Cord Cutting Ritual to Reclaim Your Energy!

Updated: December 6, 2022

Some experiences and moments in our lives seem to just stick to us like dirty gum on the bottom of our shoe. 

If you’ve ever had an ex you just couldn’t get over, a fight you couldn’t get out of your head, or an experience or resentment that has stayed with you for years, you know what I mean. 

Sometimes we become energetically tied to another person or a situation from our past, and we have to find a way to reclaim our energy and regain our sense of sovereignty. A cord cutting ritual is the perfect way to do just that. 

When you know you’re ready to release, but the old pain, old thoughts, or old patterns keep haunting your mind, and still feel real in your body, these rituals can offer you some freedom. They will help you bring your energy back to yourself and finally move on for good. 

Why we get stuck with old memories or resentments 

It’s natural that certain experiences or people stick with us and are hard to shake. Some relationships transform us and make us who we are, certain memories mark pivotal moments, and some experiences become part of the way we define ourselves. 

But sometimes our attachment to these aspects of our past can become unhealthy. We end up feeling resentment and ruminating about our hurts, or even the loves or opportunities we’ve lost. And as a result, we keep feeding the thing we don’t want. 

Let’s face it, ruminating, resenting, and even reminiscing take a lot of energy! It’s difficult to feel like the most grounded version of yourself and to live your life connected to the guidance of Spirit when a part of you is always giving energy to something from your past. These old energetic cords keep us from living in alignment with our highest good. 

When you finally let go completely and cut the energetic cord that binds you, you also set the other person free to move on. This aspect may be difficult to accept at first, and it’s a great opportunity to practice forgiveness and compassion for yourself and the other person. 

The vicious cycle of old resentments 

The irony of the challenging people, memories, or feelings that hold us is that we unconsciously feed them. In our minds, we want to be free of the pain or the drain on our energy, and yet by thinking about them, worrying about them, and letting them continue showing up in our psyche, we feed into the attachment we no longer want. 

It’s frustrating to want to let something go and not know what steps to take to actually cut the emotional or energetic cords for good. That’s where a cord cutting ritual or meditation comes in. Sometimes we need to call on our Higher Power or support from the Divine to move on and reorient toward our highest good. 

But before you ask for Divine support, check-in with yourself and make sure you’re ready to take full responsibility for your energy and to do the work of releasing and forgiving. Emotional cord cutting will require your commitment! If you don’t go in with clear intention, it won’t be nearly as effective. 

Get Divine support to release energetic cords

When you decide you’re ready to finally let go completely and free yourself from the ties of your past, there can be an immediate sense of relief that sets in. But there might be some resistance too! It isn’t always easy to change these old patterns, but you can ask for Divine support in letting go. 

Know that Spirit wants to support you to grow and evolve and letting go of past pain, hurts, and resentments is part of your growth journey. 

You can even ask for Angelic help in your cord cutting process! Simply imagine your guardian angel and ask them to support you in your process of releasing, forgiving, and setting an energetic boundary to reclaim your energy. 

Using Oracle Cards for cord cutting & releasing 

When sheer willpower isn’t enough to move on from an energetic tie, it’s time to turn to our spiritual tools. Oracle Cards are my absolute favorite tool for receiving guidance from Spirit and helping me navigate challenges. 

In order to use Oracle Cards to support you in a cord cutting ritual, simply take some time to get grounded through a simple meditation or prayer. A few minutes of deep breathing can help you reach the right state to begin. It’s important to reach an emotionally neutral place before pulling a card so you can get the clearest answer. 

Next, shuffle your cards and try asking the question, “What do I need to know about releasing all ties and attachments to (insert your situation or person)?” 

Then pull a card and read the corresponding message in the guidebook to see what clarity the Oracle has for you. If you don’t have your own cards yet, you can use my free online card picker

Meditation & ritual for cord cutting 

So if you’ve found that there’s a sticky energy you’ve been carrying around and you’re really ready to release it, scheduling a ritual to cut the energetic cord can help you speed up and ease this process. Consider scheduling a couple of hours to dedicate to this process and go in with the intention of letting go and forgiving 100% 

Begin your ritual by setting up your sacred space. Light some candles, pick up any clutter and create a space that feels warm and inviting to spend some time in. Next, take 20 minutes or so to journal about the energy you want to release. Just let yourself write freely about your feelings – why it’s been holding you and why you’re ready to let go. 

Next, you might want to do a meditation to help release this hold on you. Since taking yourself through cord cutting isn’t always easy, I’ve created a guided meditation specifically for this process. This 5-minute Cord Cutting Meditation on youtube will walk you step-by-step through a cord cutting and help you release and let go of what binds you. 

Finish your ritual by taking a salt bath, a shower, or doing something that feels cleansing to help you let go of this energetic tie for good. 

With a particularly sticky energy, you might need to use this Cord Cutting Meditation several times! Feel free to listen each day for a while after your ritual, until you feel the process is complete. 

What happens after a cord cutting ritual 

If you complete this ritual and go in with the intention to release, you will come out of it feeling much lighter. Without the weight of old resentment and pain, think of how much more freedom you’ll experience!  

Once you’ve released this old energy, you can reattune to your highest self. This part of you is always there, but sometimes it gets clouded by the heaviness of your challenging thoughts and feelings. Completing a cord cutting ritual means freeing up precious energy to invest in creating the inspired life you desire! 


