The Ultimate Guide To Manifesting Abundance!

Updated: August 31, 2021

When you look into your future and imagine the prosperous and abundant life of your dreams, what do you see? 

Perhaps it’s wealth and financial freedom, a beautiful home and time for travel, a healthy and loving family and community, and meaningful work that fulfills you. When we think about the life and the future we desire, there’s a tendency to focus on these types of external and material things. 

What many don’t realize is that what they truly want isn’t the thing itself, it’s the experience of having that thing they believe would give them. 

The meaning of abundance is as unique to each individual as our soul’s path because true abundance means living and experiencing the things our soul most desires, within the blueprint of the life we have been given. 

When you ask yourself, “What does abundance mean to me?” I want to invite you to look deeper than just the accomplishments, success, or material things that you think would make you feel abundant. 

Instead, can you ask yourself things like what you want to feel in your life, who you want to serve, and what experience you want to have… 

The answers to these questions will begin to lead you toward your unique definition of abundance. And only with this deeper clarity can you begin to manifest the full and meaningful life your heart craves. 

In this Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Abundance, you will find:

  1. What abundance is and is not
  2. The meaning of Spiritual Abundance
  3. Compassionate prosperity 
  4. How manifestation is changing
  5. How manifestation works 
  6. How to set intentions for manifesting
  7. The role gratitude plays in manifesting abundance
  8. Resources and Exercises for Manifesting Abundance

What abundance is and is not…

Our society may have led you to believe that abundance means having limitless finances, beautiful possessions, or anything else you can attain that is outside of the self. In reality though, abundance begins on the inside and it looks different for everyone. 

Some people achieve all of the success and financial means they could ever want, and yet their lives still feel empty. You can force your way into being successful, but will the success you achieve this way feel the way you wanted it to feel? 

On the other hand, some people have very little in terms of material possessions and accolades, and yet their hearts are full and they live a life of joy and gratitude. I myself experienced this when I was recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and had almost nothing to my name. And yet, for the first time in my life, I was consciously connecting to Spirit and I felt like the most abundant person in the world. 

In order to manifest true abundance and prosperity, we have to reconsider our definitions of those words. We have to begin to consider that spiritual abundance – the felt experience of the life we desire – is the only true path to a fulfilling life. 

The Meaning of Spiritual Abundance… 

When you begin to shift your definition of abundance and prosperity, you’ll see that underneath each and everything you want is a deeper kind of desire. An inspired desire for the experience you want to have in your life. 

This desire might stem from your passion or purpose, a drive to help and serve the highest good of others, or some other aspect of your unique makeup. When you begin to claim your inspired desires for these deeper feelings and experiences and find ways to feel them regardless of your outer circumstances, this is spiritual abundance. 

This doesn’t mean you should be afraid to choose a material thing that you think will help give you the experience you desire, but you have to look deeper too. You have to ask yourself WHY you want that thing. What will you feel or experience when you have it? 

Then, you have to begin to find ways to feel and experience those feelings before the external thing arrives. You have to find evidence in your outer world that it’s already true. 

We live in an abundant Universe, and when you begin consciously connecting with your higher power and affirming the abundance that is already all around you, you’ll experience spiritual abundance. 

Compassionate Prosperity… 

If you don’t feel clear on the experience you want to have in this life or what you want to manifest from this deeper perspective, try asking yourself this question: Who am I here to serve and why? 

You may not know the answer on an intellectual level, but chances are you have an innate inner feeling for the answer. 

When we shift our perspective of abundance to living a life that is aligned with our greater purpose, we can create lives of deep fulfillment. All of the external prosperity and abundance you desire can come as a result of you orienting your life toward this answer. 

The prosperity that comes as a natural result of living your life for the highest good of all is compassionate prosperity. 

How Manifestation is Changing… 

In the past, the conversation around manifestation has been very transactional. The message we’ve often heard is that if we want something badly enough and focus our thoughts and attention on it, the Universe will deliver. But the Universe isn’t transactional. 

We have to acknowledge that each of us is coming from our own unique set of life circumstances, and may not have the same access to manifest the same material things. 

