10 Simple Self Care Tips to Manage this Mercury Retrograde!

Updated: April 2, 2022

(Special for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People)

Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to retrace your steps and have a look at some of the ways in which you need to reaffirm your self-care. It’s also a great time to focus on ways to manage your experience especially if you identify as a highly sensitive person or empath. It is also perfect for rigorous self-honesty, and really determining what you are enthusiastic about!

So, if you’re sensing the edge in the air and it starts to feel overwhelming you need to find a way to manage your experience. You don’t want to end up feeling like the energy of the world is assaulting you (and it really can feel like that sometimes.)

I’m going to include a video from Nick Ortner at the end of the blog to support you too since he has a great way to dial down anxiety. Bottom line is that intuitive people can suffer if they don’t have tools to manage their boundaries and feelings. (and they can also find it hard to release excess body weight, manage fatigue too etc. but that’s a whole other story)

So I wanted to offer up some simple easy to follow tips for Mercury retrograde which empaths, in particular, need help navigating.

First off here is an interesting article about empath traits to see if you relate. If you’re curious you should answer the 30 questions. (I got 28 out of 30)!

Here are 10 Simple Self- Care Tips for Mercury Retrograde (which work all the time)  

  1. Meditate on gratitude every day for min 20 mins. (this focus releases feel-good hormones that counterbalance the stress hormones that our bodies are addicted to)
  2. Get enough sleep (if you’re tired it’s harder to set calm boundaries)
  3. Manage media exposure (limit the news since you will feel like it’s all happening to you.) If you have to immerse yourself in world events you should counterbalance it by watching videos of cute cats and puppies, or other things that make you smile, laugh or be happy – (yes I am perfectly serious- my faves are cute owls and otters)
  4. Stay as local as you can. (when you start to feel overwhelmed deal only with your immediate surroundings.)  Ask “ Is what I am feeling about related to this condition now, in front of me, or am I tuned into something else?” ( an example of this is you might get triggered by a condition but you begin to relate it all to something that happened to you in the past causing everything to be exaggerated and distorted.)
  5. De-clutter your surroundings. (remove all chatty objects that remind you of unresolved emotional stories) Yes, that means you get to put the vase from your condescending sister in law in a box!
  6. No Drama. Curtail conversations with gossipy friends, people who dump on you, stir up trouble so they get attention, and do not do it yourself to others.  (it will just make you feel worse and escalate the overwhelm)
  7. Ask yourself when you begin to feel too much empathy, or get super tired or overwhelmed “Is this mine?” If the answer is no, and 9 times out of 10 it will be NO, it means you’re identifying with the emotional energy of others. Just by identifying this, if you’re tuned in, diminishes the impact considerably and you get instant relief.
  8. Learn to say No. Many empathic people fear reprisal if they say no, or feel like they are not worthy of refusing to take on the burden of the world’s energy. Many of us want to fix it and/or completely bolt at the same time. Keep the focus on you. You are worthy of self-care.
  9. Go outside. (I get it- if it’s winter and going for a walk outside is the last thing you want to do- bundle up and do it anyway. Unless you’re Down Under in which case this will be easy so go barefoot in the grass.) It’s been proven that being out in nature is healing and grounding. Even 10 minutes a day walking and being grateful will keep you sane.
  10. Lighten up! Make sharing joy and laughter a daily practice. Laughter also reduces the stress hormones commonly associated with empathy overwhelm. Find the ridiculousness of life, share the cute and funny, heartwarming and silly. (You will be so much better at managing your sensitivity)

These seem simple but for highly sensitive people they work to keep us balanced so we can release the weight of the world and manage our days with happiness, grace, and peace not just in a mercury retrograde but all the time!

If you are looking for even more tip on how to survive Mercury Retrograde, click here to check download my FREE Guide to Survive & Thrive Through Mercury Retrograde!

With love and laughter,


P.S. Here is Nick Ortner’s video with an introduction to tapping which will help you deal with stress.


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  • Deanna

    Hi Thankyou for this week’s message. I am trying to listen to my intuition more. This week you put into words what I have been feeling but could not express. I am grateful for your message. Have a great day.

