What is OraclePalooza?!

Updated: September 6, 2022

One of the things I’ve come to look forward to the most in my year is my annual event, OraclePalooza. This weekend long spiritual experience was originally born out of a desire for the students from my course, Oracle School, to meet in person at a live event – and over the years it’s grown into so much more! 

Today, OraclePalooza Virtual is a live, online, weekend-long event for the mystical, the magical, and the woo – where thousands community members from around the world come together. The experience is filled with meditations, inspirations, Oracle readings and more… it’s unlike any event you’ve ever attended.

I always wanted OraclePalooza to be fun – like a big spiritual party! A place where you could come to celebrate your magic, get a taste of what’s possible when you learn to use Oracle Cards as a navigation system, and celebrate your transformation and your path. 

The evolution of OraclePalooza Virtual began with the restrictions of the pandemic, but we’ve decided to stick with the virtual format because it has made it possible for this magical experience to be accessible to people around the world. 

Even if you have kids at home, a business or a career to be present for, or financial constraints that make travel difficult – you can make it to this event. And with the incredible tech wizardry on our team, it truly feels like we’re all in the room together! 

The Beginning of OraclePalooza

When OraclePalooza first began in 2017, it was the culmination for the students of Oracle School to come together at the end of the course. At the time, I knew I wanted there to be a celebration for these people who had gone through so much personal transformation together. 

I wanted to give them a chance to practice Oracle Card readings together in person, and to meet their teachers and each other. And yet, I had no idea what OraclePalooza would one day become.

As the event started opening up to people outside of Oracle School, my intention was really to serve my community. I wanted to create an experience where people could come get a taste of what we do in Oracle School and beyond. 

More than that, I wanted to provide a space for discovering what it could be like to use Oracle Cards as a way to connect and partner with Divine guidance to create a vision for your life that is greater than your fears.

We spent the event talking about how to ask the right questions and get guidance on the path of their highest good, how to release our self-limiting beliefs and the stories that no longer serve us, and how to claim a new sacred vision for our lives. Each year there is new content, accompanied by amazing interactive experiences, thought-provoking discussions, and of course the Colette Baron-Reid guided meditations I’m known for.

Becoming OraclePalooza Virtual

At the beginning of 2020, we had been looking forward to planning our annual in-person event, set to be hosted in Tampa, Florida, when the pandemic began and lockdowns started around the world. 

It was clear that more than ever, people were desiring spiritual community and ways to come back into connection with Spirit. We knew that OraclePalooza wasn’t going to happen in its usual form, but we also knew we had to find a way to come together with our community. And thus, OraclePalooza Virtual was born…


With the shift to an online experience, this event has become somehow even more magical. The first year, we had people from 53 countries join us! Thousands, rather than hundreds of us, came together for a weekend of reconnecting with our inner guidance systems, reigniting our sense of hope and purpose, and finding an ever deeper connection to Spirit. 

The magic just keeps growing with this amazing online event, and now we have the ability to make it accessible to thousands of people regardless of their location, financial situation, or other limitations on travel and time. 

With OraclePalooza Virtual, we’re able to bring practical spirituality tools and exercises like Oracle Cards, meditation, and so much more into people’s homes.

What OraclePalooza is all about 

OraclePalooza is like a little taster of everything I do. It’s a place to come together and choose a life greater than our fear. 

The world can feel like it’s full of so much chaos and turbulence, but we can still thrive and live increible lives despite what’s going on in the outer world. It’s not about bypassing or avoiding what’s happening – it’s about becoming who we’re meant to become and remembering that we have a say in this. We have the ability to co-create our reality. We get to choose what we put our attention and focus on. 

OraclePalooza is where I show you what you can really do. It’s a celebration of the co-creation we’re capable of. My dream with OraclePalooza is that people walk away and say, “Wow, that was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.” 

If you want to get a taste of what we do at OraclePalooza Virtual, check out these clips from OraclePalooza Virtual 2021:

And this guided meditation from OraclePalooza Virtual 2021:

If you’re interested in joining us for OraclePalooza Virtual, click here to join the waitlist and find out when tickets go on sale. 

Have you attended OraclePalooza?

I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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