9 Common Myths About Oracle Cards!

Updated: May 17, 2022

In recent years, Oracle Cards have become more popular and trendy. More and more, people are opening up their view of spirituality and looking for ways to develop a rich spiritual practice that helps them feel connected, grounded, and in flow. 

All you have to do is look online to see the countless Kickstarters funding the creation of new decks to see just how popular Oracle Cards have become. And as with any trend, as the popularity has risen, so too has the negativity surrounding it. 

Oracle Cards are a truly magical tool because they allow anyone to develop a direct relationship with their Higher Power. This happens to also be the exact reason why there has been so much fear and control around Oracle Cards and other similar divination systems. 

Over time, there are lots of myths that have circulated about Oracle Cards – some funny, some believable, and some a little ridiculous. So let’s set the record straight on some of the most common myths about Oracle Cards and where the fear about this magical tool actually stems from. 

Why are people afraid of using Oracle Cards? 

Although today the use of divination systems like Oracle Cards have become more and more popular, it’s likely you can remember a time when the idea of using something like Oracle Cards or Tarot cards felt taboo. Like something you would do hidden behind locked doors as a teenager for fear your mother might find out. 

Often these types of tools are feared because there’s a superstition that by using them, you’re being somehow manipulated. Or that you might hurt yourself or cause harm because you’re working with evil spirits or something of the like. 

The root of a lot of these underlying beliefs and feelings of fear come from the Bible and the politics of making sure people don’t have their own connection to the Divine – a byproduct of the advent of monotheism. 

With the rise of organized religion came laws against things like having your own altar, or doing anything that allowed you as an individual to connect with Spirit on your own terms or have a direct dialogue with your Higher Power. Religious institutions wanted to control how we communicated with God and wanted to make sure we had an intermediary like a priest or minister, so fear about these tools was spread. 

Today, most people don’t even know why the idea of using divination systems like Oracle Cards bothers them! It’s just a feeling. But this feeling is rooted in a history of fear-based myths – many of which are still prevalent today.

Why do people use Oracle Cards?

The purpose of Oracle Cards and the motivation for working with them is to develop a direct relationship with the Divine. Oracle Cards act like mirrors to reflect yourself and where you want to go. They have risen in popularity because in modern times, people are looking for the exact personal connection and relationship with their Higher Power that they’ve been told they couldn’t have.

Have you ever wished that you could sit down and have a chat with Spirit? That’s sort of what it’s like to learn how to use Oracle Cards. 

So in order to clear up some of the prevalent myths about Oracle Cards and what’s true, let’s dive in!

Common myths about Oracle Cards 

Myth #1: You shouldn’t buy your first deck of cards

Some people believe that your first deck should be a gift, or that it should be stolen. Please never steal Oracle Cards! Talk about a way to start off with a bad vibe. You can absolutely buy yourself your first Oracle deck and any Oracle Card deck that speaks to you, and receiving them as a gift works too. 

Myth #2: No one else should touch your cards 

You can absolutely let other people handle your decks and share them with friends. This is only a problem if you believe it to be so! 

Myth #3: The cards are never wrong 

This is a tricky one! Actually, the cards never are wrong – however, our interpretation of them can be. If you don’t trust that your Oracle readings are accurate, consider taking a course like Oracle Cards 101 to build your confidence in intuitive card reading.

Myth #4: You should keep your reading to yourself 

Some people believe it’s bad luck to share your reading, but this is really a matter of your personal feeling about the reading. If it feels like something close to your heart, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it private. But if it feels good to share, go right ahead! 

Myth #5: You have to knock on your deck before a reading 

You can absolutely knock on the deck before pulling a card to help clear the energy, but it’s definitely not a hard and fast rule. 

Myth #6: You shouldn’t do a reading (or get one) from someone who’s pregnant

This one is just silly! Being pregnant will not interfere with the way the cards work or the messages you will receive from them. 

Myth #7: You can’t be religious and use Oracle Cards 

This is a common one, and it’s absolutely false! We have people from every religion around the world in our Oracle School and Oracle Circle Membership, and they all find a way to incorporate the cards into their spiritual practice. I often get asked questions like, “Can Christians use Oracle Cards?” and the answer is a resounding, YES! Oracle cards are for everyone and are a great way to develop a personal dialogue with your Higher Power. 

