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Updated: October 12, 2021

Do you ever wish that you could talk directly to your higher power – asking for guidance and receiving clear signs and signals to keep you on track along your journey? 

Whether or not we are aware of it, Spirit (the Universe, God, the Divine, or whatever you choose to call it) is always looking out for us and keeping us on track for our highest good. Even in our most challenging times, Spirit is there for us. 

But so much of the time, we miss the communication that is available to us every single day through the conscious Universe. Whether or not we choose to pay attention or listen, Spirit is always communicating with us and is there as our partner to protect and guide us. 

We just have to learn to slow down, tune in, and receive the guidance and the messages that are all around.

If you’ve ever found yourself craving messages from spirit or signs from the Universe, you will find immense value, meaning, and peace in learning to understand and recognize everyday Oracles. 

Recognizing the presence of everyday Oracles 

There are countless ways the Universe sends you messages. It could be a series of repeating numbers, a song on the radio that catches your attention, a symbol you ask for and recognize, a dream, a meaningful coincidence, or even a message in your soup bowl… 

In fact, these communications from the Divine are so common and so meaningful that I wrote an entire book about them! My book, Messages From Spirit is all about the many ways in which we can communicate with our higher power through the world around us.  

In the book, I share a story about Tasseography, a type of divination that my father shared with me as a young girl. He taught me to read messages in leftover coffee grounds, an ancient practice found in Slavic and Baltic nations as well as the middle east. It’s closely related to tea-leaf reading, which actually had its known beginnings in China although no one knows 100% of its origin.

The story goes that a close friend of mine was visiting and we had discussed the idea of going out to dinner, and then going home afterward to share some Turkish coffee and read the messages in the leftover grinds. 

At dinner, we both ordered a thick squash soup. As I ate my soup, I kept seeing images popping up in the bowl! I saw a swan, a pumpkin, and a baby. 

Symbolically, swans represent transformation and clairvoyance, and the ability to use intuitive vision to see beyond the here-and-now. The pumpkin jumped out at me like a hologram and was clearly letting me know that Spirit wanted to speak through the medium of the soup. With so many clear messages popping up, I told my friend that we’d do her reading using the soup!

After saying a prayer to be given vision to see and receive whatever Spirit wanted to reveal for my friend, I asked her to turn her bowl three times clockwise on the dinner plate it was

resting on, then turn it upside down toward herself. Then, I turned the bowl over and read the images in the bowl and on the plate using exactly the method I was taught for reading coffee grounds.

The messages in the bowl ended up being right on point! Including the images that emerged of a stork and cradle, which my friend strongly rejected at first… only to call me the next day in shock, announcing that she had taken a pregnancy test after dinner and found out she was expecting!

I share this story with you only to illustrate that messages from Spirit are everywhere when we choose to ask for them and notice them. Spirit is present in all things, so the form of the message doesn’t matter. 

How to begin recognizing messages from Spirit 

Starting to recognize and understand signs from the Universe begins with curiosity and openness. There are countless opportunities to receive messages from Spirit, you just have to begin looking for and asking for them. 

Divine guidance is available to all of us, and it comes in the form of oracles, omens, and signs when we become open to it. 

Isn’t it amazing that Spirit will give us guidance using the natural world as a medium in our dialogue? Spirit speaks through all of Life, and it’s up to us whether or not we want to consciously choose to join the conversation! 

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of how to see and interpret signs from Spirit, or if you’re still wondering, what IS an oracle? much less an everyday oracle – hang in there! I’m going to walk you through some of the ways you may begin to recognize and engage with everyday oracles in your life to receive guidance from the Divine. 

Ways the Universe sends you messages: 

1. The common cledon

These are messages from Spirit that are innocently and unknowingly delivered to you by another person – whether directly through something they say to you, or indirectly, like through a song. 

In ancient Greece, it was believed that one should pray to the gods for an answer to a particular issue and then go out into the world and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations to hear an answer. You’d know it by hearing the words stand out – like they rise above the other words you’re hearing. You get the sense you are supposed to pay attention.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going around trying to listen in on what your neighbors are saying behind the fence, but I do encourage you to keep your ears open! The exact message you’ve been needing to hear might come to you in the most unexpected way. It could be through a song on the radio, an overheard conversation at a coffee shop, or even something you read on social media! 

In my Oracle Circle membership, we have a library of 100s of readings I’ve done in the past couple years in our Spirit Jam sessions. I encourage my members to use this site as a living oracle! They use a random number generator to choose a number between 5-90 and then skip to that number of minutes on a reading and listen to the message. Although the reading was originally for someone else, it’s an incredibly accurate way to systematize messages from Spirit and get direct guidance when you need it. This is yet another example of a cledon. 

Learn more about Cledons in this short video… 

2. Messages in books, tea, soup, and beyond! 

As you learned from the message in the soup story, signs from Spirit can come in countless forms! There are some fun ways you can play with asking your higher power for direct guidance through different mediums. 

You can try out Bibliomancy (asking a question and then opening the bible to a random passage and reading the message), Stichomancy (which is the same concept, but with any book), or Tasseomancy (reading messages in your tea leaves, coffee grinds, soup, or even your morning oatmeal!) Messages From Spirit

To learn more of the specifics about how to begin engaging in dialogue with Spirit through these various forms, read my book, Messages From Spirit.

The most important thing to remember when you start exploring the signs you can receive directly from Spirit is that you need to begin by saying a prayer to ask that you be guided for your highest good and the highest good of all before you begin. 

There’s a language of symbols and metaphors you can begin to understand with practice. If you decide to play with this and start asking for and noticing signs from the Universe, take advantage of the endless information available to you online to look up the meaning of a repeating symbol or anything that feels significant to you. You might be amazed at the accuracy of the symbols you encounter. 

3. Receiving messages through Oracle Cards 

One of my personal favorite ways to ask for guidance and get into conversation with the Divine is through Oracle Cards. One of my fourteen Oracle Card decks was actually created specifically to help deliver messages from the Other Side. 

The deck is called Postcards From Spirit, and unlike many of my other Oracle Card decks, it’s designed only to pull one card a day. The card you pull is like a little note sent down as a little love from Spirit, a hello from a loved one who has passed, or even messages from Spirit Guides. 

If you’re just beginning your exploration of everyday oracles, this deck will help you tap into the unseen world of Divine guidance and create a daily ritual that will connect you with your intuition. 

Get your copy of Postcards From Spirit here… 

Everyday Oracles truly are all around us, and we have a choice to engage with life by being open to the dialogue with Spirit. Spirit is everywhere – within us and around us, and is

waiting to guide us. We just need to wake up and listen to the messages! 

If you want to begin engaging with everyday oracles and receiving messages from Spirit, simply pick one of the tools above to explore and get started. When you open yourself with curiosity, you may be pleasantly surprised to find the many ways Spirit will speak to you. If this is all new to you, I highly recommend reading my book, Messages From Spirit for a beautiful introduction into the world of signs, symbols, cledons, and everyday oracles. 

And if you’re curious about hearing LIVE readings where I share messages directly from Spirit and from friends and family who have passed to the Other Side, you’ll love my upcoming event, Mystical Connections taking place on October, 21st 2021 at 7pm ET. 

This is an evening of intuitive readings, messages, guidance, and inspiration with myself and my dear friend John Holland, who is an internationally renowned psychic medium. If you’re craving direct guidance from Spirit and a chance to feel tapped into the world of spiritual guidance, we would love to see you there. Get your tickets here…


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