How to Align With the Universe to Manifest & Receive!

Updated: August 23, 2022

One of the magical things about being human is our ability to co-create with Spirit and have many of the experiences we desire. 

When I say we co-create our lives it’s because we create our lives in partnership with our Higher Power. 

We don’t do it alone! 

We are mighty co-creators, and when we step into that power, we start to see our intentions manifest in the world. 

Manifesting Intentions

Desire and manifestation are a funny thing though, because the feeling of wanting something almost always begins with the experience of not having it. And yet, in order for us to co-create with the Universe, we must be able to “act as if” or to embody those things we desire before they show up in our outer world. 

As humans, we can naturally get stuck in the feeling of lack that our desire is born from. 

We don’t have the relationship we want, so we long for it…. 

We are lacking the income we desire, so we focus on wanting more. 

We feel an absence of meaning in our lives, so our attention goes to that feeling of something missing. 

It’s only natural when we want something to be absorbed in the feeling and experience of not having it. But when it comes to how to manifest what we desire, we have to master the art of aligning ourselves with the things we want. 

Are you acting in alignment with the things you desire?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding that happens when it comes to manifestation and receiving the things we desire. 

If you want to attract the experiences you say you want, you have to take an honest look at yourself. The essential question you must ask in order to manifest anything you want is, Are my thoughts, feelings and beliefs in alignment with the things I say I want? 

So much of the time, we say we want something, but the things we do, and the way we think and act aren’t coherent or aligned with the things we say we want. When our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are out of alignment with our desires, we’re signaling to the Universe that we aren’t actually ready for the experience we’re asking for. 

On the other hand, when we align with our highest good – or when we match our energy and our thoughts to the experience and the feelings we desire – the Universe suddenly has a lot of space to match that energy in the outer world. 

The state of our manifestation is what we are, not what we want. In other words, our repetitive thoughts and feeling state is what we see pictured in our reality. 

How to be open to receive 

When we allow our attention, thoughts, beliefs, and feeling states to be a reflection only of the feeling of lack, we send mixed signals to the Universe! We say we want one thing, but the way we’re being in our lives says we want something different. 

I experienced this kind of discrepancy in my dating life before I met my husband. I knew I wanted a steady, monogamous relationship, and yet, I kept meeting men who were incapable of being monogamous. I was picking all of the wrong men!! 

Before long, I realized that the common denominator was me! 

Sure, I said I wanted to be committed in love, but I wasn’t in alignment with the man I said I wanted. I wasn’t being the person who could be a loving partner to a self-respecting and committed person. I still had healing to do. 

Even though I said I wanted that man, the truth was, I didn’t really expect to meet him. I expected to be disappointed. I wasn’t ready and the Universe knew it! 

I had to become the person who could have that relationship and who truly believed it could be mine. Only when I did my own healing and became the version of myself who could have that relationship did I finally meet my husband.

Getting aligned with the Universe 

If we stop and think long enough, each and every one of us has stories like this.

Where we said we wanted something, but we weren’t yet aligned with the Universe. We weren’t being the version of ourselves we needed to be to have the experience we wanted. 

When we’re stuck in a loop of not getting the results or the experiences we want, it can feel like our limiting beliefs are running the show. And it’s even more frustrating when we turn to Spirit for guidance on how to manifest what we want, and we still don’t feel clear. But the thing is, we can’t receive the guidance we’re looking for if we’re not resonating with it. 

If we’re signaling to the Universe that we’re not in alignment with the things we say we want, we won’t be able to get guidance toward those things. Instead, we’ll get guidance that leads us to the healing we need to do or to change our thoughts, beliefs, and feeling state. 

In order to receive the guidance we want on our next right actions, we have to start by rehearsing and practicing the feeling we want in advance. 

If we want to fall in love, we have to begin finding ways to feel those feelings before the lover shows up. If we want to experience abundance, we have to look for all of the ways we are already abundant and enjoy that feeling now so we can attract more of it. 

Meditation for Manifesting Abundance

In order to shift your feeling state, you have to discover how to be more open. You must create space so you receive the things you desire. Sometimes it’s challenging to get into the feeling state on your own, and that’s when it’s time to turn to your spiritual tools and practices. 

Meditation is an incredible way to shift our energy, feeling state, and even our thoughts and beliefs. My Manifesting Abundance meditation can help you open yourself up to be ready to receive the things you desire. 

Learning to align your energy with the Universe so you can receive more of your desires is a lifelong journey! But there are tools and practices you can learn that will help you come back into alignment more easily so you can create the life of your highest good. 

Connect with your intuition & communicate with the Universe

Even if you’ve never felt like you were intuitive, each and every one of us has an inner guidance system we can learn to attune to. The world around us is full of subtle communications from Spirit – we just have to learn how to recognize its language and tune in. 

Once a year, I lead a new class of students through The Oracle School Experience. This course will teach you how to use Oracle Cards to communicate with the Universe, and how to trust your intuition and partner with Spirit to create a life of limitless possibilities.

This 7-month experience is perfect for the person who wants to deepen their relationship with their Higher Power, strengthen their intuition, and embark on a journey of personal transformation. Join the waitlist to find out when enrollment begins here. 

Share Your Manifesting Journey

Have you ever had an experience of realizing your thoughts or beliefs were out of alignment with something you wanted to manifest? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 

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  • Sara

    Thank You. Blessings.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you got it, Sara! 💞💞

    • Mary

      I was so grateful to read your message this morning . It was the wakeup call I needed to see how I’ve become “stuck in the lack” and constantly holding thoughts and feelings of what is missing .
      Sometimes we need someone to kindly guide us to an attitude adjustment:)
      See you at Palooza!

  • Geri Loughery Kratz

    Thank you for always lifting & enlightening me. I attended the Oracle Palooza last year & I delved deep into many issues that was holding me back. It was miraculous & somewhat overwhelming but I emerged present & grateful. I am still trying to find a way to attend this year. I know it’s worthwhile! I totally need to align myself & let Spirit take the wheel.

  • Chris

    Yes, quite often. I have wanted to buy my own place in Florida with my son for quite sometime as I am going through a divorce. I would love to meet a good man who also shares the same values and who is financially stable ( I have never had that in a partner) My thoughts and feelings are all over the place. I started a job that I wish I was more confident and wasn’t so frustrated. I want to do well and grow in this position.

  • Cindy

    At 68 years old you’d think I’d have figured out how to manifest but it seems yet again I’ve had it backwards….I am so looking forward to Oracle Palooza and was excited when my gift box arrived today! Woot woot!

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