  • Cheryl

    Thank u soooo much for this list. Really feeling the energy in this retrograde. This gives some great ways to manage this energy! Just what I needed! 🙏🏻💕

  • Jennifer Spor

    Great reminders, thank you so much for sharing them ❤️

  • Alice Hedley

    Thankyou so much for these wonderfull tips! and it helps us remind the people we live with too! 😃🌈

  • Brenda -Lee Ranta

    Thank you for the timely message.. I am an empathy and exhausted..

  • Susan McCord

    These are great tips Colette! Thanks for sharing. <3

  • maggie

    Thanks for sharing Colette , its always so wiseful

  • Johanna

    Love this and all your readings. I have been a bit of bubble and didn’t realize there was a retrograde in Aries (though I was feeling it…). I am Aries so no wonder. I love your cards which seem to give me the truest insights. I tried out your new deck online and it was spot on. Saving my pennies to it buy. Thank you for these beautiful messages.

  • Anonymous

    I only recently realized I am indeed an empath. It is so helpful to just identify this in myself, so I can then take action — as you have recommended (thank you very much!) — and not get pulled down by unwanted outside energies.

  • Glendy

    … so grateful❣️

  • Diane

    Thank you so much for the assistance. It is so easy to forget what is good for oneself in this busy pace world. You are definitely a wonderful person.

  • Mary Connors

    Beautiful Colette. Thank you for the exquisite reminders. And for Nick’s video. I used to use Jessica’s videos often. So helpful! Have a great week amazing sister in spirit. xoxo

  • Alison

    As always, great, thank you. But as an Aussie in Europe, I do laugh when everyone thinks its always hot ‘down under’. I lived for 12 years in a place where we regularly have minus 1 – 8 and sometimes -14 in winter. Ain’t always easy to go barefoot in the grass LOL

  • Julia

    Great tips, thank you. Just curious but doesn’t Mercury retrograde end on April 15? If so, we are 10 days into it and almost half-through–although the last 14 days always seem like a longer period of time.

  • Anonymous

    I listen & post your cards and readings on my fb everyday. my goal is to spread the light & love for the highest greatest good that you give to anyone that is in need. I am waiting for my shaman cards to arrive. there is a excitement and joy in my heart every time I see them. and of course the reading for this next week is so on point. thanks for you ur tips. they are welcome with an open heart.
    light love and many blessings .

  • Angela Kirby

    I was sitting down yesterday wondering what to write in my Arpil blog and thought mmm I’ll do a list…..12 aspects of tranquility in your life….it started as 10 then as much as the list could be endless, and an invitation to others to create their own, 2 extra adding up to my favourite number.
    Anyway, then I remembered that I’d chosen a card earlier that day from one of your decks and it spoke of a writing lists of what to do next or the like. Ohhh on track, beauty.
    Then I listened early this morning to your weekly forecast and seriously it makes so much sense it’s just bang onnnn.
    Then your blog came in of 10 ways to manage Mercury Retro’ and I’m thinking, looks like this is a week of writing lists to self and others….you’re a champion, grateful for sure…..🧚‍♀️💕🧚🏻‍♂️

  • Debbie

    Thank You, for this. I am so off track, I hate it & am just stuck…I had gotten through my Dad’s passing & now the situation of my daughter came up & Everyone & I mean everyone, around me is in some sort of chaos. I am SO far behind in your Shared Wisdom Class, My taxes…I’m starting to be depressed & find myself getting depressed & just not caring anymore..so, stuck. I was looking forward to getting away to have some fun & instead had to cancel it & instead travel to deal w/ family issues instead & have at least one to two more months of it all…I feel like all the work I did prior to mid- Dec. went out the door. I do practice gratitude & meditate daily…I just can’t seem to move forward in any way…
    I just want to run away…& go somewhere to escape. When will it at least let up…I miss ME.
    I’ll try the tapping lesson.
    There’s just been too much suicide in my world in the last few months & I’m empathic …

    • Sharon

      Debbie – it may seem you are taking one step forward and two steps back, but in actuality you are moving forward. Every step is in a different place, no two steps the same. Praying for love and healing light for you and your family.

  • Sonya S.

