How to Trust the Universe & Release What No Longer Serves You!

Updated: August 9, 2022

Do you set aside intentional time to reflect on the things that aren’t serving you anymore? 

In our quest for personal transformation and spiritual alignment, it’s easy to get caught up looking for what’s next. We put our attention towards what we want and where we’re going, and we forget that part of forward progress is cleaning house or “taking out the garbage.” 

Think of it this way, if you continued to fill your home with all of the new things you need and want – new groceries, new clothes, new furniture – but you never spent time clearing clutter and throwing out the old, you would be living in a state of disaster! 

The same is actually true for our inner worlds. If we don’t clear out the clutter, we don’t have space leftover for growth, expansion, joy, and a deeper connection to Spirit. 

Release what no longer serves you

You wouldn’t let the garbage pile up in your house – so why would you allow it to pile up in your heart and mind? 

Often we fail to recognize that we’ve become bogged down with negativity, challenges, or toxic environments. We don’t even notice when a feeling state that doesn’t serve us anymore has accumulated, and we haven’t taken the time to address it and release it. 

As a result, we begin to feel like we’re losing our optimism, our hope for life, and our unwavering faith. But this isn’t a true reflection of our inner selves – it’s simply extra, unsable content we need to consciously let go of to make space for more of what we want. You need to release what no longer serves you. 

What are you making space for?

The first step in releasing is gaining clarity on what you’re making space for. 

Ultimately, releasing allows you space for greater expansion. It opens up room in your field for more of the experiences you want to have and feelings you want to feel. It allows you to trust the Universe. 

It’s so important to release so we can return to trust. 

When we’re overburdened by things that aren’t ours or things we can’t control, it’s nearly impossible to feel our trust in the Universe. When we clean house by releasing, we open up space for our relationship with the Divine. 

We feel more in flow and we suddenly start seeing opportunities and solutions, simply because we have the spaciousness for them to come in. We stop looking at what isn’t working and shift our mindset to what’s possible. 

Release what doesn’t serve you with a Full Moon release ritual 

Sometimes the best way to let go of the things that aren’t serving us anymore is to set aside intentional time for a simple ritual. 

The Full Moon is a time of illumination, culmination, and release. In other words, a perfect time to get clarity on what you need to let go of and do a releasing ritual

This week, there’s a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th, 2022. Why not schedule a little time to do a simple ritual and help clear some space for more trust and expansion? If you’re reading this after the Full Moon, simply look up the next one and mark your calendar so you can take advantage of this supportive lunar energy. 

Here’s a great release ritual to try: 

  1. Light a candle, set up your sacred space, and spend 5-10 minutes getting grounded with a simple meditation like this one
  2. Make a list of all of the things that aren’t serving you right now and that you’re ready to release and let go of. This could be old resentments, habits, thoughts, or patterns. 
  3. Choose your favorite way to move this energy and let those things go! You might put on music and dance them out of your system, burn the papers in a fire pit, or take a cleansing bath with the intention of letting go. 
  4. Set an intention for what you’re making space for. Rather than picking something concrete or physical, focus on the feelings and experiences you want to call in. 

Making space for possibility after releasing 

Once you’ve done the work to release and let go of the things that are no longer serving you, it’s time to turn your attention to what’s possible! 

One of the beautiful things about doing the work of letting go is that it allows you to take your attention away from what isn’t working and look toward the vast potential ahead of you.

When you’re ready to call in more of the experiences and feelings you desire – more joy, more trust, more hope, and more connection to Spirit – try this Oracle Card spread. 

Simply pick your favorite deck (or use my free online deck if you don’t have your own Oracle Cards yet), spend a few moments meditating or reaching a place of emotional neutrality, and pull some cards using these questions: 

  1. What do I need to do to stay in alignment with Spirit?
  2. What am I making space for? 
  3. What do I need to know in order to live from that expanded space? 

Get a spiritual reset to release what’s not serving you 

Sometimes when it comes to releasing and letting go, we need a little extra support. It’s natural for emotional baggage to build up over time, and we all need a spiritual reset sometimes! 

Once a year I host OraclePalooza Virtual, a magical 3-Day virtual event where you can come together with a beautiful community of spiritual seekers like you to release the old stories, hurts, and emotional build up. We’re going to spend an entire weekend meditating, doing Oracle Card readings, and tapping back into our intuition and inner knowing. 

If you’re craving a way to reignite your hope and tap back into the infinite possibilities for your future, come join us! You’ll leave this event feeling deeply connected to Spirit and trusting the Universe and the Divine plan for your life. 

Click here to join the waitlist to find out when the next event is! 

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  • Kathryn

    I love the Full Moon ritual and the 3 card spread. It’s just what a needed ~ a little housekeeping in my head so I can feel more free and lighter. Thank you Colette!

  • Therese

    Thank you for posting this. I’m definitely in need of of a clearing out spiritually. I also enjoyed the 7 day challenge. I think that opened up many channels of energy. It will go hand in hand with this.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much Colette for this very poignant and timely message! I can sure relate to rushing after what’s next! Self reflection and introspection is Spirit’s reminder to slow down and do some housekeeping to then make room for what’s possible! Grateful!

  • Debra Ragsdale

    Enjoyed your three card & questions spread. I used your Animal Spirit deck; 1) Dog Spirit- be loyal to what you love. 2) Peacock Spirit- let it shine! and 3) Whale Spirit- trust the great mystery.
    Oh.. can’t wait to see you in September!!💜

  • Lisa Cleveland

    What a positive uplifting start for a beginner!

    I’ve been wanting to do a full moon ritual for over a year; the fear of getting it wrong has always stopped me.

    I have grown in my spirituality because of you, My Boy Kyle Gray from the UK, Christina Lopes (the heart alchemist), Kim Russo, Corin Grillo (of Casa Condor in Mt. Shasta), Susanne Geisman, Rhonda Byrne, and the late great Bob Proctor.

    The most important teacher(s) though are Spirit in every positive loving light filled moments, completely immersed with Angelic support!!

    Boy, the miracle of heaven on earth is my ultimate goal!

    I enjoyed every moment and made it my own as much as possible; the joy of accessing the power of the divine feels so flipping good!

    Thank you for your updated webpage for the full moon.
    I remember thinking I wish I could get access to exactly what you had posted!!
    This is what my Angels have been doing for me, getting me access to information that I desire, to help me!!


    Thank you so very much!

    Love Lisa

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