The new way of viewing manifestation is more relational and transformational than transactional. We understand that we live in an abundant Universe and we work together with the Divine to create the experiences we want in our lives, within our sphere of availability that can change.

We can say we co-create reality within two pillars of truth:

  1. We have to surrender to life on life’s terms, ( circumstances outside of us not in our control or influence)
  2. We create reality and respond to it from the inside out. reality. 

We have free will and when we begin to consciously connect and relate with our Higher Power, we can create the experiences we desire and create a life we love.

As human beings, we tend to get attached to the specific form of our desire, because we think only that exact thing will give us the experience we’re craving. But in our transformational Universe, we have to learn to exercise the state of being we think the thing is going to give us, and then trust that Spirit will deliver it to us in exactly the form we need – even if it’s not what we imagined. 

We have to be willing to surrender the specifics of the results to the Divine. Sometimes Spirit’s plans are even better than what we could have come up with ourselves! 

How Manifestation Works… 

The Universe responds to the thoughts you think, the words you say, and the actions you take – which is why doing the inner work of feeling the abundance you want to attract before it shows up in physical form is so important. 

We have to begin rehearsing the psychological, emotional, and spiritual experiences we want to have. This requires you to begin living your life in the “eye of the storm,” not letting every little event or aspect of your external world throw you off center and take you out of the experience you want to have. 

This doesn’t mean you should bypass the difficult things when they come up, it simply means you need to cultivate your toolbox to keep you centered and grounded as you meet life on life’s terms. 

There are lots of wonderful spiritual tools you can use to get clear on your vision and your intention, and to begin taking inspired action to manifest the abundant life you dream of. By using tools like creating vision boards, meditating, saying affirmations, or using Oracle Cards, you can begin to attract more of the prosperity you desire by feeling it in your daily life before it shows up in physical form. 

Setting Intentions for Manifestation… 

When you create the sacred vision for your abundant life, you set an intention for what you want to create. An intention is about you claiming the success of having that experience in advance. 

When you set a goal, you put your attention on moving toward achieving it, which implies something that is not there now but is really down the road. When you set an intention, on the other hand, you decide to claim and experience this as your reality now. 

The Role of Gratitude in Manifestation… 

A great way to begin feeling and embodying the abundance you want to attract is through gratitude! 

When you begin focusing your attention on the beauty, prosperity, love, and gifts that are already present in your life, you send the message to Spirit that this is what you want to experience more of. 

If you want to learn more about having a mindset of abundance, check out my blog on this exact topic. 

Anything is possible when you connect yourself to your Higher Power. 

An abundant life is available to all of us when we learn to form a conscious relationship with our Higher Power. You can call this God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, or whatever you like. The important thing to remember is that this Higher Power is always present in your life – sending you guidance on your path to your highest good. 

When you begin to invest in your spiritual transformation, you can learn to collaborate or co-create with your Higher Power. This looks like you paying attention to the signs and guidance you receive from life, and then taking the inspired actions to bring your dreams into reality. 

Resources & Exercises for Manifesting Abundance 

Using Oracle Cards as a Tool for Connecting with Spirit 

One of my favorite spiritual tools for connecting with your Higher Power and getting direct guidance from Spirit on your path is Oracle Cards. When it comes to manifesting abundance, you can pull Oracle Cards to receive direct messages from Spirit about how you can attract more of what you desire. 

All you need to do is shuffle your Oracle Cards and ask the question, “What do I need to know about manifesting abundance in my life right now?”

If you don’t have an Oracle Card deck of your own yet, you can purchase my Wisdom of The Oracle Deck here in my store, or use my free online deck! 

When you pull your card and look at the corresponding message in your Oracle Card guidebook, take a look at the “Prosperity Message,” which will give you a message from the Oracle specifically relating the meaning of the card to your prosperity and abundance.

Once you’ve pulled a card, take a moment to reflect on what the message means to you and jot down your thoughts in a journal. 

Gratitude Journaling for Manifestation 

If you want to manifest and attract a life of abundance, you have to begin by changing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs so you embody the vibration of the abundance you want to experience in your life. 

Gratitude is one of the absolute best ways to raise your vibration and come into a frequency of spiritual abundance. 

