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Updated: November 15, 2022

Where do you go when you’re seeking a sense of guidance and support in your life? 

For me, Oracle Cards have been one of the most impactful tools I’ve discovered along my spiritual path to help me stay grounded, make the right decisions, and receive guidance from Spirit when I need it. 

I often say Oracle Cards saved my life. And over the course of my career, I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of people around the world find direct guidance from Spirit and learn to trust themselves and their intuition through learning to use Oracle Cards. 

In order to share this magical tool with as many people as possible, I’ve created many courses to help people discover how they can easily learn to use Oracle Cards as a guidance system to help them live in alignment with their highest good. 

Today, I want to tell you about some of my courses and why I created them. But first, I want to share a little piece of my story and what inspired me to bring this magical tool to as many people as possible around the world. 

Why I love teaching courses about Oracle Cards 

Nearly 35 years ago, I was healing from drug and alcohol addiction and rediscovering my spirituality after spending the majority of my teens and twenties in emotional pain and turmoil. Although I was staying clean & sober and committing to my new spiritual practices, I still felt like something was missing. I was craving guidance. Something to give me confirmation on my path. 

That’s when I re-discovered Oracle Cards.

I had been introduced to divination when I was a kid through my nanny Mrs. Kelly and then when I was a teen my Dad had taught me to read the symbols in Turkish coffee grinds so I knew the magic of the practice of connecting to the universe this way.

Now, rediscovering this mystical connection in the cards, I found a tool that helped me connect my own inner-guidance system. The one that already lived inside of me, but that I never knew how to consistently access. Slowly I began trusting myself and the Universe again. I had found a tool that helped me follow my intuition and make the right decisions on my path. 

I was so thankful for this new tool and I knew I had to share this magic with others. I wanted to help people who were looking for support & guidance to navigate their lives and make choices that aligned them with their higher self. 

Fast-forward to today and I’ve been helping people tap into their own Divine wisdom for nearly three decades using Oracle Cards. Each of my courses sheds light on a different aspect of how Oracle Cards cards can help people live in alignment with their highest good, or how to live a Spirit-led life while trusting their intuition. 

An introduction to my courses… 

Each one of these courses is like a mini spiritual teacher that can guide you to discover the next right actions and what you need to focus on right now on your path to transformation and growth. There’s a little something for everyone here – from the beginner who wants to explore Oracle Cards to the seasoned spiritual seeker. I hope you enjoy reading about them! 

 Oracle Cards Unlocked

This course could easily be renamed, “Oracle Cards for Beginners” – it is perfect for the individual who is just starting to explore Oracle Cards and wants to learn the basics of using Oracle cards for guidance and personal growth. 

In this short three-part video series, you’ll learn how to read Oracle Cards and discern any messages that feel confusing. The cards are a reliable place to come find hope, guidance, and the next right steps to create your inspired life – and this short intro series can help you navigate this new tool with confidence. 

One of the students of Oracle Cards Unlocked said, “This Oracle Reading course has been so much more than I thought it would be. Colette is THE best teacher. She is so intelligent, funny, teaches everything in such an interesting way, always making you feel so comfortable. She shows you that in the end, this is all about your partnership with the Spirit. Thank you.”

Click here to learn more about Oracle Cards Unlocked!


Oracle Circle Membership

My Oracle Circle Membership is a fun online spiritual community where people from around the world gather to learn about Oracle Cards, to practice manifesting with the moon, and to create inspired lives together.

This membership is also the only place I do live readings twice a month. I like to think of it like the games hall at Hogwarts! We come here to play and create. 

A lot of students join the membership to keep the magic alive in their daily lives and navigate their soul’s unique path alongside a community of fellow spiritual seekers.

One of our longtime members said, “I have been with Oracle Circle since the beginning. It has been my anchor in all the turbulence of life. Always grateful, beyond words.”

Right now, there’s a special bonus if you sign up for the Oracle Circle Membership, you get my course “The Good Tarot,” for free. In this course, you’ll learn how to work with my Good Tarot deck as a compassionate and powerful coaching and personal growth tool.

Click here to learn more about the Oracle Circle Membership.

Wisdom of the Oracle Revealed 

The Wisdom of the Oracle is one of my 14 Oracle Card decks, ( and 3 more in the works!) and the one I use in my courses for teaching people to get comfortable reading cards and using them as a guidance system. In this course, you will learn to work deeply with this particular deck. 

