course of our lives or spark spiritual transformation. 

Sometimes these meaningful coincidences are just reminding us of our limitless connection to the Universe. And others are like flashing signs, directing us and guiding us on our path. In the moment when a coincidence happens and you notice your senses heightened in a noticeably different way, pay attention. This is your intuition helping guide you to the things that matter most on your path. 

On the journey of personal development, being attuned to this communication from Spirit can be incredibly grounding. It can be so supportive in moments when we set an intention, goal, or desire, and things don’t go as planned. 

Noticing synchronicities can help you keep your trust in the Universe alive. 

The fact that we aren’t in control of the outcome doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set clear intentions though! In fact, setting clear intentions is the way we show the Universe our desire and create opportunities to co-create a path to our highest good. 

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  • Maria von Tagen

    Thank you Colette, I really needed this reminder and assurance. Its be somewhat difficult for me to understand exactly what the universe is trying to tell me through signs, repeating numvers, even pictures that resemble certain loved ones and none loved ones. Its overwhelming at times, I feel I misread some but understand more, here’s the damn catch: its going against what is to be the ” real life deal” being said. Bc believe me, I ask. Im going to continue to believe in my intuition, I’ve been standing (mostly crying) on it for about a week now, doesn’t seem like a libg time, but I started this leg if my journey in July 2016. Its been a treacherous 5 years.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well I’m glad that Universe guided you to this blog, Maria! sending you my love! 💖💖💖

  • Veroshka

    Thank you for an awesome blog Colette! This brought back so many memories when Sprit spare me the experience of heartache, or even physical harm. And when you are quiet and listen the magic of this is amazing. Loved it! 💕💕💕

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yay! so happy that you loved this, Veroshka! hope you’re having a great day! 💖

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