In order to make gratitude a regular practice, make a habit out of using a gratitude journal. Once a day, spend a few minutes writing down five things you feel grateful for. When you write them down, take time to place your hand on your heart and really feel gratitude for each thing. 

If you make this a regular practice, you’ll begin to notice magic popping up all over your life. By placing more of your attention on everything you’re already thankful for in your life, the Universe will begin to give you opportunities to receive even more of those things. 

Practicing Meditation for Abundance and Manifestation 

Another wonderful spiritual practice that anyone can use to help manifest abundance is meditation. Guided meditation in particular is great for anyone from beginners to seasoned spiritual seekers to connect with the vision of what they want to manifest and begin to feel a sense of spiritual abundance. 

I’ve created a FREE guided meditation for manifesting abundance, which you can listen to any time you want to shift your vibration so you can attract more abundance into your life. 

How to Create a Vision Board for Manifesting Your Desires 

Creating a Vision Board is a really fun and creative way to get into the positive energy of feeling and seeing the things you want to manifest and create. When you make a vision board, it helps you utilize your imagination to set intentions. 

Our imaginations are a powerful way to change our thoughts and feelings. By setting intentions and putting images and symbols that represent those intentions down on paper, you make the vision for your abundant life feel real. 

Every time you look at your vision board, remember to celebrate this vision now and not later! This visual reminder will help you stay motivated to take action and do your part to bring these visions into reality. 

Want me to guide you through creating a vision board? Click here to join me for my upcoming Vision Board Challenge in 2022 if you’d like me to take you through my unique vision board creation process.

Don’t want to wait for 2022? You can access my 2021 Vision Board Challenge videos here in my Oracle Circle Membership.


You can manifest and experience abundance no matter what’s happening in your life 


As you begin to explore and try out some of these tools and resources for manifesting abundance, remember that the way you feel is the best indicator of success. 

It’s important to set intentions, to dream, and to imagine all that you desire – and then to be willing to surrender the form in which they show up to Spirit. 

Even when things feel difficult or like they aren’t going your way, make the effort to tune into the vibration of the abundance you desire and feel the things you want to feel. 

If you want inspiration on changing your mindset to one of abundance, I highly recommend the book, Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything by Viktor Frankl. Frankl is a holocaust concentration camp survivor who went on to become a world-famous psychiatrist and best-selling author. 

The vision for your abundant life matters, and you are so worthy of having your dreams come true! 

If you want to learn more about manifestation, spirituality, and claiming the sacred vision for your life by trusting Spirit, subscribe to my newsletter. Each week, I send out free articles, videos, Oracle Card readings, and resources for spiritual seekers like you. Click here to sign up!




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  • Dina

    I love using my vision board to manifest. I make a new one each January. Now, my adult children have begun to make their own just by watching my vision boards come to manifest in reality. We also use journals everyday that we write our affirmations, goals, and daily gratitude. We created so many amazing miracles. Thank you for this article. Wonderful information here, and such a beautiful meditation included.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that’s beautiful, Dina! I’m so glad that you’re sharing the magic with your children! happy to hear that you enjoyed the meditation! 💜

  • Veroshka

    I loved this blog Colette. Manifestation is such a “sticky” process for me; even though I believe that my intention is clear I tend to manifest just the opposite of this. One of my dreams are to be in my own home, my sanctuary. Reading the blog I had to ask myself “what does home really mean to me?”, is it really this structure of brick and mortar that will give me peace and true happiness? A resounding, no not really. The question “do you feel at home, at peace in your body? Isn’t this really my sanctuary of peace, safety and happiness? Isn’t this where it really starts and the rest will follow suit. This is only scratching the surface and something I need to work through. Thank you for all you do Colette 💕 ps. On the waiting list for your next Vision Board Challenge 🥰💕

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      woohoo! so happy that you loved this, Veroshka! can’t wait to see you again! 💜

  • Amber

    This was a really nice and uplifting article. It’s a good reminder when sometimes the world feels so crazy and stressful. Thank you Colette!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you so much, Amber! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! 💜💜

  • Cheryl

    Thank you for this. It is lovely! I am consulting my Oracle cards next. I have manifested several things and am amazed every time. This has helped me understand,better, how it worked and even more greatful 🙏NAMASTE

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