The Wisdom of the Oracle deck contains particular meanings for relationships, prosperity, and “protection” (reversed cards). You’ll learn when and how to intuitively read all of the cards and how to interpret each meaning, as well as how to move beyond the guidebook and flow with even more subtle meanings in the cards. 

One of the students of Wisdom of the Oracle Revealed said, The WOTO revealed class gave me more insight on different aspects of the card that are not in the guidebook. I really like it & refer to it often!” That’s the beauty of this course – it can help bring even more depth to your readings and be revisited again and again.

Click here to learn more about Wisdom of the Oracle Revealed

Oracle Cards 101

This is a perfect guide for the person who is curious about Oracle Cards and about developing their intuition, but who doesn’t want to invest a lot of time. In just 5 minutes a day over the course of 30 days, I will show you how to work with Oracle Cards and see how the Universe is always working in your favor – not always giving you what you WANT, but always presenting you with what is in your highest good. 

One of our participants said, “This course has taught me how to cooperate with Spirit so that I can evolve and align with my Soul’s purpose. I very much appreciate the time and energy that all of your staff and you, Colette, put into making this course such a valuable part of my life.”

At the end of this course, you may change your mind about whether or not you consider yourself intuitive! And you’ll have a new trust in your ability to turn to your Higher Power to support you in making the right choices. This course also includes a library of guided meditations from me to help you strengthen your intuition and find grounding and peace. 

Click here to learn more about Oracle Cards 101.

The Oracle School Experience

Oracle School is the most extensive class I teach every year for a community of thousands of people from all over the globe. In this course, you will learn to work deeply with Oracle Cards as a personal transformation tool. Oracle School has three parts: The Personal Mastery Experience, the Integration Experience, and The Shared Wisdom Experience. 

The Oracle School Experience provides expert intuitive guidance and mystical tools to help you access your intuition, create unwavering confidence and clarity and compassionately deal with the baggage – all by using Oracle Cards as a mystical tool for personal transformation. 

By the end, you’ll no longer second-guess yourself or doubt your intuition. This is for the person who is ready to live with soul-deep joy, purpose and love.

Here’s what one of our students said about her experience in Oracle School, This is a wonderful learning class – to learn about life and how things work, to delve into relationships with others, and to begin the  journey to understanding and coming to terms with my own self. It’s just an all-over learning experience where one aspect moves into another and keeps going like that. I credit this class for a major breakthrough I had the other night, and also for helping me develop my Intuition! I’m very grateful!” 

The Oracle School Experience is only open for enrollment once a year. The next class will open in fall of 2023, click here to join the waitlist and get updated when enrollment is open. 

Want to get started now? I’m now offering a homestudy version of the Personal Mastery Experience through Oracle Cards. This is a self-paced online course to help you learn more about yourself, take action on your spiritual goals, and navigate real-life change using Oracle Cards. Click here to learn more about the Art of Personal Mastery.

Energy Flows 

This new 21-day course walks you through the 7 archetypal stories we as humans tell about our lives based on 7 Universal themes. The accumulation of these stories helps make up our identities. As we go through each energy, I will lead you through stories that make up that energy, dive into the shadow of that energy, and realign through powerful guided meditations and journaling prompts. 

When you learn to realign the stories of each of the 7 energies, you will clear energy blocks and free yourself up to create a new vision for your life in partnership with Spirit. The result is the ability to balance and ground yourself whenever you need to. 

Click here to learn more about Energy Flows.


DreamQuest Platinum Mastermind

In this exclusive program, I take a group of 24 success-oriented people through an 8-month intensive where they have unlimited access to me, and we do a lot of secret metaphysical things you don’t get to know about until you join! 

This is a personal transformation experience for a select group of individuals who are ready for a genuine next- uplevel of their lives. Many of the previous participants come back each year to experience the magic we create in this program again and again. One of our participants who has now attended three years of the intensive said, “DreamQuest helped me redefine myself and fully live life again. I would absolutely recommend the program if you want to expand your knowledge of who you really are, and explore different avenues for yourself. I never thought I had the abilities that came forward in this program.”

Dreamquest Platinum Mastermind is by application only, and enrollment happens once a year. Click here to join the waitlist for next year’s class.

What are some of the ways you continue educating yourself? Tell me in the comments below!

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