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  • Bellen

    Thank you. I’m bookmarking this post to use on New Year’s Eve day – I’ve already set aside a “me” time to review the past year so this will tie in beautifully.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      perfect! you have to let me know how it goes, Bellen! 💖💖💖

      • Martina Brown

        Thank You for the pointers on Cord Cutting. This system will be very helpful to me in the future. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

    • Mona Spear

      Mind blowing! It was amazing. But I’ve already cut the cords with some people & family energies some time back. At this moment in time there weren’t any particular people I wanted to cut cords with.
      I cut the cord with my need to hold on to my weight & all the ways that still holds me back. A way to hide, be invisible, but mostly to hide my light. I felt a huge release & weight /“wait” literally lifted off my shoulders!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much i needed this person and I had past life but this time i had a Contract on hem, he S Addiction For 2 year i am not able to move Try s I say cord and disconnect Will try again because I saw this time up put hanging on to the soil i will try again

    • Christine

      This is really empowering thank you

  • Geraldine Dawson

    Thank you so much for sharing 🌻

  • Lisa Norris

    Thank you Colette… I’ve been struggling to let go or refusing to, I’m not sure which, of a relationship that lasted 10 years and ended a year ago. I still harbour notions of us getting back and emotionally it still feels raw. We have no contact and it I feel bereft. Receiving your email today to do a ritual of cutting cords has given me confidence in trying this and let myself finally let go. Blessings Colette. Love to you, Marc & team and your doggies too. Keep well and sending you and the universe positivity and light always xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I’m so happy that you gave this a chance, Lisa. while it may not be easy, you go this. I am cheering you on. sending you so much love and tight hugs! 💖💖

  • Geo

    Thank you so much for sending me this via email. Just after a fight with my mother. I’ve been feeling horribly for 2 days now. Just what I needed. Thank you!

  • Monica

    This article popped up at the perfect time as a 9 year relationship I have been in just ended the other day by my boyfriend breaking up with me. We have been through a lot during these years and I have a lot to let go of & a lot of attachment to this man to undo! I’m looking forward to doing the meditation method & thank you in advance for this article! I can’t wait to be freed from this weight so that I can move forward with my life!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      know that I’m thinking of you today, Monica. hope you find the meditation helpful 💖💖 sending you a tight virtual hug 💖💖💖

  • Francisca

    Thanks for all your help,care and advice .

  • karen

    wow i loved that meditation……thank you so much….i needed that,,,,,again thank you so much for your kindness

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so very much-I have been feeling extreme negativity and heavy energy with 2 of my siblings for quite sometime.
    Your cord cutting meditation has lifted some of that energy and has given me hope with more work, I will be free.

  • Kyle

    I so needed this! I’ve been struggling to cut cords with my bio dad for a few months. The way I’ve been going about it just hasn’t worked. I’m so excited to try the meditation and using the oracle cards. Thank you for all you do! 🙂

  • Colleen Richards

    This is what I have been needing, I am starting a fresh new year by cutting the cord, thank you so very much for the help and guidance .

  • Michelle Mohney

    Do we also add the candle ritual for cord cutting to the meditation and pulling of Oracle Cards or is this enough? Thank you for all of the knowledge you share!! Love you!

  • Pauline Giannaras

    I am just learning, at the age of 67, about being an empath and naturally understanding more about some things I did not understand previously. For example, I still carry my sister’s sadness and grief over the loss of her husband in 2007. SHE has been gone since 2016. I thought I felt this way so many years later because I had not fully grieved at the time of his death because I was so ‘concerned’ about her. I realize NOW that I energetically absorbed HER sadness and grief and THAT is what I am carrying.
    My question: would I be able to release this with a cord cutting ritual? On my own? should I go to someone? Who would do this type of work? Thank you for any guidance you can offer. Pauline

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      no such thing as too late, Pauline! you can do the cord cutting ritual on your own! set your intentions right and most importantly, you have to open yourself to letting go. it might be hard and might take a lot of tries but you’ll know if it’s working for you. try out the ritual and come back to me, Pauline! I would love to hear how it goes! 💗

  • Danny

    Hi, I wanted to take a look online for more about you after I found a Wisdom Of The Oracle Deck at a local thrift store. Also because I wasn’t sure about the good use of a second hand deck for someone other than the original owner.
    Anyway, I also saw the articles in your blog and this one in particular caught my eye as I had heard of cutting cords before.
    Its that I am being harassed and stalked for over 10 years now and I don’t know why. In fact, I do not even know the people, yes there is more than one sadly, that are doing this 24/7 since 2011.
    There is or must be someone that holds a grudge or something else that wants to do this.
    But since I am desperate and tried every possibility I could think of, I want to accomplish 2 things, get my peace and knowing who is doing this. For those who do not know about this, group stalking is a real thing. Not very common but there are even people that run a business based upon it.
    Because I realize that everything I tried is futile, it must be that I am not seeing the message behind the occurrence I guess. I also realized that it is a action – reaction based relation as the actions brought upon trigger a reaction of which completes the circle I suppose. They (perhaps unconsciously) live off my energy (reaction or response to their actions).
    But I need my lesson to be learned, I want to understand my lesson now with the use of the meditation and the found Oracle Deck.

  • Anonymous

    I had two people within the past two weeks tell me the same thing: I need to cut energetic ties from my past, and that is how I stumbled upon your article. While I was reading it, I was also mindlessly shuffling a brand new oracle deck, just to get a feel for it. I accidently dropped a card on the floor, looked at it and continued reading and shuffling. A few minutes later I dropped a second card. When I picked it up, wasn’t it the exact same card!!! So, even though I was not actively looking to use or get advice at this time, apparently I need to work on ‘temptation’. At first I wasn’t sure why it came up, but as I thought about it, I realized it may be the temptation to keep looking backwards into my past instead of forwards into my future. I need to stay focused and aware of when I allow this to happen–and to stop this unhealthy behavior.

    Thank you for posting your article. 🙂

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