5 Rituals to Bring More Magic Into Your Life

In times of stress or uncertainty, there’s nothing better than finding a way to infuse more magic into our daily […]

How to Use Past Life Regression to Claim Your Future

Creating and claiming the future you desire begins with asking yourself who you need to become to live your dream […]

Astro Oracle Reading for the Month of April 2022

April’s 2022’s Monthly Astrology Prediction has arrived! Pulling a card for every zodiac sign, Colette Baron-Reid shows you what’s in […]


Oracle Card Reading for the Month of April 2022

April 2022’s Monthly Prediction has arrived and it’s going to be a month of tending to the collective compassion. Using […]

10 Simple Self Care Tips to Manage this Mercury Retrograde

(Special for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People) Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to retrace your steps and have a […]

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