The Intuitive Power of Water Divination!

Updated: August 24, 2021

Take a moment to picture the ocean, a lake, a stream, or rainfall… 

Let your imagination engage all of your senses! Feel the water droplets lightly hitting your skin. Listen to the waves or the flow of the water. Smell the clean, dewy molecules. Before you continue reading, close your eyes for a minute and fully take in this experience with the water… 

Now, how do you feel as this experience lingers in your mind? More serene and connected than you did a few minutes ago, right?

The Magic & Spiritual Meaning of Water 

Water, the most abundant molecule on earth, is also full of spiritual significance and powerful symbolism. Water is actually pure magic. In many cultures and traditions, water symbolism and the spiritual meaning of water have been celebrated and studied for generations. 

Since the beginning of time, water has been seen as a symbol of the soul and spirit. It also represents emotions, intuition, and that which is below the surface—i.e. your unconscious. From liquid, to solid, to vapor, water is also a symbol for metamorphosis, transformation, and the interconnected flow between all of life. 

In some ways, water is like the Divine; though we cannot see them with our human eyes, water molecules are everywhere—in the air, earth, and within YOU.

From a more scientific standpoint, water is one of the most significant substances in our universe. Without water, there is no life. Our bodies consist of at least 70 percent water, and our lives are threatened if that percentage dips too low. As fetuses, we’re protected by water in our mother’s womb. Water also purifies and cleanses us, both externally and spiritually. Not a day goes by without some contact with water.

Connecting with water on your spiritual journey

With all of its rich symbolism, spiritual qualities, and life-giving energy, water directly connects you with your intuition, as well as the Divine. Water can be a beautiful tool to connect and work with on your spiritual journey. 

Through water, you can find serenity and calm. You also open yourself to Spirit’s messages. In fact, our ancient ancestors frequently looked to water to connect with the Divine. Through water scrying, or hydromancy, they’d gaze at a sacred pool or urn of water to receive messages from the gods and make predictions.

I’ve personally found that water divination is a great tool for tapping into my intuitive abilities and receiving Divine guidance. I detail some of my fascinating experiences with water scrying in Messages From Spirit, including an amazing oracle from my bathtub. Even when I just sit in a bath or go swimming, I notice my intuitive abilities become heightened. Water has a way of helping you let go of all the chatter in your mind and worries from your day. With it, you can easily enter a more meditative state and thus hear Spirit.

So, are YOU ready to try water scrying?!

Here are a few ways you can tap into the spiritual power of water:

Make a water oracle:

Watch me doing this exact water ritual LIVE at my recent event.

For this water ritual, either go to a body of water such as a lake or pond or, fill a nice bowl or your bathtub with water. If you’re doing this at home, you can also mix food coloring in table oil and then pour it in the water. This water represents your life force energy. 

As you begin this ritual, be sure to bless the water with love and gratitude. (Water actually responds to your energy – you can read more about this on my blog post.) Then, close your eyes and empty your mind. Think of what you’d like guidance on and pray to Spirit to give you a message in your highest good. Watch the video above to hear my favorite prayer to open this exercise. 

Then, open your eyes and gaze at the water. Let your intuition and imagination go. Sometimes you won’t see a precise image in the water. In fact, when I do this, I actually see the messages in my mind, as if the water’s ultimate message takes form within my imagination. So, pay attention to the feelings, images, smells, etc. that come into your mind as you gaze at the water. Then, write it down and use your intuition as you’re interpreting the message.

Water as an intuitive conduit: 

Water can also transfer intuitive insight from one person to another. So, you can use it when you’re doing readings. First, the person getting the reading puts her hand in the water and takes it out. Then the reader puts his hand in the water and focuses on its energy to do the reading.

If you want to learn more about the energetic and intuitive healing aspects of water, check out my blog post, “The Healing and Transformative Power of Water.” 

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