    Thank you Colette 🙏❤️It’s a big tough one this time around.
    It’s as simple as thank you, oh thank you that I’m tough enough to get through this. Proud empath here sending out a big shout out to my sisters out there 💖🤗🙏😇

  • Lau

    Colette ! i love your blog!
    Gracias !!
    Have a joyful week

  • Ev

    Thank you, Colette, for all you are doing for us. Your Sunday’s videos are the highlights of my week. These tips hit the bull eye.

  • Anonymous

    Ah Colette, thank you for this great message, the pointers for us sensitive empaths and also for the new cards. I got them the other day and I am totally in love with them. I don’t normally use cards but every once in a while I see something really special and with a really high vibration and boom… I gotta get them. Yours are only the 3rd deck since 2008 that I just had to have, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just couldn’t put them down when I got them and the Ancestors were singing through me and that is how they got charged and cleansed ready to go. Just beautiful. The first 3 I pulled were spot on too and so on point I cried a little through gratitude. Thank you. Much love3 and laughter to you and your team <3

  • Renee Sugar

    Many Thanks Colette;
    I needed to read this list. When I first read it the word that popped into my head. DETACH. This allows space to create perspective. PERSPECTIVE gives us the distance to make intelligent, not emotionally based decisions. SIMPLICITY reduces the drama and reminds me to enjoy the small details of life. Almost the opposite to drama. Appreciate the blessings of everyday, each step in a new direction builds a foundation to prepare us for the gifts that are waiting. I will always remember some of the slogans I learned in Al-Anon. Keep it simple. One day at a time. Live and Let Live. Take what you liked and leave the rest. I will add one that you often use. ” Not my circus, not my monkeys”. Let go and Let Spirit.
    How fortunate we are to have options to choose to respond rather than react. Practicing this has a very profound impact on others as well. Be the example. When I am calm, it often levels out the emotional thermostat of others’ behavior.
    The bottom line is that I am conscious because it allows me to breathe and keep things in balance. ” How important is it”. So much to think about. THINK Take Heart in Not Knowing. That is enough for the moment. Lots of Love

  • Dee

    So timely…am off now to have a walk, have said no to family situations while offering to do what I feel comfortable and happy doing. Loads of love and warm wishes for a great week ahead, you are such a blessing to this world! XXX

  • Sharon

    I just did the quiz that you hyperlinked in the blog and I tested 24 out of 30. I have never read anywhere in print about how the days have feelings. I have ALWAYS felt that, even as a child. To see it in print just blew me away. Colors and numbers have feelings to me as well. Someone suggested that I may have Mirror-touch synesthesia – who knows. Blessings to you.

  • Debbie

    Wow, I answered “yes”, to almost all of these ?’s, except #29, I eat meat…I’m O+ blood type…so it’s a must for me..
    ..and I’m not very moody, unless my barrier has been attacked…LOL …and my creative area, is always a mess…I’ve never colored w/in the lines…
    I’m a bit better today…moon cycles, mess w/ me, too. I can’t wait til I get to that part of class/lessons. I guess, I’ll just get there..when I get there..w/ all thats gone on..just trying to be greatful, take it one day at a time, wear life as loosely as I can for now, keep my head above water & be kind to myself.
    By the way I have both the phone app & new deck….OMG, these cards are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL in Every Way !!! I wrote a review of them I think on the apple app. Anyways, Thank You, for creating them…just incredible.

  • Carla Lopes

    Dear Colette, I am a newcomer to this but I am delighted with your help power that has done so much for me, listening to her and using her letters online, I am amazed by the new deck, not yet arrived in portugal.

    Gratitude my dear and much love to your heart of this humble fâ.

  • Sundai

    Hi Colette, Your the best, thanks for sharing all these beautiful tips for us empaths being rocked by this retrograde. I’m sipping my chamomile tea then i’m off to bed. I blitzed the quiz too. P.S. The Shaman cards are beautiful and powerful, they speak right to my soul.
    much love from down under xx

  • Anonymous

    Good article overall!! Very usefull overall. Spongue I am, empathetic I am, also, curious also. Changing also. Evolving also; some balance in Yin/Yang dance!!


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