Messages From Spirit: How I Discovered Mediumship!

Updated: July 12, 2022

Connecting with loved ones who have passed to the other side can be an incredibly healing, gratifying, and transformative experience. Lots of people seek out mediums to help them connect with the deceased. But for a long time, I had a hard time accepting myself to be one of those mediums… 

For a large part of the beginning of my career as an intuitive, I denied the idea of mediumship for myself. I thought I was just a very accurate intuitive who could pick up information about people who have crossed but not that I was actually getting the information from the dead themselves. Plus I couldn’t prove it. I can distinctly remember saying, “I don’t talk to dead people.” on more than one occasion. Early on, the connections I made through mediumship came unbidden and usually to my (and my clients’) surprise. I thought it was interesting but just one of those weird buckets of information that would come to me at random – part of my capacity to perceive details of someone instead of receiving directly from the one crossed over. It did make me wonder though, but I fluffed it off. 

I always say that those who reside in the spirit world come of their own accord, in their own time. And over the years, many of them have come to me. It was a winding road to eventually realizing that I was, in fact, talking to dead people. Eventually, it was just undeniable. And now looking back on this journey, it feels like the Universe has given me a great gift. 

As a celebration of this gift from Spirit and the many magical stories I have of messages and visits from the other side, from people and pets, ( yes even pet pigs, hamsters, rats, raccoons, horses, dogs, and cats have things to say!) I’m creating a limited edition podcast called, “I Talk To Dead People.” And today I want to share a little bit of my story of discovering mediumship. 

Denying my Mediumship 

Early in my career as an intuitive, there were countless times where I received messages and communications from the other side, but I wasn’t always sure what they were. This wasn’t something I could seek out, and when I did communicate messages to clients from the deceased, I often felt conflicted about it afterward even if they were amazed.

Since the messages seemed inconsistent at best and far from on demand, I continued to adamantly proclaim, “I don’t talk to dead people.” This was my way of protecting myself in case all of this was just my capacity to know the past, even if it wasn’t in my clients’ personal memory banks. Actually, on more than one occasion someone would call me after their reading to excitedly tell me that everything I said about their great grandmother was true and how did I know that when they didn’t and had to ask their moms? 

But that said, it seemed like every time I wanted to make a particular connection, it wasn’t there. And yet these messages would flood my mind without warning in various interactions. 

Opening up to Mediumship 

Eventually, enough of these experiences built up to the point that I started to believe maybe I was dialoguing with the dead. And yet, I still didn’t consider it my specialty, and I insisted that my readings wouldn’t include messages from the dead. Ha! Humans plan and God laughs.

This worked until one very public event I did for Hayhouse on my first cruise, where I stood on stage in front of 500 people giving intuitive readings and suddenly, I started hearing voices around me and inside my mind. The voices came through with messages of love and started saying the names of people in the audience. One after another, I delivered messages to the members of the audience… 

A very old lady in spirit greeting her 80-year-old granddaughter, a deceased husband comforting his widowed wife with young children… the messages kept rolling in. And after that experience, I could no longer deny what was happening. I knew I had to accept messages from those on the other side. 

I came to consider myself a natural medium since I wasn’t formally trained in the spiritualist churches or taken any courses.  

If you’re curious to hear more of the details of my story and how I discovered mediumship, you can read the full story in my book, Messages from Spirit.

Mediumship throughout my career

Although it took me a while to accept this and the responsibility it comes with, I have come to love this gift from the Universe. The healing and meaning that comes from delivering these messages to people has become a true joy for me. Honestly, it’s been the source of the most profound moments of my life. 

Eventually, I even had a TV show ( made in Canada) called Messages from Spirit where I performed mediumship readings in front of a live audience. Mediumship was never the core of my work or what I do, but on the show it was, and it’s come to be a beautiful gift I get to share twice a month with the members of my Oracle Circle in an event I call Spirit Jam. And I’m excited to share more of these stories in my new podcast mini-series I Talk to Dead People Podcast.

One of my favorite mediumship stories happened with a woman who had lost her son to an accident with a drunk driver. My husband, Marc, had met the woman at a conference and asked if I might be able to pick something up about her son. 

I was doubtful of the idea of connecting with someone who had passed so recently on demand, but when I arrived at the event where we were supposed to meet, I was flooded with images I didn’t know at the time had to do with her son. 

Leading up to the event, I’d been having a craving for Chinese broccoli, which I learned was called kai-lan. Come to find out, the woman’s son was named Kylen. The messages I received allowed her to know her son had passed quickly without pain, and that her alcoholic father with whom she had a strained relationship was looking out for Kylen. 

It’s stories like these that make me grateful for this gift of delivering messages from our loved ones who have passed. 

Today, the only places where I do any mediumship are inside my Oracle Circle Membership, or at special events like my annual OraclePalooza Virtual. I am incredibly grateful today that I stayed open as it’s always special when I get the opportunity to do so. 