Myth #8: Oracle Cards are not as accurate as tarot cards 

Tarot cards and Oracle Cards are simply different! One is not more or less accurate than the other. If you want to learn more about the differences and similarities, check out my blog on the difference in Oracle Cards and tarot cards. 

Myth #9: Keep them wrapped in a black cloth 

You can store your Oracle Cards in any way you want! A cloth of ANY color will work, as will the original box, a special place in your home, or in your purse so you have them with you on the go. 

Oracle Cards are a safe and magical way to connect to the Divine

If you’ve been curious about how to use Oracle Cards but have felt hesitant because of some of the myths or beliefs you’ve heard about them, I hope this helped put your mind at ease. 

Oracle Cards truly are a magical tool that can help anyone who feels curious about them to develop a direct dialogue with Spirit and receive guidance on their path. 

If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the world of Oracle Cards, my Oracle Cards 101 course is the perfect place to begin to learn about reading Oracle Cards at your own pace.

Have you heard any other myths about Oracle Cards that you’ve wondered whether they were true (or that just made you giggle)? Share with me in the comments!

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  • Allison Rozzel

    The myth that irritates me is that some how Oracle Cards are the “diet coke” of Tarot Cards. That Oracle cards sugar coat everything where as tarot is more direct and dark? I love my oracle cards and I occasionally use tarot. I think they are both powerful tools of divination that can give you guidance, confirmation and inspiration!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh I see that at times as well! do you have a favorite Oracle card deck, Allison? 💜

    • Tiziana Amagda Morgana

      They don’t know Colette decks 🙂 and also I think the most sugar coated deck of hers (I hate this definition!) is The Good Tarot, which is definitely a Tarot deck, even if with Oracle-type messages on the booklet… and I have a bunch of Oracle decks (such as Dark Goddess Oracle for instance) which are not for Lightworkers for sure (even if I think they sometimes would need a kick in the ass, sorry for the strong image…) maybe you have already understood I am not a Lightworker… I am a Wiccan from more than 20 years, and I love Oracle decks for Shadow Work… and I prefer them to Tarot, especially when I need a reading for myself, or for my page, or for someone who needs a short and practical message. And Colette decks (included the less known Wisdom of the House of Night) are perfect for this job.

    • Stephanie Marrone

      Colette…I hve been following you for almost 20 years… and I’ve owned so many of your wonderful Oracle card decks….but, with all of the chaos, and transition, heartbroken over losing what I thought was a solid foundation….i don’t have any of them now. I LOVE using the online oracle reading. For the past few days especially, I just ask spirit which deck I’m drawn to. On this 3rd day of the Super Full Moon in Capricorn ♑, I was so happy to see your deck, the Shaman’s dream…..I pulled The watchers card. Do perfect for me….as I step back, digest, and allow and say goodbye to who I was. And ready to begin a new life…. taking a risk…and trusting…

  • Donna

    I’ve heard many of these myths and have experienced judgmental glances, outright alienation & hurtful conversations because I use Oracle & Tarot cards, collect them, display them in my home as a good energy source. The most hurtful came from my own sister who told me to “hide” them, put them somewhere where the neighbors couldn’t see them. She was frantic about it. Of course, I IGNORED her advice. Many decks are prominently displayed in my den and others are lovingly stored in designed containers. I would display all of them, however, that would require an ENTIRE ROOM of shelving and display cases, of which I can’t afford @this time.

    I find that along w/scrying, these magical methods of communicating and interacting w/the Divine Power who resides in all of us, gives me much peace of mind in dire circumstances/moments and also enables me to tap into my own intuitive gifts. I have found them to be a vital tool in everyday living. It is my hope that soon more and more misguided people will lay down their biases and @least give these and other inspirational practices a try. I harm no one. And, Colette, I, too am an animist. My heart this time goes out to all creatures and humans, as well as Mother Earth, that are constantly being harmed by olden mindsets.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      absolutely! while people may have different opinions on Oracle cards, they are great spiritual tools! and I like what you said about not harming anyone! that’s true! since you’re an animist as well, I think you’re really going to love and appreciate my deck, The Spirit Animal Oracle card deck! 💖

