How to Listen to the Voice of Your Soul!

Updated: September 20, 2022

Within each and every one of us there are two voices that seemingly compete for center-stage in our awareness. The first is a voice you probably know all too well –– the voice of your wounded ego. 

You might not always recognize this voice for what it is, because you’re just so used to hearing it! This is the inner commentary most of us live with day to day. It’s the one always telling you that you aren’t enough, that you’re not smart enough or good enough. It tells you other people are at fault, or that things aren’t going to work out. It reminds you of all of the times you’ve failed, and it convinces you to worry about what other people will think. F

Sounds exhausting, right? 

Unfortunately, this is the voice most of us listen to the majority of the time! 

But if you slow down long enough and really listen, you have another voice within you too. This one is different… it’s the still, quiet voice that whispers to you when you’re on track and reminds you there is always hope. It’s the voice of your soul. 

So how do you begin to quiet the loud chattering of your wounded ego and tune into that quiet whisper? 

Start by recognizing the inner voice for what it is 

Until you begin making distinctions about which part of yourself you’re listening to, you won’t be able to tune out that incessant drone of negativity. 

The wounded ego’s voice is loud, and it knows how to get your attention! It hooks you in by bringing back up old stories that aren’t true anymore. It wants to keep you on a specific track, because it wants to keep you safe by keeping you immersed in the familiar and away from the unknown.

It ends up sending you in a loop, repeating the same patterns you’ve been in for years and not evolving into the highest version of yourself. 

In order to get free from this pesky voice, we have to recognize it for what it is. When it chimes in, we need to take note of it. We don’t want to judge it as wrong, but we can’t let it make all of our choices either! 

Besides, the ego has a genuine purpose! We can’t get rid of it, we need it to individuate and discover who we are. It’s only when we spend too much time identifying with our wounds that our ego becomes an issue. Listening to the ego in its wounded form results in Edging God Out, whereas when it’s coming from a healed state it serves to Ease God’s Order. 

The wounded ego becomes the gatekeeper and makes it hard to listen to the soul. But all it takes is gentle noticing to make a profound shift in what you’re listening to internally. The more we become connected to the soul, the healthier our egos naturally become. 

Begin looking for spiritual guidance from within

Once you’ve started making a distinction between your ego’s voice and your soul’s voice, you can start to listen for that little inner nudge. It will be subtle at first, but with practice, you’ll recognize it more and more. 

You’ll know the voice of your soul when you hear it, because it is the one that knows your true potential. The one that will encourage you and hold you to your Highest Good. 

The soul always knows who you are. It knows the cosmic blueprint you were born with. It can guide you toward who you are meant to become and the next right actions you should take. 

Your soul is your spiritual guide. It is your innate inner wisdom that is there to guide you throughout your life. You just have to take the time to listen. 

Getting quiet to hear the voice of your soul 

Since your inner voice is still and quiet, you must quiet yourself down to hear it. Meditation is a great way to begin connecting with your inner guidance system and hearing your inner voice. 

When you meditate, you quiet your conscious thoughts and make space for your soul to speak up. 

Personally, I love guided meditations, especially for beginners. Guided meditations actually help bypass the subconscious mind too. It goes beyond the stories and patterns of our conditioning and gets to a deeper place in our consciousness. 

Here is a meditation to try:


Formal meditation is a great tool for connecting with your soul, but it can also be much simpler than that. Really all you need to do is close your eyes and begin to focus on your soul. When you hear swirling challenging thoughts, remember these are just the wounded ego. In silence you can find the voice of your soul. This is where you can go to ask your soul to be your spiritual guide. 

Just tune into the part of yourself that feels safe, peaceful, and at ease. That’s where you will meet your inner knowing. 

Using Oracle Cards to listen to your soul 

Oracle Cards are a great way to speak to your soul and get in touch with your inner guidance system. These cards are a practical spiritual tool you can use to get direct guidance and answers. They help connect you to your intuition and the language of the Universe. 

If you want to learn more about using Oracle Cards to listen to your soul and receive the spiritual guidance you crave, join me for the Oracle School Experience. This one of a kind online training program will teach you a step-by-step approach to using Oracle Cards for personal transformation. 

This experience is for the person who is ready to deepen their relationship with the Universe, learn to trust their intuition, and make empowered choices to manifest a life they love. Click here to find out when enrollment for Oracle School begins again.


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  • Cynthia Colvin

    This message has come at quite the opportune moment! Thank you for the great news! I hope to be able to make it to your Oracle School!
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      love that you found your way here, Cynthia! hope to see you on Oracle School!

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      Thank you Colette for explaining that loud voice. This is so very helpful for me.

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    Are these videos part of the Oracle School?
    Thank u feel blessed to have found u at ORACLEPALOOZA. I was just looking (or so I thought), to increase my intuition. I was ok with getting my intuition to where it was before I became ill, around 5 years ago., I am sensing I let Spirit lead, it will be even better than before. I was a beginner intuitive, medium & healing thru Reiki Master & reflexology and numerous other classes. Wanting to be of service to others & no medical reason, I became like a narcoleptic, falling asleep all the time. I realized if I was not strong, I could not help others with my gifts. I believe Spirit guided me to u & your wonderful staff & at the end of the 7 months I shall be able to function even better than before. God willing or why would he have guided me here? Much love & thank you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi, Nanette! thank you so much for joining OraclePalooza! I hope you had an awesome experience! OracleFlix is free and you can watch the lessons for free by clicking here!

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