I Talk to Dead People 

I’m so very excited to launch my limited edition series as part of the INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE podcast. This podcast series will spotlight five psychic mediums and the art of mediumship.

In the very first episode, I get to be in the seat of the interviewee along with my husband, Marc, as we chat about my upbringing and psychic roots, my most memorable mediumship stories, and the art of grieving and letting go. I hope you’ll tune in and listen to the touching stories we have to share in this special series. Click here to listen now!

Have you ever had an experience of receiving a heartfelt message from a loved one who has passed? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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  • Tiziana Amagda Modotti

    I love your story! I haven’t read your book yet, but I’ll search for the Kindle version (I live in Italy, and shipping charges from US or Canada are actually too high). I know there are mediumship gifts into my family, both from mum and dad side. I don’t know very much about dad side, but I know mum talks with dead people in dreams since she was a girl, and granny did the same. So, my first experience I can remember was in dream too. It was the spring of 1999, and my dad’s mother was gone from about three months at the beautiful age of almost 96 (she left the body on January 5th and had her birthday on March 4th). I was just gone living on my own, and a night I dreamt about granny. She was on a cloud, dressed with a light blue robe (I can still see her, if I close my eyes, after 23 years!) And she looked younger, even if already elder. She talked with me while we went down a stair, but I can remember only a couple of sentences. Translating from Italian language: “Granny, why you are here? You should be dead!” “If I am here, it means I am not dead”. When I awaked, I had totally forgot the whole conversation, with the exception of those two sentences. Some days later, I went to my parents home and told the dream. Dal had dreamt about his mother during the same night: no words, but she came together with his husband, my grandfather, who had passed over for an illness about 30 years before, and they had issues and arguments in the last 20 years. Dad understood they had made peace. I have never dreamt about my grandfather, who died when I wasn’t already 2 years old and I have never known, but I have often dreamt about granny in the years, and still do, sometimes. Mum too. Anyway, my “gift” manifested in other ways, not during sleep, when I lost a dear friend at the end of November 1999. I started having psychic experiences and weird phenomena, which at the end brought me to study mediumship. But this is another story. And no, I am not a medium, even if sometimes I talk with “dead” people. They come when they want, and not on demand. So I don’t tell people I have this “gift” too.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      those two sentences stuck to you for a reason, Tiziana! thank you for sharing this with me! 💗

  • Martha

    I miss my daddy every much i remember my dad told us when I died you my children you will have a lot of hard situations I thought it like a joke but we pass through a lot all of things changed life we used to live it was not more be kept moving on later my step mother then died it’s was very sad for us and my brother Joseph and my sister Zena we kept on moving but the year of 2021 I lost my one and only guard Angel my mum until now my life has never been the same she was my best friend and I hope mama you know cos I really loved you so much. Hope one dat we can talk cos my life just need a hug from you I tired but my doors are blocked my enemies are fighting me but I know you’re alright on my side my love mom Margaret Nabirwe, Mum Tina and my Dad Bunge Siliverstar our guard Angels of my family. Pls talk to us we miss you so much from your lovely daughter Martha Bunge. Please fight for me to change

  • Michelle

    Hi Colette, Starting about when I was in the 7th grade (1970’s), I would receive different messages and they would come to me in different forms. Every time this happened – that person or even one time a mother and her 2 daughter died. Being so young and this happened too many times in the 6 years – where approximately 12 people passed – I just wanted it to stop- I wanted to shut it off- I didn’t know why or how this was happening. I would consider myself highly intuitive – which my boss also recognized and would ask me about things. He would always says- you always right. This year in the middle of April 2022 – I was given I sign – a music video just appeared. I exited back – but my gut stopped me dead in my tracks saying go back and watch the video- which I did. As I sat there watching this video I remember telling myself- I don’t know what this means or who it is about – but that I would soon know. I even saved the video -as something inside told me to. Shortly after that – not sure if it was the same day but it was within a couple of day—-my boss for the passed 28 years passed away. There are several different versions of this music video however I needed to see this specific version. So what is this – when you get messages or signs that someone is going to pass.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it is what it is, signs come to each person in different ways, this happens to be your unique way that the universe shares with you. More will be revealed. I think the key is to develop a strong faith and conscious contact with a higher power and meditate daily.

  • karen a thorden

    so interesting….my daughter and i were on a cruise to Alaska with you and other mediums and psychics.and we have also seen you at the javits center in NYC… are amazing…oh we saw get engaged to Marc also…we are true followers….thanks for being you

  • karen a thorden

    so interesting….my daughter and i were on a cruise to Alaska with you and other mediums and psychics.and we have also seen you at the javits center in NYC… are amazing…oh we saw get engaged to Marc also…we are true followers….thanks for being you

  • Jean

    Colette I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying your podcasts, lots of emotions plus lots of laughter. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

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