  • Tammy Coggins

    Thank you, I have several decks and have bought several for others because I felt lead to do so. LOVE ALL OF MY DECKS

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that you’re sharing the magic with other people, Tammy! 💖 do you have a go-to card deck? 💖

  • Diana Davis

    Yes there are a lot of superstitious things about oracle cards. I believe we have the power to overcome the fear of oracle cards and tarot cards. Sense I have taken your classes for several years I have learned that the oracle cards are so easy to use and learn. I have most of your decks that you have created. I am so grateful I overcame the fear of learning about the cards.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh what a story! I love it so much! thank you so much for sharing this with me, Diana! I’m very grateful that you took your time learn how to use them and learn how to trust their magic! so prooud of you! 💜

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been asked by several people to tap/knock the card deck 3 times before pulling cards for others. I just let them know that isn’t necessary, I do not practice that, but if that is something they do with their own decks then hats off to them!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      absolutely! we all have our own unique and very valid ways of pulling cards! 💜

  • Joy Lang

    Everything you share inspires and uplifts me. I have several of your decks and my two favorites are The Spirit Animal and Oracle of the 7 Energies. I am always amazed at how apt the messages are that I receive.
    Thank you for sharing your self and your wisdom with the world. You are such a delight and breath of fresh air especially in these times.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      aw! I’m very glad that you feel connected with my oracle card decks! are there specific cards from those decks you feel the most connected to? 💗

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this blog piece. My family and partner are cynical and used to make cynical comments. I told my partner that this is the way it is and then he told me that one of his distant family members is well known as an accurate and very good reader! really…. I have two favourites decks at the moment. Yours – Shamens Dream (I love this deck) and Kyle greys Angels and Ancestors. I am digging into my past life and learning ancestry trauma, which is why I was attracted to it. I find both decks very helpful and am going to also start using your Shamen deck. I have received the Shamen card in 3 readings from the Kyle Grey deck – he says,if I am receiving this card in a reading, I was a Shamen. I have always loved your shamen dream deck long before I started using Kyles Deck. In fact, I found your first deck with Alberto to always be right on target. I always found the artwork a bit dark so bought your next collaboration – which I adore. Thank u for them.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so happy I shared this with you! I loved the card decks you chose for learning about your past! I’m so grateful that you’re feeling connected with my most recent deck with Alberto! do you have a favorite card from that decik? 💗

  • RuthAnne Briwn

    I use Oracle and Tarot cards. Actually I have quite a few decks. The ones I use the most are in my living room where I can get to them easily. Some deck I want to use only myself. Others I am happy to share. I have six of your decks I use as drawn to them.

    Looking at my own journey, I think beliefs based on myths are fear based. Some religions teach beliefs promote fear though perhaps we’ll intended. I see organized religions ‘teachings as a means to control and keep members in the flock.

    I began with regular playing cards before I knew there were tarot cards.

    • Viv

      I had only recently looked for some oracle cards on Amazon and just couldn’t justify spending the money on them right now. But I really wanted some.
      I went into goodwill the next day and walked up to a shelf and there was a brand new, sealed pack of cards at a quarter of the price they are on Amazon. The first things I picked up after going into the store.
      It felt like it was meant to be!
      I did my first reading on myself and the first card to fly out of the deck was my zodiac. To say that I was shocked is an understatement.

  • Peta Alkins

    I have your WOTO deck and I have Kyle’s Angels and Ancestors deck. I love them both and use them.

    Many of my friends and family do think I’m an idiot to practice Oracle card readings. I see the rolled eyes and the nudging that goes on behind my back if I mention anything about angels or oracles. Frankly, it is hurtful but I try not to let it bother me. I think those people just do not understand a lot about God and spirituality. Most of them are Catholic and they do live with plenty fears.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      people can be really overcritical over things they’re not familiar with. keep doing YOU and keep shining your light and spreading love. I’m sending you a big virtual hug, Peta! 💞

  • Cindy Williams

    Yes I’ve heard many of the myths. But I always had a fear because of religion. I’m just glad that spirit doesn’t give up on me. And has led me to the oracle cards and Colette’s wonderful coarse 101. I’m so excited to receive a lesson every day. I’m very grateful for you. Thanks 😊

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yay! so happy that you took the Oracle Cards 101 course, Cindy! how’s it going so far? 💗

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